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Just wanted to point out that in the first Harry Potter film, when Harry and Ron are late for McGonagall’s class, both Draco and Hermione are shown to be the only students turning around to look at them. Also, Draco turns his head even beforeHermione. Was he just sitting there like:

“Ugh, what is taking Potter so long? So much for the” golden boy", he can’t even make it to class on ti—“

*door creaks open*

*gasps* "Is that him???”

I really hate the generic ¾-facing-left, eyes-to-the-right profiles but it’s so convenient, I can’t help myself.

Self Care

It’s Mental Health Month. May 1st. The beginning of it. I just want to post some tips on what I find useful when I feel anxious, depressed or lonely. Some tips on how to care for yourself mixed in here too. I know what it’s like to feel like nothing is going to work out and you feel like there is no point anymore. I still get sad from time to time but here is what I try to do to lower those horrible feelings. 

  1. Music 
    When I feel down I put on my chill playlist and listen to the songs. Not just recognize that the song is playing. I listen to every word, every beat, every instrument that makes a sound. I listen so hard that I forget everything else around me and forget everything that is going on in my head for a while. This actually really helps and especially if it’s a slow song, something that matches my mood. 
  2. Reading 
    Reading is one of my favourite things to do. I’m in love with words. And getting deep into one of my favourite books helps me forget for a while. Grab something to drink and maybe a snack, find a quiet and comfy place to relax and let yourself fall into a book. 
  3. Eat 
    When I feel depressed my appetite can go away pretty quickly. But if you don’t eat, you’ll feel even more tired and low. And that’s not good. So eat. Not junk food. Maybe a treat every now and again but make sure to eat healthy too. Fruit or vegetables. Maybe make some type of sandwhich or maybe eat a bowl of porridge. Whatever you want to make. But remember, not always junk food. And drink lot’s and lot’s of water. 
  4. Shower or bath 
    If you feel all ugh, and ew take a long warm shower or a bath full of bubbles. Taking a shower or bath might help you feel more relaxed and feel more taken care of. And keeping yourself fresh and clean will help help boost your system. 
  5. Fresh air 
    When I’m down, I get lazy. So the whole ‘take a long walk’ thing doesn’t go with me. What I like to do instead is open a window and stand there or take a chair and sit near there. I’m getting fresh air into my lungs which is good and I don’t need to get up and go outside to do it. Now getting exercise is a good thing to do too because it’ll boost your system also. But when you really can’t get up and walk far, just go to a window and read or listen to music.
  6. Cry 
    Yes crying is on this list. When you really need to let those tears out, just do it. If you’re in a place you feel comfortable enough to do it. Let it all out, for however long you need to. Crying doesn’t make you weak or a loser or whatever you think it makes you. It helps you. Instead of holding all those feelings in, you can let them out by crying. So just do it because a cry every now and again, will make you feel a little better. Hopefully. 
  7. Decorate and change it up
    This may be an odd one but it helps me. When I’m sad I’ll look up some quotes that I really like, write them on some paper and decorate the paper and stick it on my wall. Or sometimes I sift things around. If I think something in my room would look better in a different position then I’ll move it. I’ll maybe take some things down and hang something new up instead. Tidy my room too if it needs it. This helps because I’m focusing on other things. Where will this go? Does this look good on this wall? Things like that. Try it and see. 
  8.  Breathe 
    When I feel like I can’t breathe, I remember that I just need to take a minute. Look at my surroundings. What’s the colour of the walls? Breathe. What’s in the room? Breathe. What’s the weather like outside? Breathe. What’s my favourite food? Breathe. Do I have any plans this week? Breathe. Ask yourself some questions. Answer them and breathe. Breathe, breathe and breathe. Don’t let you make yourself small. Think bigger than what that stupid annoying voice in your head is telling you. Breathe. Because you’re worth it.

I hope these tips helped. I really do. And please, please REMEMBER… you are beautiful. You are so amazing and this world needs you in it. Maybe you feel like no one cares. But I guarantee you there is somebody out there who thinks the world of you. You are somebody’s moon. You’re that person who lights up the darkness for them. Don’t let your light go out. Stay strong and remember to love yourself and take care of yourself. You guys are more than welcome to ask me something if you need any advice or have any questions. The door is open and you are welcome. 

NOORA: What’s up gorgeous cute beauties?

CHRIS: I like newly fucked Noora

NOORA: ❤ Chris ❤

EVA: I think it’s a bit creepy

NOORA: I’ll give you creepy

‘Noora send a lot of emojis*

[Eva deleted Noora from the chat]


SANA Rip noora

CHRIS: Maybe it’s a good thing, so she can fuck some more

VEA: Should we let her in again?

SANA: Wait a bit

CHRIS: Make her waiiit

VILDE: Now she has waited long enough

[Eva added Noora to the group]

NOORA: Oh snap

NOORA: I’ll remember that

VILDE: Sana what’s happening with Yossi??

SANA: He’s not answering

EVA: Ugh, boys!!


CHRI: What if Yousef is William’s twin and he disappears and stops answering messages and he moves to London

CHRIS: Or Noora. She’s not very good at answering to messages either

NOORA: What’s up with the nagging

EVA: You’re too happy. We have to take you down a notch

NOORA: I’ll try calling him

SANA: Huh?

SANA: What are you going to say? Isn’t that a bit nerdy

NOORA: He’s not answering


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Peter Parker x Shy/Scared Reader

Summary: Even though Peter’s been busy with saving the world, you’ve been feeling neglected and unwanted. He notices and decides to do something fun to cheer you up. 

Word Count: 2,453 (my longest one so far, holla)

Warnings: heights, panic attack, language, fluff, sad stuff. Let me know if I missed any. 

A/N: Alrrright guys, hopefully this turns out okay. I was thinking about making this into a series depending on how much you guys dig it. If you do, then I will post all about what I’m going to do for the series to see if you guys are interested. Sound good? As always, feedback is definitely appreciated. I never get any, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or right. Enjoy!

Ever since Peter told you he was the big ‘ol Spiderman, it felt like your guys’ weekly hangouts and movie nights were coming to an end. Of course you understand that he’s saving the world and stopping the bad guys, but it leaves you worried and afraid for his well being. He always seems distracted around you and it fills you with a darkness. Telling Peter would make you seem selfish, so you bury it, hoping it won’t poke its way through. 

Being the shy, reserved, person you are, you definitely had difficulty talking to Peter, especially since you’ve always had a never ending crush on him. After a while of trying to ask him if he could hang out, you stopped. It wasn’t worth the pain of going through to only be rejected once again. 

However, what you didn’t know was that Peter noticed you putting up your walls again. He didn’t want to lose you and decided he was definitely going to do something about it. Starting tonight

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We’ve gotten into a thing where if we’re doing sketches, we used to like drag around a tripod and that’s just such a pain in the arse, like I can say this from experience, just being a performer is so much easier than being a creative YouTuber that makes things independently because when you have to be like the writer of the content and you know essentially the director of the content and you have to set up the camera and the lights and the sounds and then do it, it… oh my God it takes so long. … It’s much easier to be like “Phil, Phiiil… can you hold the camera for me?” and he’s like “ugh!”, so yeah whenever we film videos we’re usually just like “pleeaase help” and the other person is like “whyyy?”, which is the sign of a good friendship. Helping them, but you know never helpfully helping them you really have to moan and make it seem like you’re doing something incredibly painful and unnecessary. You can’t just like a good friend, you really have to make it seem like they’re the worst person in the entire world.

@danisnotonfire during his live show on the 7th of February 2017

Quotes from Dan (28/?)

Prince Zuko - They will Never Find You

Everyone always wanted more Team Avatar bonding, right? How about some hide-and-go-seek with the Gaang, and a lovably grumpy Zuko?

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1065

This island was probably one of the more foresty places you’ve been with the Gaang. Huge, twisty, moss-covered trees, full of secret places and little streams. It was awesome. Sokka and Katara, however, had become decidedly agitated.

“It’s just too close in here,” Katara said, crossing her arms.

“You can’t even see the sky,” her brother added. You understood, of course; there were no trees where they grew up. Of course that would make them claustrophobic in forests. Still, it was grating on your nerves.

“I’m gonna hit someone,” you growled under your breath.

“Not if I beat you to it,” Zuko whispered back, and you couldn’t help smiling. Being grumpy is a strange thing to bond over, but apparently neither of you had a choice in the matter. You were friends, and there was nothing you could do about it.

“How long do you think it’ll take them to complain about how hot it is?” you mumbled.

As if on cue, Sokka rolled his eyes skyward. “Ugh. It’s so hot in here.”

You giggled, and even Zuko cracked a smile. 

It seemed like such an innocent suggestion - a nice, friendly game - when Aang said, “Hey, who wants to play hide-and-seek?”

“You must be great at that.” Zuko’s expression didn’t change, but you could see the glitter of mischeif in his dark eyes. “You won for like a hundred years.”


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bf!park woojin

(as requested!)

  • okay this is gonna be a bit long so get ready
  • anyways. woojin would be Such a cute boyfriend ugh
  • he can never stop smiling at u?? ever????
  • i guarantee tht if u look at him at any given time hes already looking at u with a huge goofy grin on his face
  • its ridiculous but also super super adorable and it makes ur heart melt every time

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The Signs Dealing With Slow WiFi

Aries: “UGH WHY IS THIS SHIT TAKING SO LONG?!” *punches wall*

Taurus: “This is so fucking annoying I’m done.” *leaves*

Gemini: *tries to figure problem out in the laziest way*

Cancer: “Dammit I can’t do anything right now. My life no longer exist.” *throws self* *cries*

Leo: “Fuck this shit.” *acts all chill until they realize they haven’t watched their favorite anime that day and hastily tries to make the internet go quicker*

Virgo: Has the patience but is very aggravated and annoyed deep down.

Libra: *checks if there’s any issues with the internet* *tries to fix the problem if there is one* *actually fixes it*

Scorpio: “Stop fucking with me UGH”

Sagittarius: *complains the entire time waiting for their page to load*

Capricorn: Either complains a lot, fixes the problem, or doesn’t care.

Aquarius: “You know what WiFi, fuck your mommy WiFi and daddy WiFi and sissy WiFi and brother WiFi and I hope your WiFi family winds up dying for the objectified fact that you are a worthless shitty WiFi family and I don’t like you at all.”

Pisces: *speaks to their screen as if telling it to go faster will actually make it go faster*

// Well, slap my ass and call me Spanky McGee! I never expected 400 of ya’ll to give a rat’s tush about my interpretation of Aversa! How it feels my heart with joy to know others appreciate my sadistic sorceress! Either you all are horribly twisted, or simply have great taste. Perhaps both? Who cares! You’re lovely regardless!
Thank you SO much for supporting and threading with me! Being in this fandom is such a blast! I love each and every single one of you, okay? Fire Emblem is such a fantastic series. It’s only right the fandom is just as swell! My appreciation for allowing me to get to know you wonderful people knows no bounds! 

Now, let us get to the listing! 

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Mirror For The Sun - Part 5: A Drive

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 4 - Part 6 

Summary: Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other.

Warnings: swearing, panic attack/flashback

Word Count: 3392

Author’s Note: I dunno about this one. Lots of ups and downs, lots of sass. Also lots of jumping around in the timeline, so seriously, feedback welcome, let me know if I need to add some section headers to clarify…

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Steve paces the few steps he can take in the cramped hotel bathroom, holding the phone to his ear, waiting for Natasha to pick up. He’s peeked around the door twice to make sure the others are still asleep and turned on the shower for good measure before she finally answers.

“We have a problem,” he confesses before she can finish her groggy greeting. Steve had a habit of waking up at an ungodly hour.

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twin andrews part 4 | jughead x reader

part one:

part two:

part three:

part five:

a/n: wowie lil nuggets we’ve reached part 4 im having a lil happy dance over here! im so overwhelmed about how much you guys are liking this series so im more than happy to get busy making parts as long as you’ll are loving it so let me know!!🥂👱🏻‍♀️💛🤓💐🌈💚🌻ps: if you’ve missed a part click on the masterlist in my blog ✨

“ugh i hate calculus with my whole heart” i mutter flicking through my text book pooping a few gummy bears in my mouth. it was free period so Betty, Kevin and I decided to try and study for a calculus text tomorrow.

my brother and he’s team mates were also here with veronica and jughead sitting off to the side taking in everyone’s conversation. i catch him glances at me which cause me to smile and fiddle with the ends of his jacket

reggie was going on about his theories on who killed jason and everyone was getting pretty fed up with his antics

“it couldn’t have been a jock-” i groan closing my book “reggie can you just stop! jesus christ” he turns in his seat smirking at me.

“well well well my little vixen what’s gotten into you-” i roll my eyes “im trying to study and i can hear is your idiotic voice so it’d be wonderful if you just shut the hell up!” i smile sweetly the room snickering at my response.

“terribly sorry my lady- please continue working” i curse under my breathe turning my attention away from reggie and toward the brunette leaning against the far table, a smirk drawn on his face, i give him a wink causing his chest to shake as he laughs

my attention is brought back when reggie bellows jugheads name, i move out of the chair and over to reggie, “seriously?” he ignores me and continues to interrogate jughead

“what was it like suicide squad? when you shot jason?” “you didn’t do stuff to the body right? like after?”

i turn to jughead awaiting his response “its call necrophilia reggie, can you spell it?” he replies emotionless. he’s arms folded across his chest

“come here you little punk” reggie launches himself over the couch and rushes up the jughead not before archie jumps in front of him pushing reggie in the chest away from the two

i sigh relived that my brother was protecting him even though they weren’t the best of friends right now

everyone stands “boys” veronica warns touching chuck on the arm, i look at her puzzled at how snug she was being with yet another jock

i push past moose and grab reggie by the shoulder “would you just stop for a minute-?” i spit annoyed at the air head “leave him alone” i warn. he pushes up his selves glancing from me to jughead to my brother and then back to me.

“wait is that jugheads jacket your wearing princess?-” my brother shoves him once more “god just shut up reggie”

“what do you care Andrews?”

he glances quickly to me before back to reggie “nothing just leave him alone”

i smile small at my brother but it’s short lived as reggie speaks “holy crap”

“did you and donny darko kill him together? was it some sort of pervy blood brother thing?”

my brother shoves the raven headed boy, jugheads eyes going wide stepping away from the table and outstretching his arms shielding me from the two. i push past his arms and place a hand on Reggies chest “walk away”

anger flashes in his eyes “no can do princess” and with that he grabs my brother and throws him into the vending machine the glasses smashing, arms around me waist tug me back and i try and fight it until i realise it was jug.

Chuck and Jughead are up trying to pry the two apart as they wrestle on the ground Reggie getting one solid punch to my brothers eye before giving up the fight and letting Chuck drag him up holding him against the wall to stop him from causing further harm.

i move toward him anger moving through me like a tidal wave, “don’t you ever speak to my friends like that ever again- and i swear if you lay another hand on my brother i will make sure you cannot reproduce got it?” i sneer and he wink at me “god i love it when your mad” a flick switches and i punch him right in the eye.

he tries to break free from chuck as i continue to hit him annoyance taking away “you little jerk” i yell being lifted off the ground and dragged out of the room by the beanie wearing brunette

he walks me over to my locker as we see the principle enter the room walking away with the two jocks “i can’t believe him” i mumble slamming my hands against the locker

“hey don’t let him get to you” he places his hand on my shoulder and i exhale loudly “yeah i know- i don’t get how you can deal with it jug- what he said was totally out of hand and im sorry-” he shakes his head “don’t worry about it i seemed to have both andrews in my corner anyway”

i smile down at my feet “did you and archie make up last night?” he shifts on his feet “uh- no no we didn’t we just talked and yeah” i sigh “will you ever?” he shrugs again “i don’t know- i want to tell you it’s just” he clears his throat “it’s fine jug, ive got practice ill see you tonight at the rally?” he nods “yeah”

“(y/n) wait-” i turn and face him “will i be getting my jacket back anytime soon?” he chuckles, my eyes widen i had totally forgotten that i hadn’t returned it to him since he gave it to me last night “my bad” i shrug off the jacket and he shakes his head

“no no- keep it for now- it’ll give me an excuse to see you again-” i blush but continue to remove the jacket “i have practice so ill be in my uniform so it’ll just be in my locker so please take it, the game can be your excuse”

he reluctantly takes it from me and places it in his locker “i don’t think ill ever be able to wear it again, you wore it too well so now it doesn’t look as good on me anymore” he gives me a smug smile “yeah yeah whatever jones, i love that jacket on you-”

“see you tonight” i yell to him as i walk myself toward the girls locker room, great a whole period of my two favourite people; Cheryl Blossom and Veronica Lodge.

after what seemed like the longest hour of my life the bell finally rings ending the period and i give a silent prayer as i now have an excuse to put as much distance as i possible can before i launch myself at veronica for breaking a thousand girl codes.

my head was aching from listen to her trying to tell Betty how she realised she did was wrong but she wasn’t the only one involved and that apparently she was being a ‘good’ friend and ‘protecting’ betty because cheryl would’ve gone in if veronica didn’t.

im almost in the clear until i hear the all to familiar voice calling out my name, i bring my hands to my mouth and scream into them before slapping a smile on my face and turning to face the raven haired girl.

“okay so i understand your mad at me for what happened between me and your brother and I just want to apologise” i pause before i answer trying to think of ways to place it nicely.

“look ronnie i wouldn’t have given a crap if you hooked up with my brother okay he can date and kiss whoever the hell he wants but when you add my girl to the mix that’s where i draw the line, you knew how betty felt- you both did yet not one of you thought to yourself maybe i shouldn’t smash b’s heart to smithereens” i smile sarcastically

“if your goal was to piss me off to the point where i actually can’t stand to be near you then congrats you’ve done that. im annoyed and hungry so quite frankly don’t approach me until ive calmed down because i swear i will take you down and i really don’t want to make an enemy out of you”

i move past her and make my way to my locker to grab a few things before heading home to change and prepare for the rally tonight it’s supposedly forecast to flash flood but for some wack reason they’re making us cheer in the pouring rain. yay school spirit

“hey andrews”

“oh for fuck sakes can’t a girl just be left alone!” i complain turning to see the smug look of Reggie Mantle, black eye and all. “not in the mood Mantle shove along go find another cheerleader to torment.

i begin to walk out of the school reggie still hot on my heels “but your my own and only vixen i swear” i furrow my brows at the boy and ignore him as i begin my journey home

im almost at my house when I realise reggie still trailing behind me “jeez reg what are you walking me home?” i complain trying to pick up my pace “we aren’t in school anymore you can leave me alone and stop acting like an asshole”

“oh c'mon (y/n/n) i thought we were past this” he complains stopping at the gate to my house “guess we aren’t” i say enthusiastically giving a thumbs up for encouragement before slamming the front door and flopping onto the couch.

the front door opens and closes but im too tired and grumpy to move so i stay out sprawled out onto the couch “why is reggie outside our house?” archie asks moving my legs so he could sit down.

i sit up and take the apple from his hand “reggie who?”

“you ready for tonight?” i ask the blonde girl fiddling with my hair as we start the walk toward school

she nods her head and to swinging her blonde pony tail “im actually really excited- my first pep rally as a river vixen” she giggle spinning around in her uniform

“well miss betty cooper you were made to be a cheerleader, us vixens are lucky to have you” i encourage her attempting to calm the nerves i know she has.

“thanks (y/n/n), im so glad your back” i wink at the blonde “so am i- i did really miss you a lot, seems like everyone’s life just sort went on with me” i smile sadly.

we enter the locker room and my good mood seems to have diminished completely “ronnie!” Betty calls to the raven haired girl gesturing her over so we could walk out onto the field together

“looking good ladies” veronica compliments offering me a small smile, i decide to return it “we good?” she questions and i take a second to respond “yeah lodge we’re good”

she smiles placing both hands on our shoulders “now should be go and show some school spirit” her grin wide and preppy cheerleader tone on point “lets go!” i return the enthusiasm throwing up some spirit fingers.

we rush onto the field bouncing on the balls of the feet and get the crowd up and alive, it was pouring down and we were soaked as soon as we stepped foot onto the field. the bleachers filled with umbrellas to shield themselves.

the mayor steps up to the podium and gives a small speech dedicating the rally to the late jason blossom before introducing josie and the pussycats and the river vixens to start their performance

the music starts and we launch into the routine all eyes on us as we swish around our skirts doing a few flips but mostly choreography from one miss blossom. i grab my poms and start catching jughead staring right at me, it throws me off but i mange to get back into the groove a blush covering my face

we finish our routine and coach runs across the stage and introduce the almighty riverdale bulldogs. they break through the banner my brother at the front of the group wearing jasons jersey. i freeze sickness washing over me, i turn instantly to see cheryl turning white before catching my gaze and bolting off the field.

betty & veronica rush off the field following her but i decide against following them and walk toward my brother whom was amongst the crowd talking to one jughead jones

puzzled i jog over smiling brightly as i approach the two “whatcha talking bout” i ask smiling shyly at the brunette, i bump hips with my brother “nice way to spook everyone arch” i tease and he just shakes his head

“so?” i raise my eyes brows glancing between the two awfully chummy “uh arch just apologised and well im going to give him a second chance” jug speaks playing with the back of his neck

i smile to myself jumping up and down before launching myself into jughead, he stumbles but wraps his arms around my waist holding me up before setting me down “thank you” i mumble into his ear before turning and punching my brother playfully in the arm

“about time you big idiot”

“ow!” he exaggerates rubbing his arm “oh stop being a baby” i roll my eyes at him the boy laughing at the sibling banter

“Pop’s?” i ask the two and they nod i start walking and the lag behind “c'mon what are we waiting for!” they laugh and share a glance before jogging to catch up to my long strides

“can i ask yous something” archie asks me as we start our short journey to pop’s “shoot” i tell him adjusting my gym bag on my shoulder before jughead removes it from my slinging it on his own shoulder

“what’s with you two, why have you been wearing jughead’s jackets are yous like a thing or-?” i giggle glancing at the brunette next to me who decides to stay quite

“it was pouring down on the way over from the dance, i was cold so he leant it to me and i wore it to school the next day to return it. is it really that big of a deal?”

he shakes his head “not that it’s really any of your business anyway right jug?” he looks at me wide eyes glancing between his best friend and his little sister “i mean yeah”

i laugh at his nervousness and push open the door to Pop’s spotting B & V already sitting in a both toward the back, i don’t wait for the boys i just continue down and slip in next to veronica

“ladies” i smile at them and betty turns in her seat looking at my brother and he’s best friend, i realise instantly and cuss under my breathe “they don’t have to seat sorry my bad” she shakes her head and speaks out to the boys as they wait for permission to join us”

“you wanna join us?” they both share a smile “only if your treating” jughead comments walking over and sliding in next to me placing his arm along the back of the booth

i watch as my brother does the same sharing a glance of respect with betty then laughing at something veronica said as we all sit cozily in our booth waiting for our food to arrive engrossed in our own little world.

i feel jugheads arm drop slowly resting on my shoulder causing me to wriggle closer to him sharing a smile with the brunette before returning back to the conversation

last nights drama had fizzled away, friendships mended and on their way to being so for now we sit happy and content wonder what tomorrow brings and in this moment i smile this, this was home.


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Boyfriend Jeno
  • hey hehe
  • i’m sleepy idk why tho
  • idk what to write here
  • lmao, can we start w this right away i’m an awkward person i’m sorry
  • okay so, ,,,,,
  • he’s probably a low-key cuddly and clingy boyfie
  • like, he really loves hugging you and caressing your skin, especially if you’re really smol
  • he would be smiling the whole time and complimenting you 24/7
  • “you’re so adorable, y/n”
  • “i can’t believe i have the cutest s/o in the world”
  • “ugh, you’re so pretty??? i’m so lucky??”
  • “god, i love you so much baby”
  • well, tbh just being by your side makes him the happiest person alive
  • also he’s always smiling and killing you with that precious eye smile of his
  • also, this is super random but i’m going to take any chance i have to say it
  • and,,, he likes any kind of skinship
  • but normally he would always iniciate those super long and warm koala hugs 
  • and he also loves to give you pecks everywhere, lips, cheeks, forehead, e v e r y w h e r e
  • and whatever you do he would love but your backhugs are his ultimate favorite thing in the whole world
  • and he loves it when you’re feeling nervous/anxious and you start playing with his fingers non stop
  • he thinks is the cutest thing ever and would place an arm around your shoulder and bringing you closer to him so he can kiss your forehead and calm you a little
  • and, obviously, he also loves cuddling
  • but he’s like really specific when it comes to doing it, lol
  • when it comes to casual cuddling his fav position ever is the sweetheart cradle bc it’s literally the best thing ever
  • he loves how comfortable it’s for both of you and how he’s able to make a conversation while facing you
  • and talking about that, you can have those super deep and never ending conversations for hours
  • he loves hearing you talk about yourself and learning about you
  • your opinions in different things, in what you believe and in what you don’t, what you like and what you hate and your even your future plans
  • he could listen to your voice for hours and never get tired of it, he loves you so much
  • but whatever, lol, continuing the cuddling thingy
  • when it comes to cuddle while sleeping together he’s always the big spoon and there’s no way you to convince him to change it
  • he just really loves to place his arms around your figure and keep your body really close to his
  • and when he does this he actually feels a lot more relaxed and calmed
  • try to guess why!!
  • it’s not only because of your presence, even tho it really can makes his whole day a lot brighter and happier
  • and it’s not only because you’re in his arms, which is casually the place where you belong, and he can feel your warm
  • but because just with knowing that you’re by his side and that he’s there to protect you and take care of you makes him, somehow, calm a lot
  • and he always goes to sleep and wakes up with that precious smile of his in his beautiful face
  • this is not important but i’m internally crying as i’m writing this, can you feel how soft i am for lee jeno??
  • ugh, this bias wrecker istg
  • when it comes to dates is almost always outside
  • like walking together around the city in a spring day or going to a cozy cafe in a autumn day
  • or going for ice cream dates in a summer day or playing with the snow in a winter day
  • him learning how to play your favorite songs in the guitar and then playing them for you
  • + trying to teach you how to play and having lessons weekly!!
  • you trying to make him understand tHAT HE’S NOT BORING
  • “jeno, just think about it, jisung park is the one who’s calling you boring. JISUNG PARK, WE’RE TALKING ABOUT JISUNG PARK”
  • “the coconut head who’s scared of cockroaches, yeah, him“
  • “you’re a really interesting person, why can’t you understand that :(((”
  • probably him buying you lots of presents
  • mostly plushies because they’re cute and adorable and they reminded him of you
  • and you buying him lots of snacks and sweets but always end up eaiting them together
  • relationship goals tbh
  • watching one piece together
  • and you looking at him like ಠ_ಠ whenever nami is on screen
  • and him being like ʘ‿ʘ *sweating, sweating so much*
  • lmao
  • lots of cute selcas together, most of them took in your dates
  • but also the members love to take pictures of y’all in secret
  • both of you can be talking normally and suddenly getting a snapchat notification of donghyuck
  • and when y’all open it is both of you hugging and smiling widely or looking at each other with heart eyes
  • and y’all would play it off like
  • “pff, it was just the moment, it not that deep”
  • and y’all get caugh anyways because you can’t help but screenshoot the pictures and then put them as matching wallpapers aw
  • okay and the end because it’s too chessy and if i continue i’m going to explode
  • lmao, i enjoyed this so much??? i miss jeno so much???
  • anyways byeeee

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i agree with your post about lance only being popular cause k/lance. like idk why everyone thinks 'lance doesnt get any hate' while hes one of the few characters who get a lot of hate?? like only yesterday i saw someone say on Instagram, 'lance is so mean to keith i wish i could choke him!1!1'

you know i’ve had this in my inbox for a while now because i was trying to come up with something to say besides ‘yeah’ but really… this is the truth. just because lance is one of the more popular characters in this fandom doesn’t mean he’s being treated well, and it’s discounting the amount of hate he gets like you said

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Bechloe 35?

Bechloe - ‘Sixth Sense’

Okay so I’ve totally cheated and taken the latest chapter from my long fic ‘Two Years On’ (that I’ve juuust updated on and used it for this prompt. It fitted so well!

The Bellas find out on WhatsApp:

Ready?” Beca asked.

Chloe took a deep breath and beamed at her fiancée excitably. The couple were squished on their little sofa, Chloe laid out with her legs over Beca’s thighs. Sprawled across the length of her outstretched legs was Alba, whose head was settled happily on Beca’s stomach and the brunette stroked her ears gently while the puppy snoozed. Beca pressed ‘send’ and exhaled, then looked over at Chloe with an ‘eek’ expression.

Chloe giggled then suddenly her phone ‘pinged’ the moment Beca’s message arrived in the Bella’s WhatsApp group. She unlocked her phone and looked at the photo Beca had sent. It was a photo that had been taken that morning, of Chloe sat on a wall down at the green near their apartment. Her back to the camera as she looked at the view ahead of her. To her left, sat on the bench, was Alba, her long tail hanging off the back of the wall. And Chloe had her left hand on the puppy’s back, her engagement ring in full view, but only noticeable if the viewer knew to look for it.

The caption Beca had sent with it had read “Not a bad view this morning”.

Chloe looked over at Beca affectionately. Back in college she would’ve never imagined her best friend to ever be this sweet. Maybe Aubrey had been wrong back when they’d been seniors and Beca had been a freshman. Perhaps she had been capable of changing the grumpy alt-girl. Or rather, not changed her exactly, but rather helped Beca become more comfortable with being openly nice. Of being more comfortable to openly be the amazing person Chloe had always known was there deep down. It had taken several years of patience throughout college, and Chloe had fallen deeper and deeper in love with Beca the more the brunette had revealed of her true self. But the woman who sat with her now was entirely the woman she’d fallen in love with in the first place, and more.

Suddenly both Chloe and Beca’s phones chimed and so the flurry of messages began:

Lily: Congratulations.

Emily: Cutest. Puppy. Everrrrr xxx

Jessica: Woah she’s grown so much!

Jessica: Alba I mean ;)

Ashley: Who? Chloe or the dog? X

Ashley: Ha never mind x

Jessica: Just too quick for you Ash ;) x

Emily: How old is she now Chlo? Xxx

Ashley: Who? Beca or Alba?

Jessica: Who? Beca or Alba?

Jessica: Hahaaaaa you copycat! X

Ashley: Stop it!! Haha x

Emily: Oh my God I meant Alba! Xxx

Emily: Though…how old IS Chloe?? Xxx

Aubrey: 28

Cynthia-Rose: Love-sick Beca weird’s me out. Please go back to being single.

Fat Amy: Bhloeeeeeeee.

Stacie: Beca Mitchell has it all. Cute girlfriend. Cute puppy. Cute life.

Aubrey: Girlfriend? Look again numbnuts ;) xx

Stacie: Eh? Xx

Stacie: HOLY SHIT!!!


Flo: Eeeeeeyyyyaaaaaayyyyyy!! Xx

Emily: What?? What’s going on? Xxx

Cynthia-Rose: Damn Beca that’s SO Chloe! Well done!

Cynthia-Rose: And congratulations!

Flo: Yes congratulations to the best couple in the world! Xx

Emily: What are we congratulating?? Guuuuuys come on! Tell me!! Xxx

Jessica: Congratulations!!!

Ashley: Congratulations!!!

Stacie: Congrats you guys!! Who’s going to take whose name??

Aubrey: You know my sentiments Chloe :) congratulations you two x

Emily: Name?? Xxx

Fat Amy: YEEEEAAAASSSSSSS!!! Bhloe are getting married!! Congrats! Shawshank, so happy you finally got your girl!

Beca: Thanks guys

Emily: WHAT?! AGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! Congratulationssssssss!!!!! Xxxxxxxx

Chloe: Thank you everyone! Can’t believe it :) xx

Stacie: So come on then, are we talking to the future Mrs Mitchell’s or the future Mrs Beale’s or the future Mrs Mitchell-Beale’s or the future Mrs Beale-Mitchell’s??

Stacie: Ugh that took so long to write.

Aubrey: What makes you think they’ve decided? Xx

Stacie: Well I’d decided a while back I’d take the surname of the person I’d marry xx

Aubrey: You did?! Xx

Stacie: Yup :) xx

Aubrey: But Conrad is so badass xx

Stacie: Coming from someone whose surname is Posen?! Xx

Fat Amy: God! When you two have finished flirting can we please leave room for Bhloe to answer the God damn question!!

Beca and Chloe looked at one another and smirked. They were the only two Bellas who knew that Aubrey and Stacie were in a relationship together, so it was funny to not only read their brief conversation but to read Fat Amy’s response – the Australian unknowingly calling Aubrey and Stacie out.

Cynthia-Rose: Hahaaa!

Aubrey: Amy!!

Fat Amy: I mean it Aubrey! Don’t make me create a name for you and Stacie too!

Stacie: Ooh what would the name be?

Aubrey: Don’t encourage her Stacie! Xx

Fat Amy: Give me a mo..

Emily: So guys how did the proposal happen?? Xxx

Stacie: Eh? Aubrey and I aren’t engaged.

Aubrey: She meant Chloe and Beca! Xx

Stacie: We’re not even dating sooooo…

Cynthia-Rose: I knew it!! I knew Beca was going to propose!

Stacie: Fuck off did you know!

Cynthia-Rose: I did!! I have a sixth sense about these sorts of things!

Stacie: Riiight… if you were so sure why didn’t you bet on it?

Cynthia-Rose: Guess I forgot..

Stacie: How convenient..

Cynthia-Rose: Want to bet on when the wedding will be? I’ll give you 3-1 odds that it’s next year?

Stacie: Hmm..

Aubrey: NO BETTING!!!

Cynthia-Rose: Your Mrs is getting mad ;)

Stacie: NOT my Mrs!

Aubrey: Ewwwwwwwwww

Flo: How did Beca propose? Was it on a boat? Under the moonlight? At sea? (I had a proposal like that once – very romantic) xx

Chloe: Beca’s label had signed a band recently

Beca: Not my label btw. Just Res.Heat’s new dept that I work in.

Chloe: and they did a flash mob type thing but with musical instruments.

Emily: Ohhhhh myyyyyyy God that sounds so SO romantic!! Xxx

Beca: Oh boy..

Chloe: It was! SO romantic! She’s amazing! Xx

Jessica: Aww!

Ashley: Aww!

Flo: Did Alba help? Xxx

Beca: If by help you mean she made Chloe late to meet me then yeah, she helped a heap..

Emily: Awwwww! She’s such a cute puppy! Xxx

Beca: Not awww! She’s a terror Em!

Chloe held her phone up and took a sneaky photo of Beca in her current position sat on the sofa, Chloe’s legs on her thighs and Alba’s head on her stomach. The brunette looked so calm and content. There was no way she was as mad with their puppy as she was making out to be on WhatsApp. So Chloe giggled as she sent the photo to the Bellas.

Chloe: Yeah a real terror…she snuggles up to Beca far too much..

Beca looked at Chloe and rolled her eyes as the ‘pinging’ continued, unimpressed by the stealth photo.

Stacie: Aww looooooooook!!

Cynthia-Rose: Hahaaa!!

Aubrey: Ohhh I want one!!

Beca: Sorry Posen, there’s only one of me and I’m all Chloe’s so…

Aubrey: I meant the puppy!

Stacie: Why don’t you get one then? Xx

Aubrey: Seriously? Xx

Stacie: Sure. I think you’re ready xx


Stacie: Huh?

Aubrey: ??

Fat Amy: That’s your name. Stacie+Aubrey=Staubrey

Emily: Eeeeeeee!! I love it!! So cute! Xxx

Cynthia-Rose: Hahaaa! This group is just too good! I miss you aca-bitches!

Fat Amy: Staubrey, just go shack up with your puppy and we’ll visit you when we’re not busy visiting Bella couple #1 and their pup

Aubrey: Ugh

Fat Amy: Aubrey don’t think I don’t know. I read the news you know!

Emily: What news? Xxx

Aubrey: Amy I’m warning you!!

Fat Amy: Nothing Legacy. Don’t you worry your little heart over it.

Emily: I’m twenty two!! Xxx

Aubrey: And I’m almost twenty nine and say that you should listen to Amy, Emily x

Cynthia-Rose: Sheesh, must be good gossip if Aubrey’s advising we listen to Fat Amy..

Chloe felt it her duty as Aubrey’s best friend to try to distract her fellow Bellas from the inevitable reveal of Aubrey and Stacie’s relationship if the conversation continued.

Chloe: So we’re thinking of getting married next year!

Stacie: Yeaaaasss! Pay-up CR! I just won $30 on my 3-1 bet!

Aubrey: You didn’t bet anything.. xx

Cynthia-Rose: Busted! Haha!

Ashley: Seriously? Eek that’s so soon :)

Jessica: Try not to freak Beca out Ash xx

Ashley: Gosh! Yeah! Sorry!

Chloe: Lol

Beca: No freaking here..yet..

Chloe: Alba won’t give her Mama the chance to get cold feet ;)

Emily: Mama?!?!?!?! Xxxxxxxx

Beca: Relax Legacy, the name’s for our puppy’s reference

Cynthia-Rose: Beca you’re so whipped..

Emily: Ohhhhh I thought you guys were pregnant or something xxx

Beca: God dude, let us get married and buy a house first!

Beca: And I’m not whipped! At least MY wife lets me work after 6pm

Emily: WIFE?! Xxxxx

Chloe: She’s kidding Emily xx

Emily: Oh..yeah..I can see that now. Oops hehe xxx

Beca: Legacy we JUST got engaged! We haven’t got married in the last ten minutes!!

Cynthia-Rose: Hahaaaa!

Fat Amy: You alright there Staubrey? You’ve gone a bit quiet..

Stacie: Busy looking at puppies to buy

Chloe grinned at Beca. To those who didn’t know that ‘Staubrey’ were actually a thing, they would think Stacie was being sarcastic. The chances were, however, she was probably being completely honest. They probably were looking at puppies to buy. Or adopt. Chloe hoped they would adopt. Aubrey wouldn’t have time to train a puppy and run her retreat.

Beca: Good luck. I can’t see Aubrey having time to train a puppy so perhaps suggest adopting a slightly older dog?

Stacie: She’d kill me!

Stacie: If I was dating her of course..

Fat Amy: Staaaaauuuuuuubreeeeeyyyyyyy

Aubrey: Ugh

thirty days of skam fic: day fifteen
aka isak is a pizza delivery boy and even is a very charming customer

beginning. accusation. restless. leaves. rainbow. flame. formal. under. move. silver. prepared. knowledge. denial. cans. order. thanks. look. summer. transformation. tremble. tent. mad. thousand. paper. winter. luxury. letters. promise. simple. future.


Getting a job at a crappy takeaway pizza place was probably one of the stupidest decisions of Isak’s life. He didn’t really have much of a choice, though; he really had to start earning some of his own money since his dad was always slow when Isak needed some, and the hours were flexible enough to work around college, and particularly helpfully, his flatmate was the manager, so he’d managed to get Isak the job without actually having to apply for anything.  

But it’s definitely not fun work, even if Isak is getting more exercise than he ever has in his life from pedalling his bike all over the city. He just wasn’t designed for the customer service industry, he decides as he sighs and edges a little further into the back room where they keep the packaged cheese. His shift is almost up, and if he can just wait it out a few more minutes without getting put on a delivery, he can probably go home before –

“Isak! Delivery for you!”  Isak groans as Eskild’s sunny voice rings through the store cupboard, swiftly followed by his face appearing in the doorway. He tuts, “Honestly, you have to stop hiding in here.”

No. Isak likes hiding in the store cupboard.

“Can’t you send someone else?  I only have fifteen minutes left, Eskild!”

“Sorry baby, no can do. They asked for you specifically.”

Isak blinks, thinking what the hell, until Eskild is suddenly waving the order ticket  in front of his face, and – oh. Right there, in the little box on the online order form that says ‘Delivery instructions?’ someone has typed out, send the cute delivery boy.

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Run Away Baby Ch. 4 (Steve Rogers x reader)

Hey lovelies! I hope your day is going well. I am actually not super stressed today and I’m in the writing mood! I’m soooo happy it’s Saturday and I WATCHED GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 LAST NIGHT AND IT WAS SO GOOD. Anywho, I hope you have a wonderful day filled with good luck and good food! xoxo

Description:  Pregnant with Steve Rogers’ child, your husband, you’re a happily married couple. He moved you to the countryside, trying to keep you away from as much harm as possible. Isolated, and by yourself most of the time, you always worried about him when he went away. But, marriage couldn’t have been better for the two of you for the three years since you had taken his last name. But, one night, when Steve’s out on a mission, you get a call from Nick Fury telling you to get as far away from your house as possible.

Warnings: Severe angst, death.

Chapter 3


Bucky quickly stood up from his chair in a panic. “What, what is it?” His eyes were wild with worry as he furrowed his eyebrows together. The doctor stood before them, twiddling with his thumbs. Fury’s patience was growing thin. 

“Spit it out, doctor.” He glared towards the nervous man, his hands pressing firmly down on the table. 

“Uh-Sir. I-I mean sirs, uh- you have to choose.” He looked up from his hands at the two men. “You have to choose who you save: her or the baby.” 

“What?” Bucky’s confused look flickered between Fury and the doctor. “What do you mean?”

The doctor mustered up all of his confidence to tell them. “At this moment, they are both in very critical conditions and neither of them can survive with the other. The damage that has been done to Ms. F/N was too great for the baby, and the baby’s failing health is killing her along with themselves. They have little time, so I’ll give you two a minute to make your decision.” He quickly slipped out of the room. 

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like tbh why is tumblr cool w/ the fetishization of gay men & lesbians as long as the person fetishizing them is trans 

like ppl will make 50k note posts about how gay men are being fetishized by 14 yo straight girls on this hellsite but the second that girl uses he/him pronouns shes a fucking “achilliean mlm”

like i know why ppl dont care but the supreme cognitive dissonance it must take to be like “ugh so tired of straight girls on this website fetishizing mlm. this post is inclusive of trans men!” is unimaginable to me

Saving the World is Easy

*Pynch Week 17, Day 2 Prompt: Superhero AU (see notes at the end)

FYI: this one starts out as Gangsey banter and ends in a fairly steamy Pynch makeout session because SUPERHEROES

look alive sunshine 109 in the sky and the pigs won’t quit you’re here with me dr. death defy i’ll be your surgeon your proctor your helicopter pumpin out the slaughter-matic sounds to keep you live

[KING]: Ronan

a system failure for the masses anti-matter for the master plan louder than god’s revolver and twice as shiny this one’s for all you rock and rollers all you crash queens and motor babies

[KING]: Ronan!

listen up the future is bullet proof the aftermath is secondary it’s time to do it now and do it loud killjoys make some noise!


*cut music*

[DRM MCHN] What the hell, Gansey? I thought we were using code names!

[KING]: You weren’t answering the comms! Turn off that racket; we’ve got a job to do.

[DRM MCHN]: Fucking lame, old man. This is my GAME TIME soundtrack. We can’t go into battle without some good shit playing!

*cue Ride of the Valkyries*

[COLA]: Now this is just pretentious. Only villains listen to opera, KING.

[MIRROR]: Oh, thank you, COLA for reminding these amateurs how to use code names. And I agree. Opera is a no go.

[KING]: BEEBOY and GHOST get a vote, too! C’mon guys, back me up. Also, MIRROR, see what I did there? Code names.

[MIRROR]: Yeah, we’re all super impressed.

[BEEBOY]: If it’s not “Like a Virgin” then I don’t want to hear it.

[GHOST]: …this is completely unfair because I know y’all will turn mine down.

[KING]: Noa—I mean, GHOST, don’t say that.

[GHOST]: Um, DRM MCHN can you help a guy out?

[DRM MCHN]: I got you, BOO.

[GHOST]: …that’s not my name…

[COLA]: Hey, don’t go calling other dudes “boo.”

[DRM MCHN]: Sorry, babe.

[MIRROR]: Is anyone gonna play something?! We have a mission we need to be getting to.

[DRM MCHN]: Yeah, yeah, one second…



[DRM MCHN]: *diabolical laughter*

[BEEBOY]: Ugh, your DJ rights are revoked. Permanently.

[DRM MCHN]: Try and stop me, motherfu—

[KING]: ENOUGH! God… MIRROR, what’s the sitrep on the ground?

[MIRROR]: Hostile invasion of GREENMANTLE forces in the southeast quadrant. They’ve set up a base in the drug store.

[KING]: Curses!


[KING]: Whatever, trying to keep the airwaves clean.

[DRM MCHN]: Okay, Captain America.

[COLA]: I suggest sending BEEBOY for recon, GHOST for diversion. The rest of us will contain them. Set to stun?

[KING]: Roger that.

[MIRROR]: Time to show these assholes that Henrietta is not their playground!

[DRM MCHN]: MIRROR quit stealing my lines, you midget.

[COLA]: Someone has been watching too many action movies…

[MIRROR]: You know what, you two can—

[BEEBOY]: Oh shit! Guys, they have K CORPS drones on site! Looks like they’re preparing to launch. DRM MCHN, COLA, you guys are up!

[DRM MCHN]: Fucking finally! COLA, watch my six, I’m goin’ in.

[COLA]: I got you. MIRROR and KING, don’t let any sneak by. GHOST, get that diversion going ASAP.

*lots of fighting happens. DRM MCHN swears a lot. there is much yelling. chaos! mayhem! anarchy! and yet the RAVEN TEAM wins the day*

Later… back at the secret base aka the first floor of Monmouth Manufacturing

“Yee-haw!!!” Adam yells, yanking off his helmet and shaking his hair out. Sweat goes flying and Ronan swears he’s never seen a more beautiful sight in his life (he thinks this every time).

Ronan drops his helmet to the concrete and picks Adam up, spinning him around while Adam sends up another victory cry. They’re both laughing and giddy, hearts pounding, adrenaline pumping…

“Oh my god,” Ronan pants, “if you do not get me out of this armor right now I am going die.”

Adam cups Ronan’s face in his gloved hands and kisses him. And keeps kissing him.

“Guys!” Blue yells. “Get a room! I don’t need to witness your post-battle makeouts all the time.”

Ronan holds Adam to him with one arm, a feat that’s mostly accomplished because Adam has his legs wrapped securely around Ronan’s waist, and flips Blue off. He doesn’t stop kissing Adam for a moment. Post-battle makeouts are the best makeouts.

Henry says something to Gansey, then Blue, and the three of them retreat upstairs. Noah has already made his exit.

“Kind of them to give us the whole first floor,” Adam comments as he starts helping Ronan out of his armor. It’s a complicated process but Adam’s done this countless of times and he’s the best at it; Ronan gets frustrated too easily.

“Hmmm,” Ronan steals a kiss before Adam pushes him back against the wall.

“Patience.” Adam’s smile is a tease, so is the slow trace of his fingers down Ronan’s spine as he peels off the skintight suit that they wear beneath the armor. Ronan’s skin is hot, sweaty, making it difficult to work his arms out of the long sleeves.

“Parrish…” Ronan groans, trying to lean forward to kiss Adam again but Adam pulls back, keeping Ronan’s wrists trapped in the sleeves of his suit.

“Patience.” Adam’s lips press against Ronan’s wrists, then the crook of his elbow, his shoulder, the side of his neck.

“Why do you live to torment me?” Ronan hisses.

Adam laughs quietly and finally frees Ronan’s wrists. The lightweight armor keeps him from feeling the heat of Ronan’s bare chest pressing against him but he doesn’t mind, especially when Ronan really enjoys making out with him while he wears his armor.

“Why are you such an armor junkie?” Adam asks. His voice comes out huskier than usual.

Ronan wraps a leg around Adam’s waist, pulling their bodies together. His arms twine around Adam. There isn’t a bit of space between them, just the thin material of the suit that clings to Ronan’s hips and legs, and the hard, smooth armor encasing Adam from foot to neck.

“Why are you so hot?” Ronan replies.

Ronan’s hands are in Adam’s hair, his back chafes against the brick wall. Adam smiles against Ronan’s neck, breaths in the scent of him, hands moving down to grip his ass.

“Why are you so… so…” Adam’s thoughts melt away, articulation lost.

Ronan bites Adam’s lower lip.

“Cat got your tongue, COLA?”

Adam moans a little. “No code names during…” Ronan yanks on his hair, which derails him for a moment. “…you really want me to call you DRM MCHN right now?”

“Ugh. No, nevermind. Total buzzkill. You know I hate that codename.” Ronan makes a face and Adam kisses the corner of his mouth.

“Had to take your ego down a peg, babe.”

“Not working,” Ronan smirks and bites kisses along Adam’s jaw.

“You don’t play fair,” Adam pants in Ronan’s ear.

“Never did.”

Adam covers Ronan’s mouth with his and kisses him for so long that his jaw starts to hurt, for so long that it’s only Ronan’s quiet whimper that snaps him out of it. The rough surface of the brick wall is scraping Ronan’s back, his skin bright pink, especially along his spine.

“I’m sorry—” Adam starts but Ronan tackles him to the floor before he can finish.

“Don’t you dare apologize,” Ronan huffs as he straddles Adam. “This is pretty much the hottest thing we’ve done since… well, the last time we had a battle.”

“The perks of saving the world,” Adam jokes.

“Uh-huh,” Ronan agrees, “now get the hell out of that armor.”

Adam’s grin could light up a power grid. “Yes, sir.”

[Lyrics at the beginning are from the video intro to “Na Na Na” by My Chemical Romance. Ronan & Adam’s suits/armor are kinda based on what Jaeger pilots wear in Pacific Rim.]