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[ 96617 ] 絶対希望バースデー Absolute Hope Birthday (piano) short.V
ChromeXVII (96617) ; 山田智和 (Tomokazu Yamada)
[ 96617 ] 絶対希望バースデー Absolute Hope Birthday (piano) short.V

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I’ve tried to make a piano version of Zettai Kibou Birthday because I absolutely love that song. I’m bad at recording myself so I’ve only recorded a bit of it for now but I will upload the full version if I manage to record it, and I may also record Zanka which completes the single since I can play it too!

Zanka piano cover

full size illustration

lol I drew this because I always draw realism and I wanted to practice line work for once because I suck at it, this was hella good practice!! mashed up my favorite comic book character (constantine, if you haven’t seen the movie, comics, or show i 1000% recommend it tbh) with spn

Also finally decided to try out redbubble!! you can buy a print of this work at my store here , come check me out!

Hyeya (Y Si Fuera Ella)
Hyeya (Y Si Fuera Ella)

This song does not get the credit it deserves