ugh they are so lovable

My brother has one episode left of HxH to watch………………………..

and i’m sobbing because i was forced to watch the heart wrenching ‘departing’ scene again T_T even my brother said he was crying and said he hopes Gon finds a way to get his nen back.

Damnit, I really wish there was more episodes lol. 148 episodes just.. doesn’t feel like enough. I’ll miss his reactions to everything, it was definitely fun rewatching this show for i think the fifth or sixth time???  with him. 

Hopefully I can talk him into cosplaying one of the characters with me at Liberty anime con next year >:D if not Killua again, I’ll be Alluka, though it’ll be weird if he ends up deciding to be Killua and I have to call my younger brother ‘big brother’ lol. 


S5Ep2 “Drone” or “Seven accidentally has a baby Borg courtesy of a transporter accident & the EMH’s 29th CE holo emmitter” Oops, amirite? She names him One and he ends up being very endearing even to her. He looks different from other Borg because his technology makes him altogether new. His suit is more of a one piece rubber number that covers all but his head. A more streamlined version of a Borg. I wish we could have kept him, because he was very sweet and he took out a whole Borg Sphere to protect his Mom the crew of Voyager, which caused grave injury to his human parts and he wouldn’t let the EMH treat him bc he knew as long as he was around, the Borg would come looking for them. He wasn’t wrong but it was a real bummer. My favorite Seven episode yet. Jeri Ryan makes Seven of Nine so lovable somehow. Ugh at the end when he’s dying and she wants to save him & she says “You must comply. You’re hurting me” 😥 I love it when Seven’s emotions surprise her. Also a great line when he asks her why she doesn’t want to be part of a collective and she says “Voyager is my collective” Not that we don’t understand that Seven has made a home on Voyager and is totally part of the family but she has a tough time with it still & it’s nice to hear her declare it without hesitation. J. Paul Boehmer who does a great job as One was also the holographic Nazi SS Captain in “The Killing Game” so that’s quite a range for him. I like the idea that a more evolved Borg might be less terrifying. That bodes well for the future of the ST universe. Also Season 5 is great already.


Hello hello ^^ so literally right after I hit post on my other account I started remembering a bunch of things. So this post will kind of include some of the things I remembered from yesterday. Also, I was in the middle of taking notes during one ment when my pen literally exploded. Idk what happened, maybe I was writing too furiously lol but the spring just exploded out and that was that so I’ll be doing a lot of it by memory again. Here we go~

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