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If LF or whoever bigwig made Felicity to clarify things so condescendingly because they're tired of their actors constantly being asked for rey-jyn connection (w/c isn't harassment level), why do they let people get away with being shit to john?1

2 it’s like.. Aw our precious mayo bbs are being constantly asked if they’re related bec they look alike better shit on them now uwu.. But they keep quiet about the other things like blatant racism and other ppl shitting on the MOC or how kylo…

3 ruined the franchise because he showed his face and is just a whiny edge lord (but most likely bec dudebros got intimidated with adam’s looks lbr)

i hope this doesn’t come across as insensitive, because i’m not trying to do that at all, but these are two completely different types of situations. 

movie press is a controlled environment where lucasfilm actually has a big say in what happens. with rogue one, they’re not only trying to promote a new stand alone star wars film, they’re also launching the concept of stand alone star wars films. and all the media talks to the leading actress about is how she’s influenced by characters from the other films and/or if she’s related to one of the leads from the new saga films. i can understand why they’ve been doing The Most™ to debunk this stuff so they can move on and actually promote the thing. no matter how they try to mask it, this isn’t about the actresses’ feelings at all, it’s about business (remember they didn’t say a word about the harassment daisy got on instagram or when she received credible threats from gun nutters either). 

could they have handled the whole thing a lot better? yes they absolutely could have, especially since one of the big reasons people wanted them to be related was to explain why they only looked at white brunette women to play jyn while they gave careful consideration to the diversity of the male characters. they’ve just been excruciatingly tone deaf about this whole situation and then the casting of emelia clarke for the han solo movie did nothing to help the situation in any way.

that said, dealing with harassment against actors is totally different. now, if john had been harassed by a reporter or one of them said some of the things that have been said to him on twitter, lucasfilm could refuse to ever work with them or their site/network/publication ever again. but with social media harassment, ultimately the responsibility lies with the platforms that make this type of disgusting behavior possible. now, lucasfilm could AND SHOULD be pressuring these platforms to do more to eliminate harassment and it’s majorly side eye worthy that NO ONE with lucasfilm has said anything, especially during the #blackstormtropper bullshit (unless they did and i missed it).

obviously “they can’t do anything” is no excuse for no one speaking out more about the gross harassment john’s received or at least trying to get social media sites to do something about this kind of harassment themselves. it affects all kinds of people, not just celebrities. it would be awesome if a company as powerful as lucasfilm/disney would push for these sites to come up with better harassment policies and to actually enforce the ones they have.

though disney was going to put a bid in on twitter but decided against it because of their problem with hate speech/harassment so that’s…..something…ish.

When you have two projects due, a paper you have to write before one of your final, the ever increasing worry of what 2017 holds for you, depression coming back from 2013, finals, weird ass weather patterns around you, and the lack to eat properly an someone tells you ‘it will get better eventually".

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There’s so much life living here. That’s what I’m doing.

I’m living here! 

Peridot and Lapis being fascinated about Earth makes me grin like a big dork. I want these two to share exciting new discoveries together about their new home while Lapis makes a tiny water Earth!