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Jiang Wen on different culture backgrounds in films

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I just listened to Assassins for the first time after your recommendation and it's wonderful!! I adore Sondheim's work. What are your opinions on his other shows?

Omg, this is what I live for! Sharing my love of Sondheim with people is one of my main hobbies. 

My opinions on his other shows boil down to: Sondheim is one of the greatest artistic geniuses of the world and all his shows are remarkable. That being said, I’m not super familiar with Saturday Night, Road Show, or Do I Hear a Waltz? 

Out of Sondheim’s 19 major shows, I have seen 10 live. But there are some shows I know very intimately, even though I’ve never seen a production. Assassins is one of those shows - I know it backwards and forwards but it isn’t done very often and I missed the 2004 revival (my dad thought I was too young for it and I’m still not over it). 

So, because I’m clearly a bit of a Sondheim wonk, I will give everyone a primer on what shows to dive into. Here we go. 

If you already love musical theater, but haven’t delved into Sondheim yet, start with: 

  • Into the Woods
  • Sweeney Todd
  • Gypsy
  • Company

If you love classical music and opera, but haven’t fallen in love with musicals, start with: 

  • A Little Night Music
  • Sweeney Todd
  • Passion

If you’re a huge fan of musicals/film, but the whole “linear storytelling” thing is kind of boring you, check out:  

  • Company
  • Follies
  • Pacific Overtures
  • Assassins

If you make literally any kind of art, start with the greatest reflection on making art:  

  • Sunday in the Park with George

And here are the ones you can watch on film: 

  • West Side Story
  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum 
  • Company 
    • (PBS recorded the revival with Raul Esparza - find it on streaming) 
  • A Little Night Music
  • Pacific Overtures 
    • (the original was filmed and broadcast in Japan in the 70s, so it’s still floating around on YouTube) 
  • Sweeney Todd 
    • (there are lots of filmed live versions floating around and I think a DVD of the original production. Please don’t watch the Tim Burton movie if it’s your first time hearing the musical because a) Johnny Depp is a garbage person and b) Helena Bonham Carter was the worst possible choice for Mrs. Lovett in terms of vocal ability) 
  • Sunday in the Park with George 
    • (the original production was filmed) 
  • Into the Woods 
    • (again, don’t watch the movie - Emily Blunt is incredible but the whole show sort of falls apart because of the direction. The original 1988 production was filmed and is so fucking wonderful) 
  • Passion 
    • (the original was filmed and OH MY GOD THIS MUSICAL IS SO GREAT) 

And if you want to watch/listen to MY personal favorites: 

  • Assassins
  • Pacific Overtures
  • Passion
  • Sunday in the Park with George
  • Company 
  • Into the Woods

If you just want to listen to some baller songs from the shows listed here: 

  • West Side Story
    • Something’s Coming” 
    • “Maria” 
    • “Somewhere”
  • Gypsy
    • Everything’s Coming Up Roses” 
    • “Rose’s Turn” 
  • Company
    • “Sorry-Grateful” (UGH. the feelings) 
    • “Another Hundred People” 
    • “Marry Me A Little” (here’s a video of John Barrowman singing it, bc I think you guys will be into that) 
    • “Ladies Who Lunch” (a martini song - as in, pour yourself a martini and put on a shawl and parade around singing this very loudly)
    • “Being Alive” (one of the greatest songs ever written) 
  • Follies
  • A Little Night Music
    • “The Glamorous Life” 
    • “Every Day a Little Death” 
    • “Send in the Clowns” 
    • “The Miller’s Son” 
  • Pacific Overtures
    • “Poems” 
    • “Someone in a Tree” 
    • “Pretty Lady”
  • Sweeney Todd
    • “Poor Thing” 
    • “Pretty Women”
    • “Epiphany”
    • “Johanna (Quartet)”
    • “Not While I’m Around”
  • Merrily We Roll Along
  • Sunday in the Park with George
    • “Sunday in the Park with George” 
    • “Color and Light”
    • “Finishing the Hat” 
    • “Move On”
  • Into the Woods
    • “Giants in the Sky”
    • “Moment in the Woods” 
    • “Your Fault/Last Midnight” 
    • “No More” (which they left out of the film version like IDIOTS) 
    • “No One Is Alone” 
  • Assassins
    • All of it. 
    • Jk, jk, it does work best when you listen to the whole thing though
    • “Gun Song” 
    • “Unworthy of Your Love” 
    • “Another National Anthem/Family/Something Just Broke” 
  • Passion
    • “I Read” 
    • “Is This What You Call Love” 
    • “Loving You” 

But honestly, Assassins and Passion are about as perfect as art ever gets. Each of his shows have their strengths and stand-out moments, but I think I would not be the first person to say that Stephen Sondheim sometimes falters in second acts (and Sondheim faltering is still better than 99% of everyone else’s best). Both Assassins and Passion are 90 minute one act shows that are tight and thorough and expertly constructed. The first act of Sunday in the Park with George is like that as well. 

So go listen and explore and fall in love with this incredible composer! And then pls come talk to me about it. And also @personalinsanitymoment, who I am dragging into this discussion because we have different favorite musicals (because they’re all amazing!!), so I could use his input. 

I would apologize for this extremely long post, but I regret nothing.

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ugh i would love to come since I'm local and you're like on of my favorite artists but I have to finish my own dang film today :((( Best of luck though!!!

aayyy its cool its honestly just neat that u even thought to tho so like 

good luck on your film!

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I don't know if you heard but there doing a Mama Mia sequel. What would you think of Tom being cast in the movie ?

Are you familiar with The Lord’s Prayer, specifically the part about “deliver us from evil”…??

That’s pretty much what I think.

As far as jukebox musicals go, that one is at the bottom of my list.  Right above the Beach Boys atrocity that blessedly didn’t last long enough for anyone to remember.  

What’s that you ask now?  Which jukebox musicals do I like?

Well, I absolutely love All Shook Up.  It didn’t get a fair chance.  The storyline was Twelfth Night/Midsummer Night’s Dream meets Elvis.  Million Dollar Quartet is my other favorite.  

And I just have to mention that Mr.Eastwood managed to somehow suck all the joy and energy out of Jersey Boys in the film version.  Ugh.  

Regarding Tom in a musical, my top choices are Something Rotten and My Fair Lady.  I have lots of other ideas, but I’ve limited myself to two, which is showing great restraint on my part.  *pats self on back*

Thanks for asking!

Moments (Part 6)

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Anon Request: Hello, I was wondering if i could request a Jensen x Fan Reader fic were they meet at a con. There they keep running into each other. Thank You.

Summary: Attending a convention has always been a dream - and that dream is now a reality. Little did you know a clumsy run-in would lead to meeting one of your favorite actors. Who knows what the weekend will hold.

A/n: Cussing. Fluffy feels. Awesome thanks to my beautiful beta @winchester-writes. Love you boo!

I consider this an AU, as Jensen is single in this fic. This is completely a work of fiction, and I wouldn’t want his reality to be any different, this is purely for entertainment.

Catch up here: Moments Masterlist

“I said, I prefer the ocean when it’s gray. Or not really gray. A pale, in-between color. It reminds me of waiting for something good to happen.”  
 ―    Lauren Oliver, Delirium    

“Did you know about this?” He whispered.

You shook your head slightly as you looked at him through your darkened lashes.

“Neither did I, just so you know.” He said. His gaze lingered for a moment before he added with an enticing smile, “but I’m really glad they did this.”

Feeling some sort of inexplicable boldness wash over you as you gazed into his candy green eyes, you slightly brushed your pinky finger over his that rested on the booth next to you, and replied coyly, “Me too.”

A blush rose to his cheeks and his plump lips turned up into a shy smile, the crinkles around his eyes becoming ever more prominent. Your faces were merely inches apart. His tanned, freckled skin was practically glowing in the candlelight as your heart beat rapidly in your chest. Goosebumps rose to your skin as he gently stroked your fingers with his and you let out a breath you didn’t know you had been holding.

Jared and Y/f/n exchanged a low high five under the table, both wearing satisfied smirks at the success of their plan.

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So I went to see The Book of Life today…

It was really cute!  I’ve been in love with La Muerte’s design since I first saw it, so here she is. uvu


What’s your favorite scene that you’ve ever filmed for Game of Thrones?“ One of my most controversial ones! It’s the one where I nearly got raped. Just because working with the stunt crew is so much fun and I got to slap and knock people around. That was probably the most fun out of all of them. Then any scene with Peter Dinklage is my favorite as well, because he’s hilarious.” - Sophie Turner for JustJared


It may be three weeks later, but I’m still stuck in this moment.

I originally was planning on flying into the city Wednesday night in order to get in the standby ticket line for Jimmy Fallon; however due to horrid weather, all planes to New York were cancelled for the night. I ended up purchasing several Florida postcards to write down my favorite films on to pass by time. I eventually flew out Thursday morning and ended up not making it in time for standby tickets, but ended up spending the day walking down the streets of the Lower East Side to try and find the shop and walking around NBC Studios with the hopes of running into them, which is when I met @georgestaniel and about died because of how perfect her Sandro+Reebok sweatshirt was. A few of my friends and I ended up eating dinner in Rockefeller’s Plaza and while discussing the topic of the pop up shop I saw my friends phone light up and I immediately looked at mine. All five of us immediately rushed out of the area within minutes and began to travel downtown. Once we ended up getting there, there was around ten to fifteen other people outside in line. My group of friends ended up splitting up and two of us, including myself went to my hotel to pick up our sleeping bags to use for the night. On the way back to the shop I recieved a phone call from one of my friends saying that the boys had walked into the shop and were upstairs. We immediately rushed back and put down all of our items in our spot. I decided to walk past the glass door in hopes of seeing one of them and saw George walking down the stairs and looking at him phone. I immediately walked back to my friends, as I truly was in shock and did not know what to do. We waited for around thirty minutes and was told by Matty that we were all going to be let inside shortly. After a little more time passing, we were all let inside to have the time to purchase the items. One of the staff members informed us that we had to get into three groups of ten and we would be allowed to go upstairs in our groups and meet the boys. I first started talking to Adam about his guitar solos and he was extremely kind and formal. Matty ran over and we talked about the necklaces as I told him that I loved him and he seemed extremely happy about them. I knew that I had to talk to George, but I was very unsure of what I was going to say, as I didn’t plan on meeting him this night. I got the courage to walk up to him and we hugged and I asked him how he was doing and he did the same. Shortly after I told him how I met him back in December at a book store and he stated “Seattle, right?” and I confirmed that it was there and I showed him how I got the Kobra Kai Never Dies tattoo and he asked something along the line of “We haven’t met since Seattle right?” and I told him that we haven’t and he explained that he saw the photo of my tattoo online and I immediately murmured “Oh god.” and he just chuckled. I told him how I admired him recent thumb tattoo and he told me a little bit about it. I asked him if he ever got around to watching the Back to the Future trilogy that I gave to him in Portland in December and he told me that he hadn’t but he has it at his home and he told me that he feels like people think that he is stupid for not seeing it, which is very similar to what he said back in Seattle to me, but he told me that when they have some time back home he plans to watch all three of them. We began to discuss the new album and how I adored listening to the title track and The 1975 track at the Portland listening party and couldn’t wait to hear the rest later that night and I asked him what song should I listen to first and he immediately stated that If I Believe You was his favorite, but he pointed to the Ugh! picture behind it and said that he really liked that one as well. We talked about SNL and how I was going to see them at Jimmy Fallon, but my plane got delayed and he told me “Our plane got delayed several times too, it was fucking horrible.”, which honestly made me go silent because he just sounded so annoyed in the most angelic way possible. I told him how while I waited at the airport I bought some postcards and wrote down my favorite films on them and he told me his thoughts on some of them and told me which ones he hasn’t seen and he put them in his coat pocket. I figured we only had a little bit of time left in the pop up shop, so I asked if we could get a photo so he asked if he could take it, which I allowed as my hands tends to be quite shaky around him and he pressed the home button and immediately saw several twitter notifications all from Jamie and he began to chuckle and I was like “Lol sorry I have Jamie on notifications” and he said something along the lines of “Oh Jamie.” We took the photo and I immediately remembered that I wanted to get a photo that looked as if he was writing out my tattoo along my arm and I asked him if we could and he stated “If it makes you happy, of course”, which reminded me of how he responded when I first asked him about writing out my tattoo in December. While my friend was taking the photo George was making obscure faces and was saying phrases like “Hmmm, interesting” and “I’m an artist” and I couldn’t help but smile at him. He then told me that he was going to draw on the tattoo and ended on scribbling over the “on” part of my tattoo. We then said our goodbyes and I talked to Matty a bit more and ended up having to leave. It was absolutely incredible and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

The next day my friends and I got back in line for the pop up shop, as we wanted to try and say hello again and I really just wanted to tell them how much I admired the new songs off of the album. We waited from around eight in the morning till around four in the afternoon and I ended up being the first person to not be let in for the last group, as the boys had to leave for the airport; however my wonderful friend @fanohann was the person in front of me and got to meet them again and she ended up getting me a video of George saying hello after telling him that I wasn’t able to get in and how I brought him banana pudding, as I was afraid that he wouldn’t get the chance to eat today, which for those that may have also been concerned, they got pizza shortly after noon. My friend told me to check my phone and I look and saw that she had sent me a video of George and I immediately started tearing up. I am an extremely emotional person and honestly I cry at everything George does, but it was just incredibly sweet of her to do that for me and the video is just the cutest. I don’t think that I am going to post the video, as I feel like it’s like this little part of my heart and I just want to keep it kind of sentimental which I hope that you all can understand; however in the video he states “Hi Gabriella, I’ve heard that you can’t get in and I’m sorry. It’s too bad. I love you. I am actually sorry, but we’ve got to go and get a flight.” and then he waves to the camera. I’ll probably post screenshots and maybe an audio clip or two from it, because honestly he looks really cute in it. It is honestly the cutest thing and I couldn’t be happier with my experience at the pop up shop. If any of you ever get the chance to meet George, I promise you that it will be the best experience. He truly is the most kind and adorable human to ever exist and I hope that you all get to be graced by his presence at some point in each of your lives! 

"Do you fancy me?" Part 3/?

Previews chapters

Word count: 2576

“Is everything alright?” he was concerned “I’m sorry for calling you in the show, I know it’s out of your comfort zone but I thought it would be… I don’t know, fun? and…"he trailed off.

"Hey, everything’s fine, silly. I’m just, um…radio is tiring” you stared at the ground of the parking lot. Dan remained silence. It felt like an eternity.

Say something.

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favorite tronnor moments?

When Troye was on skype with Con while filming a video; when they shared food and an umbrella in Italy; when they shared a couch in Zoe’s apartment; when they were always together in VidCon vlogs; 4th of July with Narcus; “breakfast on Bondi”, “beers and burgers”, “walks & talks” and all the other moments from Sydney/Perth; when Con went to South Africa and met Troye’s family, and went to the Spud 3 premiere. Also, all their interactions on Twitter are amazing. Ugh, I really really love when they are together, and I’m pretty sure I forgot a lot of cute moments but yeah, these are just some of my favorites.

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just wondering- why is Inside Llewyn Davis one of your favorite movies?

alright, sorry this took so long to get to but I wanted to make sure i’d be able to have time to properly sit down and talk about this a bit since i’ve been on mobile for most of the day

I think Inside Llewyn Davis is one of the Coen Bros. more divisive films in that even though it was critically acclaimed a lot of people seem to have found it to be forgettable or much bleaker in comparison to the other Coen films. I think that the bleakness of the entire film serves the film tremendously from an atmospheric standpoint. The film follows Llewyn as a struggling musician, a folk singer, trying to make it in 1961 back before Bob Dylan had yet to bring the folk scene back into resurgence. The entire thing is an amazing portrayal of the struggling artist scenario and the drab colors and cold wet wintery cinematography do such a fantastic job of setting the scene for such. Llewyn hops from couch to couch, is estranged with his family, and gets beat up in an alleyway by an angry patron after a show, both at the beginning and end of the film. There is no development to his story or signs that things are going to change which is for the best because this is SUCH an amazing piece of Llewyn’s character. Is he an average man but a talented musician, or an average musician but a remarkable man? The line fluctuates as he never gets anywhere close to success despite his visible talent, and he never leaves an overly positive impact on the people in his lives. Yet he continues to do what he does in his music, because it’s all he knows and what else has he got? The fact that much like the film, Llewyn is unchanging, is just so fascinating to me. There’s a part of the film where he goes through hell to travel across the state to find an impresario he can play his record for, but immediately gets shot down for his music and general appearance compared to the more corny but likable Troy, a singer he’d met previously. Llewyn knows that type of persona isn’t him, that that music isn’t him, and accepts it for what it is. Inside Llewyn Davis is one of the ultimate artist films because it shows the other side of the spectra, the one where there is no happy ending despite the perseverance, but he keeps at it. The fact that Llewyn DOES have talent and DOES have what it takes, but he isn’t willing to sell out his personal prejudices on what his music should be to adapt to a changing taste in the popular masses in order to get that success. He’s a good singer, but he doesn’t have what it takes to go solo (again bringing in the elements of being average) whereas fate has damned his experience by being in a group between his partner committing suicide and his selling the rights to Please Mr. Kennedy losing him a potential fortune. He ignores the advice given to him by a professional to get in a group and walks out basically leaving his trip for naught. It’s just such a departure from what you typically see in film, a more realistic approach towards the people like Llewyn who react as such, and I love it. I feel like I should add Oscar Isaacs does an amazing performance and adds so much depth and just general perplexing apathy to the character of Llewyn, really deserves to be noted for his role there. Not to mention the various themes and symbolism throughout the film like the cat that seems to be tied to Llewyn’s fate (coincidentally named Ulysses) I could go into detail about the cat but there’s already several great articles doing a better job

Aside from that it has a great soundtrack that suits the mood and time period of the film perfectly, it has fantastic direction (like you could expect any less from the Coen Bros.), the cinematography ugh I fell in LOVE with the cinematography I mean just LOOK at some of these stills 

It just looks amazing and encapsulates the atmosphere and tone of the film perfectly and does such a fantastic job with its lighting and alignment. So yeah, I like the unconventional way it handles the plot that goes for a more realistically dreary tone for a character who refuses to change even if it means opportunity. I love the direction, the acting, the soundtrack. It’s probably my favorite film of 2013 and one of my top 20 films for sure 

  • When asked about their favorite scene that they filmed on the show (a summary)...
  • Elizabeth Henstridge: The med pod, totes emosh.
  • Iain De Caestecker: Ugh, I guess I have to say that too. It was just us in that scene.
  • Elizabeth 'real life angel' Henstridge: You don't have to have the same favorite scene.... (just make sure I'm in it).
  • Iain 'I love Brett Dalton' De Caestecker: (Oh then the entire episode about my bromance). Me and Brett did an episode. We had sandwiches. It was nice.

Ugh, Gooliope is just the marriage of so many of my favorite things.

  • The 50’s Blob movie, which is a Red Scare film. (The remake in the 80’s was a revisit to the Red Scare, but in a completely different take.)
  • The Blob in both movies grows enormous by the end of the films. (If this is the predominant origin of Gooliope, I wonder if this aspect will be referenced.)
  • The calliope on her head is potentially a reference to Lovecraft’s most famous blob monster, the shoggoth.
  • “Giantess” as a scifi/horror trope really took off in the 50’s and 60’s.
  • So did the “radiation made things grow huge” trope (her eyes).

I can’t tell what kind of pattern is on her skirt, nor can I discern whether any of the patterns on her clothing are relevant to who/what she is. The possibility of her earrings being film reels and there being a “black and white” aspect to it is really interesting to me.