ugh the way they look at each other



Looks like they’ll be starting fresh on Viktor and Yurio’s home turf to begin preparing for the new challenges that will lie ahead.

And while they don’t know what may happen along the way, they’re love for each other will most likely continue to serve as their guiding light.

I hope in Season 4 we get background glimpses of Isak and Even. Like:

• People know now of Even and Isak as an official couple, so they start to get to know Even and find out what a cool guy he is.

• Others never forgeting to invite Even alongside Isak now to the parties.

• When they get comfortable with public affection, we see them holding hands.

• Hot making out action going on in parties.

• The boy/girl squad mentioning them, like ‘Ugh, those two are inseperable now’, or one of the girls going 'the way those two look at each other it’s so sickeningly sweet. I want that.’

• Isak, now being the side character, talking with the main character and mentioning Even and not being able to control his fond smile.

•Whenever there’s a pre-game or something being hosted, Isak and Even are somewhere in the corner together being sweet and cute and sometimes borderline-hot-sexy-action and mostly oblivious to anyone around them.

•The honeymoon phase ♡

• The boy squad appearing sometimes and somehow mentioning those two, because yes, they are the biggest Evak shippers ever. Like, 'Yeah, those two, now that they’re officially together, they’re like always, like, linked physically or something, it’s disgusting’ with fond smiles and teasing.

• Isak blushing in the background and Even smiling his adoring only-for-Isak smile at him.

• So yeah, I hope we get some Evak background sweetness.

What if there’s an actual scene where Sherlock falls and John catches him and Sherlock is like “oh😳”

How RFA feels about snow

Just trying out a new style as I write this! That and a belated Merry Christmas!(Note: I only played Zen’s route for the Christmas DLC, so some stuff might be inaccurate)
~ Ion

“Snowflakes will come down, gently and gracefully drifting with the winds as they differentiate from each other with their unique patterns… isn’t that just beauty? But they will never be more beautiful than I am, because– Ugh, seriously? Why did they enter my house again?”

  • Look. His house is a half-underground apartment – this means sometimes he will exit to open to a flood of snow entering his house
  • You think the snow will be merciful although he is beautiful?
  • He has to dig his way through in order for him to go out sometimes
  • Will be posing and taking selfies to entertain himself
  • And will be late for practice when that happens
  • When he comes back from work and wants to get a bath he just screams because he will always forget that the snow fucks up the water heater
  • He at least makes the effort to appreciate snow
  • That’s good enough, right?

“A time to have fun! We can have snowball fights, build snowmen, make snow angels…”

  • And sometimes it injures him because the layer of snow is not that thick
  • But he loves spending time with his buddies playing with them
  • Probably the only time you will see him outside and not play LOLOL
  • Really competitive during snowball fights, but makes sure that other people are fine while playing them (Eg. Not getting hurt, making sure there aren’t a-holes who put a rock inside the snowball [Looking at you FFTA])
  • Doesn’t mind doing secret Santa or trading gifts with people
  • … Although he might not be able to pick the best gifts, he still will try to make the gifts relevant to you

“Well, I used to like snow… but now I am really worried about how to get to work when it’s snowing.” ~ To quote the game lol.

  • Sort of like Zen, there will be days Jaehee will be ALMOST late for work
  • It stresses her out, especially when the weather reporter did not get their reports right, like;
  • “It will be a fine and sunny day tomorrow!”
  • -snows the next day-
  • “… seriously”
  • When she travels to work, she will always remember how she used to love snow and played with it
  • “Too bad I’m now too old for it… Wish that I’m like Yoosung sometimes.”

“It’s still a normal, usual day. Is there anything to bother?”

  • Ice prince not gonna be bothered by it, since others would already prepare the necessities for him
  • Hot water for bath? Boom, done
  • Food? Boom, served fresh AND hot.
  • Transportation? Boom, smooth af
  • (Thanks Driver Kim for all your hard work)
  • But hc that the snow at least holds some significance because of a certain memory with V
  • Maybe when they were younger they have played snow together and he holds onto those memories dearly
  • But now he is just tired with how V never told him anything
  • And boy, how he wishes that things can be like how it was in the past.

“Snow? Oh, it’s okay, I guess.”

  • He sounds meh
  • But in reality snow just reminds him how cold he was in the past in winter when he was with his brother
  • Those times were the worst, okay?
  • There was no heater, their mom would purposely give cold food, they didn’t even have hoodies/jackets/sweaters
  • Oh and btw, I don’t think Santa ever visited them even though they are precious cinnamon buns who had been nice for the whole year
  • He just views snow as how it is just cold, sad and how they bring bad memories to him.
If it all comes down to one thing, it’s the way you and I look at each other as if we’re the only two in the world.
—  that’s love

For whatever reason, when we came together, there was a sense of hope and excitement and possibility. If there was no Hollywood, no next movie, no deal at Warner Brothers, no place in Malibu or Venice, I would still be really happy.” - Susan Downey

She will be Mrs Downey for the rest of her days on earth if I have anything to say about it, my wedding ring means everything to me. I had it inscribed with the Latin for ‘Until the wheels fall off’ and I mean that.” - Robert Downey Jr

at an audition
  • director: ok let's hear your monologue
  • me: Hello, I am wearing this ruby red hat because I don’t like the way that my hair looks. Now listen guys, looking the way that I look and sounding the way that I sound, I don’t really get along with boys my age, as you can probably guess, my male peers are not huge fans of what I’ve got going on here. And I’ve brought this up before, sometimes it’ll be as simple as a word that they yell at me from their vehicles, sometimes they’ll express this to me by a face they make at me as we’re walking past each other on the sidewalk, something like pfft or ugh, which kinda just says something like, look, I don’t have time to get into the specifics right now, but I want you to know, Sir, that I’m not okay with this. Now, the reason I bring this up is because something happened, um...I was threatened recently. Not on the internet, surprisingly enough, but on the phone! I received a personal phone call from a young man, and I won’t get into the exact reason for the call, but I will say that I didn’t actually do anything wrong, and men are fucking psychopaths. Now, it happened very quickly, I don’t really remember exactly everything he said, it was mostly just a very detailed description of how he was going to violently beat me if he ever saw me...which, by the way, is an interesting point I’d like to bring up, I do remember his phrasing on that. It was if I ever see you, not I’m gonna come and find you, he’s not gonna seek me out, he’s not driving over, he’s not going to invest gas money into this assault. But just if we happen to run into each other at a place, he’ll do what he has to do, anywhere, I assume: grocery store, pasta aisle, he’ll most likely abandon a full cart...let’s do this. I mean, aquarium, fuck this octopus, I’ve got an ass to kick! He’s walking out of the movie theater with a hot date, he spots me at the concessions purchasing some buttered expensive popcorn, he turns to his lady, and be like, “I am so sorry, this is super embarrassing, I had a blast tonight, this movie was the bomb, Channing Tatum is a force to be reckoned with, but there’s a young man over here and I promised I would stomp his head into the ground if I ever saw him in public, and voila, there he is! So you are free to watch, you can also leave, you can take a taxi, I will reimburse your fare via paypal…” (Deep breath) Anyway, I’m getting off topic here. The phone call: he talked for about a minute but not a lot was said, you know, it was one of those where it was just like a variation of the sentence, “I’m going to kick your fucking ass,” over and over, and just different ways of saying that, with a few, “You faggot!” and “High-pitched voice motherfucker,” thrown in for good measure, something about my nose, I’m not really sure. But there was one thing he said, one thing this man said to me on the phone that I still am trying to figure out and wrap my brain around to this day. And I’m going to say it to you right now, this man said to me on the phone, drum-roll-please (knock knock) I’m going to shove a log up your ass. Now I’m gonna repeat that, I’m going to shove a log up your ass. Take it in. I still am. I mean there are so many things I have to say about this. I don’t know where to start, first of all, a log. Not a stick, certainly not a twig, not even a goddamn branch but a log. Logs are big. I’m sure you’re familiar with logs, audience. Logs take three to four large muscular men to transport from place to place. They’re often times used as seating, I’ve taken a hike before and eaten a sandwich on a log with multiple pals, I drew a picture of a log here if you forget what they look like. (Brandishing paper) My butthole is nowhere near ready for log entry. My poor little lonely asshole is, I dunno, maybe one tenth of an inch wide while the ending of a log, the diameter here is, I dunno, maybe two fucking feet? At this point in time if you tried to shove a log up my ass you’d more or less just be hitting my entire ass with a log. And I don’t think this is what this guy wants, I think he wants to go for full log penetration and he knows what he wants and that’s what I’ve always loved about him. And look, how we’re going to get this log in, I’m not really sure, I’m not even sure that he knows, because sometimes all you have is a dream. And maybe the journey is still cooking up in the oven, I mean obviously he’d have to do a lot of work on my butthole. I mean we’d start off small, obviously, maybe a few fingers, move our way on up the dildo train, maybe at some point introduce some sort of tube instrument, I mean do we have a budget, that can’t be cheap I mean, he’d be shoving a lot things up my ass before we made our way to log. And let’s not forget, this all started with him calling me a faggot, thing about that for a second, I mean this would take some time. I’m not a scientist but honestly, stretching my lonely little butthole enough for a full on log shove couldn’t take less than, I dunno, a year and a half. And even with that estimate he’d have to be working me day and night. I mean, are we gonna move in together, probably, I can’t imagine why we wouldn’t. This isn’t something that you can just take breaks with willy-nilly. Butthole stretching is very similar to ear piercing, if you don’t commit, you take a month off, that thing will pfft, close right back up, you’ll be back to square one. So if we’re gonna do this, (Slams fist on table) we have to fucking do this! Okay? I mean, are we gonna be talking as he gets me ready, I mean, I know the man, and I’ve had our disagreements, but at a certain point, maybe hour forty-seven of butthole log prepare, you’ve gotta start conversing. I mean, maybe we’ll develop a friendship, maybe we’ll grow close to one another, maybe he’ll love me! Maybe he’ll change his mind and say, “I don’t think you deserve a...a log in your butthole as I so strongly believed in the first place.” And I’ll look him right in the eyes and I’ll say, “Buddy, no, we have come too far to back down at this point.” And don’t mistake my persistence for an actual excitement of the idea of a log in my ass, I am just a firm believer in the philosophy of not giving up I mean, this thing is not going to be easy. Let’s not completely get caught up in just the preparation, I mean, how long does the log stay in? Forever? When you hear someone say, “I’m gonna shove a log up your ass,” you can’t imagine they’re going to help you remove it. I mean, is that just my thing now? It’s not an in and out situation. Am I just stuck with it, do I just walk around with this log in my ass for the rest of my life? Do I just become that guy, does my family lose respect for me when I show up for a Thanksgiving dinner, does everyone try their hardest not to bring up the elephant in the room, or more specifically, the log in my fucking ass. I mean, oh my god, what is this, will I ever have a healthy relationship again? Will this log just take over my life, will I just become the shell of a man? This isn’t fair and don’t even get me started on splinters! Anyway um, remember to share this video with your friends, because it may very well get me killed, and I’d like to get some views and leave some money for my family, so. Buh-bye!

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Have you ever realized how Matthew's eyes, well, REST on Stephanie? I mean, he doesn't seem to want to look away because she's safe to him and- AHHHH! THEY'RE JUST SO CUTE! You can see the love within the glances.

Anon, I can write a damn 40 page essay on the way Matthew looks at Stephanie, it’s so full of love, and you can tell it’s just home to him. And just ugh, Stephew guys.

Through the mocking and the joking, and the little jabs at each other, they love each other so much. And if Matthew is not playing the game, his eyes are on Stephanie, even if Jason talks to him, just like: 

“Hold on bro, my wife is beautiful I can only look at you 10%, Stephanie’s the other 90%”

“But I’m talking to y-”

“Stephanie is the other 90%!”

And you can tell little things she does that he loves about her, tiny subtle things like messing with her wedding ring when she’s nervous, and he notices, and has a small little grin. 

He holds her hand if she’s worried, he loves to give hugs when he can tell she’s sad or scared. AND SOMETIMES HE DOES THAT AND HE’S NOT EVEN LOOK AT HER, JUST LIKE HE CAN SENSE IT OR SOMETHING JESUS CHRIST

Okay, I need to stop rambling, just the song “Can’t take my eyes off of you” is perfect for Stephew.

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it was like something out of affair era. the lazy way his eyes trailed all over aaron. ugh it got me right in the gut.

it was almost better than the affair era in some ways??? because before robert and aaron’s looks were mere glances, sharp and sudden before immediately retreating in case they were caught. but now…. now they’ve got the luxury to look at each other as much as they want, and as you say, that languid, easy way he just lets his gaze slide down the length of aaron’s body is almost obscene!!!