ugh these two i can't help it

sometimes I think about that pidge has cried in 3 episodes, like cried with actual visible tears. She’s actually cried more than anyone I think and that’s super interesting to me because we all think of her as a super tough cookie but she’s soft.

  • Me two days ago: Okay so Beauty and the Beast is my favorite animated movie and Belle is very special to me and I'm just really worried the live action is going to suck I'm not crazy about Emma's singing and also the dress is hideous and I mean ugh I'm just terrified I'll hate it

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Do you have any favorite still of Flint or Silver? I wanted to draw portraits of them but I can't seem to find any stills I really like! Thanks for any help you can give me!!

Have you tried looking in farfarawaysite? there’re lots of beautiful HD pictures there :D

(i wanted to put more actual pics here but they won’t load ugh so, links)

some of my faves of flint:

   the gay turbant look 



the two of them together:

I hope this helps!!

  • me: ugh i know nothing about the high seas or boats i can't believe i'm gonna write a merthur pirate au
  • everyone single one of you: you don't have to wri-
  • me: nah i'm gonna
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Yoongi:</b> *stands underneath the mistletoe ready for his mission*<p/><b>BTS comes in one by one:</b> <p/><b>NJ:</b> "I brought pie though I don't know if-"<p/><b>Yg:</b> *pulls him inside making Namjoon loose his footing* "Jin hyung is in the kitchen!"<p/><b>Jk:</b> "Hey hyung merry christ-"<p/><b>Yg:</b> "Move out of the way!"<p/><b>Jm:</b> "Hyung! I love the decor! Let me tell you about-"<p/><b>Yg:</b> "Ugh not interested, keep walking.."<p/><b>Tae:</b> "Hyung.."<p/><b>Yg:</b> "No fucking way."<p/><b>Tae:</b> "I lost to those two again.. can you please at least help me with the presents I can't feel my arms-"<p/><b>Yg:</b> *gasps because he hears Hoseok down the hallway* "MOVE!!" *shoves Tae inside harshly*<p/><b>Hs:</b> *is about to walk in*<p/><b>Yg:</b> *composes himself and finally stands underneath* "Seok-ah,"<p/><b>Hs:</b> "Hyung! Merry Christmas!"<p/><b>Yg:</b> "Yeah yeah, finally... Look up Seokkie."<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

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List 3 facts about your favorite sim couple! Send this to 10 simblrs who has some of the most adorable couples ✿ (even if my heart is still broken I can't help to send you this, UGH)

1. Due to the lack of control over his own life when he was younger, Jayce is very dominant in bed. If he wasn’t so panty melting his sexual dominance would border on violence and cause discomfort.

2. Naturally, sometimes Fern plays the dominant role in bed too which bothers him in general but since he has a tendency to self-punishment due to everything that happened in his life, he still finds a masochistic pleasure in it.

3. He’s okay with everything kinky while it’s only two of them. He would never agree to share her with anyone else in bed.

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At what point in the series do you think Brian fell in love with Justin and when do you think Brian realized he was in love?

Oh, Nonny. You had to go there. After I showed such remarkable restraint on my last ask, you had to ask the question guaranteed to make me ramble on for a century with all my thoughts, feelings, and theories. Very well. You asked for it. :D

Now, this is a really interesting question to think about and actually somewhat challenging to answer, because Brian genuinely didn’t believe in love. He couldn’t even conceptualize it. So while he may have been feeling all these emotions toward Justin that people generally associate with falling in love, Brian himself wouldn’t have recognized it as love even if it bit him on the ass (which, come to think of it, I’m sure Justin did).

My short answer is this: I think the first time we witnessed a true spark of love from Brian was during 1x07, and it built steadily all throughout the first season, and by the end of 1x17 he was absolutely in love. Now, that’s not to say he always accepted those feelings, or acted in a way that somebody generally would when they’re in love, because, come on, he’s Brian Kinney. As for when he actually realized it? I’d place it at prom, and one specific instance at prom, but I’m going to put that below the cut because believe me, I will ramble. However, we all know what happens at prom, and following those events, Brian tried to drown out the idea of being in love from his mind, mainly with drugs, liquor, and plenty of sex. But by the end of 2x02, I believe we’ve reached the point where Brian can’t deny to himself that he’s in love with Justin, even if he won’t use those exact words.

So, that’s the short answer. If you want the long answer, complete with pictures and a nearly episode by episode description of Brian falling in love with the incredible Justin Taylor, let’s hop along under the cut.

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Screenshots from episodes 4 and 5. Things that are important here: the use of the words team and family.

Keith doesn’t want Pidge to leave the team, but he doesn’t specifically mention the team. He mentions people’s families, which is what Pidge was worried about. No doubt he was attempting to make her reconsider by using a word she was inherently interested in and was sensitive to. Others have mentioned before how ironic/nice is is of Keith to say that specifically, considering he’s an orphan and how the reason he wants Pidge to stay is because she, along with the others, are his family now.

It’s actually Shiro who uses the word team. He tells Keith that people can’t be forced into the team, they must want to stay. He’s not talking about family (specifically), but about the team of paladins they have formed.

Then cut to episode 5 and after they’ve dealt with Sendak, it’s Shiro who starts saying he can’t help but feel like Pidge was meant to be part of the team, but won’t stop her if she wants to leave. That’s when Pidge recalls her father’s words that his team was like family. Pidge is the first person to associate the two words, and Keith immediately says “welcome back to the team”, a clear call back to Shiro’s words back in episode 4 about how a team/family can’t be forced.

Keith is welcoming her back to his family.

high school girl issues caleo version
  • girl 1: My boyfriend never wants to show me any affection around his friends
  • Girl 2: mine too, i guess its embarrassing.
  • girls notice Leo and Calypso are hanging out with their friends
  • Percy: oh my gods, the teacher is shit. i don't understand his methods
  • Jason: Well, at least the tutors are good. They help show me in a better way
  • Calypso: I understand perfectly.
  • Leo: Thats cause you're a genius sunshine
  • Calypso: Nerd.
  • Leo: *Wraps his arm around Calypso and kisses her temple* Im proud of you and i love you
  • Calypso: >/////> I take that back. you're a mega nerd. I love you too
  • Percy and Jason: Ugh, get a room you two
  • The girls: Why can't our men be like that?

An incredible story to tell.

I’m not one to draw to “shippy” stuff…but I just couldn’t help myself with a Ben and Rook one…because UGH these two are too in love…and it’s NOT that shippy..friends can do that, right?…right? ./////. *cough*

5 seconds into the summer rain mv and i started tearing up,,,,,, in september 2015 the me gustas tu cam came out where the rain made them slip and fall but they kept dancing and two years later, in september 2017 they’re owning the rain and it’s come full circle and it’s so poetic i love gfriend my darlings my sweethearts my queens the inventors of perfect concepts !! 

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Did you see those awkward Elounor pictures with Sophia tagging along like a third wheel ??? I can't stop laughing at the irony when they were the two who danced to zayns's song after he went off at Louis and now these two fakes are clinging to Louis like white on rice. Ugh those pictures bother me so much, they look like awkward strangers . I bet Sophia secretly doesn't even like Louis but pretends to, same for Elk 😔

I saw. Things like this just highlight that they’re both 1DHQ’s hired help. Thirsty. Greedy. Lazy. Shady. Goals, right?

There’s no logical reason for Louis to invite either of them back into his life. What exactly are they bringing to the table that he should let the Instagram shade slide as well as look past Sophia talking to a tabloid about his good friend and bandmate Liam? But of course, official narrative Louis is not too bright and makes bad decisions regularly. I hate it.

In the real world, Louis would move on from the shady lady who cannot be trusted and her equally untrustworthy pal. There is no reason for him to take a giant step backwards like this. In the real world, when you think about hooking up with an ex, you’d remember why they’re an ex in the first place and probably swerve. But in 1D world, like with the cheesiest telenovelas, anything is possible. 

And I hope Sophia’s L.A. duties were limited to Coachella stuntin’. I do not want a repeat of Louis’ current situation with Liam.

It’s been two months since I last saw you. Over that time, I pictured you and my feelings didn’t overflow my thoughts.
I thought I was over you.
I thought putting space between us, would help me let you go.
But I saw you again today, and everything came flooding back.
—  My brain
Glasses part two
  • Nick walks into the lobby wearing glasses
  • Clawhauser: Nick what's with the glasses
  • Nick: ugh I've lost my contact lenses
  • Clawhauser: i didn't even know you had contact lenses
  • Nick: yeah I try to keep it a secret but now these chunky things don't help
  • Judy walks into the room notices Nick and blushes
  • Nick: I was thinking of maybe getting laser eye surgery
  • Judy: NOPE
  • Clawhauser: when did you get here Judy?
  • Judy: doesn't matter
  • Nick: why can't I have laser eye surgery? They're my eyes
  • Judy: because I said so
  • Nick: you're not the boss of me. *smirks* I think there is something you're not telling me
  • Judy: what? No!
  • Nick: yes there is come on you can tell me
  • Judy blushes harder
  • Nick: well?
  • Judy: it's just. You look really good
  • Nick: huh?
  • Judy runs off embarrassed
  • Clawhauser: woah
  • Nick: looks like the eye surgery can wait. I've got a bunny to catch

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Heya! Can you help a sister out and help me find a picture of Techies copper cat?? I can't find one or any that work with it... Thanks boo!

okay bb, this one took a bit, but i got it (u have no idea, it was like, i knew there was a scene for this item, but like, ugh, where?! haha. so it took two scans)


*edit: bonus wires:

(i super love the soft focus on techie’s hands and the hard focus on the tree in that first of the three extras, major aesthetic)


100 Theme Drabble Challenge featuring HopeLight

previous themes

tower; post-LR epilogue. Lightning comes to a bunch of realizations through a series of letters to a certain someone…

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Okay so I’m really getting into this whole Highschool/College AU thing now so I figured why not draw the other two?

I think I’m just fulfilling my own desires too see older versions of these dweebs on this website 

(I really want to draw Gen and Beni now, guys. I need clothing ideas help)

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'I asked for your help getting a book off the top shelf and and you laughed at my taste and called me a nerd so I shoved you into a table of nonfiction best-sellers and that’s how we both got banned from the quirky community bookstore' okay the ideal pairing for this one should be pretty obvious (it's nurseydex btw)

The first of the milestone prompts! This prompt didn’t really have milestone per se, but I liked it a lot, so I sorta snuck one in near the end ;D. Enjoy!


“Aaaaand… ugh. Of course. Hey Dex?”

“What is it, Nurse?”

“I could, y’know, use a hand?”

Dex looked down the row at Nursey. Nursey looked back at him, trying to wiggle his fingers from under the stack of books he had piled against his chest, from hips to chin.

“Dude, stop that, you’re gonna drop them.”

“You know, normally I would disagree, tell you how chill it all is, but since letting you believe that actually helps my case, I’m gonna let it stand.”

Dex sighed. “Remind me, what is your case?” As he spoke he moved down the aisle towards Nursey.

“I need to get a copy of Jane Eyre for my Victorian Novel class, and for some reason, they’re all piled up there,” a dramatic jerk of his chin nearly sending the top three books tumbling before Nursey leaned back to right them, “cause it isn’t like it’s a classic or anything!”

“Fine. Which copy do you want? The fancy hardcover, the unfancy hardcover, or one of about a thousand unique paperbacks? Why are we even here, by the way? Don’t they have all these books at the campus bookstore?”

“Yeah, they do, every copy there is boring and identical, while these all have different stories. I wanna be able to wonder about who owned a book before, who wrote in it, how it ended up with me.”

“Won’t that be distracting from actually, you know, reading them?”

Nursey shrugged, which caused the stack of books to jerk up, hitting him in the chin and causing him to blink in surprise. Dex turned, trying to hide the smile that would be altogether fonder that what Nursey would have expected, and repeated the question about what copy he wanted.

“Oh, uh, Can you grab both the hardcovers? I wanna take a look, see if either of them has any writing in it, cause that’s always fun.”

“Fun? Wow, Nurse, I knew you were a nerd, but that’s a lot even for you!”

It was in that moment that everything went wrong. Nursey, a chirp about computer science on his lips, threw out his elbow, trying to jab it into Dex’s side for emphasis. The motion twisted him just far enough to the side to send the stack of books in his hands tumbling after his elbow, towards Dex, who had, at just that moment, stretched up on his toes to grab the books on the top shelf. His hand had just closed around them when he fell, sweeping the rest of the copies of Jane Eyre down around the two of them as they collapsed into a single heap on the floor. Their destruction was not yet complete, however, because as Dex tried (and failed) to keep himself upright, the arm not holding the books had hit the narrow bookshelf facing out from the end of the row, which was just crooked enough, and just top-heavy enough, to tip forward and fall onto the table at the front of the store.

In the moment after the chaos, everything was quiet except the rough shiver of the books settling into a disorganized heap on the floor.



“I can’t fucking believe this! You’d think no one had ever tripped–”

“Bro. Seriously.”

“And then this fucker took our names?! What the fuck is that even about?!”

“Dex. Please, it’s chi–”

“Nursey, I swear to god, If you say it’s chill I will lose my goddamn mind. It isn’t chill, you just got banned from your favorite bookstore!”

“Dex. Really, it is chill. ‘Specially since I got to see you yell at someone for me.”

Dex spluttered, the flush on his face deepening on his cheeks.

“What– Dude, what the fuck? I yell at people all the time for you, remember when that asshole tried to trip you two days ago?!”

“Yeah, bro, and I appreciate it, but it’s different, on the ice. Right now, you’re indignant for me. It’s cute.”

“Oh my god, Nurse, cute?! What are you even talking about?”

“Yeah, it’s cute. You know what else is cute? That you’re gonna walk me to the campus bookstore now, and help me carry all my books.”

For a moment, it seemed like Dex was gonna yell even more, his hands raising and rigid, before they suddenly relaxed, flipping up in a position of surrender.

“You know what? Fine. I’ll come with, but only if you promise never to call me cute again.”

“I don’t know, bro, I’ve seen you helping Bitty in the kitchen, and if he can get you wearing an apron, all bets are off…”


I’m rereading Tamora Peirce’s The Immortals series and I’m on The Realms of the Gods and I had forgotten how fucking much I ship Daine and Numair (the answer is SO MUCH.  SO.  MUCH). 

And the feels hit me also in the Doctor/Rose department because I swear this is where I formulated my type (which the Doctor and Rose fit) because Daine is a young woman with a sort-of disreputable mother who doesn’t know her father.  She’s clever but not well educated and very compassionate and she discovers that she’s got all this power but no way to use it.  Numair is a brilliant mage who loves discussing esoteric subjects.  He’s late thirties to early forties and on the run from the ruler of another country (who used to be his best friend).  Daine meets Numair when he’s injured (after he shape-shifted into a bird) and nurses him back to health.  He becomes her teacher first, then her friend and ally, and finally her lover.  And they get together in this book after he thinks that she’s dead and he viciously kills the creatures who took her (but surprise she’s alive) AND I JUST SHIP THEM SO HARD GUYS.  UGH.  FIRST OTP.

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What I want: an epic for the modern age about journeys through treacherous warfare and morally corrupt societies at odds with each other... But what I'm really getting at is: what happened to epic poetry, are people still writing it? Can there be modern epics, or would a modern epic be something else altogether? I guess i just didn't really know who to ask and you seem to know a bunch so?? Like is there an Iliad or a Ramayana for the 20th century?? Also you're wonderful and your blog is <3

oh my gosh okay this is a very big and absolutely fascinating question, anon! thank you for asking it this is so interesting to think about

okay so on a technical level, epic poetry survived. the tradition which most people look at when it comes to modern epic is the south slavic epic tradition, which was studied extensively by a couple of researchers called milman parry and albert lord in the early 20th century. this stuff was written in the “south slavic” area of europe, which has undergone a lot of political changes over time but is roughly around where modern serbia, bits of albania, bosnia and herzegovina are, and is mostly concerned with the great events of serbian history, the battle of kosovo in 1398 and the area’s incorporation into the ottoman empire. 

now, this poetry is quite often quite surprising to readers used to the iliad and so on, because many of the most famous poems are much, much shorter than anything we’re used to thinking of as “epic” - often maybe a hundred or so lines long (in comparison, the iliad is i think around 16,000 lines long?). some people argue that because these poems can be roughly collected into epic “cycles” - most prominently the kosovo cycle, focusing on the events of the battle of kosovo, and the marko cycle, focusing on the adventures of the semi-mythic hero prince marko kraljevic under the ottoman empire - they can be considered larger works and therefore ‘epic’ in terms of length, but i’m much more convinced by the idea put forward by an academic called john foley, who believed that ‘epics’ did not have to be long poems, but rather (sorry i’m paraphrasing a bit here, idk what happened to my notes) poems which had ‘historical and socio-political significance in the formation of ethnic identity’, which is a definition that not only includes the big stuff like the iliad and the ramayana and the epic of gilgamesh so so on, but also stuff like the slavic poems. (he had other qualifiers too, but that’s the bit i think is most important.) so in that sense, it would be perfectly possible for a poem, under the right conditions, to be considered “epic” in the modern era, if it was important enough.

(i feel like i should note at this point that my perspective is extremely eurocentric - like, the farthest afield that i’m even vaguely confident in talking about is mesopotamia, but i’m very much aware that there was - and for all i know still is - a strong tradition of epic poetry throughout asia, which i know literally nothing about. if any of my followers know anything about this and what it looks like in the modern age, or any other epic traditions, i would be super super interested to hear about it!)

another point of interest about the south slavic poems is that they really were composed and performed well into the modern age. like, parry and lord made recordings of the performances - which you can listen to online! admittedly, the rate of composition went into sharp decline towards the turn of the 20th century - someone, i think foley again or possible johannes haubold? theorised that this was because oral epic poetry was being used as a form of historical record as well as an entertainment and ethnic identity thing, which was then rendered superfluous by the advent of written history and mass literacy - but we have examples of south slavic epic poetry being performed and composed during world war two (known as partisan songs), during the period in which parry & lord worked (a singer they met apparently composed a new epic on the spot called “the song of milman parry”) and right up to very recently with an epic called “smrt u dallasu” about the assassination of john f kennedy. so in that literal sense, yes, epic poetry did and does exist in the modern age!

however, it’s a lot harder to pin down the kind of thing which i think both you and foley might be talking about, something of massive cultural and sociopolitical importance. there’s certainly been self-conscious attempts to recreate something like this - i mean, i suppose you could even class the aeneid as one of those attempts, just a very successful one. then you have other poets who self-consciously tried to work in the homeric tradition, and even people who tried to incorporate the ethnic-identity element; the first example i can think of off the top of my head is “ossian”, which was an attempt by a scottish poet in the 1700s (not long after scotland came under english rule) to pass off a collection of poems he’d written as the work of “ossian”, a sort of gaelic homer, but i’m sure there are others! in terms of poetry there’s certainly poets who still try to write epic-length poetry; one example might be derek walcott’s omeros, which as you can probably gather from the title is a sort of homeric-style epic poem for the caribbean island of st. lucia, which is very much concerned with self-identity.

but honestly i think you have something in the idea that a modern epic might well not be a poem, but something else altogether; i think that certainly any work which would reach the massive cultural/political/social significance - at least in the western world - of the iliad or the ramayana or gilgamesh would almost certainly not be a poem, but maybe a book or a film or even a tv show. it seems quite odd to say that, i suppose, because we don’t think of those things on the same “level” as homer et al., but homer was a rhapsode, a singer, a performer who entertained people for a few hours after they finished work, and i don’t see why our modern equivalents shouldn’t be included alongside that. i mean, south slavic epic is considered “epic” by academic standards and it includes hundred-line poems performed in coffee-shops with titles like “prince marko drinks wine in ramadan” and “king vukasin caught a fairy and married her” and i’m fairly sure i read about one called something along the lines of “mina the innkeeper’s wife hits marko kraljevic with a stick” or something, soooo 

anyway sorry this all extremely inconclusive and off-the-cuff so i’m sorry if there’s any massive inaccuracies, as always if anyone spots any please do let me know so i can correct this post! i’m on mobile so i can’t put links in but i’ll reblog this later with some links to the milman parry stuff etc. oh! also, for a book which asks this exact kind of question but perhaps doesn’t offer many answers, i would suggest ismail kadare’s the file on h., which is both amazing and spectacularly nerdy in that the two main characters are very thinly-veiled versions of parry and lord. anyway, i hope that helps a bit and sorry for being so waffly