ugh they make me wanna cry


“Yanno guys like Robert De Niro, and so many of my idols, they played these men– they were able to do these things on screen or on stage that, yanno, they tapped into certain energies that only got me into trouble and I sort of channeled all that into this thing that I loved and it made me um, really become a man, I think, and grow the heck up, and find something that I love more than anything else in the world… It really saved my life, acting.”


August 26 @ 8:30…the day where Chanbaek’s legendary documentary was released

And I’m still late gosh dang it

Well I got lots of gifs so plz love me

Basically he tags along with Chanyeol so he make Chanyeol do all the work

Dude I wanna cry XD not only is this precious and sounds really cheesy if you put it in a fan fiction but it just reminds me off how Chanyeol was (and is) so aware of Baekhyun like where he goes and stuff and the reason why has been revealed

Also I wanna cry at how bad quality the gifs are XD anyone know a good place/app to make gifs in good quality?

Aww Baek looks bashful XD 

A kinda HD pic

Complaining about drinks and a indirect kiss. This is already the best thing and I  haven’t even watched it

Trying to find a restaurant because y’all can’t come to north america and not try all the food 

The fact that Baekhyun legit has to stretch to just see Chan’s phone is the most precious thing

TFW ur boyfie I mean friend is too tall

I wonder if anyone past them and thought ‘wow, they are so good looking’ BECAUSE LOOK AT HOW GORGEOUS THEY ARE


They got pizza


Look at their smiles ;-;

Lol personal space? What’s that? Also the caption is so fitting

Also height difference

A picture of the recently mentioned indirect kiss

Worker: Can I have your name?

Chanyeol: ahhh… (brain fart?)

Baekhyun: Chan!

(holy meatballs he is so cute like wtaf I can’t he just said it right away like it was basically at the same time like did he know that Chanyeol was going to low-key forget his name like asdfghjkl)

Chanyeol: …what’s you say?

Baekhyun: Chan! :D

Chan: Chan?

Chanyeol : *smiles*

Ugh! This is so cute!

Also as much as I wished this was a little thing of theirs (who knows maybe it is ohohohohohohohohohoho) Baek was making a pun with the korean word for Ice. No wonder he was all proud

And I still wanna cry because I’m still broke and can’t watch the full thing :,) and to those who did watch it I envy your

But to those who didn’t like me I hope you enjoyed this spam of some moments off the internet


Games and Pizza

warnings: none

words: 1,162

pairing: peter parker x reader

request: hey! love the blog. could I request a peter x reader when y/n is on the volleyball team at their school and she has her first game. they win and have pizza at peters house, which ends with them sleeping in the same bed together (I’m sorry I had to asdfgh) they’re also crushing on each other but don’t say anything! my team number is #10 btw!! thank u!

a/n: thank u for liking my blog!! I know literally nothing about volleyball but I tried lmao. I also totally cant remember if their mascot is a tiger, but it is in this bc I (once again) haven’t slept. I hope u like it! requests are open!

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Now,before i start with my case,i would like to clarify that i am a beyonce fan but not a tswift hater. Infact, i love her songs. They are hella catchy.
So now i am gonna present you some facts so you can get to know why bey is the queen and taylor isn’t inspite of her being an amazing female artist.

1) Some swifties claiming that “Taylor is the new queen” , “1989 has so many no1 songs. When was beyonce’s last no.1 song ? In 2008? Single ladies huh ?”
Now honey,let me tell you that bey is no longer a “singles” artist which taylor still is. Beyonce is an “album artist”. This woman dropped an entire album on itunes at midnight without any promotion and changed the game. who does that ? AN ICON. Bey doesn’t need a single to make her successful because she already is. Sure,’Blank Space’ is an amazing song and its a right move for her to hit back at her haters. Yes it was a no.1 song on the billboard charts. But does it have an impact on the generation ? Nope.
Now “Formation” - a song from beyonce’s “Monumental album lemonade” (As said by adele, Period.)  Was it a no1 on the charts? NO. Was it impactful ? HELL YES. She got white people talking about the black lives matter bubs.

2)Taylor swift’s RED and 1989 both are amazing albums. While the former is about her feelings. heartbreak and romance..the latter is romance presented in a more ideal way , flipping her haters off. Are they good albums ? YES. ( Do they deserve a grammy album of the year ? While Red should have won cuz it actually that good. 1989 shouldn’t have won. In an ideal world, everyone should admit it that a man talking about the pain of black people, police brutality, slavery in such a bold way is commendable but not the grammy’s aka the racist award ceremony. Rather than thinking of it as people hating on taylor, think of it as people giving that man (Kendrick lamar) the credit that he deserves. Grammys are racist. Adele knows it. Kanye west knows it. Frank ocean knows it. Every fucking artist knows it. So its time that we know it too rather than defending our favs and missing out the entire point of frank ocean saying that “To pimp a butterfly” deserved to win rather than “1989″.  )
On the other hand, beyonce’s self titled album and lemonade are both extraordinary albums. Both lost a grammy AOTY( duh ! Obviously. Its grammys bruh and Bey is a black artist) While the former is about embracing sexuality and feminism,the latter is about infidelity, reconciliation, black lives matter. Are they good albums ? FUCKING EXTRAORDINARY BRUH.

3) The whole experience of listening to bey and tay’s album is amazing. While listening to taylor , i connect with her lyrics and associate with some incident in my life. Bey’s albums makes me wanna dance, then be a boss ass bitch, then cry when a sad song comes on ugh. Its a roller coaster ride.
But in the last few years, the experience of listening  to a beyonce album is better than listening to a tswift album . Blame it on the extraordinary concept of beyonce’s visual albums. She is making such cool and powerful albums that its hard to like beyonce and tswift’s album the same. Bey is in the lead baby.You gotta accept it.

4) If we’re talking about commercial accomplishment then tay might be the one ahead right now but beyonce was doing all that when tay was dropping her initial albums. She’s come far beyond that. She doesn’t need her albums to sell millions of copies the way taylor’s does because even after years , bey’s albums are still the talking point. Not for the damn sales,but for the message it holds. ( Btw this is the woman who brought in the whole alter ego thing. Sasha fierce ? Yonce’? YAAAAAS )
Also beyonce is the only female artist to have all her 6 albums debut at no.1 on the charts so…

5) Tay might interact with her fans a lot to get that connect but does bey even need that ? Bey might not talk to her fans on tumblr or respond to them on twitter the way taylor does but when she is on that stage singing “Halo” or “XO” or anything else it feels like she is just talking to you. That connection my love, is not easy to achieve so easily. She doesn’t need to interact with the beyhive to increase her fan base. It has been increasing forever since 2003.

> Taylor swift might be the biggest FEMALE ARTIST in the world right now but Beyonce is the biggest and the most impactful ARTIST AND ROLE MODEL in the world. ( She doesn’t need that whole ‘male’ ‘female’ artist distinction. Lmao )
And that is why Beyonce is the Queen and artists bow down to her including your fav.

Self Care Saturday

  • Kinda hungover… get your brain outta the gutter
  • Self reflection and admitting my faults, which is a good thing. I’m not upset. Kinda meh bout it.. but like yeah… I’m ok and that’s great! Lol
  • Will do a self reflection post for accountability purposes later after running
  • Cooking… Breakfast: Pumpkin Spice Protien Pancakes w/ Turkey Sausage and homemade Salted Caramel Lattes (with 1/4in foam this time!)+ Saturday Morning cartoons (Rick & Morty)…
  • Its 11:14am right now… Getting ready for a basic 2mi jog. Super sunny and cool. Fall weather for the win!
  • Then Supernatural 13.3 & 13.4 (kinda behind) sorrynotsorry just havent been in the happy mindset
  • Lunch… Vegan Curry Chanta Masala with spinach rice pilaf. Yeah, it’s store bought. Ifgaf. But it was on BOGO for $2.49. no brainer here.
  • Don’t wanna clean… But I’ll clean and touch up the room and blast my music. Lite some sandlewood or apple & cinnamon. Make it holiday themed in here.
  • Just realized there are no pecans on the ground. Ugh. Stupid Hurricane Irma!!! I cry… Oh well, maybe next year.. that is if the trees are still alive lol
  • Then… The Orville 1.7&1.8 and Star Trek Discovery 1.6&1.7. and Gotham 4.6-4.8 behind in them all too… Ugh
  • May redo Stranger Things 2 late late tonight… Maybe around 11 😉 lol I’m so fucking stupid.. lol
  • Plan & finalize Panama City Beach Trip 11/14-11/17. K wants to have white pizza again from Nick’s and wants me to make my Greek salad and my jalepeno poppers again. E wants a spinnach n cheese Stromboli.
  • I just wanna jog on the beach and surf and swim in the ocean, find wild sting rays and wild dolphins at 8am while drinking my coffee on the back deck, get all the sun I can.
  • This is getting to long and I don’t wanna bore ya all.
  • So have a great day!
  • Rock it
  • own it
  • and always keep it sexy ✌️💖

The (official) release of Cut To The Feeling has really just awoken the Carly Rae Jepsen stan in me again. I love her so much and I never want her to hurt or feel bad…she gives us so much and is just such a genuinely good person ugh WE LOVE HER!!!!! Why is her whole career a love letter to the gays?? A question with no definite answer but yes we STAN. I feel like I’m on a cloud when I listen to her!!!! She makes me want to be in love, she makes me want to dance, drink, cry, and be whoever I wanna be!!! Truly queen of E•MO•TION(s)!! Her music gives me hope and lifts me up when I’m down!! Here’s to many more years of music from Carly!! Love to you ALL I’m basking in happiness right now!!

I didn’t know that Levi had the power to wreck me and build me up afterwards. Stir my emotions and have control over them. Make me cry and make me worthy. Show me hell and show me heaven.
—  “I’m Levi’s”, Chapter 32
the Louisville ritual//talking to aether

When we were waiting outside for the ghouls to come out, T was already there talking to fans. I saw aether come up and stand by some of the security behind T. I raised my head and squinted my eyes at him like I see you boy 🌚 then I gave him a little wave.
He raised his head at me and did one of those winks where you make a click sound from the side of your mouth at the same time ?? Idk how to explain it. BUT U KNOW WHAT I MEAN. It was hella charming. 😉

I motioned for him to come over and he was like aaah alright, hehe. He did a little sprint over and I was like heeey! I wanna hug. So he opened his arms all wide, “Bring it in!” He said. I latched on so fast 😂😂 Then he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my fuckin head!!! Ugh swwoonnn.

I was telling him about how I saw them in ATL a couple nights before and he said he recognized me, aw. I said I was a little worried he wasn’t coming (because usually T comes out last). Aether said, “Oh, yeah I needed a shave, haha” while rubbing his chin. 😍

After @the-human-stain-k and @misslavender were finished talking to T, they came over and we had the best conversation with aether. He was just being a duuuude, so fuckin rad and chill. We talked to him about random stuff and asked him questions. The conversation just snowballed. (Those are the best kind) I really can’t believe how much time he spent with us, just like an old friend.

He seems to really enjoy being a part of Ghost and he said he doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon. (Which is good bc I love him)
We had been talking to him so long that at one point I looked over and there was maybe 10 people left. 😅 He didn’t seem bothered by us at all though. At one point he even said, “Well I better not hold you up. I know you’re really here to see __” (talking about fire).
I asked him, “You’re really great friends, you and ___ aren’t you?” He said, “Oh yes! We’ve known each other for 12 years. You know you really develop a bond when you’ve been bandmates for years too. He’s a great guy. Plus, we know the same people and all that. Hard to not stay in touch.”
“I bet that happens a lot in the industry, just having a bunch of mutual friends.”
“Mhm, oh yeah. It’s a small world really, when you realize how everyone’s connected.”

I told him we could see that on stage, him and fire have a real chemistry together. He gave me such a genuine smile when I was talking about it too. Ugh I just love their friendship. I wanna cry lol. I’m glad they are having a great time with Ghost. 🖤🖤

(I’ll probably make more posts bc I could talk about that night for hours lol)

anonymous asked:

We've been doing so much fluff these days. How about some ANGST!? How would the suitors react to find the Princess slowly drifting away from their relationship and advising them that they should marry another. She is trying to be strong but is clearly battling her concscience. "She is quite beautiful and smart. Not to mention, she is of noble birth. I'm sure she will bring prosperity to your house/kingdom/s."

Geez.. f'n heartbreak city over here … make me cry… ugh, relationships that fizzle almost seem worse than those that go down in flames, ya know? Ok, *cracks knuckles* angst it is… this is assuming their relationship does in fact end …

Louis - He doesn’t wanna let go, he tries harder - more romance, more gifts, more clingy, he can’t take this, you’re going to break his heart- like he let you in and now you do dis? He will probably just never have a love interest again.

Sid - When he realizes what the deal is he is deeply hurt, but he puts on that rough exterior. He starts to get cruel- you won’t get to see him break. Then he just goes back to his casual affairs- all while being completely broken inside.

Giles- WHY would you do this do Giles? Don’t you know he’s fragile? He’s smart and he sees this coming, but he purposely ignores it to the very end when you leave him. Why you crush him like this? How dare you.

Leo - Another poor soul that will be crushed. You think he’s a flirty ladies man, but inside he’s dying. He tries to talk you into staying, trying to sound logical - but inside his heart wretches. He’ll go back to being a playboy- has a cycle of holding it together for about two months, then spends 3 days in bed…

Albert - He’s heartbroken, he tries to reason with you, he asks what he can do better, what does it take to make you stay? When it’s all said and done, he buries himself in work again and never talks about it. Cries himself to sleep with Benjamin.

Byron- He blames himself, he never shows on the outside, but he’s hurting like never before. It’s so painful, how can another human have this effect on him? He’s quiet, reserved, and a little moodier than usual. He’s just never the same after that.

Nico - He tries everything, and he asks is there another? He wants to fight for you- he’ll be more loving, more caring, what does he need to do? He cries when it’s done- and finds consolation in Byron and Albert (who kinda suck at that)- may try to party with Sid to forget.

Alyn- He wonders what he did wrong? He’s so hurt, he just tries to hide it and ends up getting mad at anyone who says anything (while mostly mad at himself).He bakes four hundred cookies and binges. The only one he shares his feelings with is Louis.

Robert - He knows if you love something you have to let it go, but he knows you’re not coming back. He’s extra reclusive, spending all hours in his studio, then probably takes another long trip away.

Rayvis - He gets frustrated- tries to look at this from all angles- let’s solve this problem. Then when its over -He’s trying to tell himself that it’s just what had to happen, that’s life sometimes. Says he’s ok, but now he’s just an empty shell.

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Ugh bad vibes. So Im out to my family. And my mother is on the phone with someone she hasnt talked to for a while and they're talking all happy and I'm kinda listening because we are not quiet people and it happens. Plus I'm curious. And I'm listening, making me some cocoa, and she goes "my oldest right now is my daughter, yeah [Deadname] and [lil bro] are a mess." Ouch. I wanna cry so hard. I want to tear off my chest. I know what she said isnt that bad, but it makes me feel like absolute shit.

Ugh I’m sorry. What she said isn’t okay and it’s alright to be upset about it. You’re not her daughter, and the name she called you isn’t your name. In the FAQ we have some dysphoria resources that might help if you’re still feeling bad. Im sorry that happened


Nonverbal problems

People are so judgmental when I go nonverbal. I just wanna be a quiet baby right now, there’s no need to be mean. And when I do manage to make some ‘mm’ or 'hmph’ sounds, people are even meaner and sometimes yell at me which just makes me cry. Ugh. Sometimes it’s hard being a baby.

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*Psss!!!* Hiro, how are you not as despairing as your classmates? *I am keeping this a secret!*

Yasuhiro: I dunno why.
Yasuhiro: Every time I see Kanon I feel a spark of hope.
Yasuhiro: It’s not enough to get me to turn my back towards despair tho.

Yasuhiro: How come yer here anyways?
Yasuhiro: Ya told me that yer pretty much stuck at FF.
Kanon: I volunteered for small solo mission.
Kanon: I’m supposed to create a map of the area.
Yasuhiro: For what?
Kanon: For… capturing you guys…
Yasuhiro: …
Yasuhiro: Can ya promise me somethin’?
Kanon: What is it?
Yasuhiro: If ya really have to catch us, catch me last please.
Yasuhiro: Ya told me how the Neo World Program works.
Yasuhiro: I wanna keep the memories I have with ya for as long as I can.
Kanon: Ugh, don’t make me cry, you butt!

((If you were wondering why we keep Yasuhiro on the despair side even though he could easily be back to normal again: We don’t want that actually. If he turns back to normal, it’s gonna be because of the Neo World Program.))