ugh this film is so pretty

i don’t think you guys understand how satisfying it is to flip/fix the (many) ugly reflections of dt in the minor character like first we have this:

okay well, it’s not as bad as all the other ones, pretty subtle right, but hOLD ON JUST A JIFFEH, bc with two clicks you got this:

i mean praise jesus

Abled people: Of course I care about disabled people! I watched Me Before You! Thats disabled representation!

Disabled people: Well actually…Me Before You is pretty harmful. Its ableist and hurts us and isnt good representation at all….

Abled people: Ugh just shut up! Stop complaining and being so over-sensitive! WE like this film and WE say its good so its good. It doesnt matter what you say!

Disabled people: *Looking into the camera like in The Office*

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Men and Chicken came out in pretty quick time from filming. Danish movies don't have to be as picky about release windows as they aren't in competition with Hollywood. Hopefully something like that will come up to film soon. :'I

yeah, my fingers are crossed! ugh, I’m so craving something low-key but solid like Prag or Per Fly’s The Bench right now, those can’t take that long to make… but god damn, the majority of his generation’s directors are really not working in Denmark any more (and the newer ones I’m not as familiar with are casting younger actors), I’m not getting my hopes up too high :/


I MET HALF OF THE SENSE8 CAST YESTERDAY!!!! They’re filming in The Netherlands and we’ve been waiting for 5 hours for them to come out. They are so lovely and beautiful! Jamie is soooo sweet and just the most inspiring and gorgeus person I know. Tuppence is so pretty and I almost died when she started talking in her British accent.. When Miguel came out I died inside. His face is so pretty and beautiful. And his voice is just so smooth and ugh. Another girl I was with asked him to record a video and he started talking Spanish.. I don’t even know how to explain how I felt about him talking Spanish. It’s so sexy. Brian looked like he didn’t want to take pictures, but took the time anyway when we carefully asked. It would’ve been okay if he didn’t want to, but he did. He is so sweet.

This cast is killing me with their kindness and prettyness. I’m in love with my picture with Jamie and can’t stop staring because of how pretty she is. I just love everyone of them

Do I watch Star Trek Beyond tonight because I’ve only seen it twice and I haven’t touched the BluRay since Christmas and it’s pretty and I wanna see it? Or do I watch Harry Potter because I feel like it and because I’m listening to the audio books atm? Orrr should I finally watch the tos films because I’ve been putting that off only so that there will always be new tos material that I haven’t seen yet?

Ranking - Ontae (drabble)

So I haven’t been able to write anything in a few days but I saw this post and I really wanted to try something short for it. I really don’t like this one but meh

Taemin is done. He’s pissed.  He watches silently with what he’s pretty sure is a scowl on his face because the hosts of whatever show they’re filming for have been poking fun at their leader for so long – once again with the stupid appearance ranking shit – and he’s honestly sick of it.

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P5 Footage Scene: Movies with Futaba

This starts with sound from the movie, but the quality of the recording is kinda bad, so I can’t make out what is being said, aside from a character yelling “Too late” in a taunting way and saying something about going home. It sounds like a pretty typical action scene.

Morgana: “He’ll have to go home by himself, huh!? Ugh, what a shoddy cult flick this is…”

Morgana: “It’s so full of science babbel, I don’t get a thing…”

> I feel like I’ve acquired an interest in science…

…SciFi flick leveled up our Knowledge. I don’t think that’s how it works, game.

Futaba: “Whoa, I’ve seen this film about 50 times already, but I guess you just can’t beat an actual cinema when it comes to sound quality!”

Futaba: “You know, SciFi isn’t just fiction.”

Futaba: “It’s fiction about things that might end up being real one day… In other words, it’s the culmination of our hopes! …You know what I mean?”

>> Kind of…
> Nope.

Futaba: “Oh, great, so you do have what it takes!”

Futaba: “Anyway, thanks for hanging out with me today!”

Futaba: “Really… This was a lot more fun than watching the movie on my own.”

Futaba: “Alright! One day you and I are gonna marathon a whole season of something that isn’t SciFi in my room together! Be ready!”

Futaba gets me. 

when will the reaching S  T  O  P

why are feminists so extremely eager to twist and crush their agenda into KIDS FILMS all the time?

and the worst part is that Laci said that if she had kids she would use these kinds of films to introduce them to topics like feminism and racism and essentially indoctrinating her kid into being a radfem, BLM kind of child…

wrapping these kinds of extreme mindsets in a pretty, innocent kids film wrapper is precisely why so many people are against the film industry pandering to SJWs, it’ll just breed more radically sexist and racist reactionary type mindsets which will be even harder to change because they’ve been ingrained since childhood ://

okay, now that it’s out in the states, i can post what i didn’t like about aou:

  • black widow is terribly mischaracterised
  • the romantic subplot between natasha and bruce was really uncomfortable and unnecessary.  it comes out of the blue and takes up way too much screentime.  it’s really cringeworthy and awkward
  • the entire film was really rushed, and while the main plot was pretty good, it was still rushed.  it shouldn’tve been ‘age of ultron’ it was more like ‘ultron tries to fuck shit up and dies right after he’s made’
  • joss whedon just like.  really really wanted to make an ultron film.  so they rushed it.  it wasn’t the time for an ultron film imo.
  • like hank pym hasn’t even been introduced, ant-man hasn’t come out yet, so they made it so tony and bruce made ultron.  which they didn’t.  it was hank.  but in this movie, they made tony and bruce make him.  even tho in iron man 3 he gave up ‘tinkering’ and started to move past his fear and from hiding behind his inventions.
  • god it like retcons so many motivations in iron man 3 and the winter soldier.  scarlett johansson had the idea to wear the arrow necklace because even tho she’s a badass spy “she’s a woman” and “has relationships outside of her work”… the russos okayed it, feige must have okayed it… but then in aou they throw in lines every two seconds like “oh they’re just besties :)  best friends :)  bros :)  bffs :)”
  • and like tony, who has severe ptsd and anxiety, was all happy to play around with the glowstick of destiny?  the sceptre loki tried to use to brainwash him, and failed only because of the arc reactor that’s no longer in his chest now?  and he was completely fine and excited to tinker around with it?  and we’re expected to believe this?
  • clint has a family suddenly?  even though they’re really adorable it’s just like.  out of the blue.  and really hard to believe.
  • they introduce a beloved avenger just to kill him off and not have that much repercussion.  clint and wanda are just like aw i’m sad :( for a scene or two.  then it’s all good.  
  • and like he’s dead in the first movie he’s been in… they didn’t even give the audience a chance to properly fall in love with him.  it was like ‘i’m gonna kill someone off but it can’t one of these big moneymakers everyone’s already attached to.  bye quicksilver.’
  • baron von strucker was killed off like it was nothing.  like all that leadup and we just see some security footage of a dead body.
  • the soundtrack was 99% reprises from the first avengers film.  like, there’s a difference between having a main theme/song and entirely recycling a score.  the soundtracks to im, im2, and im3 are distinctly different… same for tfa and tws… thor and tdw… meanwhile they literally put exact songs from the first movie’s score in aou.  lazy.  callbacks and main cues = fantastic.  entirely recycled = no.
  • it just seemed so rushed and lackluster.  tbh the first ten or fifteen minutes were better than the “climax,” if you could call it that

like, it’s wasn’t the worst movie ever.  i liked seeing my fave characters together again.  i liked seeing them work together in the beginning of the movie, teasing each other.  i liked the lullaby.  it was cute.  i liked the party, sans the awkward bruce and nat interactions.  i LOVED rhodey <3!  loved the pepper and jane mentions, like “sorry marvel couldn’t afford paltrow and portman lol.  we love them anyway.”  i liked natasha’s witch induced flashbacks.  i liked clint actually getting to talk.  i adored vision.  i loved wanda and pietro.  i was so happy to see tws captain’s orders cutie working on the helicarrier.  i liked science bros.  tony got a lot of fantastic lines.  and omg “jarvis is my copilot” yes

but the movie just wasn’t good.  it wasn’t good enough for them to slap the marvel name on.  it was really lackluster and didn’t fit the franchise smoothly.  tbh whedon seems to be getting frustrated with the confinements of working in such an interconnected universe, and he’s really taking it out on the quality of his work.  it’s insulting.



But poor Cami. Obviously, most of us know Leah has been filming, so here death is not permanent like I been calling since the premiere, just sayin’.  But I’m pretty sure Aurora had compelled her to kill herself probably after she at a time when she and Klaus first kissed. Because when she woke up out of her sleep she seemed unsettled. It’s been days though, so I’m curious where the vampire blood part comes in at? Ugh, now we gotta wait over a month to find out.

I’ll just watch Klamille scenes on repeat until then and pretend the last 30 seconds never happened for a while.