ugh they are perfect this show is perfect ok

Ok so I just finished season 3 of SKAM and holy fuck… Isak and Even. The whole story was so breathtakingly beautiful and I’m currently speechless. Everything was perfect. All the topics were covered so realistically and ugh. I have no words. 

 And side note: I absolutely loved Sana and what she said about religion and homosexuality. Being a Muslim pansexual girl myself, this whole season hit really close to home and—well—I’m just so proud of this show. (Is that weird?) 

So yeah I’m going to go ponder and cry over the perfection of this show at 2am…


today was a #ecd8d1 type of day

Fanfiction Recommendation List


So I’m very honored that anyone would ask what my favorite fanfics are so I did but some thought into this. If anyone wants any specific rec in a specific tag or something let me know. So here are my favorite fanfics. In no particular order:

  • Twist and Shout: (destiel) I know that everyone puts this fic on every rec list but thats for a very good reason. its so good. no seriously, it’s really good and if you haven’t read it yet just stop reading this, click on it and enjoy. it took me awhile to bring myself to read it but once i did i was like why didn't i read this earlier?

  • Nature and Nurture:   (johnlock) ok so this is going to sound weird but stay with me here, it’s parent!lock….but the baby is a clone of Sherlock. i know, i thought the same thing you’re thinking right now, i was like “um absolutely not”. and then i read it. and i loved it. ( i mean, i love all parent!lock fics so it wasn’t a hard sell for me)
  • After the Fire: (destiel) THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH WORDS TO EXPRESS HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS FIC. TAKE MY USE OF ALL CAPS TO UNDERSTAND MY EMOTIONAL LEVEL BASED ON THIS FIC. Ok so if you like destiel, endverse! fics, amazing writing and copious quantities of angst then you are going to die

  • 300 Things:  (destiel) It’s just sweet and fuffy and dark and angsty and i love it. just…just read it. AU’s are just great.
  • The Faithful Compass: series: (johnlock) OK so this just…wait i need to collect myself…ok….im ok…these fics are just so good. they are  such dark AU fics and just so good and i love college AU’s and this one leads so perfectly into the show and i’ve read it like 45 times. By now you can tell i really really like AU’s and this one is just perfect

  • The Marriage of True Minds: (drarry) now i love drarry, i love it. and i love slow build. and this fic is just so perfectly characterized and just UGH PLEASE READ IT I NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT WITH SOMEONE
  • We Found Love (In a Hopeless Place):  (destiel) OK I LIED. THIS MIGHT BE MY FAVORITE FANFIC. LIKE EVER. IT’S THAT GOOD. its so perfect. of course it’s an AU and its a high school AU but its not just a high school AU its so much more than that. UGH JUST TRUST ME. its so well written and i actually find myself thinking about quite often it made that much of an impression on me.

  • Of Wizard Detectives and Pirate Doctors: (johnlock) one word. potter!lock. i never thought i would like potter!lock and dear lord was i wrong. I love AU’s and slow build more than pizza. its just so perfectly written and i love that it doesn’t try to smash sherlock and john into the harry potter story by making them all go to school together but instead by setting it in the future. HONESTLY, if i could i would only and forever read potter!lock. but alas, earwax.

Ok so here it is, the list
i hope if at least one person finds a new favorite fic from this list then it i’ll be happy. and if my taste in fics is far from yours you could always ask about different fics or recommend some (but actually please do recommend some fics, i’m always looking for new ones to read)

ALSO, if you have read one of these and you’re like me and you don’t have anyone to talk about it with literally don’t hesitate to message me about it.

for example: “so i just finished After The Fire and nOW I’M BROKEN INSIDE CAN WE PLEASE DISCUSS HOW MANY PIECES MY HEART IS IN RIGHT NOW?”

i will respond just as enthusiastically.

Happy Reading!


ever so humble yongguk trying to hide his excitement behind a composed smile

behind the cameras you better be jumping up and down and screaming like a maniac and brag to everyone that you know and even to the people you will eventually meet. you worked hard bang leader, you deserve to celebrate. i mean we all heard your girly squeal at the end of your 'thank you' speech, don't try to hide it~