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Well, that’s a wrap to the worst season of TWD!

And if the writers didn’t enjoy the smell of their own asses so much and actually took their heads out once in a while to breathe… they could’ve stuck with the source material and had one of the best seasons ever. Complete with a great antagonist and anti-hero in Negan, instead of a cheap cartoon villain.

They could’ve stuck in an interesting subplot to pad out episodes while sticking very close to the overall comic storyline which was fine just the way it was without this We Get Guns Taken Away! We Find People With Guns! People no want to fight! We find people who want to fight who need guns! We Know People with Guns! We get guns! We fight! How fucking contrived is this shit…

They could’ve kept Negan and the Saviors as another survivor group, one that definitely went more down the ‘Ricktatorship’ route. A foil to Rick’s methods and a glimpse of what Rick could have been. But like Rick… not evil….not saintly. Just people trying to survive. Not evil cartoon overlords and oppressed minions with this ‘Saviors and the unnamed workers’ shit.

I stuck it out this season, I really did. I tried to give TV Negan the benefit of the doubt. I know it doesn’t seem like it now, with how intolerant I am of him these days - but scroll back through my archive to the earlier episodes and you can see I tried to give him a chance! I tried to enjoy him as being a different take, or an AU version, and eventually it was just so bad I couldn’t even do that. Because it was like trying to enjoy a fanfic where Negan beats the fuck out of his wives or drugs women and rapes them while laughing evilly. It was too fucking OOC and I just couldn’t do it.

Tonight wasn’t any better, especially after seeing TV Negan struggle to fight off one fucking walker.

I’m really glad they didn’t put in his helicopter dick speech. Because yeah…get your fucking hands off that, show. As it was, TV Negan sounded happy to go to war, unlike the comics where he was stressed out and didn’t want to…. but his ego wouldn’t allow him to back down, or he probably didn’t think his people would be shown mercy…or he was arrogant and set in his King of the ZA Mountain ways.

So I gave it the ole college try or whatever they say… and now… well… time will tell if I come back to the show.

Here’s hoping the comics at least keep the real Negan alive. Please. Please don’t take the true King Dick Motherfucker away.

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I used to watch this show called Monster Hunters when I was 12 because of my genuine interest in unknown species (also I was 12. Like yes the show was bad). And my dad would mock it all the time and regularly turn to a different channel. And what did he turn to? A show about aliens. Every. Damn. Time.

Ugh. I used to watch Animal X: Natural Mystery Unit and my dad used to mock it. Well look at me now, dad. I have a blog. HA. 

ughnnn the way yara looks at dany when dany states her terms is killing me. i’m not even talking about any sexual tension. it’s not about eye-fucking. it’s about immediate mutual respect and understanding these two share on the spot.

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dany says “no more reaving, grooving, raiding, or raping”, and yara is in disbelief. she’s incredulous at first. because that’s “their way of life.” she was brought up in this environment where violence and abuse are normalized; but the way she phrased her initial argument is all the more important, because to me it shows that yara herself does not share those beliefs. she simply accepts that it is how her people have lived for a long time, and it would be incredibly difficult to have them back her up on this. that’s the feeling i got from her words; she’s more worried about people not supporting dany’s terms than she is worried about not getting to freely indulge in violence. 

but dany’s strong, stern “no more” is so heavily loaded with everything dany’s experienced herself. that was some excellent delivery from the actress. “no more” as in “i’ve had enough”; but also “my people have had enough.” that’s the type of ruler daenerys targaryen is; she’s just and all she wants in the end is peace. she wants to leave a better world behind - her words that hit very close to home for yara. but also remember when they talked about their fathers? awful power-hungry men who ruled with fear and death. dany doesn’t want that and, after careful probing, she realizes yara doesn’t want that, either. and this is another reason why dany’s “no more” resonates so strongly with yara. “no more” as in “no more of the things our fathers have done and reveled in.” and that’s why, when dany says that, yara is awestruck. there’s a hint of realization on her face that is quickly replaced by understanding and awe that this young woman, the daughter of the mad king, is wiser and stronger than most of the rulers in all of the lands. and so she says it back. “no more.” as in “we will do better than them.” as in “i believe in you. i believe in us.” 

A Kraken’s Daughter and Mother of Dragons, standing for better world. Warrior Queen and Dragon Queen. Sea and Fire united by one goal. what kinda epic shit I’m-

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I shouldn't be so invested i think, but ugh I really want shadowhunters to win the glaad awards

i know anon :((( i hate how much i get into these damn award shows but ugh. i cant help it. i just want harry and matt and malec and shadowhunters to get the recognition they deserve

of lemon cakes and hugs

summary: It was at the end of the in day, at the end of baking lemon cakes, when she began to move past her rose-tinted infatuation, and into something much brighter.
a/n: … Okay, I’ll admit that this was mainly written because I really do miss my school’s cookery classes. I took it as a final subject to get a qualification out of, and I loved it. …Even if I did make a plate shatter into a casserole… we don’t speak of that. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy!

Autumn had taken her paintbrush, and swept it across the entire horizon. Splatters of red and yellow had engulfed the green lands of summer, made the air more crisp, and sent a pleasant chill up Marinette spine whenever she took a step outside.

She adored this season. Pumpkin-spiced lattes, cute coats and hats, and the glorious sunset that made it look like the sky was on fire… everything to her was worth drawing, worth writing down to remember. Everyone could have their summers and springs, but she was fine with the crisp air of Autumn.

Marinette sighed as she looked at the picture-perfect outdoors, and turned back to sifting the flour into the bowl.

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Remember last season of Grey’s Anatomy when the writers made Callie make a bunch of tuuuuurrrrrrrrible decisions and then tried to make us feel bad for her because they all blew up on her face AND THEN none of it mattered because she got what she wanted and left the damn show?

Ugh this show, I lovehate it so sometimes.

TV is meant to be a form of entertainment. If for some reason you no longer find the show to be enjoyable, then you are by no means forced to continue watching the show. However, boycotting the show in an attempt to get it cancelled because your ship isn’t happening atm, is so beyond petty.