ugh they're faces


A Werewolf Boy (2012) || Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)


Well he must’ve done something right. You turned out pretty good.

something about the way you looked at me,
made me think for a moment
that maybe we were meant to be

glad you guys are back. we missed you so much, our dorky kings♥

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i'm a simple man, i see kiibouma? i follow. thank u for ur art

thank you for sending this!
i’m happy to see fellow kiibouma shippers and that people actually like my art so thank you very much!!! 

The crew answering the question of who they’d follow in the apocalypse really cracked me up. “Link would probably kill you!” “Rhett would probably kill you too, he’d just be nicer about it!”


“Don’t be such a bloody diva.”

James Hathaway & Jean Innocent

Series 8

baby it’s cold outside ❄️

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I'm 5'5, shoulder length brown w grey ish ends bc it was dyed purple but its been so long it faded and my hair grew out ! I'm kinda chubby but I think it makes me a good cuddler ??,,?. I love being outside and listening to music (I love a lot of music ok I'm that person that cant answer the 'who's your favorite artist' question. I love animals (more than people tbh) and I'm not a very social person. Until I'm really good friends w someone I'm pretty shy but once I open up I'm outgoing

what a coincidence, i also dyed the ends of my hair a while ago! (mine was pink tho. then green. now it’s all red because… i can be lyd*a martin if i want to.)

cuddles!!! cuddle me!!! that’s the mood!!! i also love music (tho, i do have a favorite artist) and my taste is all over the place so i get you b. and every person who comes into my inbox saying they love animals is automatically one of my favorite people, sorry bout it. anyway yeah i would def date you!!!

describe yourself on anon and i’ll say if i’d date you!


i just wanna be best friends with my favourite celebrity, you know? like, not lovers, not significant others, but just plain, genuine, friends

being able to text them to tell them about your day, about your crush, about their new song you heard on the radio this morning

knowing their favourite food, favourite movie, favourite place to hang out

surprising them on their birthday, the look on their face when they realise that you planned everything out, a surprise party with their so

staying up till 4am talking about life, love, dreams, fears

yeah, i’d love that.