ugh the way carl pushes him away in the last one

The Quarry *Requested* Part 2

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 1,400

When you woke up you were debating wether you should get out of bed yet or not. You totally dreaded facing Daryl. What would he say? What would he do? Would he even remember? “I guess now is a good a time as any.” You told yourself, pushing the sheets off of you and getting out of bed. You made your way into the main room and were relieved that you didn’t see Daryl in there. Thank god. “Ugh, I am never drinking again.” Glenn said, holding his head in his hands. “We all say that.” You said ruffling his hair, taking a seat next to him. “Ughhhh.” He groaned swatting your hand away and you laughed. “Here, drink some water it’ll help.” You said smiling and he took the glass from you. “I might throw up on you.” Glenn told you, before chugging it. “Some friend you are.” You said smirking at him.

“Thanks.” You said, when T-dog handed you a plate of eggs. “They’re powdered, but I worked my magic on them.” He said, making you chuckle. You looked up and saw Daryl had entered the room and you choked on your eggs, having a mini coughing fit. “Geez are you ok?” Glenn asked, patting you on the back. “Yeah, I’m good.” You said wheezing, trying to catch your breath. You concentrated on your plate for the most part, but you felt Daryl’s eyes on you and when you looked back at him again he quickly looked away. This was going to be a long day.


Unsurprisingly there was a problem, at first you thought this place could be a permanent home, you didn’t want to admit that it was a pipe dream. However, you didn’t think that this place would fall so quickly, it had barely been one day. “Please, all we are asking for is a chance.” Rick pleaded. “I told you once the doors are closed they stay closed.” Jenner told the group. Jenner eventually gave in and opened the door that kept the group trapped. “I’m grateful.” Rick said to the scientist. “The day will come when you won’t be.” Jenner replied, his response gave you chills. You shook your head and ran into your room and grabbed all your things, shoving them into your backpack. Daryl was looking around frantically, trying to find you. “Where is she?!” He screamed in his head. He was about to sprint back downstairs, but he saw you running towards him with Glenn right behind you.

Rick put the grenade that Carol had given him right by the window. Luckily the force of the impact broke the bullet proof window. “Come on let’s go!” T-dog said and everyone started to jump through the opening. “Shit!” You cursed when you fell getting out of the window and your leg was sliced by a piece of glass, there was blood everywhere. You stood up slowly but couldn’t move fast enough, the pain was excruciating. “(Y/N)!” You heard Daryl shout. “Just go, you don’t have time!” You yelled back at him. “I ain’t leavin’ ya.” He said, running over to you, picking you up bridal style and racing towards his truck.

He laid you down across the front seat and covered you with his body, shielding you from the explosion. Soon there was a loud blast and just like that the CDC was destroyed. Daryl sat up, when the sound of falling debris faded. Daryl looked down at you for a moment, making sure you were ok. He grabbed the red rag out of his back pocket and wiped the blood away. “It’s pretty deep.. but ya won’t need stitches.” He told you. He then got one of his shirts out of the backseat and wrapped it around your leg, tying it tightly. “Thank you.. for coming back for me.” You said to him and he nodded. The group started to drive off one by one and Daryl turned on his truck, following them. What are we going to do now?


Every once in a while you would glance over at Daryl driving. He had one hand on the wheel and his elbow leaning against the window frame, biting the tip of his thumb. It had been four hours on the road so far and the silence was killing you. You needed to know if he remembered last night, even if you didn’t like his answer. “Maybe I should give him a hint?” You thought to yourself. “Sooo, last night was fun.” You blurted out, immediately regretting your choice of words. What a stupid thing to say. You looked over at Daryl and waited for his answer, but he didn’t say anything. Another two hours passed and the group pulled over on the side of the road.

“What happened to you?” Rick asked, when he saw you limping with Daryl’s bloody shirt around your leg. “It’s stupid. This kind of world wasn’t meant for the uncoordinated.” You answered with a smile. You sat on a nearby log and checked out the large gash on your leg. Daryl watched you as you unwrapped it and saw that there was a minor infection. He pulled a pill bottle out of his bag and dropped it in front of you. “Here. It’ll help with the pain and infection.” He said and walked back over to his spot a few yards away. You sat there with a frown on your face for a few moments, before opening the bottle and swallowing the two pills dry. You got a clean bandage from Dale and rewrapped it. You stretched your leg out a little, it definitely felt better.

“Mom, I’m hungry.” Carl said to Lori, grabbing his stomach. “I know honey, we all are.” She answered. “I’ll try to catch us some squirrel or somethin’.” Daryl said and Lori thanked him. “Wait up.” You told Daryl and grabbed your knife. “Stay here, yer leg.” He told you. “It doesn’t hurt anymore, those pills worked quickly. Thanks for that by the way.” You said. Daryl just turned around and walked across the street into the woods, he knew there was no point in arguing with you.


“It’s so pretty out here.” You commented, the sunset was painting oranges and pinks across the sky. “I always wanted a little cosy house in the mountains, surrounded by trees.” You continued and he just grunted. Daryl shot his crossbow and caught his sixth squirrel, tying it to a rope around his belt loop.

Soon the pain in your leg came back and you leaned back against a tree. “I told ya you shoulda stayed.” Daryl said. “I’m fine, give me a second.” You said. “Just sit down before ya fall down.” Daryl told you and you did as he said. He sat across from you and cleaned off some of his arrows, while you watched him. “I didn’t forget ya know..” Daryl told you. “Huh?” You asked. “Never mind.” He mumbled and grabbed another arrow. Your eyes widened when you finally understood what he meant. You were at a loss for words, you honestly wouldn’t have thought in a million years that he would bring it up. “Did you.. mean it?” You asked him quietly, your heart pounding in your chest. He slowly nodded after a few long moments. You crawled over to him on all fours, taking the arrow out of his hand and sat on his lap. You ran your fingers through his hair and kissed him, the kiss growing more intense by the second. He ran his tongue across your bottom lip, asking for entrance, which you gladly allowed. Daryl moaned pulling you closer against him. Unfortunately you both pulled away, needing to catch your breath.

You looked at him with a wide smile on your face. “Wha’?” He asked and you shrugged your shoulders. “I don’t know. I’m just happy.” You answered and began kissing him again.

Hope you guys liked part 2. Please let me know if you’re interested in a part 3 (I have a few ideas☺️)!

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Nine Lives Remember

*For Jerusha, Molly and 3 anons - all wanting some reassurance about Carol and her TWD Longevity after reading some rather unsensitive and frankly repetitive foilers 

Here we go again! 

Carol Peletier has been killed off for the umpteenth time by her “opposition” and the fandom is once again scrambling to separate and distinguish the “truth” from the malicious rumours that have plagued her character since Season 1 or perhaps more accurately from the very moment golden boy, Daryl Dixon, started naturally gravitating towards her awesomeness. 

The minute Daryl’s smirky blue eyes started tracking and watching HER more than the others, the target on her back started to grow. 

When you really think about it Carol had been underestimated even by her own fan base, starting all the way back from the very beginning of the series and therefore her “death” has been predicted and expected more than that of any other TWD main cast character. 

Melissa McBride herself didn’t expect Carol to leave the quarry with the rest of the group, let alone be the one whose ingenuity and pocketed grenade, hidden in her trusty messenger bag, would provide the only way out of the self-destructing CDC. 

In Season 2 Carol was given a tragic story-line which cost her the last family member she had but that loss bonded her even more with the resident bad boy Daryl Dixon whose friendship proved to be monumental for her because at the very end her hold on him produced a truly epic romantic moment as he saved her life and whisked her away to safety. 

However it’s important to mention that before she rode off with him on that motorcycle she made sure he was still around do be in the position to do it. 

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Daryl x Reader (Ch. 9)

Imagines: Imagine Daryl going through houses and happens to go to your old one. He goes through your room and takes a few pictures of you off of your walls.

 Warnings: nahhh

 Word count: 2,536

 Author: Caroline

 Jesus Christ. “Isaac… You’re alive?” Instantly my body went numb, my heart felt like it stopped beating, and my face went completely pale. I felt my body about to faint, but Isaac ran over to me and caught my fall. He looks the same, maybe a bit more rugged. Tan, tall, broad shoulders. Couple years older than me… Black hair with perfect teeth. I remember why I fell in love with him years ago.

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