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A Werewolf Boy (2012) || Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)

You’re not worth the tears I shed over you.
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250. When Harry was a baby Sirius, James and Lupin gave him several stuffed animals, a wolf, a dog and a stag. They tried to have contests to see who Harry loved most by which toy he would choose but every time they told him "Harry come and play with this one, show us who you love the most!" Harry would crawl over to Lily.

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Hi! So one thing about me is that I tend to associate songs with everything! And today I heard on the radio "Don't you wanna stay" by Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson and I couldn't help but thing if your imagine "One Last Time" ugh that story broke my heart and the song when I heard it and thought about *sigh* thank you for your stories and how they make me feel feelings ❤

Oh my gosh!! I haven’t heard that song, but I will be sure to find it! I can just tell from the name and the artists that it would fit perfectly. Thank you for sharing it with me, and thank you so much for enjoying my stories! I am so honored!  ❤ ❤ ❤


- Why don’t I go with you?

- Take you away from all this? I can’t ask that of you.

- You don’t have to ask. I’m offering.

- Tempting. We both know you would end up doing it all yourself.

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Utino frowned over hearing the conversation. Rage shot through him and he pushed the door open. His mismatched eyes ignored the other man as he looked straight to Asami. "All a bet? You lied to Utino!? Explain."

Your character finds out mine has only been dating them because of a bet my character has with somebody else. Go to my ask and confront my character about it!

Ooc: This is an AU or something because it will break my heart if it was all a bet. 

“And you said I was shallow,” Asami teased as took the deed to the bar on Orchid Street from the Agni Kai before her. 

“I was wrong, Sato. You got the bar, we even?” The fire bender sulked, pissed at having lost what he was sure would have been an easy bet. 

“Don’t look so sad. The agreement was whatever guy you picked and I did it.” Asami reminded him smugly as she safely locked the deed in her desk. She stood, ready to show him out when Utino burst through the door. 

You lied to Utino!? 

The Agni Kai looked between the young triad and her enraged boyfriend before deciding he didn’t want to stick around and slipped out of the room. Asami wasn’t sure why his words cut her. They were going to break up. She got the deed, what did it matter now? But it did hurt and it did matter. Only it was probably too late. 

“Utino…” It felt wrong to say his name. He deserved better than her. For once, Asami felt ashamed of herself. 

“Utino…I can’t. I can’t explain myself. I’m sorry.” She was sorry. Sorry she had hurt someone so gentle. Sorry that she was stupid enough to think a popular bar was worth the hurt. 

“I’ll make it up to you. Whatever you want me to do. I’m so sorry."