ugh this breaks my heart



cs + post docks scene

She woke up to the soft touch of his fingers on her face around midnight.

Despite their words at the docks earlier, their night didn’t include rum, Chinese or even a small quiet moment by their fireplace.

Instead Emma got to hug Henry goodnight for a beat or two too long, before padding into her room —their room, alone. It wouldn’t be until she was already asleep that Killian joined her in their bed. 

She slept, pitifully, but did so for a few hours. That, until the soft touch of his fingers running idly circles on her temple and cheeks, slowly stirred her from her slumber. 

His movements didn’t still, not even after he realized she was awake —the shift on her breathing pattern subtle, yet enough for her pirate to notice. 

Emma kept her eyes shut though, relishing the moment in spite of everything. 

It wasn’t until she heard that faint sniffle in the quiet of the night, that she decided to open her eyes and speak. 

She shifted slightly, her face angled up just enough to make out Killian’s in the dark of their bedroom. Emma drew in a breath at the sight of him, his profile in the dark just as beautiful and precious to her as it was during the day. 

In a perfect world she could be able to take away his pain —that same pain she singlehandedly caused. 

“You didn’t hide them, did you?” 

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♪ Can anybody find me, somebody to love ♪

Westallen x Ella Enchanted (Requested by itsstillbeating)

yoi 11


the RING KISS SCENE at the start before Eros

the flashbacks (otabek/yurio chibi ballet, chibi victor, victuri at the hasetsu rink, phichit/yuuri back in college days)

yurio cheering for otabeck

jj fail (still don’t like the guy, sorry not sorry)

yurio perfecting agape and placing first!!

kill me why don’t you’s:

yuuri’s breakdown and his descent into negativity the further into the ep we go (i mean, did you see the scene when he stops on the stair and watches victor watching yurio and having a face like the world is ending? ugh…)

the damn scene at the end, although i knew we’d see something like that sooner or later but ugh… yuuri, stop breaking our hearts oh my god


I love this scene so freakin much. It breaks my heart that Callie is crying and that she feels like she has to move on without her father, but fhsdhdbd
They haven’t said I love you yet but they way Callie let’s herself be vulnerable to Arizona, to fall into her and cry and let her heart and body be comforted by Arizona !!!! And Arizona loves her so f***** much, she sees the person she’s falling in love with, the person she loves, in pain and it’s breaking her and paining her to see it. She wants to protect her from the pain, and all she can do is hold her and kiss her forehead and be there for her and the tiniest whimper that falls from her lips when Callie sobs just chedhdb
It breaks my heart as to why they’re this close, why they’re holding each other like this. Though the chemistry, the love that Callie and Arizona have here is so apparent and strong and it makes my heart flutter every time I watch it