ugh thg feelings

Remarkably unchanged except for the vacant look in her eyes

As a form of torture while in Capitol custody, they blocked Effie’s tear ducts, so she couldn’t cry anymore and express her sorrow. As a result she contracted an eye infection that almost left her blind.

When she was rescued and brought to 13 all she could see were shadows. She underwent surgery and treatments to recover, spending weeks in the dark, blindfolded, confined in her room.

Her visitors were few and they never stayed long, the prep team, Katniss, even Heavensbee came once or twice to get insight informations and make sure she was not a threat like Peeta turned out to be.

She developed a phobia for dark places and sudden noises.

Haymitch came sometimes, but it was always at odd hours. They never chatted much. He would hid in her room for hours to avoid people, reading silently. Sometimes she would wake up and sense his presence, or hear his soft snoring when he would fall asleep on the chair by her bed. Sometimes he brought her lunch, stealing her bread and leaving for her his dessert instead.

She was able to cry for the first time again when they removed her bandages and he was there.

i dunno why i wrote this, it’s not really a headcanon… just something i thought about the other night trying to translate the emotional damage we can read in canon through that statement into something more on a physical level…

ellanainthetardis said it’s sadistic enough to post so… what ya think?