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Dear People Who Smoke

I don’t know if you have considered this but stop smoking in areas where people are forced to wait at. Don’t smoke at crosswalks. Don’t smoke outside doorways. Don’t smoke at bus stops. People with asthma or other breathing conditions or people that idk DON’T WANT TO BREATHE IN YOUR CIGARETTE SMOKE are trying to get to places and need to be able to breathe. Stop smoking in crowded areas. stop smoking in crowded areas. STOP FORCING NONSMOKERS TO SECOND HAND SMOKE. 

A Most Important Scene From Voltron Season 3

So… there’s something about this entire scene that’s had me pondering it all morning. Now, despite my writing tendencies or even which characters I would like to see together, most people who know me understand that while I write and post certain things, how I actually view the canon is separate. Like, I don’t watch Voltron for shipping and what characters do and don’t end up together is not why I’m into it. I’m very realistic about potential ships and do my best not to let shipping goggles cloud my judgement. After all, I may like to create, but I also analyze. And anyone worth their socks in literary/media analysis knows that it’s about looking at what you’re given and not what you want to see (what we want to see gets into headcanon/prediction territory, which can be backed by analysis, but they aren’t the same thing). In other words, me fangirling about a ship and me looking critically at a piece of media are two very separate things. 

Therefore, this scene has left me in rather a… curious sort of hesitance? Because I find it hard to believe that I’m coming to the conclusions that I am? 

First and foremost, I’m glad that Lance and Keith are working together better and trusting one another enough to go to the other about their problems. I don’t care who you ship with who, it’s good character development for them when we look back at where they started and does nothing but help the team. Keith admitted his faults to Lance when he pushed the team too hard and Lance went to Keith when he was insecure. These are not small steps for these boys and I’m glad they’re finally becoming better friends. And that’s honestly all I thought I was going to take away from this season, if I even got that far. 

Until I saw this part of this scene specifically (I’ma use this screenshot a lot, lol) -

 - First of all, I want to look at how these frames with Keith are laid out. Keith is in the center of the frame the whole time, his posture is open, his expression is friendly, his smile is sincere. He is lacking in weapons or anything typically considered threatening. But what is probably most important is that we’re not just seeing Keith from Lance’s point of view, we’re seeing him through Lance’s eyes.  

There is a difference. For example, in these scenes - 

- we’re seeing Allura from Lance’s POV, but not through his own eyes. This is a very common type of shot when two people are having a conversation or even when multiple people are in the room. It’s like getting a third person description of what’s happening with weight on a certain character’s perspective. Sometimes it’s not even that far and it’s just convenient to look over this character’s shoulder. Versus when we get a more first person perspective when we see a character through another character’s eyes.  

We also get shots like this in this same scene - 

- This shot comes in concurrence with the one previously and can still be considered as coming from Lance’s perspective. So what’s the difference between this shot and the one of Keith? This shot is up close–it’s focused on Allura’s expression and what she’s saying. She’s also not completely centered, but balanced in the frame for the viewer, not Lance’s perspective. Lance is listening to her, not admiring her in any way, shape, or form. In fact, despite Lance’s general attempts at constantly flirting with Allura, he is not looking at her at all in this scene as a potential romantic interest. This entire scene is focused on what they’re saying and what that means. Not any kind of attraction between them. 

Which is what struck me as so odd about the way we see Keith through Lance’s eyes in episode 6. When a character is being admired by another character, getting a shot through their eyes of their subject from the waist up, or thighs up, or knees up, etc, is a very common way of displaying that admiration in a visual sense. It’s already clear from this scene that Lance views Keith as the new leader - 

- So even if Lance takes issue with some of the things Keith does, he–at the very least–begrudgingly accepts Keith’s position and is doing everything in his power to support him (as most of season 3 is evidence of). Which is why these frames - 

- took me so far aback. Honestly, I was much more expecting this kind of scene to be displayed from Lance’s eyes when his and Allura’s development took place. I even went back during their critical conversation to look for it. But there isn’t anything similar. Lance clearly respects Allura, but he didn’t “waver” in looking at her so as to imply a different kind of admiration. 

Another character that gets this treatment a lot? Shiro. Shiro is their leader. Shiro is their security. Shiro is oftentimes framed in this manner when the other paladins are listening to him. But usually it’s a group shot, and even if there are scenes with him and one other (maybe with Keith? I’m not going back to watch the whole series), his body language and expression are not so soft. There could probably be some shots of Shiro looking less severe when he speaks to Keith, but I never remember being this struck by a scene with Shiro that didn’t feel like anything more that admiration because he’s their leader and/or idol and/or older brother figure (this goes for Pidge as much as Keith). Just as I’ve never seen anything to blatantly support Klance before. Like, I’m not playing favorites here.  

The point I’m trying to make is that, in seeing Keith through Lance’s eyes in this scene, we’re gleaning a LOT about how Lance views Keith. Not only is he listening to Keith, but we’re seeing Keith as more than just a face with words. It would have been easy to frame this scene like this -  

- I mean, even this is still… But the point is, there were a lot of ways to frame this that didn’t have Lance giving Keith that “admiring” look that is oftentimes used in movies and animation. At this point, Keith is the center of Lance’s entire focus. The rest of the room is bare, Keith is what stands out most. But it’s not just his words or what he’s saying, it’s his entire person. It’s his body, his words, his posture, where he’s standing in the room. 

And then we get to his expression. This is so important. They could have given Keith more attitude, they could have had him lean back on one leg and cross his arms. They could have done LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE to suggest that Lance was merely admiring Keith as a leader and friend, but they didn’t. They kept his posture open. They kept him still and centered in the frame. And they gave him the softest mother fucking smile that Keith has probably displayed in the entire goddamn show. And I don’t mean to say that he hasn’t given those small, soft smiles, because he has, but this one has teeth and is still soft. EVERYTHING about this frame is soft. 

And this is HOW LANCE is seeing Keith. We have the distance from where Lance is standing in the doorway to Keith to support this, as well as how he looks following, which implies that we were seeing Keith through him - 

- He’s looking over his shoulder, continuing the line of sight we the viewers were just privy to. And he reflects the same softness he has just seen in Keith. 

For fucks sake, all we need is an edit of that frame of Keith with a soft white background and some sparkles and we’re all fucking set! This frame - 

- was coded to be romantic. This is Lance not only admiring Keith, but seeing him in a “different” light. I mean, look at Keith’s hair for crying- UGH! Just add some wind and a few flower petals and- just- HOLY FUCK, LANCE! OGLE HIM SOME MORE WHY DON’T YOU! I don’t know if Keith is really this beautiful or not BUT YOU’RE DOING A GOOD JOB OF MAKING IT SEEM LIKE HE’S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CREATURE YOU’VE EVER SEEN, LANCE!

Seriously, this is probably one of the most sincerely romantic frames we’ve gotten in the entire series. It’s also quite bittersweet. And, like, even if Lance isn’t aware that he’s looking at Keith like this, we are! We’re literally watching Lance form feelings for Keith through his own goddamn eyes. Ugh, gag me. 

I am disgusted. 

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For the love of god, please fucking respect that Mark IS DATING Amy and the Sean IS DATING Signe.

It’s not some goddamn conspiracy. These are real people. Respect them and their relationships. They are happy. Let them exist.

Can aphobes just shut the fuck up about Thomas already? The only reason you guys are trying to pin this man as a pedophile is because he thinks aces and aros belong in the LGBT community. He does not explicitly encourage minors to draw NSFW art of him, he was not aware that the artist was under 18 and has since corrected his behavior. He owned up to his mistakes, so why don’t y'all start doing the same?

The Night She Took (My Breath Away) SMUT (NSFW 18+)

A/N: Hi guys. I have no idea where is came from but here it is. The titles is from this song I Don’t Know Her Name by Bad Boy Blue and I think the lyrics are perfect for this song. Also, idfc by Blackbear helped me with the smut. Thank you thank you thank you to @writing-obrien for helping with this. She’s such a lifesaver, She’s always there to jump in and take over.

Warning: SMUTTT, Slight alcohol abuse(I mean their drunk so), mentions for drugs

Word Count: 5482

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  • lance: hey keith!! you suck! and you fight weird!! and you have nice hair!! gross!!!! and you're my best friend!! disgusting!! ugh!! dumb keith!!
  • keith: i cant tell if you're complimenting me or making fun of me

“Why is Robert acting like such a child and having a tantrum??!”

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“He is so pathetic!” “Why are you babying him?? He is just being stupid.” “There is nothing wrong with him, he is just acting out.”

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“I mean what the heck was that scene anyways??” “Ryan is nothing like Danny!” “Danny could’ve done wayyy better!”

“Robert does not have mental health issues! He is just being a child!” “ I mean have you seen what Aaron went through? Robert can’t have mental issues cause he went through nothing like Aaron did!” 

“Either you like Danny or you like Ryan. There is no in-between!” “They don’t even compare.” 

i really hope there is more to the story. the “he told you” gives me hope that maybe they didn’t go through with it. it’s a big step for malec and after baiting us like that just leaving us hanging meanwhile jace got scenes with random chicks not cool man so not cool.

All a stage (Reader x Yondu Udonta)

A/N: I’ve been looking for a way to use this song in any of my fics. It’s suuuuuch a good cover. I am a broken human being, btw. Warning: Spoilers ahead!


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I don’t want your number (no)
I don’t want to give you mine and (no)
I don’t want to meet you nowhere (no)
Don’t want none of your time and
No, I don’t want no scrub

Yondu Udonta liked to see your performances when he could. It wasn’t often, but every time he did appear, you were glad. It meant he was still alive and still safe. No one knew, but every time you saw that Centurian in the crowd, your performances would be particularly phenomenal that evening.

You liked to joke and tell him that he was your lucky charm and that he should visit more often, but the both of you knew it was just a half-hearted ploy for him to see you more because anytime he was at your side, he was safe. Anytime he was away was another chance for him to be gone forever.

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Rescuer || Spider-Man / Peter Parker

I’m so happy, I didn’t think you all would like [Oversized Sweater] so much (/ω\) I’m gonna keep posting my nerdy, self indulgent stories for Peter then ♡

warnings: attempt at rape, if this triggers you, then please do not read!

please don’t repost/plagiarize this story! Reblogs are fine!


“Peter, I’m so nervous about this Algebra 2 exam! I really don’t want to fail this, but my whole grade depends on it! Like I’m literally teetering on the edge of a D!”

Your best friend begins laughing at your panicked outburst, “It’s gonna be fine. Besides, we studied a bit last night. I even helped you! You got quite a few of them right, so there’s nothing to worry about!”

You give Peter a deadpanned expression, “Peter, I got 5 right out of the 20 questions given.”

“T-Then at least you know that you’ll get at least a 25% on it?” Peter laughs nervously, making you roll your eyes in response as you playfully pushed him away.

“Wow Peter, you sure know how to make a girl feel great about her exam!”

“You guys should just quit playing around and date already.” Ned tells you guys while taking bites of his tater tots. “It’s so obvious that you’re both into each other.”

“We are NOT into each other!” You and Peter both state at the same time, practically shouting it as your respective voices echoed throughout the cafeteria. Realizing what you just did, you and Peter look around the area to see several teens giving you awkward glances while whispering.

You blush and pick up your empty lunch tray, “I think I’m gonna go and head to my next class.”

“Y-Yeah same, I’ll text you later, Ned.” Peter follows your lead as you both throw the empty cartons of milk away before placing the trays on the cart.

“Dude, stop following me!”

“Uhm, I kind of can’t help it since we have AP English together.”


Ned felt a wide grin paint his features as he laughed at how –clueless– his friends were.

"It’s so obvious that those two are -endgame-.”


After spending the whole school day nervously picking at your nails at the thought of your Algebra 2 exam taking place next Monday, you groan and decided to treat yourself to some of your favorite snacks.

"If I’m gonna spend the whole night studying, I might as well lessen my suffering with some cookies and chocolate.”

Finally reaching your favorite corner store, you make a quick mental note of how much money you had on hand before picking out your favorite sweets off the shelf. Once you gathered all of your preferred snacks together, you greet the kind cashier and waited for him to ring up your items.

"9.18 is your total.”

Handing him a fresh 10 dollar bill, he hands you your change, and you thank him before exiting the store.

Holding on to the bag of goodies, you pull out your phone from the pocket of your backpack and quickly text Peter:

[Hey I’ve got some of our favorite snacks. Do you think you can come over and help me study again? I still feel super nervous about this exam…]

You hit send, almost expecting him to answer back within seconds, only to feel a tad bit disappointed at not seeing the three grey dots that signified that he was in the midst of replying.

"That’s weird, Pete never leaves me hanging like this.”

You walk with a deliberate slowness back home, still looking at your phone’s screen as you practically –willed– Peter to text you back.

"Ugh, he’s probably too busy ogling Liz to pay attention to his phone right now.”

When you place your phone back into your backpack, you were suddenly pulled into an alleyway, the action being so sudden that you lost your bearings for a few seconds.

You were a little dizzy when the back of your head was met with the hard wall of the building, and you let out a soft moan of pain when you felt someone press a sharp knife against your neck, “Shit you don’t look half bad for a minor. Your clothes leave little to be desired but you got a pretty face.”

You gulp, finally realizing the danger you were in when you saw the man with greasy hair in front of you. He had you pinned against the wall with his dirty hand over your mouth. You struggle against him, only to have him laugh darkly at your weak attempts to fight him.

"Yeah baby, keep grinding like that and call me ‘daddy’ while you’re at it.” He breathes in your scent by placing his nose against the side of your neck. “I’m gonna have fun with you-”

"Don’t you dare dirty her any further!”

The creep was /miraculously/ pulled off of you with a hard yank, and when he had let go of you, you fell against the wall with a gasp. Keeping your back against the building, you watch with your mouth hung wide open as Spider-Man himself beat your would-be attacker.

And boy, the mask vigilante did not hold back his punches at all. You weren’t sure if Spider-Man had a huge grudge against molesters, because the man was practically sobbing when he kept beating him, not stopping until he was left with a bloody mess on the ground.

When he was satisfied, Spider-Man made sure that the rapist wouldn’t attack you again by using his web shooters to web him to the ground, preventing him from further escape when the authorities would -eventually- come to deal with him.

Once he was finished, the masked hero faces you and begins running toward you, “Hey, are you okay? Did he- did he go any farther with you?”

You shake your head no and let out a panicked laugh, “N-No, I’m okay. But ugh, he was disgusting. He wanted me to call him Daddy and ugh-” you tried to stand up, but your legs seemed to give out at the last minute when you landed back down on the ground. “O-Ouch, that hurts. I can’t seem to move my legs, I guess I’m still in shock and m-maybe even a little scared, haha…”

You were beginning to ramble now when Spider-Man leaned down to pick you up whilst you carried your backpack and all. You were blushing now, clinging on to him when your arms automatically wrap themselves around his neck, “Uhm, S-Spidey? Aren’t I heavy? You know, with all of this stuff on?”

He chuckles lightly from beneath his mask, “Not at all. You’re fine, Miss. Now let’s take you home; where do you live?”

You tell him your address, and he nods, carrying you when he shot his web against a building before pulling you up with him. He lands on top of the roof and begins walking across it, about to shoot his web on the next building when your soft murmur stops him.

"Hmm? What’s wrong, love?”

You blush at the pet name and shake your head, “I wanted to thank you for saving me back there. For my first time- that wasn’t how I wanted it to go.”

Spider-Man holds you tighter in response, “I’ll always protect you.” His voice seemed to take on a more passionate tone as he stared at you through the mask. Paying attention to his voice, you realize that it sounded familiar to you. Despite how deep it was, you couldn’t help but feel as though you had heard it before.

You shake your head and ignore the familiarity of his voice before asking, “Have you ever been afraid before? You know, when you’re out protecting the city?”

He laughs at your question and continues walking across the roof with you in his arms, “Sometimes. But I can’t really complain. It comes with a job of being a rescuer, you know?”

You giggle at how forward and down-to-earth he was, “Oh Spidey, you remind me of my best friend, Peter so much!” He seemed to stiffen at your words, but you didn’t notice. You were much too excited at the thought of swinging around the city with THE SPIDER-MAN himself.

It takes him a few minutes to arrive at your apartment when he landed on the fire escape that lead to your open bedroom window. He lets go of you, making sure that you were steady when you stood on the metal platform.

Facing him, you nervously grip at the straps of your backpack, “Uhm, so I-I was wondering… uhm…”

"What’s wrong?”

You shake your head. Instead of using words, you decide to tell him using your actions alone.

Leaning toward him, you place a hand beneath his mask, automatically making him lift a hand up to stop you. You gulp and whisper, “Don’t you trust me?”

After a few seconds, he drops his arms, allowing you to slowly peel off his mask so that only his lips were shown. Standing on the tip of your toes, you place a soft kiss against him. He kisses you back with a surprising fervor when he slanted his lips against yours before deepening it. You felt his gloved fingers delve into your hair, preventing you from pulling away too soon as he kissed you.

After a few seconds, you stop the kiss, only managing a short “Wow” in response to the kiss.

Spider-Man gently runs his hand down your face while muttering, “You should go back in, love. You must have some things you need to get done.”

Hearing his words, you groan and remember that stupid Algebra 2 exam, “Fuck, you’re right. I have an exam to study for.”

Spider-Man messes up your hair in affection, “Then you should start on that right away.”

You nod and enter through your bedroom window. When you were safely in your room, Spider-Man left the fire escape and swung his way across the city.

You watch him with a dreamy expression on your face and sigh while murmuring, “Wow. Today was awesome.”


Peter was still thinking about your kiss when he came to your house at 8 pm. In fact, he was so distracted thanks to you that he ran into buildings several time while he traveled home.

He had received your text and apologized for replying so late before promising you that he would help you, which was what brought him to the door of your apartment. Running a hand through his hair, he tells himself to calm down and to NOT mention the kiss to you, since you had no idea that he was Spider-Man.

Finally ready to face you, Peter knocks on your door. After a few seconds, the door swings open, revealing your father as he greeted you, “My man Peter, hey! [Name] is upstairs, but are you hungry? We still have some food left over for you.”

"Thanks Mr. [Surname], but I’m good. I ate with Aunt May about an hour ago.” With a nod to your father, he heads up to your room and opens the door, “Hey, I’m here.”

When Peter sees you, he notices two odd things:

1. You were already studying at your desk.

2. There was a picture frame with a photograph of Spider-Man settled right next to you.

"Whoa, what’s gotten into you? I usually have to force you to study.” You stiffen and stutter out his name, “P-Peter! When did you get here?!”

"Just now.” He steps closer to your desk and picks up the photo of Spider-Man before showing it to you. “Why do you have a picture of Spider-Man?”

Peter notices how you blushed in response, and he had a feeling that he already knew the answer to his question…

He just wanted to hear it from you because man, was he in -fucking love- with you. Ned was right about his feelings for you, since he would do just about anything for you. When you were nearly attacked, Peter thought that he was going to lose his mind.

-No one– messed with his girl and got away with it, even if you didn’t know that you were his girl (at least, not YET.)

"Uhm, well… today, Spider-Man helped me with… something.” You were keeping it vague so that he wouldn’t worry, Peter knew that and gave you a nod in response while feigning surprise that you had seen Spider-Man. “Long story short, we had a little talk, and I asked him if he was ever afraid whenever he was protecting the city.”

"And he told me that sometimes, he felt afraid, but that he was okay with it, since he saw himself as this city’s rescuer.” You take the picture frame away from him and look at Spider-Man’s picture with adoration, “And his words got me thinking, hey, if this hero right here can fearlessly save people like me on a whim, then I gotta man up and tackle my own fears, even if it takes the form of a little test.”

Peter was blushing now when you hugged the picture of //him// close to your chest, “I started thinking that I wanted to make Spider-Man proud of me, so… I’m gonna do my best and study my ass off for this test! I believe in myself, so will you help me, Peter?”

He smiles widely and hugs you, practically choking you in his hold as you giggled and tried to pry him off of you. “Oh my god, Peter stop!! You’re choking me, haha!”

"Of course he’d be proud of you. God [Name] I love you so much. I keep falling harder for you each day.”

He felt you stiffen in his arms, and Peter realized he had basically confessed to you. Immediately, he lets go of you, seeing your face was dyed in a deep reddish hue.

Touching at your lips, you tremble slightly when you ask, “P-Pete, did you mean it?”

Refusing to look at you, Peter nods, “Yeah, I m-meant it. I love you.”

You didn’t answer for several seconds. Instead, you stood up and crept closer to him, wrapping your arms around his back as you hugged him, “Looks like Ned was right about us after all.”

Peter stares back down at you upon hearing your words, “Wait, does that mean-”

"That means I love you too, you dork.”

You stand on your toes and pull at the collar of his sweater, forcing him down for a kiss. While you kissed him, you felt a strange sense of familiarity as your mind briefly pictured Spider-Man.

Nah, there’s no way he’s Spidey. You ignore the thought and decide to simply immerse yourself with Peter when he deepens the kiss, making sure that you would think of no one else but him.


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Me: god i hate Felix so much hes the actual anthropomorphic personification of douchiness itself ugh hes so disgusting and slimy and just i hate him so m-

Me: *sees art of Felix* oh hello attractive tangerine boy

Me: i still hate you

High school au where Jean is an anti-social shy boy with an angry face yet innocent and Marcos an overly friendly outgoing romantic jock, who has started obssessing over Jean when he first lays his eyes on him and Jean thinks he’s a bit creepy but slowly finds his pampering and spoiling treatment endearing. -shiver-

-blink- Marco showers Jean with gifts, flowers and embarrassing honest comments everyday because Jean is the first to make him that gay and Jean keeps running away from all the mush.

M: “Jean! I found these flowers and they remind me of-“
J: “*backaway*”
M: “- ! I wasn’t gonna say ‘ur eyes’ like last time Jean! -chuckle- I was ‘bout to say yo - aaa - rosy - cheeks???”
J: “*turns into a tomato and run*”
M: “Jean your flower!”


potterlocked16  asked:

Hiii. I love you writing, it is so good! I was wondering if you could write/ if you know a fic in which Draco gets really jealous of someone hitting on Harry and starts acting all possesive and shit? :D

OMG thank you so so much!! :) You’re so sweet! ❤️️
Um, here’s the thing: I am awful at fic recs? I’m so sorry? So I hope you don’t mind I just wrote you a little something? ❤️️❤️️❤️️

“This is getting ridiculous, Draco,” Pansy said as she murmured the incantation to heal Draco’s palm. Draco said nothing. He was still gritting his teeth. As soon as Pansy was finished, he snatched his hand out of her grip.

“Thanks a lot,” he said waspishly.

“Hey, I’m not the one who made you smash that glass. Show a little more gratitude. You’re being a brat,” she said with a scowl.

“Nobody made me smash that glass. The glass was… fragile.” Draco mentally rolled his eyes at himself.

“Right,” Pansy replied flatly. She looked over her shoulder and Draco couldn’t help but follow her gaze. His eyes landed on Potter, sitting at the bar and chatting animatedly with some bloke. Draco balled his hands into fists. This seemed to be his natural reaction to seeing Potter like this. It was how he had accidentally smashed that glass he had been holding.

“I need another drink,” Draco muttered. Pansy’s head snapped back around.

“Oh no, you don’t. Don’t go over there. You’ll embarrass yourself.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Draco growled as he watched the bloke stroking Potter’s arm. This was it. Now he definitely had to go over there.

“Draco,” Pansy called after him, but there was no stopping him now.

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Tumblr prompt ( jimin * OC)

can I have a jimin angst(and maybe smut) where oc and him are in an arranged marriage but they were childhood bestfriends so oc thought their marriage won’t go so bad but jimin became a cold reserved guy who doesn’t like oc? + plus happy endings cuz your angsts break me everytime 😭

Part 1/?

AU : Mafia Au [ because I miss writing Mafia AU.]

Warning : implied bullying, violence, some political bullshit, implied blackmail .


“Your husband loves you. it’s obvious in the way he stares at you. “ the woman was tall, svelte and dressed in rich browns and reds. i stared at her briefly, watched the way her eyes lingered on the breadth of jimin’s shoulders, the crisp cut of his clacks, the lean trim of his wiast in those perfectly tailored pants and the curve of his smile as he laughed with his friends. 

The club was almost empty , except for Jimin, Jung kook and Yoongi standing near the bar . The woman’s husband, a Lee Kung Min, was sitting on a huge couch in one of the raised platforms, two pretty little things on either side of him. his wife seemed completely unaffected by the way the girls were gyrating on his lap , too busy ogling my husband. 

“Yes.” I said softly, staring at the man who held so many bits of me that I’d given up on trying to get them back. He looked breathtaking in the dim lighting of the club, his hair styled and his fingers tapping restlessly on the lapel of his jacket. 

i felt the familiar fear and panic bubble and had to struggle to tamp it down.

 i knew what he was feeling underneath the expensive fabric of his jacket. the leather holster with his trustee gun : A 9 mm Glock with a sleek granite body that looked gorgeous in his hands. compact and deadly : just like jimin himself. 

“So, it’s odd, the two of you. the daughter of a Minister and a low level CEO…. how does that happen…”

how indeed? how did that little girl who loved colors and art turn into a pawn lost inside  the most violent criminal enterprise in the country. how did a girl who hated the very sight of blood marry a cold blooded killer? 

 “Tell me. How did it begin?” She repeated insistently and i gave her a little smile.

How did it begin? 


It began with the letters .

I was seven years old when I  received the first one. it was written on a scrap of paper, tied to a smooth pebble, like the kind you could find at the bottom of a lake and the string was strong and ruby red. i remember playing in the yard of my father’s huge bungalow, using a metal fork to dig up a bit of mud in an attempt to build a moat for the imaginary castle where my princess would be.

i’d just finished pouring a bit of water into the pit  when the pebble came sailing over the high cement fencing, landing with a thud on my moat. Looking back, i was lucky it hadn’t just hit me in the head. i pulled open the string tie and found myself staring at the tied up string and with all the innocence of a seven year old, i opened the letter and found myself staring at an almost illegible scarwl.

i lyke yu ~ park jimin.

meet me outsyde the gayt

And as i naively went outside to meet my mystery suitor, my life changed forever.’

And that’s when i first met him, a twelve year old kid with a swollen eye, messy hair and a smile that made his eyes disappear. He gave me a grin and held his hand out. 

“Hi, i’m jimin.” He said firmly and I grinned back. 

jimin had been the epitome of quiet and friendly and cuddly and adorable and he had this way of looking at me like i was the most important thing on the planet. He was also incredibly sweet and it was obvious that he just enjoyed having someone to play with, even though he was five years older than me. 

“how’d you find me?” i said curiously, that first day, when he took me to a secret clearing in the woods, showed me how to catch tadpoles from the small brooke. 

“all the kids said that you’re a princess. that your father keeps you captive in the tower of your house. “ 

i smiled a little.

“Daddy says, if i go out, people will try to steal me away…”

Jimin hummed. 

“i won’t steal you. i just want to be your friend.” He grinned. 

“Okay. “ i said easily, not even questioning the why of it. 

For the next five years, I met Jimin everyday outside the huge wrought iron gates of my home and we would explore the woods around our property, digging through dirt, going on faux treasure hurts and catching tadpoles in the small ponds littered across the woods.

Right up to the day he moved away, when i was twelve and he was seventeen but he had promised to stay in touch. 

And i fully believed him. 


freak. short. ugly. pushover. doormat. look at her with those slouched shoulders. ugh, she disgusts me honestly…just because her father has a bit of money…. she thinks she’s better than us but she’s actually the worst.

the words felt like little shards of glass, tearing through my skin and embedding themselves inside my soul. i hated school. i hated life. sometimes i just wanted to lie down, shut my eyes and never wake up.

why did these people hate me so much? i wondered miserably. the words were repetitive and monotonous, yet somehow managed to retain their power, not fading into the background the way they ought to, instead just scribing themselves ont he insides of my brain,

. i was a pushover. i was spineless.

I wasn’t a fighter. i certainly wasn’t good at confrontation either. Everytime i got into trouble with someone i quickly got away from that place to avoid an argument. it was instinctive at this point, the need to stay away from any kind of conflict.

And if it weren’t for the fact that i had my own future planned out, i wouldn’t be even alive at this point. i glanced at the clock, remembering how excited i used to be about 5.00 PM , when i’d been a  seven year old. 

i was still excited. albeit for different reasons. jimin had kept his promise . although we hadn’t met or talked to each other he had written letters. Just silly everyday things that helped me get through life, simple because they told me that even if no one else did, he cared about me. 

But I would get it back, i thought defiantly, staring at the huge bulk of envelopes, hidden deep inside my closet : a collection of his letters to me written over the period of ten years. Right from when he’d first moved back home to Busan when he was seventeen and i was twelve, to last month, when he had sent me the sweetest proposal ever.

The letter had come with a package : a small velvet box with a startlingly blue sapphire ring.

My engagement ring.

i was engaged to Park jimin. it wasn’t really and earth shattering surprise, i thought with a giggle. Even as a seven year old, i’d known that i would spend the rest of my life with Jimin. 

Sweet, kind and beautiful jimin. 

And if everything went right, by next month, i’d be free from the living hell that was my college. i could continue doing art, which was what I wanted to do anyway. that and be the best possible wife park jimin would ever have ( not that he would have any other) and repay him for the years of companionship.

But it seemed a pity that all this love i’d carried for him, all these years, would be forever lost between folds of paper. I sighed. it wasn’t the time to moan lost time. I was going to marry him. i would have him for the rest of our lives . that was what was important.

“Y/N!!” My mother’s voice made me jump a little. i grinned and grabbed the shawl from the closet, draping it over my bare shoulders and fluffing my blonde hair just once. I’d put my make up on earlier and I shifted a bit from one foot to the other, excitement coursing through me.

He was famous now. Handsome, successful and rich. Would he think i looked really different? I supposed so. the last time he’d seen me, I’d been a petite, awkward twelve year old. i was still awkward, although the years had added a little bit of flesh to my spindly frame. i wasn’t curvy but i was borderline feminine, if i put on one of those padded bras.

Humming, i stared at the small framed photo of him, that stood on my nightstand.

“well, I’m finally going to meet you. After so many years. in person. Don’t kiss me in front of everyone , okay? Wait till we’re alone..” i whispered softly, pressing a soft kiss to the picture, before walking out of the door.


“Wow…you’re.. you look different. ” i laughed nervously, staring at the stranger in front of me.

 Gone was the slightly chubby, slanty eyed boy of my childhood. Park Jimin looked nothing like the boy of my memories, his face angular and handsome, jawline so sharp it looked like it could cut and lips plump and soft : unsmiling .

i remembered how easily he used to smile, years ago and this gruff, serious version of him was oddly disturbing.

“Your father told me you’re changing colleges, after marriage?” He said briskly and i blinked.

“oh.. yeah. I thought it would be hard if i went to college here in Seoul when you’re in Busan and …”

“there are colleges in busan.” He said blankly, staring at me with a frown. i swallowed, surprised by the tone.

“of course, i mean.. yes, but i was hoping that …”

“You’re an art major, right?”

i nodded.

“you can get your credits transferred to one of the universities in Busan. pick one and let me know.”

there was something careless and intimidating about the way he said , pick one : like he was offering me the choice of candy in a shop as opposed to a seat in a prestigious college and i wondered , what it was that he did. But there were other more pressing things at hand. 

i stared at him, torn .

i didn’t want to go to college, for a number of reasons. I’d been studying art on my own, had even done commissions for a lot of people. i really wanted to study it formally but without having to mingle with people. And i was bad at the whole trophy wife thing : bad at making friends , bad at standing up for myself , just bad at socializing in general. 

But the park jimin in front of me looked like he didn’t really care what i wanted. i stared at him, searching for the boy i remembered but there was no warmth, no affection , not even the casual friendliness one might offer a complete starnger.

He was hostile and i had been surrounded by hostile people so often and so much that i recoiled instinctively, confused and hurt but too scared to voice out my thoughts.

he’s been a busy guy. just because you spent the last decade thinking about him everyday, doesn’t mean he did too… he’s probably really shy… just let him start this in his own pace….

i swallowed and managed a smile.

“i really loved the ring.” i said softly, holding my hand up to show him the sapphire stone.

He stared at it for a second and then gave me a small smile.

“i’ll let my secretary know. i’m pretty sure she’s the one who picked it out for you.”

It was a struggle, keeping the smile in place , but i managed.

“will you.. will you be here to plan the wedding? i was hoping we could visit the venue together and -”

“It’s already done.” He said casually, finally looking at me, his gaze lingering on the edge of my neck. I raised my fingers up instinctively but his hand shot out , gripping my wrist so hard that i flinched. 

“what is that?” He said , the first hint of emotion in his tone and i blinked foolishly, not sure what he was referring to. 

“What -?”

And without warning he reached out, forefinger pressing against the curve of my neck and digging in , the sting of the touch making me wince. 

“This mark… it looks like a bruise, how the fuck did you get it?” He said softly and the words were saccharine, almost cloyingly sweet but there was something in the  tone  that made me pause and I went perfectly still, not sure what to say. 

“it’s…” i thought about the senior who had yanked on my bag when i’d walked past him in the cafeteria. The strap on my shoulder had rubbed against my neck, hard enough to leave a small abrasion that had bloomed into a bruise. 

“Nothing.” i said finally, staring at him in worry . 

He stared at me for a second and then hummed. 

“I hope you have a good enough reason to lie, because after we’ve married if i find out you’ve been sleeping around behind my back, i’m going to be pretty mad….” he said casually.

the syllables strung together into words , reached my brain rather sluggishly and it took me a few seconds to fully comprehend that he sounded annoyed. 

 sleeping around…he thought the bruise was a hickey? 

“i’m not.. i never…” i stopped, not sure what i was trying to say. not sure why i sounded so defensive  when i really had nothing to be defensive about. We hadn’t seen each other in ten years and honestly, the letters were hardly a symbol of any commitment. Technically he had no claim on me till after we married and so the look on his face and the words on his tongue were both out of place and unfair. 

But i was an idiot and i didn’t even put up a fight. just nodding mutely. 

But then his next words made my entire being freeze. 

“I’m not saying you have to be faithful to me. it’s not about that. I have a public life. it’s important that you stay discreet because because i can’t have scandals popping up so close to our marriage. They’re going to carefully examine your social life, and if there’s anything indecent that you would rather hide, better let me know now, before it affects both of us. “ 

i stared at him. 

“Are you trying to tell me that you don’t intend to stay faithful to our marriage?” i said in disbelief. He gave me a blank stare. 

“If you want to put it that way, yes. i’d rather say, pursuing our own interests. There’s no reason a stupid contract should stop us from living our own lives. “ 

 Stupid contract… living our own lives…

 “Are you kidding right now? is this a joke?” i said shrilly. 

he frowned. 


“You.. You’re… that’s not what you said in your letters… You..” 

“Letters? what letters?” 

I stared at him and slowly, the truth dawned. A slow simmering bit of comprehension followed by burning humiliation. The letters…. he hadn’t written them. 

it made sense, now. 

My father had always been the one to deliver them. 

They never carried any postmarks. 

Jimin hadn’t written those letters.

 My parents had. 

 what a fool, you’ve been. 

My father : always with the kind , “Y/N  See, he hasn’t forgotten you! ” a gentle coaxing tone to make me feel loved when in fact it had all just been an elaborate lie. 

a lie to hide the insidious truth of what this marriage was : a complete and utter sham. 

“you’re… you don’t even remember me … do you?” i said stupidly. 

He gave me a blank stare. 

“we’ve met before?” he sounded genuinely surprised and i felt hysteria build up inside me. 

i tamped down the urge to sob and swallowed . 

“i… no. I must’ve mistaken you for someone else.” i said stupidly. it wasn’t a complete lie. The man in the letters was not the man in front of me. And maybe the man in the letters did not exist at all. 

“You know why we’re marrying right? “ he said suddenly. “ Your father wants my … support for the coming elections and i need him to help me out with my … business. That’s all this is….“

I smiled pleasantly, hoping that the crack in my heart wasn’t too obvious. 

“of course.” i said softly. 

A month later i’d married him.

 And on our wedding night, watching him shrug on his jacket, light a cigarette and then give me a smile with a careless, i realized that all he was willing to say was an indifferent, “ I’ve got some stuff to do. Don’t open the doors till i get back, alright?” 

No promises of a rosy future. No dreams to be lived together. No love . No family. Just him getting whatever it was that that my father had sold me for. 

Just me sitting with my back against the hardwood headboard staring into the wall and trying to understand what had gone wrong and how. 

And that was that. 


And then that night, two weeks into our marriage , when he had come home drenched in blood and then he’d taken one look at my ashen face and said something that was both terrifying and calming.

“The blood isn’t mine.” 

i had stared at him, too stunned to respond. He shrugged off his jacket and there it was , a leather strap on across his broad chest, with a holstered gun resting just below the curve of his pecs. 

i stared at it in fear , disbelief and horror. 

“You… You’re…” 

“ I’m going to tell you this just once : what i do outside in my own time is none of your fucking business. You’re my wife, yes. But only when we’re in public.”


“Do i make myself clear?”




i’d woken up to the sound of running water. After weeks of sleeping alone in the apartment, i’d become ridiculously attuned to the slightest sounds. not that i had to be. Jimin had guards all over the place. 

But i slipped on my peachy fuzz slipper and tip toed to the hallway, catching a glimpse of him , hunched over counter. 

“What … what are you doing..?”

He looked up from where he was bent over the kitchen sink, watching a huge curved knife, the water turning murky brown like ketchup gone bad as it went down the drain.

“The less you know, the better….”

“You’re not… you’re not just a CEO are you?”

He gave me a slow smile. 

“No, i’m not…”

“Are you….. Do you kill people?”

“Go back to bed, Y/N….”

“Jimin.. that’s not right… I can’t… you can’t…”

“I’m heading back out. go get some sleep.” 

i stared at him and it suddenly made sense. 

“this is it , isn’t it…. This is why you married me… As my husband you get immunity…” i laughed in disbelief. “ no one’s going to arrest the Minister’s son in law…” 

He looked up then, brows raised and lips quirking up in a soft smile.  

“Aren’t you a smart little cookie..?” he sneered. 

“you’re a murderer… You disgust me.. You…” i was shaking in disbelief. i was married to a murderer…. 

He huffed in annoyance and rounded on me, eyes blazing. 

“Your father was the one who paid me to do it. the guy i took out today? He’s the one sponsoring your father’s political rival in the next election. i’m just doing my duty as a filial son in law… “ He smirked. 

i swallowed. 

“That’s.. That doesn’t make it right.. you can’t just…’

“Well, isn’t it great then, the fact that i don’t give a flying fuck about what you think. “ 

I stopped short, glaring at him. 

“what happened to you… the jimin i knew would never hurt a fly.. why are you so…”

“the jimin you knew?!” He laughed. “ you mean the snotty nosed kid who trailed after you like a dog? panting for the smallest glance you’d deem to throw at him? you want me to be that kid again?”

i stared at him, feeling my heart turn over. 

“So , you do remember me.”

Something flashed in his eye , gone before i could fully grasp it. 

“ To answer your question….That boy is dead. this one here” he pointed a finger at himself. “ Doesn’t give a damn about you.” 

and then he was turning on his heel and walking out of the apartment, slamming the door shut behind him. 


the clink of glasses drew me back to the present. 

“That’s a really long story, Ms. Lee. Very boring too. Why don’t we go get another drink?” i said easily and the woman smiled, reluctantly tearing her eyes away from jimin to look at me. 

“I think you’re husband wants you…” she said with a little smile and i turned around. 

Jimin was leaning against the wall, his pose specific and clear. He had his eyes trained on me, his lips parted slightly , his eyes boring holes into my head and i felt my throat go dry. 

This was my cue.

i turned to the woman and gave her a small smile. And then i subtly knocked my elbow till the glass of wine tipped over, splashing over both our dresses in a crimson wave. 

“Ms Kim, i think I need a little help.. Could you?” I said softly, pointing out the restroom and she blinked but readily agreed. 

once we were in the ladies room, it was easy. i kept her distracted, helping her get the worst of the stain out and then letting her do the same for me. 

about five minutes in, the fire alarm began to ring and I grabbed her hand. 

“oh…. we need to get out…” i said urgently. 

She looked surprised and then the fear seeped in easily.

“My husband… he’s out there…”

“He’ll get out… come on… we need to leave!” i said urgently. 

She looked torn and then took my hand, gripping it hard and we began running out of the room and out into the hallways which was already filling with smoke and people. the dancers, some of the escorts, the bartenders from the different floors, the guards… everyone was piling into the hallways and the chaos would give Jimin enough cover to do what he had come here to do. 

kill my companion’s husband. 


When i stood underneath the shower that night, I scrubbed harder on my skin, wondering if perhaps that man’s blood was on mine as well. 

 Blood of my Blood . flesh of my Flesh.  

Jimin had made that vow on the day of our wedding and i wondered if that translated to his sins. did they rest on my fingers too ? Was it a sin, loving a man who took someone else’s right to live? 

i turned the water on hotter , turning my face up into the spray from the showerhead , so lost in the feel of the running water that i didn’t even hear the door opening. 

it wasn’t till i felt the press of his chest against my naked back , that I realized that he’d slipped into the shower with me, the unwelcome presence making me jolt as i screamed. 

“shush…” He whispered, lips trailing over the edge of my ear before pressing down on the curve of my shoulder. “it’s me. You were so perfect tonight  ”

i stiffened. 

“Get out..” i said unconvincingly, my voice weak. 

He hummed, before wrapping an arm around my waist, palms trailing up over the wet skin to lightly shape my breasts, drawing out a startled gasp out of me. 

“i think not….Tonight went flawlessly. His wife was the only problem in the whole thing and you helped get her out of the way.  I appreciate the help…. ” 

I turned around in his arms, stifling the sheer visceral pleasure just looking at him gave me. if Park jimin in a suit was a visual treat than Park jimin out of his clothes was a whole other level of sin. 

i gave him a push. 

“i only did it because you threatened to kill her too.” i hissed. “ you’re a heartless bastard and i hate you..” 

“You’re my wife…” he began and i laughed. 

“now you remember?! Get out…” i said angrily. 

“Your father wants a grand child.” He whispered, gaze heavy and I felt my heart swoop down to my knees. 


“you heard me. i think he has a point. Some of the investors in my company are starting to wonder too. They want to know who’s going to take over the company after me. ” 

Wow. Wow. 

i stared at him in disbelief. 

“i can’t  believe this….You… My father said he wanted a grand kid so you decided you can just walk in and… After everything you did to me.. Get out…!!” i screeched, fury bubbling through my veins like acid.  i shoved him , hard and he grunted in annoyance. 

He stumbled a little, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around his waist before glaring at me. 

“this isn’t over. You’re my wife. Technically, you  cannot keep me out of your bed….i fucking bought that body when i married you…. ” He whispered, eyes trailing over my body as i hugged myself. The water had long gone cold and i was shivering. 

I glared at him. 

 “i won’t be another whore in your bed. “ i hissed and he actually laughed. 

“ You think i want you to be one? . You’re not good enough to be my whore.”   he snapped before stalking out of the bathroom. 

i glared at the closed door, shaking a bit as i sunk to the floor. 

God damn you, Park Jimin. 



Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: angst? not really ish

You watched as girls from your school enter the building.

As soon as everybody found out that Peter Parker was really Spider-Man, the whole school flipped. Especially, the girls. They walked in the building, eyes wandering, searching for Pete.

Peter happened to be your classmate, and coworker. Maybe even your crush. But he was also your best friend.

Tony threw another party, just because he was bored. You know, like usual.

And it was an ‘anyone is welcome’ kind of thing. Explains why every girl in your class was here.

You can tell they’ve never been to a party like this before. They dressed like it was prom. Like seriously, what’s with the gowns and poofy dresses?

You stood near the bar, asking the bartender to give you something to drink while you wait for Peter.

“You know you’re not old enough (Y/n).”

“I didn’t say to give me something with alcohol. Can you just give me something non-alcoholic? Please?”

“Alright,” he smiles, “one juice box it is.”

You gave him a scowl, making him chuckle.

You turn back around, eyes searching the room for Peter. You hear a familiar laugh and turn to your right. Peter was standing there with Liz Allen, and her group of friends. Peter promised you that right after he gets ready, he’ll meet up with you immediately, knowing how you hated being alone in parties, and because he was always your date. Those are the perks of having a best friend. If you’re single, you would still have a date at any party.

You waited. Maybe he just got here and he was on the way to meet up with you. Liz probably just stopped him to talk, say hi.

You watched, and watched, and watched.

He was still there. Liz was getting a bit flirty with him already. You heard once in P.E. that Liz had a major crush on Spider-Man, and this was before she knew it was Peter.

Twenty one grape juice boxes later, Peter was still laughing it off with Liz. It wasn’t like he didn’t notice you. He did. It was twenty minutes ago. He looked at you, smile and nod, then started talking to Liz. You thought he finally saw you and was telling Liz that he has to go. Guess not.

This got you pissed, but mostly upset. Peter wasn’t one to break promises.

You tried to leave without him noticing. That won’t be too hard. He’s been ignoring you for the past hour or so.

They were standing by the hallway that lead to the elevators. You got up from the bar stool, flattened your dress, and walk straight passed Peter.

At first it broke your heart when you walked straight passed him with him not even flinching. But when you got to the elevator, sadness wasn’t within you. Anger was.

You slam your fist into the elevator button. Since it seemed like it wasn’t going to open any time soon.

“Don’t hit it, just press it, gently,” you heard, the voice sounding familiar.

“Shut up Loki.” Loki shrugged and walked away, it’s still strange to see him free, and socializing. He wasn’t like the old Loki. Well, you still thought different. It’s all an act. He’ll turn on us soon.

The elevator finally opened, in which felt like years.

You got in and pressed the button for your level. You were humming to yourself, trying to act calm, even if your nails are digging into your palms.

The doors of the elevator was about to close but someone’s hand stopped it.

You looked up surprised, but your face fell when you saw it was Peter.

“(Y/n)! Leaving so soon?”

You gave him an ‘I’m mad at you, go away before I murder you’ look, “yes.”

His eyebrows furrowed, “what’s wrong?”

You roll your eyes, “nothing, can you please go? You’re keeping the elevator from going up.”

He looks around the elevator door, and takes his hand off of the side, stepping in.

You groaned as he stands next to you.

“Seriously (Y/n). What’s up?”

You keep your head straight, away from his gaze. You punch the number of your floor.

“Hey hey hey, press it gently.”

You stay quiet, still clenching your fists.

“Well anyways,” he says, he was smiling, you can tell he was very happy, quite the opposite of you.

“Liz hung out with me today.”

You turn to him, his face beaming, and replied with a tight smile, “I know, I saw.”

“Really?! Did I look okay? I felt like I was smiling too much.”

“You looked fine,” you said through clenched teeth.

When you finally got to your floor, before you stepped out, you quickly pressed all the floors on the elevator and clicked the ‘close door’ button, before running away. Leaving a confused, screaming Peter behind.

“Hey! What the heck!”

When you got to your room, you stripped down and got into an oversized hoodie and shorts.

You unhooked your bra and pulled it out of the neck of the hoodie.

“Ahh,” you sighed, “much better.”

When you were comfortably snuggled into your bed, you started to play the first Harry Potter movie.

“No, stop, stop, stop! You’re going to take someone’s eye out. Besides, you’re saying it wrong. It’s Levi-OH-sa, not Levi-oh-SAH.”

You giggled as your favorite line from the movie was said.

Right after you finish giggling, Peter burst through your door.

“What the heck was that!”

The smile on your face disappeared, “what was what.”

“I feel sick from that elevator ride! I barely got off just now and I threw up in your kitchen.”

“Ugh, you’re disgusting.”

“And now you’re watching one of our favorite movies WITHOUT ME?”

“You act like this is the most possibly worst thing we could ever do to each other.”

He scoffs, “of course it is.”

“No Peter,” you stated, “this could not.”

“Then what can? What can be worse (Y/n)?”

You scoff, can he be anymore dramatic.

“I am offended,” he says jokingly, before he jumps on the bed next to you, getting under the blanket.


You roll your eyes before slightly scooting to the side.

A good ten minutes or so into the movie you finally answered his question.

“What could be worst is you leaving me for some girl when you promised to meet up with me right away after you get ready.”

Peter turns to you, guilt taking up his face.

“I’m sorry, but my crush finally spoke to me and I didn’t want to leave just there and then.”

“Yeah well my crush didn’t even care,” you said below your breath.


“I said, I waited for you for so long and you never even came.”

“I’m sorry (Y/n),” he whined, “I’ll make it up to you.”

You just sat there, staring at the screen.

“(Y/nnnnnnnn). Speak to me pleaaaaseeeee.”

Before you can even speak, someone burst into your room.

“(Y/n), who cares about him? I don’t even know why you’re crushing on him in the first place. Seriously, when I see that guy, I will kill him.”

The two of you stared at Natasha, with shocked expressions.

Her still not knowing Peter was there until the screen went back to bright.

Her eyes grew wide, before turning around and running away.

“I– I–” you stuttered, Peter slowly turning to your face.

“I forgot that I texted her, while you were getting sick in the elevator.”

“You like me? Like, like me like me?”

You gulp, eyes fixed on the screen.

You can see a stupid smirk growing on his face from the side of your eye.

“Awww you like me!” he teased, poking your side.

You let out a deep sigh.

“(Y/n),” he said in a sing-songy tone, still poking your side. He knew that was your tickle spot. When your lip twitched to a smile slightly, he began to attack your sides, popping the giant laugh bubble you were keeping in.

You erupted with laughter and he couldn’t help but smile.

“There, I finally got you to smile.”

You sigh, raising your hands in defeat.

“I’m really sorry (Y/n).”

You nod, “it’s okay.”

“I like you too.”


“You heard me.”

“Correction, you like Liz.”

“No, I like you.”




“I’m serious.”

“You literally just left me for her and admitted that she was your crush not too long ago.”

“I lied.”

“Then why would you be with her then, instead of me?”

“Well, I liked you for a while now, I tried not to because I didn’t want to ruin the friendship that we already have.”

“Are you sure you don’t like Liz?”

“Yes, I’m positive.”

“Because it doesn’t seem believable. You looked way into her today.”

“Alright, wanna hear the truth?”

You sigh, “yeah.”

“I actually was asking Liz for some tips on how to get you to like me, and I wanted you to feel jealous and realize that I’m a great guy, you know?”

“Are you serious?”

“One hundred percent, promise, I cross my heart, and I’ll let Widow kill me if it was a lie. Go, ask Liz.”

You squint your eyes at him, feeling the bed next to you for your phone.

To Liz Allan:

Hey Liz, how was the party tonight?

You waited for her to reply, the typing bubble popped up fast.

LA: It was fun! Peter is such a sweetie pie.

You: Oh I know. He seemed so into you! You’re so lucky! I wished he liked me back…

LA: OMG! You like Peter?!?

You: lol isn’t it obvious…

LA: Dude! He likes you too! You should tell him!! <3 <3

You: Seriously??? But you two seemed so flirty with each other earlier..?

LA: Don’t worry, I was just helping him out on what he should do to get you to like him back, but I guess those are useless now that you already like him back! You guys are gonna be the cutest couple ever! I’m sorry if what we did earlier ruined anything you two had :(

You: It’s okay, thanks for letting me know tho! :))

You put the phone down and looked at Peter.

“Fine. I believe you.”

You looked at him with a blank look. No amusement, happiness, sadness, emotions whatsoever.

“Okay! So…. wanna be my girlfriend then?”

You shrug, “sure, I guess,” turning back to watch the rest of the movie.


He sat in front of you blocking the tv, “Can you give me a hug?” He always offers a hug after an argument, just so he knows that you forgive him and your back to being friends now. Just to make sure you’re not still mad.

“If you don’t give me a hug, the offer is gone.”

You tilted your head back and groaned loudly before getting on your knees to walk to him, jumping into his arms.

He closed his arms around you, hugging you tightly before shaking you.

“Yaaaay! I upgraded from best friend to boyfriend.”

“Peter,” you choked out, “I– I– can’t breathe.”

He slowly untighten the hug before jumping up and down on the bed with you, still hugging you close to his chest.

But suddenly, he stopped and pulled you away, arms length.

“What?” you said, “what’s wrong.”

His jaw dropped before backing up slightly.

He looked at you with a super shocked expression, “Uh–”


He shivers slightly, “you’re not wearing a bra are you?”

Your eyes goes wide before clutching your chest.

“Turn around,” you said, before grabbing your bra from the floor next to your side of the bed.


He turned around, shivering again, “that felt weird.”

“Then stop talking about it, you’re making me feel awkward.”

He scoots back next to you, hugging you back close to his chest.

You hesitantly lay your head on his chest, him wrapping his arms around you tightly.

“I’m sorry baby, I’ll stop.”

You scrunch your nose and cringed, a mix of a disgust and embarrassed look on your face , “Uggh that was weird.”



“What do you want me to call you?”

“Uhh, my name?”

“Sorry sweetheart, you’re my girlfriend now, things gotta change a bit.”


“Now be quiet Love, I’m trying to watch the movie here,” he scoffs, rolling his eyes. Earning a playful smack from you.

To be honest, this boyfriend-bestfriend thing is going to be fun. I could get used to this.

A/N: Wrote all this in one sitting, so sorry if it was bad! Also, sorry for the lack of fics, I’ve been having writers block. I’ve wrote a bunch of other things but never finished it because they SUCKED. Ps. Let me know if you liked this! It’ll help me get motivated to write more lol.