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I didn't watch the Supergirl comiccon panel, but can I ask what happened? It seems that something went down and I can't quite gather what from the posts I've seen.

Linking another ask I did with a few links on different posts (not mine) explaining whats been going on. (x)

New links to what I’ve seen after I made that post. (x) (x) (x) (x)

To make a long story short, the sg cast f*cked up pretty badly.

(ugh I’ve got to figure out a way to get these screen caps bigger)

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How about some Tinkerbell!Cas and Peter!Dean? ;)

Which makes me wonder if they saw @diminuel‘s recent artwork? She did two pieces - here and here - and they’re so adorbs!

Anyway…onward! Apologies in advance, I am in NO WAY an expert on Peter Pan, and it is far from my favs of the Disney movies (I’m an Aladdin fan). I’ve never read any of the books, but I’ve seen the movie maybe two or three times and my mom took me to see Cathy Rigby…twice?…when I was a kid…and I’ve seen Hook maybe a half-dozen times…um…I did my best? Thank god for Disney Wiki…

Ficlet, SPN Peter Pan AU, rated Gen, mostly ship-free, 1501 words.

[x posted to AO3: Grumpy Fairies Are the Worst]

“Aw, come on, Cas, don’t be like that,” Dean said, standing beneath Cas’ small home. Only the glow through the windows and the fairy dust sprinkling down spoke to the pixie within. Glittering motes landed on Dean’s face, tickled his nose, caused him to float several inches above the ground. If he reached up, he could open the house’s small door, reach within, maybe catch Cas, but he’d never invade Cas’ personal space like that.

Why not? He invades my private space whenever he damn well wants to!

Now now, Dean, don’t swear.

Hey mom? Screw you. I’ll curse if I want to. You and dad ditched me and Sam, but at least we found a home here…

Neverland had never been more peaceful, Captain Hook stalked off to pirate noisier seas, the Wendy-bird finally gone, and the Lost Boys had even made peace with the Native Americans now that Tiger Lily was the leader of her tribe. Everything would be fantastic, except…

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i’ve been off line a lot lately so here’s a five minute sketch I did before bed a few nights ago and then forgot about _(:з」∠)_

(yuri plisetsky has kinda maybe sorta become my fav anime character of all time. too perfect)

@pixyice plz help I can’t color but I want color wut do I dooooooo?????? 😞

The Originals 4x03 thoughts ( SPOILERS )

Where to begin. That scene with the Mikaelsons on the porch. Klaus has really bad yell timing. And poor Hope! She looked so scared and overwhelmed and I don’t blame her. Meeting all of her family in one day. Klaus looked so sad when she didn’t immediately jump into his arms. 😭 but that later Klope scene was so cute! The bonding begins! The Klayley talk was cute, Hayley telling Klaus that he was Hope’s fav fairytale prince was adorable. 😍 and that scene with Hope and Klaus walking through the woods! She was holding his hand and they were talking about Kol snoring and I was crying. 😭 and when she healed the butterfly, she is innocent and must be protected. And the Klope hug!! And Klaus saying he will always protect her aww! And Hope seeing that dark thing in the woods? She looked so scared, my poor baby! The Haylijah in that episode was on point 😍 the I love you’s and the love making made me swoon! And Poor Hope! Her nose was bleeding and I love how Klaus went into father concern mode instantly. That whole Vincent flashbacks though damn, I’m hooked on that story. And lastly, Freya. I didn’t like her in the start of the series. Warmed up to her a bit and the hated her when she sacrificed Davina. Now I hate her even more. No appreciation towards Hayley for saving her and her family. Ugh. I wanted to slap her. And last lastly, Kol and Rebekah. Yes my children, run away and be safe! Two less fav characters for me to worry about being killed off!

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I have a Family sim who rolled a fear of having a baby. Which reminded me of Gunther wanting to marry Brittany. My sim has two children and no secondary aspiration, so I am baffled.

lmaoo ugh the want system is unreal, its the main reason ive never been able to get into another sims game the way i got into ts2 (and thats coming from someone who played ts3 exclusively for like 4+ years b4 returning to the one true faith. so i really gave it a honest go.) these off-the-script wants in particular are prob my fav thing about the game, no matter my plans i never ignore them bc they make the sims personalities feel so complex and real, just like irl u can be a family oriented person and not want more than 2 kids or be someone who never wanted to settle down and then change ur mind bc of one person etc. so from a gameplay perspective it really makes the game what it is for me, bc u dont even have to try to see ur sims as unique and make up little stories for them, its all already there! man im feeling sappy today. but yea i just love this game a lot <3

Honestly domestic royai is so boring and ooc for me like… Guys, they ain’t gonna have a White Picket Fence™ life.. No kids,, It Super bugs me when Fic portrays roy and riza as these like.. Pathetic self gratifying assholes who Are ~Punishing Themselves But Really They Are Pure And Good~ uwu. Like, these two committed genocide, y'all remember that right? Obviously I love them, riza is my absolute Fav character ever, but it’s Canon. it is Canon that Roy and riza don’t think they are entitled to a domestic life, and they’re right, they don’t deserve that. When u commit mass murder u lose privileges like Children and Family Barbecues. Stop fucking up their beliefs and ideals, those r the things that make them compelling characters!

ok!!! I’ll wait to translation but final impressions for now:

- NOT KIDS! Or  next gen shit :D I’m happy with this one!

- I would have liked a final with everyone’s daily life at the guild. You know, the place everyone felt like home… but ugh

- Lucy reading a book called FT was one of my favorite fan-endings. Sadly this is not real now.

- Anna was a useless character =.=

About ships:

- I’ll accept this gruvia ending eventually with help of fanfiction, many fanfics! I wanted more, I knew that the answer scene was not possible but at least another kind of scene ? Not bad neither good. neutral. Matching scars is  good.

- Zer.vis scene was unnecessary. I know is Mashima’s fav ship but c’mon this was stupid. I wanted a Jerza one. They deserve it! Not zer.vis. I’m angry about this!!

-Only two panels of Ga..j.evy! Thanks god! *alsolevyisalmostignoredinthecoverslol* :D

- Nalu is not “friendzoned” in my opinion. Natsu is not the romantic type that you see in fanfics. He says he will be forever with Lucy and Natsu’s word is a promise. So calm down. They are in love.

I’m going to do another post when the chapter be translated.

Honestly Stanman is underappreciated like??? Their interactions are great lemme list my favs

Stan: *gets REAL up in Cartman’s face; speaking calmly* Do you want a candy shopping spree or not?
Cartman: UGH FINE

*The two of pretending in the boat*
Cartman: Isn’t this fun, Stan? Just you me and no stupid Kyle?

Cartman: Stan, I just want you to know I still hate Kyle more than you.

I like em a lot guys

“Naruhodo, I-” Asougi took a step closer to his friend and Ryuunosuke took a reflexive step back. The sense of anticipation rang even more clearly, and the excitement of something about to happen hung in the air. Ryuunosuke didn’t know what it was, but he could feel it. The tension had changed from a dark, overbearing weight to a fast-paced excitement, and Ryuunosuke’s heart pounded.

But Asougi cut himself off and didn’t finish the sentence. Ryuunosuke wanted nothing more than to press him, to wring whatever it was he had been about to say out of him, but he knew that it would only make Asougi clam up even tighter. Asougi refused to meet Ryuunosuke’s eyes.

“We should go inside. It’s getting cold.” The two parted ways at the entrance of Asougi’s dorm building, and the night suddenly felt incredibly empty.

Love Makes Fools of Us All - Ch 11

Initially I was just going to redraw a mini comic (of two panels) and ended up what feels like manga page (I tried)

Give it a read! It’s such a fun and cute fanfic and let’s hope for that sequel :,D

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ugh...why make Derek evolve if nothing came from that? still got he a*s handed from crazy kate....(TW writers stop tormenting my fav) thank God we got Chris his new bff seriously a spin off of this two, I'm gonna cry still remember the silverclaw idea one of the epic one this fandom ever had:)

I still swear I’m gonna write it someday!! (There’s so many things I swear I’m gonna write someday…)

But yeah… I don’t know exactly what happened last weekend but I know Kate is still around and it doesn’t sound like Derek beat her. I guess we’ll see what comes of it in the finale, but it really sucks that his victory moment in s4 was undermined by this (especially if his showdown next week –– keeping things vague in case there’s anyone in fandom who doesn’t know what’s happening –– turns out the way it sounds like it will).

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the first drama i ever watched was actually a taiwanese drama (devil beside you) and since i first got into dramas all those years ago i have only seen a very limited amount of taiwanese dramas, i was wondering if you have recommendations

hi lovely! i haven’t watched all that many taiwanese dramas either but i’ll list the few that i’ve watched and enjoyed <3

  • in time with you (possibly one of my fav twdramas ever?? best friends to lovers trope and the journey between the two leads is just so achingly lovely to watch ugh i love it so much!! also i love ariel lin a lot as well and she’s plays the female lead)
  • marry me or not (the leads have such an explosive chemistry and are super cute together!! but i also loveloveloved watching the relationship between the female lead and second female lead, especially how they grow back together into becoming friends again)
  • just you (a relatively nice light and fluffy twdrama and i adore the pairing between aaron yan and puff guo!!)
  • bromance (drama where the female lead crossdresses as a guy and pretty typical stuff for a genderbent drama and tbh i didn’t really care for the plot of this drama all that much but like the chemistry between baron chen and megan lai is honestly really really great and they were what kept me going)
  • attention love (currently watching and tbh it’s becoming one of my very favs just because i adore how much the male lead supports and cares for the female lead?? the leads also have very nice chemistry and ugh, all of their lovey dovey moments are so cute!! like this drama makes my heart so happy every week!!)
30 Days of Cockyboys Challenge

Day 17 Favorite Scene

Seth Knight and Jake Bass Flip 

Ugh!! I just love this scene way to damn much!! It prefect in every way!! It  has two of my personal fav models! ugh it just sexy! plus every time i watch it i think of ice cream! you know the one with vanilla and chocolate swirl :D hehe

Plus they are to dang cute together! 

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fav scydia scenes?

oH MY GOD i love those two so much actually SOOO much and they will forever be underrated and under-appreciated in my book like i could go on forever about how important their friendship is for each one of them individually and as a unit and UGH we were blessed in 6a with so much scydia ok let me think

  1. absolute favorite is in 3x09 when they have the hand squeeze and she tells him she wants to help and he says he swear he’ll do something
  2. i also LOOVED them in 6x05 trying to get the jeep so cute n precious
  3. i also love their interactions in riddled
  4. and also just the moments where they aren’t together but their friendship is mentioned ie “not all monsters do monstrous things. [,..] like scott” and “lydia would never run and hide […] because of scott
  5.  ALSO i have to say how precious i thought their little hand clapping thing on the desk was at the end of 6x10 literally the most precious thing altough that was probably more holland/tyler than scydia but still HOMEGIRL LOVED IT

in conclusion, I LOVE SCYDIA

Since S3 of Dark Matter is on Netflix Canada I started it today and I am eternally sad that this was cancelled. There’s more substance in five minutes of this show than in an entire season of K*lljoys and so many other Syfy shows and yet this one wasn’t renewed… ;-;

I’m trying to ration the eps but I accidentally watched two instead of one today and I just… gdi, I hate that this show was cancelled.

Spoilery type flailing under the cut, maybe.

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i don’t know them enough | wtf | why | NOTP | tolerable | they’re okay | platOTP | FUTURE LEADERS OF SURVEY CORPS | FUTURE OFFICE ROMANCEcute | awww | babies | hot | I will go down with this shipOTP


I love Jean/Armin. Eruri used to be my fav SnK pairing but JeanArmin is now my top favourite. I saw fanart of this ship which made me think about their interactions. THEN I FELL SO HARD. I pretty much talked myself into shipping this while chatting with Goobs. I’m so happy about the development of their friendship/camaderie and the positioning of them as potential future leaders of Survey Corps. It’s inevitable that when I have two characters that I like, I would ship them together. LOL Both Jean and Armin are great, but they’re awesome as a team. Just imagine them executing tactics together. HSHSHSHS