ugh the video quality for this was so shitty :(

smoakinzel  asked:

hi! I'm sorry if you got this question already but I didn't find it anywhere on your blog, but, I wanted to know what are the exact things I have to do so my gifs will come with a very good quality? I download my videos in HQ (1080p), I make the gif, then I save it, and on photoshop it does look really good but everytime I upload it on tumblr it looks all blurred and shitty ugh. What do I have to do? Thanks!

Make sure you’ve used the correct Tumblr sizes:


  • How to make HQ gifs (tutorial)
  • Apply a good action! Check out our tag.
  • Make sure when you’re changing your gifs size that you click “Bicubic (best for smooth gradients)”. When you’re changing your gifs size (ALT+CMD+I for Mac users), a popup box will have all the details of you Image size. There is a drop down option at the bottom of the popup box called “Bicubic Automatic”. Just click that.

  • The reason that you should do this/why I do this, is because it makes the gif look higher quality when you apply an action. 

My result of using the “Bicubic (best for smooth gradients)” method:

Save your gif as the following:

  • Gif
  • Selective
  • Pattern
  • Colours: 256
  • (Click transparency)
  • No Transparency Dither
  • Looping options: Forever

(One of Those) Crazy Girls - Live on Parahoy! 

You know I must be getting close to finishing my movie when I have time to upload some stuff to youtube. Can’t believe I was in that pit (the close part that was jumping) Ugh crazy night. My mom filmed this for me so don’t judge haha