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Adopting a Dog (Tom Holland X Reader)


  • You were chilling with Tom in Montreal while he was filming because he couldn’t deal with a long term relationship
  • You two tried it while he was filming Spider-Man and ugh it was too much stress for you two
  • He’s a very touchy boy, not always the sexual touchy, but you know what I mean
  • He just finished facetiming his Mom but mostly lil Tessa the angel
  • You were on the couch checking your social media when he cuddled next to you
  • “Babe we should get a dog.”

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Jiang Wen on different culture backgrounds in films


It started with this and it’s a story now!


It was the first day of the Spring, I was peacefully eating my ice cream, opening the to-be-hot-season. My phone rang, it was my boss:

-        It’s my day off.

-        I know, daring …

-        My first day off in 2 years, I am sure, some of your other assistants can do it for you!

-        I need something …

-        Call them! – I was about to hang up.

-        It is about the Autumn.

-        What, it’s about the Autumn?

-        The movie, I am going to film.

-        You are gonna film  a movie? How come we don’t know?

-        You know I keep these things private!

-        Even from us?

-        Well, darling, I am telling you now, aren’t I?

-        Ugh … what is it?

-        I want you to play in!

-        In … like in the movie?

-        Yes!

-        With whom?

-        A very nice and charming person … whom you will meet at the beginning of the filming. Bye!

He hang up … ugh, this man. He is as mysterious as he is brilliant. It turns out I’m promoted … form assistant to an actress, great!

I was one of the 3 main assistants of Mr. Ebenezer Kruger, the best film director alive.

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He started directing at the young age of 27, and by now he was one of the top. He had his policy of filming: complete secret, no scenario, besides a frim idea of what will happen in the scene, and 20 people max, including the actors, who weren’t more than 3 people. Cameras were always working even when we weren’t filming officially, even in the breaks, because something unexpected may occur, that will fit in the movie.

I met my so called co-star at the set. The only thing I managed to see of him was a pink beanie, a fluffy beard and a very bright blue eyes, they looked kinda gray on the light. He was having a friendly conversation with Kruger; it looks like they know each other. As a former assistant of his I thought I know all the people he knows, apparently I was wrong. He must be someone important, tho, Diego, the assistant in charge, rescheduled some plans so they can fit in the fluffy boy’s schedule. As he acknowledged my presence he smiled brightly and came to me.

-        Hi, I am …

-        No names before the movie! – I stated proudly.

-        Oh, right … - he took back the hand he offered me to shake. – I am waiting forward to … be … you know.

He smiled, I couldn’t see if he was blushing, because his face was hidden in this huge bush, but he definitely looked like he was shy. This happened around 3 days before the start of the filming. Kruger wants us to have couple of days to get used with the situation around us. We were in a huge mansion, 3 floors and space enough for the population of a small country.

I had one more day till the shooting starts, so I decided to have a walk in the morning. Around 14 o’clock I was still in the city nearby, having a walk in the park. My phone rang. Unknown number.

-        Hello?

-        Hi … I am calling on your resume.

-        My resume?

-        Yes, about the offer you send me!

-        What? – “wtf with the freaks lately?”.

-        I want to see you tomorrow night. At my place. My assistant will send you the details. Wear cute underwear.

He hung up. “What? … NO! …”, I hurry to dial my assistant.

-        Hey … Paris, did … did he just, call me? In front of everyone …

-        Yes, they are both crazy now, him and Kruger!

-        Shit … he said I should wear cute underwear.

-        Yeah … about that … you will get naked in front of him.

-        I’ll what? Are you nuts, I don’t even know his name … Damn it … don’t make me scream here, people will think I am some kind of slut. Ugh …

-        Better buy yourself something cool, they will start tomorrow … I think.

-        You think … what’s the chance to film tonight?

-        I don’t know, just, be ready.

I went back to the mansion. I hurry in my room. Took a shower, and got message from Kruger: “One hour”. “Great! … “

I was ready, all clothes on! A long dark coat above them. “You can do this, you can do this!!”, I mumble to myself!

-        Nervous much? – my assistant asked.

-        What do you think?!? I am supposed to get naked in front of him … and he will do God knows what, as we are in pure improvisation here … what if he askes me to do something … or he wants to do something on me?

-        You are worrying too much.

-        Wanna change places, London?

-        Ha, I wish! Breathe, he is a nice guy, just … plays it creepy.

-        That’s what bothers me, he is very creepy. – we heard the director’s assistant calling for us. 

We set our places. He was on his desk, his shirt was slightly unbuttoned, his hair was slicked back, perfectly shaved, and with this creepy grin, staring at me, with these damn eyes. I suddenly felt cold, although it was hot enough in the room.

-        ACTION! - the director yelled. I knew I am abou to meet the monster again.
I walked towards his desk.

“Stop!”- he ordered me. Me body froze. “Nervous much?” - I only nod my head. - “Strip!”- he ordered. I knew this was gonna happen at some point, but I hoped I will have the time to chill. I did as I was ordered. Took my coat on the chair. Unbuttoned my pants, and let them fall off me, toss my shirt on the chair too. I was wearing black lingerie underwear. He only licked his lips, and exposed his chest even more. The hunger in his eyes … I had to look away, otherwise I was gonna scream to the director to stop the shooting. I felt dirty! “Take your panties off!” - his voice was so low I barely managed to hear him. “Is he for real?”, I thought, to myself; my whole body was shaking now, and I am sure it was visible for the others too, at this point. I obayed this order as well. He lifted himself a little bit from the chair to observe me, he is now staring at me. “Tasty!”, he signals me to throw him my underwear, while he was slipping his hand down on himself.

-        CUT! –

“Oh Heavens, it’s over!” - in my head I begged that we take a break; we were still at the same positions.

-        You can move, it’s fine. It was actually perfect. I am so glad. You really look scared!” - the director pointed at me.

My assistant took me something to cover myself, I was barely standing still; she rubbed my back.

-        It’s fine, it’s over!- she whispered.

-        For now …

He stood up from his chair. Coming our way, he offered me my panties back.

-        They are cute … I am sorry I have to be this scary. - he said then left.

We took 20 min break, I was still … mostly naked, covered with whatever Paris gave me, drinking hot cocoa, it was late and cold. I was standing, spying on the cameras, where they re-watch our first scene. I was so focused that I did not hear anyone behind me, and when I felt his hand on my shoulder, I screamed and jumped, spilling my drink all over me.

-        Hey … - his voice was warm. – Sorry I didn’t meant to scare you.

-        No, it’s fine, I didn’t hear you coming.

-        Anything interesting?

His hand was squeezing the back of my neck, not harsh, it was gentle actually, but he was so creepy … yesterday … I am sure, although Paris assured me, but I could swear I saw him spying on me while I was in the shower, he is always stalking me, with this look, like he owns me; his eyes … the hunger of a lion, it makes me feel uncomfortable, like I am his slut for real … it’s a nasty feeling and he acts like it’s nothing. On the top of this, I just got almost naked in front of a stranger, and he is acting as we do this every day. I couldn’t stand it and moved myself.

-        What? – he looked surprised I moved away from him.

-        I … um, didn’t slept so good and it hurts.

-        Let me fix it for you! – “bravo, you are officially screwed!”

He started massaging my shoulders. It felt horrible. His skin was so gentle. Some of the girls from the crew smiled passing by him. Who the hell is this person.

-        We are ready to go! Come on, here, darlings, on the bed.

I was now sitting on the bed, almost naked, he was too, he took his shirt off. He was lucky enough tho, to keep his underwear … ugh.

-        ACTION!

He was lying on the bed, covered in a silk sheet, so it will look like he is naked, although it was my naked ass shining at the camera. “Focus, focus. It’s just this one shot.”. I crawled on the top of him, my hair was falling all over him, so he moved it aside. I just stood there, staring at him; he chuckled, realizing I have no idea what to do. He lifted up a little closer to me and brushed his nose at me. I smiled. It felt better, he cherished my tight and squeezed it. “Kiss me!”, I leaned closer and kissed his cheek, close to his lips, but just close. He laughed loudly and put his index finger in his lips – “Kiss me!”. I obeyed. He pointed at his heck, I kissed him again. Then he pointed his tattoo “altum” 

… I did it again. Then he pulled my hair and kissed me. He pushed me away, and pointed below his belly button. I was officially scared now. He frowned his eyebrows, I smiled nervously. He stood up on his elbows and tilted his head right, waiting for me … I swallowed hard, breathed out … shifter my position … “Screw this, ok!”, I moved a little low, he kept staring at me with this look, “Come one, do it, good girl!”, this low voice of his. I could see through the sheets he was … Before I know it, I swing my hand and slapped him, right through the face, so hard he shifter underneath me … “Improvise on this!”, I yelled at him.

-        CUT! … What are you doing darling?

-        Definitely not what I am paid for. I am not gonna do … this – I pointed at him, the man was still lying in the bed, with a hand on his cheek, shocked with opened mouth, and surprised look. – in front of everyone! – while I was saying this I realized, there were only 3 people there, besides us 2 – Kruger, the camera guy and my assistant, that played his assistant in the movie. I just realized I have no panties, and covered myself. Paris hurried to throw me something to cover. I run away to my room, and locked the door.

I know I am supposed to play the whore of an artist, who wants to try everything in life before he dies, but this was beyond everything now … I didn’t even know who he was … and he made me do this … Kruger knows I am not that kind of a girl … Jeez … why do I agree … yes, because I would’ve been on the other side of the camera … I heard a nod on my door.

-        Hey … it’s me … – a sad voice said.

-        Go away! – I almost cried.

-        Listen … Kruger told me you know nothing, about the movie, the plot and … the stuff that will happen. Listen I am sorry I scared you, I thought you were just playing your part, I had no idea I freaked you out … please, forgive me … I  promise I’ll at least give you a hint on what will happen … Please don’t be afraid!

-        You can start with your name!

-        Jared.


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Some of these are unseen images of Benedict Cumberbatch on The Imitation Game set, September 18th 2013, in Chesham. I have had these on my laptop for far too long. Sorry about the bad quality, my camera lens is not amazing. It turned out to be one of the best days, there are no words to describe how it feels to watch this man act in real life.

Part 2 (Part 1)