ugh they give me so many feelings

i’m crying while watching the clone wars because anakin was so loving y’know? he did EVERYTHING for love and it RUINED him and i just… that’s so painful. he loved padme and he loved ahsoka and he loved obi-wan and he just… ugh. anakin had SO MUCH LOVE TO GIVE, and it just… ended up destroying him instead of maintaining the light in him, despite love - compassion - being such an important part of the light. i have too many feelings don’t mind me.


sketched these two dorks all grown up :’). i’ve got this theory that adrien’s chat persona shows up randomly especially when he’s alone with mari.   and then there’s cute long haired mari who totally turns adrien on. i love them so much i can’t

also that’s a fresh-out-of-the-shower adrien

                                       “—All you have is your fire
                     and the place you need to reach.
                                   Don’t you ever tame your demons
                     but always keep them on a leash—”  

Ugh, this gives me so many Marauders feels. Cause, first of all, Remus is immediately comfortable with teasing Harry like he would have teased James (well, he would have been much ruder to James, let’s be real, but this is only his first conversation with Harry). And second, because what do you want to bet Remus spends lots of time asking McGonagall and the other professors about Harry so he can know as much about James’s son as possible?

Actually, let’s be real. What do you want to bet he just straight up handed out this form for the rest of the professors to fill out on his first day?

@toriitorii‘s OCs give me so much life! Did some sketches of this beautiful babies Emma (Chat Noir) and Lotte (Ladybug) inspired by Tori’s next gen au and ugh I love them so much 

PD: Tori if you see this I hope you feel better and wanted to let you know that you’re an inspiration for me and for many others, keep doing your thing and dont let nobody bring you down

nogitsunelichen  asked:

Ugh you're family Sterek art gives me so many feels. Like you don't even know. I'll just scroll through it all sometimes because I can't get enough. Have you ever considered doing Oscar and Ellie (those are their names if I'm not mistaken) older? Or are you sticking with cute little babies? Either way I'm happy, just a curious fan. Ily ♥

THANK YOU!!! <3 sterek!family aka kid!AUs have a special place in my heart ;u; i love reading fic about it and that also result in making drawing fanarts >U<!

but i have never really considered drawing a older version if them (oscar and ellie, yes you were correct :3) until now that you asked about it!

i have actually thought about leaving them behind and starting to draw OCs (kids: Gil, Patrick and Evie) from @thepsychicclam ‘s fanfics! because i LOVE her fanfics and read them as a ‘pick me up’ after a bad day ;u;! all three kids there are so unique and developed as a characters! but at the same time i would feel bad if i just threw Oscar and Ellie aside ;__; like i would kill off my own two kids?? even tho they kind of don’t really have any personality :’D?? still… WHAT TO DO??? ughhh


Fic Recs: Illustration for Apples and Ink by MonstrousRegimentpangeasplits​:

It’s not a snap, or the abrupt give of a dam, wearied with time by pressure. It’s a soft smooth thing, a descent into acceptance, a revelation, gliding and gentle and sweet, into something that’s been there all along.

He’s said the words before, but—the feeling, itself. It’s much more intense, once he allows himself to contemplate it openly. Like looking at the sun without shades. He’d do anything to avenge his mother, but he’d do even more to keep Charles, and oh.

That’s the right way, isn’t it.

Comments: Fluffy angst? Deep introspection? Organic fluffy resolution?? BLUSHING CHARLES AND AN ERIK WHO ACTUALLY DOES THE RIGHT THING FOR ONCE??? PLEASE


And like tbh I’m a yatesmann writer but like Erin/abby is my favorite to read

Yatesmann is so pure and good too though <3 Supportive Abby giving Holtz that safe space and unconditional love she never had? Holtz being 10000% ride-or-die for Abby? Fan. Tastic. UGH

also Abby’s stars-in-her-eyes, soft ‘yeah’ here after Erin remarks on how smart Holtz is still kills me dead

T_T she’s so damn proud of her little weirdo

give me a ‘falling in love with a straight girl’ verse where muse a is a (closeted) lesbian/bisexual and is best friends with muse b, a heterosexual girl who has boys crawling all over her and has only ever thought about kissing a girl, and there would be lots of late night spooning and cuddling while watching netflix and obvious jealousy when muse b gets a boyfriend or hooks up with somebody. and then one night, when muse b is heartbroken over some boy and probably intoxicated and muse a is pissed off and jealous, muse a would confess their feelings and ugh GIVE ME THIS THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS WE COULD DO

killing stalking fans: ughhhh killing stalking is so good!!! it gives me so many feels i just love them glkmdfs sangwoo or whoever the fuck is such trash ugh im a filthy sinner!! i love my gays :)