ugh this film is just my favorite

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have you seen Get Out? it was really good, and even tho im only like 25% black and the rest is Asian/Latinx i felt that it was a great view point of the black struggle through a comedic-horror. Also!! I'm going to film school, and I was wondering if you know if any Latinx/Hispanic centered films I could watch other than documentaries so I could find the best angles/what not to ask for recording when interviewing a Latinx/Hispanic person

YOU BET YOUR ASS I SAW IT and it was amazing and no joke i think about that movie everyday ugh like the cinematography was just 😩 👌🏾

i’m just gonna give you a list of some of my fav hispanic/latin movies because like not to blame my reading comp issue but i’m not 100% sure what you’re asking for: 

wait omg i need to tell y’all about this straight boy nonsense that went on at work today. one of my co-workers is an aspiring filmmaker and he knows i study film so this song came on and he was like “what movie was this song used in…oh i think it was pulp fiction” and i told him that i haven’t seen it in years and he was like “you should watch it” and then COMPLETELY unprompted he was like “you know bruce willis does full-frontal nudity in that movie” and he just went on about bruce willis naked and started talking about his other films was like “yeah…sorry i just really love bruce willis” and this other straight boy who’s also a film buff chimed in and was like “ugh can we changed the subject. pulp fiction is one of my favorite movies and now all i can think about is bruce willis naked”

like these two straight boys were both just OBSESSED with bruce willis’s cock in pulp fiction and it was simultaneously so homoerotic and so heterosexual…anyway further proof that bruce willis is a gay icon

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9 and 16!

9. tattoos i want

there isn’t a particular tattoo i want (although since like 13 i’ve been obsessed with zodiac signs lol) but i just want a tattoo in general! but i can never decide on what i want and where i want it… so indecisive ugh

16. favorite movie

avatar!! this is kind of lame to me because with my uni course you’d expect me to have a sort of sophisticated film taste… but no, the fantasy/other-worldliness, romance n soundtrack of avatar get me like no other <3 i’m basic

ask away!

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4, 8 & 19 :D

Antisepticeye: What’s your favorite horror trope? Least favorite?

my most fave horror tropes are the ones set in abandoned places. i’m not one for horror but they just give me the creeps and i love it tbh. least fave has got to be damsel in distress. like mary/gary sues in horror films going mad because they didn’t read the signs uGH (like the paranormal activity installments?? yeah no).

Dr. Schneeplesteen: What’s your favorite board game?


The Undertale series: Do you have a favorite game? What is it?

i was really invested in kid icarus: uprising for the 3ds. i still am!! the amount of hOURS i poured into that game when i was still in elementary school, even all the way to middle school. last year though, i decided to reset the game to just go through the thrill of boss battles and easter eggs (which are scattered everywhere omg)

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Hi Klassy! 11,16,32,41😊

11. favorite social media account

Okay this is really lame, but I only have Tumblr. I have a Facebook page but I don’t use it. I want to delete it but if I did I think my family would be worried about me.

16. favorite makeup brand(s)

Not really makeup, but I love Soap & Glory soap and lotion. The scents they have are awesome and I just bought a little trial thing that came in this cute little box that looks like a bathtub and it’s the perfect size for my Aguilar de Nerha figure so he has a cute little pink tub now. Lol ;P I like Cinema Secrets HD makeup (it’s professional makeup for film/tv) and some of the stuff from Ulta too. I have melasma so I need mad crazy concealer to even out my skin. Ugh. : |

32. favorite girl names

Stella, Aveline, Zelda 

41. top 10 favorite songs

“Blue Jeans” and “Video Games” by Lana Del Rey, “Fell In Love With A Girl” The White Stripes, “Good Night, Travel Well” The Killers, “Cinema” Benny Benassi, “Professional Griefers” Deadmou5, “Tears Dry On Their Own” Amy Winehouse, “Hurt” Nine Inch Nails and Johnny Cash cover, “Heart Shaped Box” Nirvana, “Everything In Time” No Doubt

This was so hard for me! OMG… It really depends on my mood. 

Thank you!!

  • When asked about their favorite scene that they filmed on the show (a summary)...
  • Elizabeth Henstridge: The med pod, totes emosh.
  • Iain De Caestecker: Ugh, I guess I have to say that too. It was just us in that scene.
  • Elizabeth 'real life angel' Henstridge: You don't have to have the same favorite scene.... (just make sure I'm in it).
  • Iain 'I love Brett Dalton' De Caestecker: (Oh then the entire episode about my bromance). Me and Brett did an episode. We had sandwiches. It was nice.

this one time i was talking to these two guys in my film class and i said my favorite director was stanley kubrick and one of them was like “ew why? he’s a pedophile rapist” and of course i was like “uhhhhhhhhhhhhh no” and his friend started nodding and agreeing with him and i was like “no i’m the biggest kubrick fan you’ll ever meet. you’re wrong” and even after i told them they were thinking of roman polanski they just kept telling me that i was wrong and i just hate how boys refuse to acknowledge that a girl might actually know more about something than them