ugh they are the best


top 10 favorite events or periods in history (in no particular order)

i love petty/possessive Victor

(Ep. 5)

Disclaimer: This pretty subjective. I also have no idea if this has been done before (since I joined the fandom way after this episode was released). If it has been done, I’ll make sure to make mention.

Here we have Victor babbling like a baby and trying to help the love of his life succeed. He’s obviously trying his hardest and trying to fish some emotions out of Yuuri. Sadly, this is probably the wrong time, as Yuuri is tense and very, very nervous. 

So Yuuri basically skates away and ignores Victor’s questions. 

so when Yuuri comes back, Victor has the shadiest face on. He’s so annoyed. He was basically rebuffed in front of everyone. 





He’s not the one to ever get ignored. But yet Yuuri did it and it makes Victor, as Yuuri puts it, “prickly”. 

So what does Victor do? He basically tricks Yuuri into allowing him to show affection in front of everyone, which negates how upset he was at being ignored. He wants Yuuri to accept his love so badly.