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We’ve gotten into a thing where if we’re doing sketches, we used to like drag around a tripod and that’s just such a pain in the arse, like I can say this from experience, just being a performer is so much easier than being a creative YouTuber that makes things independently because when you have to be like the writer of the content and you know essentially the director of the content and you have to set up the camera and the lights and the sounds and then do it, it… oh my God it takes so long. … It’s much easier to be like “Phil, Phiiil… can you hold the camera for me?” and he’s like “ugh!”, so yeah whenever we film videos we’re usually just like “pleeaase help” and the other person is like “whyyy?”, which is the sign of a good friendship. Helping them, but you know never helpfully helping them you really have to moan and make it seem like you’re doing something incredibly painful and unnecessary. You can’t just like a good friend, you really have to make it seem like they’re the worst person in the entire world.

@danisnotonfire during his live show on the 7th of February 2017

Quotes from Dan (28/?)

ugh now that we got teased by skam about even’s POV and how even had seen isak since the first day of school, all of a sudden when you just rewatch this entire series again, all their scenes just … take on a new, fresh angle? from even’s POV? and everything makes sense? and you can legit feel just HOW LONG even had to wait? and how paitient he was with isak? and how he’d impress isak and BE extra, /because/ he’d waited for SO long? of course he was smiling so wide when he and isak had kissed for the first time. of course he’d ask isak to repeat du er mannen i mitt liv again.

and how even, long before isak, fell for isak. and i can’t believe there was a time, around the 5th episode, where things were so 50/50 regarding: “okay but even’s playing isak tho”, to now, where it is CONFIRMED IN CANON that even had already fallen for isak way back in /august/.

oh my goodness me skam you can’t do this. you can’t start to give me even’s pov on his and isak’s relationship within the /last episode/ of the series goddamit :(

Self Care

Just a few minutes ago I was feeling gross, tired, cold, meh, and my eyes hurt. But let me tell you a simple solution my friends, SELF CARE. I see so many self-care posts in the studyblr community and I LOVE it because studying is tiring and sometimes it just makes you so UGH. But if you just pause, take a nice hot shower, put on some lotion some comfy clothes, wash your face etc.. It really wakes you up and leaves you refreshed. Take as long of a shower as you want!!! Stand there in the hot water for twenty minutes!! You will feel much better and you'll return to whatever you were previously doing in a much more positive mindset. Take time for yourself.

Short version: Showers are fucking awesome, drink water, love yourself. Take a long ass shower and then go back to being a productive motherfucker. Also lotion.

The Signs Dealing With Slow WiFi

Aries: “UGH WHY IS THIS SHIT TAKING SO LONG?!” *punches wall*

Taurus: “This is so fucking annoying I’m done.” *leaves*

Gemini: *tries to figure problem out in the laziest way*

Cancer: “Dammit I can’t do anything right now. My life no longer exist.” *throws self* *cries*

Leo: “Fuck this shit.” *acts all chill until they realize they haven’t watched their favorite anime that day and hastily tries to make the internet go quicker*

Virgo: Has the patience but is very aggravated and annoyed deep down.

Libra: *checks if there’s any issues with the internet* *tries to fix the problem if there is one* *actually fixes it*

Scorpio: “Stop fucking with me UGH”

Sagittarius: *complains the entire time waiting for their page to load*

Capricorn: Either complains a lot, fixes the problem, or doesn’t care.

Aquarius: “You know what WiFi, fuck your mommy WiFi and daddy WiFi and sissy WiFi and brother WiFi and I hope your WiFi family winds up dying for the objectified fact that you are a worthless shitty WiFi family and I don’t like you at all.”

Pisces: *speaks to their screen as if telling it to go faster will actually make it go faster*

Because I’m airplane drunk, but more because I love @youkindofblowmeaway, here’s a ficlet from 35,000 feet of a tipsy Ginny & Mike at the grocery store


Ginny’s giggles fill Mike’s ears as she traipses through produce. Her fingers brush over the little signs designating the names of various fruit and vegetables. She looks ridiculously out of place in the short, decadent blue dress, and heels that make her legs looks like obscenely long.

“Ugh,” she mutters as she stops in front of the display of cilantro. “So gross,” she says as she flicks at the waning leafy greens before picking a bundle up. “It tastes like soap. We should buy it and get rid of it so no one else has to eat it.”

“We’re not doing that, Gin,” Mike replies, taking the bunches she has in her hand and placing them back amongst the other herbs. “Not everyone hates cilantro as much as you do.”

“Well, they should.” She throws him a glance over her shoulder before stalking off, her hips and ass begging him to follow behind her.

And he does, because how could he not? He’d follow her anywhere as is, but the combination of her slightly off-kilter walk from alcohol and those sky high heels have him hypnotized.

He feels utterly ridiculous with his bow tie loose around his neck, trailing behind his tipsy, bordering-on-drunk, twenty-five-year-old girlfriend, until she looks at him, or smiles at him, or trails her fingers up his tux-clad thigh. Then he feels like a giddy twenty-something idiot who would follow this woman to the ends of the earth, even if that means pushing a grocery buggy behind her.

He loses her for a moment, then laughs out loud when he sees her round the corner carrying three cases of grape soda.

“Gin,” he starts and he can’t keep the mirth out of his voice or stop his lips from curling into a smile. “There’s still grape soda at the house, unless you’re planning on taking a bath in it, rookie.”

She frowns and lowers the cases into the cart before she walks to him and presses her body flush with his. She grabs the lapels of his jacket and tips her head up just a little to notch their lips together.

They kiss sloppy and wet; she tastes like sugar and mint and Mike takes her ass in his hands and brings her hips against his.

She breaks the kiss first, grappling to catch her breath as she runs her tongue across her bottom lip. “We need some Captain Crunch, old man,” she says and he shakes his head and gives her ass another squeeze.

“That stuff is gross, Gin.”

“I’m tired of eating your bran flakes old man.”

Mike gasps when Ginny’s hand slides between them to grip his length. He drops his forehead again hers and moans when her hand tightens.

“Though,” she whispers against his mouth as her hand teases him, “those bran flakes seem to do your body good.”

“Fucking hell, Gin,” he bites or before he kisses her again, just as rough and hungry as before. “Get your fucking cereal,” he says when he pulls away. He nips her lip and throws her a grin he knows drives her crazy. “Five minutes left in this store, or I’m fucking you in the middle of the cereal aisle.”


Seventeen in a Intelligence Agency Au

Warning: A kinda long post ahead. Idek why it got that long tbh. 

This is my take on Seventeen in an Intelligence Angency Au, with SEVENTEEN being one of the many groups in the Agency. This is loosely based on the Boom Boom MV, with some/most are from my own imagination. 

. S.Coups is the suave leader. In charge mostly of making plans and transportation - getting the group members in and out. Can drive most vehicles like it’s no one’s business. Worries about his leading ability a lot, even though everyone agrees he’s the best leader they could ever ask for. Crashed a helicopter with himself inside into a building once to get his group members out of danger. Is the only one brave enough to interrupt Woozi in his sleeping/eating time.

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Day 12: Making out (Dazushi)

Note: Don’t be fooled by the title. I’m sorry for taking so long, but I’m not really comfortable with anything concerning making out, so I wasn’t sure about it.

~ Dreamer

Ugh, why?

He didn’t remember when this happened. Why it happened in the first place. But Atsushi didn’t feel like worrying about that now.

Especially with the way Dazai was shoving him up the wall, pinning his wrists on the cold stone wall, kissing him senseless.

Dazai’s hands were moving on his body, knowing were to touch him, doing their wonders. His mentor opened his eyes to look at the blushing mess before him, smirking a bit, he leaned back, “Loving this?”

And in this moment Dazai’s brown eyes sparked in the light of the moon. Atsushi couldn’t resist it anymore and decided to use that moment to jump at Dazai, so that both fell over and Atsushi was on the top.

Smiling a bit love crazed and sexually frustrated, he leaned down and whispered his lust filled words into his mentor’s ear.

“This is not enough, Dazai-san.”

Take me, were the hidden words.

“That needs to be changed,” said Dazai, turning them around, so that Atsushi was under him, and then capturing his lips in a heavy kiss.

I’d like to take a second to make a post about all the Puerto Rican food I miss eating. So if you life fried foods or just delicious foods in general, this post is also for you.

an example of a place to find the foods I’m about to show you:

first we have some lechon:

then we have some pasteles con arroz y gandules:

(I know, it looks gross. But trust me, it is soooo good ugh.)

there’s always a jibarito if you want something light:

next up, some alcapurrias:

followed by some pastelitos:

can’t leave out the tostones:

gotta add in the traditional arroz y habichuelas:

(in my dad’s house this is literally a side dish to EVERY dinner he makes)

and we’ll finish this post with a snack platter:

and of course we can’t forget dessert:

anonymous asked:

hey so in the faq for the claimed support masterlist it says that some supports that were submitted over 6 months ago and haven't been submitted. Is this really normal? Because if so that's pretty awful... I understand that implementing supports takes time, but shouldn't you at least have a limit to how long you make submitters wait to see their supports implemented? I mean... waiting over half a year is just so long... And some supports have obviously been implemented at much faster rates...

you try dealing with the amount of submissions i get and the extensive time i put into this hack having to balance it with depression and anxiety and having to deal with the workload of an ivy league university and other responsibilities and desires, coding and recording and screenshotting each individual convo and on top of that balancing two different projects at once and having to keep up with what supports i think people would most want to see and having to keep in contact with dozens of people when i have social anxiety and each individual conversation i have with a person drains me and come back and tell me how that’s awful. it’s not like i get paid for this or some shit. i am trying my best.



Requested by anon.

“Just because you are an extremely old vampire, doesn’t mean you can make me do whatever you want, Kol.” you hiss. “Stay out of my way.”

“Come on there, darling.” Kol stops you. “It’s not that I like working with you but we have something in common, so don’t make me do bad things and be nicer.”

You take a long breath and leave him in the street without saying a word.

Kol Mikaelson is ridiculously arrogant and that makes you really angry. You think about turning him into a bat or a frog all day long but when you find the envelope on your table, you forget about him.

“To dear Y/N, from Freya Mikaelson.”

A Mikaelson Ball invitation? Seriously? From the eldest witch? Of course you’ll go there but ugh, you are not looking forward to it to be honest.


The ball is amazing. They are celebrating both Kol’s return and their liberation from the prophecy.

You stand in a corner and drink your cocktail slowly, then hear that pompous accent next to you.

“Dance?” Kol offers his hand like a gentleman.

“What?” you ask, being surprised by his act. “You and me?”

“Why are so surprised, my darling Y/N?” he grins. “I’m an adorable cavalier and I know every single version of dancing. I myself invented most of them, actually.”

“If I won’t accept your dance offer, will you slice my throat?”

“No but I will be very upset.” he teases.

“Than who am I to break a gentleman’s heart?” you answer in cold blood but you are pretty sure that your blood-red cheeks give you away.

Tom: “Ugh, I feel sick all of a sudden…”

Tom: “Just when I was starting to get over that cold, Matt and Edd go off and make me worry myself sick again…”

*knock knock*

Tom: “?!”

Tom: “The door…?!”

Tom: “Matt? Edd?!”

Tom: “!!!!”

Tom: “Holy crap, you guys–”

Tom: “H-here, I got you–”

Edd: “Tom…”

Tom: “Edd, your forehead …  It looks bad. Can you stand?”

Edd: “Not … really…”

Tom: “I-it’s okay, just come on. You can make it to the couch.”

Tom: “Okay, you guys made it, good job…”

Edd: “…agh…”

Tom: “Y-yeah, I know, just stay there, I’m gonna go get some bandages–”

Tom: “…What am I saying, of course you aren’t going anywhere. You two are practically unconscious.”

Tom: “…Anyway, I-I’ll just go get some bandages and some tylenol…”

~A few minutes later…~

Tom: “Okay, I’ve cleaned up their wounds and given them painkillers and thrown their dirty sweatshirts in the laundry … I’ve done what I can for now. Now I just need a moment to calm down…”

Tom: “…”

Tom: “God, what I wouldn’t give to know the bastard who did this is.”

Tom: “I’ll destroy them, whoever they are. No one hurts my friends and gets away with it.”

-Mod Matt

The Breakfast Club - Kevin Trapp

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Did anyone even like breakfast? It’s the meal that signals that your day has started and you’ve actually got to own up to adult responsibilities. Ugh

It didn’t even surprise Alisa when her boyfriend Kevin revealed that he loved breakfast and breakfast days; they disagreed on everything. Kevin loved getting up early to make the most of his day and Alisa liked to stay in bed for as long as possible, Kevin loved night outs in clubs and Alisa preferred having a classy mean and taking a nice stroll through the local park.

Kevin Trapp was a romantic guy, he loved planning dates and surprising his girlfriend with little gifts. Cute right? Alisa thought so, but not when he proposed the idea of a breakfast date. And that’s how they ended up in their favourite cafe at the ridiculous, at least it was to Alisa, time of 7am. 

Kevin Trapp was munching contently on his breakfast bar while Alisa sipped her coffee, black with 4 sugars, and stared at her boyfriend un-amused. Kevin caught sight of his girlfriend’s stare and laughed.

“I’m guessing when I won’t be getting any tonight?” He smirked and Alisa smirked at her boyfriend sarcastically. 

“One week.” She said simply. Kevin almost choked on his breakfast bar.

“One week?!” He spluttered. Alisa nodded simply, sipping her coffee again. Kevin loved nothing more than being with his girlfriend in every single way and she was his ultimate weakness. Her work uniform, a simple blouse and pencil skirt, drove him crazy as it accentuated her body perfectly. “Babe, isn’t that a bit drastic? You’re not just punishing me, you’re punishing yourself.”

Alisa laughed. “Really Kevin? You’re the one who can’t resist me remember? And this is payback for making me leave my oh-so-comfy bed and brave the cold to watch you eat your breakfast.” She shrugged and continued to sip her coffee. 

Kevin groaned and turned on the charm that had won his girlfriend over when they first met, which ironically was in the early morning in the park when they were both running (yes Alisa could be athletic, on rare occasions).

“Babe please?” This earned another head shake.”I’ll do anything.”

“Anything?” Alisa smirked and Kevin was already regretting his words.


“Ok. You’ve got to take me home right now and drink one of my smoothies.” Kevin’s eyes widened. Alisa was notorious for making gross looking smoothies for her breakfast and Kevin gagged at them every time he saw them. 

Kevin attempted to protest but his girlfriend’s unimpressed look shut him up and he nodded reluctantly. Alisa clapped her hands with glee and downed her coffee quickly, getting up and holding her hand out for her boyfriend to take. 

What Kevin had intended as a cute breakfast date had ended in a ban, a half eaten breakfast bar and a promise of trying a disgusting smoothie.



Yup, it’s EliUmi in photographer x model/actress AU. I’m going to fix the story first. Since i feel i’ve gotten worse at making story so i won’t make any fanbook before it finished (maybe). I need your help, i’ll post the sketch of 2-5 pages every week and you can give your opinion about the story or the drawing once every 2-3 weeks.

I’m gonna make this my best doujin.

btw that Umi, it’s my first time trying to make lineless drawing, it’s really hard ugh i love lineart but lining is really take a long time.

Somehow Umi look like Yoshiko lol, is it because the outfit? wwww

Phan fluff: Den building

Dan was sat on Phil’s bed editing a Video, Phil was next to him on his phone.
‘Ugh this video is taking so long to edit’ moaned Dan.
‘You don’t have to finish right now you know I’m sure everyone would understand’ Phil reassured his boyfriend.
'I guess’
'You seem so stressed out, hey why don’t we make a den and have a movie night!’ Dan’s face lit up as Phil shut his laptop.

It was later on in the evening, Dan had gone to the shop to buy snacks and Phil had been left the job of building the den. Dan came home to find phil struggling to put blankets in the right place. 'Now who’s stressed out, huh?’ Dan giggled. Phil glared at him, Dan, still laughing, gave him and apologetic peck on the lips.

After about an an hour of placing blankets on chairs, putting up fairy lights and rebuilding the whole thing after it fell on top of Phil the den was finished. 'This den is tumblr as fuck!’ Dan remarked as they climbed inside. 'Of course I did most of it’
'I dont think so Daniel’ Phil picked up a pillow and playfully hit Dan
'Oh, so its like this is it?’ Dan gave Phil a cheeky grin
'Bring it on!’ Phil started singing the theme to attack on Titan and pushed Dan to the floor with his pillow, Dan gave an over the top shriek as Phil landed on top of him giving him one last wack with the pillow 'Fatality’ he said proudly. 'Oh yeah, how do you know I didn’t just let you win?’
'Your cute Howell’ Phil leaned in to kiss Dan as they wrapped their arms around each other, they were so comfortable cuddled up together that they fell asleep.


this is taking too long. maybe we should do your hypnotism-eye-voodoo thing to get them talking. yes, you would expect that sort of behavior from me, wouldn’t you?

Calum. Calum. CALUM.

Okay, but imagine after a long love making session with Cal he’s eager for you to teach him how to play piano, so you wrap blankets around yourselves, and he sits down on the bench and you crawl onto his lap. The blanket falls off of his chest, exposing his tattooed skin while his arms wrap around you. You place your hands on the ivory keys, beginning to play a song that you had memorized. Cal takes the opportunity to place his hands on top of yours, his nose brushing against the soft skin of your bare shoulder before pressing soft, chaste kisses to your skin. “Wow, who knew I’d be such a pro my first time playing.” He’d joke, his chest rumbling as he chuckled. After awhile, he’d get distracted and his hands would begin to wander, tugging the blaket off your body and exposing your chest. His breath would hitch in his throat as his hands ran along every inch of your exposed chest. You’d stop playing, too distracted to even begin to focus on where your hands were supposed to go. “No,” Calum would mumble against your skin, his lips grazing slowly towards your neck. “Keep playing.” He’d breathe out, his hands reaching for your breasts.

i’M SCreechInG

I actually wrote smut based off this if you want to read it: +


@thirstyalec replied to your post “MARTA, I AM SUING!!!!!!!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME??? and you call…”

asdfghjk you do this and now i have to wait, god knows how long, for the next chapter ugh you’re evil!!! and THEY BETTER BE HAPPY or i’m reeeeeally gonna come for you!

i promise i’ll write it asap! but it might be the longest chapter if i’m correct. i have a lot of things to write so… it might take a while. BUT I’LL BE DOING MY BEST I PROMISE

also, the last chapter will be fluff & smut. and if i go with part 2&3, it’ll be even more fluff and love

you know i could never make them suffer… too long…