ugh this coloring is so ugly

Every ending has a new beginning.


Okay. Many of us wrote about new Naruto episode (484), and did really great job! But I’m want add one little thing.

At first, lets look at Hinata and notice her look type. She has a round, wide face, not narrow chin. Outer corners of her eyes are pretty lowered.

But now she is magically changed into absolutely different person. And guess like who she looks like now? 

Right, she looks more like Sasuke. Her eyes are narrow, skin is paler, hair is darker, and her face is thin and long. Even their facial expression are looks similar now….

What is it? I know, puberty changes a lot in people, but it can’t change your eye form and face shape. 

Why??? Like its not enough for them to steal a moments, colors and techniques from NaruSasu to NaruHina sake, they also want to steal Sasuke`s look for Hinata to make her more opposite of Naruto (and opposites, as you know, complement each other.) 

What is next, Hinata will awake her sharingan? Ugh.



                                          Happy Anniversary Klaine

Elodie Yung gif pack [Daredevil: 2x05, Kinbaku].

Under the cut you will find 187 gifs of Elodie Yung as Elektra Natchios in Daredevil 2.05; Kinbaku. They are all medium, HQ and textless (sorry for the ugly coloring this show is literally so dark and hard to color ugh). All of these gifs were made by me and should be used for roleplaying purposes only. Please do not use in FC packs, other gif hunts, or in crackships. Please like/reblog if using! Thank you! (contains: NSFW gifs!)

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