ugh this ep is so good

Amy trying to convince herself her marriage is ok 

Amy thinking she’s pregnant and freaking out (Jonah freaking out too)

Amy confessing to Jonah that she always thought she’d want another child but not with (her husband)

Amy finally confronting her husband about the fact she’s not happy


Well he must’ve done something right. You turned out pretty good.

I have five minutes left, and I wanted SO BADLY to get into this scene where Xena finally returns home and finds her mother, Cyrene. But I just know there’s no way.




Look at all those townspeople huddled in the background, how terrified they are of Xena. She fucking grew up here, this is her home, the place where they should know her best.

But that’s entirely the point. They do.

And that it’s Xena’s mother alone who has the strength (and the anger, let’s not discount that) to stand up to her says so much about Cyrene as well.



Sawamura Eijun  Seidou’s Mood Maker


I miss Key’s Knowhow. I want Key to do another show like this!

Key’s Knowhow ep. 3 150715 ~ he looks so good cooking…👍 and I got so hungry while watching this….Ugh😍

They are not breaking up, just give it some thought

UGH. FIRST OF ALL. In next episode’s preview, they are both wearing the rings, and it would be REALLY DUMB to end a relationship ONE DAY after they got engaged.
Second, I think it’s really sad that so many of you don’t trust Kubo sensei, after all she’s done for the anime and for the fans. She is an evil mastermind, but not heartless, and ending their relationship wouldn’t bring a good outcome for anyone.
Also, when Yuuri said “end this” he most likely is making a reference to his skating career, if not, about Victor being his coach since he looked very nostalgic while looking at the other skaters and YUURI NOTICED THAT and because he wanVictir to be happy, he’ll ask him to stop being his coach.

They are not going to break up. Even if they do mention it next episode, that’s not how it would end. Because after all this show was born to make history and we know it.

my exam period is almost over. 9 days.  n  i  n  e   d  a  y  s.  incredible.

look at where we are, look at where we started…. (we started with 6 weeks. 6.)


I’m waiting Shonda, I’m waiting…

So, I am watching Voyager and Latent Image just finished. It’s a fine enough episode but what pisses me off is that they couldn’t bring Kes back for ONE episode? They managed that with Fury yet they couldn’t bring her back? The episode could still virtually be the same – Kes and Tom still could’ve struggled with helping Ensign Jetal, maybe she developed a complication that Kes couldn’t deal with, and it would still be the same. Kes could’ve tried to do what Janeway and co did at the end but have it fail, and then they decide to try it again. I mean, not hard to rewrite, honestly, and Seven would get to know what Kes was like.

Actually, I sort of wish they kept Kes on along with Seven. Even if it was for a short time. Her developing telepathic abilities could have made a good arc before she left. She and the doctor could’ve helped Seven with her “social” lessons or at the very least become her first friend. We all know how Kes definitely made friends with people who seem at the onset “unpleasant”. (Because they really weren’t. Brusque appearances, sure. But unpleasant, despicable specimens of humankind? No.) But she always seemed to find the good in everyone.

(That also lead me to a spiral of what if they became friends and then what if they became more and that’s definitely another spiral of rare pair hell I went down this week, lmao. I have already thought through how it would work as a femslash pair and it could be hella cute??? Ugh.)

I get all the behind the scenes hoopla though but I can’t stop from thinking about it, eh?

(And sadly, no one has done a rewrite of the ep incorporating Kes in it. I really DON’T want to write it but…)


This show is still amazing. But damn, I hope yall who complained too much are happy, now things are going too fast bc they changed the pacing so you can be satisfied. Smh the plot is great as usual but ep 6 should’ve been 2 episodes ugh. I’m salty about this, you can see how they struggled to change it up to satisfy some people. I wish they could’ve kept their original steady pace bc it was so good and perfect. Now the plot progression and character developments are in a slight jeopardy and sort of unnatural bc people said that a perfectly good show is unrealistic and annoying.

Too many things happened in 1 ep it was sort of a mess as they squished it all in, but the events that took place were still awesome. I really wish they hadn’t change anything, but bc of some’s comments, here we are *sighs*

1. Hwan Ki - Okay first of all, fuck his father. I really fucking hate him w/ all my guts. I cried when Hwan Ki had to hear all that. He deserves all the good and the world. He should stop caring and leave his family and friend; they’re just bullshit people. 2nd, it’s now solidified that Hwan Ki is willing to change the things he can as he understands his limitations. He’s willing to be more confident amidst his social anxiety to protect the people important to him. I also loved the bit about phone phobia - because that’s me, I’m him, and I want to protect the relatable precious anxious child. I loved that he finally talked w/ Yoo Hee and came to a positive friendship with her. It’s also now becoming more apparent that he and Ro Woon are becoming comfortable w/ each other (still too fast tho). Also the fact that he’s pretty unnoticeable and always in the bg is so funny bc again me, people aren’t even aware of our presence. He’s on his way to redeem the part of himself that was a bit more confident and happy like how he was before 3 years ago.

2. Ro Woon - I love her and she deserved better pacing for her development. All her realizations came at once on 1 ep when it’s obviously meant for 2 episodes. It’s weird bc now I feel a bit detached to her compared to ep 1 - 5 bc she lost a bit of authenticity w/ the script change. But I love how she’s slowly learning from Hwan Ki about various stuff like presentations, fears, people and patience. I’m loving their budding friendship.

3. The staff characters also have more to them now, we can see how they’ll affect the team and the boss in the future and how they have their own little stories as well. Like Yoo Hee w/ her insecurities as a mother that only Hwan Ki was able to see, bc he’s out here promoting mental positivity, self-esteem and believing in one’s self - even if he himself is aware that he can’t follow his own advice.

I love this episode but at the same time it’s a shame this really could’ve done better w/o revising the script. It was perfect the way it was. I hope this is the only ep w/ compressed plot and the upcoming ones will be the same as the original plan. The drama still has the heart and sincerity I fell in love with and I’m looking forward to watching it until the end.


Only believe the words said by those who cherish you the most, worry about you the most, and love you the most.

@soymilkheaven replied to your post: sigh, probably won’t be able to watch the new ep…

Yeah, like, it really says a lot when I’m not bothering to wake up right when the simulcast is up to watch it or hyping it on my blog or anything. But I keep on watching it anyway because … it’s a train wreck and I can’t tear my eyes away from it at this point. That’s pretty much how I feel about the anime. A train wreck I can’t stop watching.

The silmuscast is up at 3:30PM for me so I generally can watch it right away, but yeah I’ve stop feeling that little excitement in my chest before watching it and have to facepalm through the ep and call a friend to complain about it when it ends… I think it’s safe to say that if something makes you feel this way it’s not good. Even if they manage to give some sense to this later. Hypothetically. Ugh, train wreck is the perfect way to describe it indeed…

  • Netflix: we need to set up our new Daredevil show in such a way as to make clear immediately that this guy is badass. Not to be messed with. A threat.
  • Netflix: [matt murdock's first scene: crying in a church confessional]
  • Netflix: ..nailed it.

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Ugh I LOVE Bastille I just got one of their first EPs on vinyl and I'm so happy. They're so innovative

yeah theyre amazing!! its very rare that a ‘new’ band (i mean theyre not that new but back when i discovered them they were) catches my interest but theyre so good and they have such an amazing energy on stage. also Dan’s voice is A+

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Hey! Congrats on watching Death note! It was my first anime ever and it brings back memories. Btw, who's you favorite character???

thanks, i’m really happy i finally decided to watch it (even though the end broke my heart 💔). honestly i haven’t seen anything THAT GOOD in ages, maybe since durarara. i’ve been so emotional during the whole thing, like, “it’s only the 7th episode and there are 37 of them, light can’t possibly fuck up now, can i stop being so anxious?? no i can’t”

btw i’ve only been spoiled about L (i think i saw that spoiler on your blog lmao), but knowing that from the start made me less nervous, a rare exception when a spoiler made it better. after ep 25 though everything was completely unexpected and… just… ugh. why did it have to happen :’(

and well i’m very predictable: fav character is light, my type of awful fucker, mamoru miyano, everything