ugh the quality though


If I were to ask myself a year ago whether this would be happening, I would not believe it. It’s really exciting. It’s also a little intimidating. I’m just starting to work so naturally everything is an ebb and flow, like a roller coaster, up and down. So it’s a good thing to be here right now. 

When she was a kid, she used to ask her papa if she could swim in the Seine, and every year, without fail, he would say no. At around age ten, Esme had decided to finally ask why she was never allowed to go. He had told her then that a river is crowded with too many boats and tourists and responsibilities for her to swim in, that the currents were too strong and that she wouldn’t be able to handle the pull. That she’d drown in it.

This holiday, Esme spends it staring down into the Thames with Niall and Harry goofing off behind her, three faces shimmering back at her. She watches their reflections and thinks that maybe her papa was right because she likes the view from outside the river just a little bit better than actually swimming in it.

Because this way she’s a part of it too.

my soul is a river by rebexciting