ugh the quality idk how i feel

mydoctorpotter  asked:

Of the question thing 1,2,27,28 and 54? If you want

Eek! Thank you for the ask!

1. Selfie: Sure! Be warned, this is a bad quality photo. ugh idk how to take pictures

2. What would you name your future kids? I have no idea, but probably something plant related like I am. (like Aspen, or Holly or something)

27. Things I hate: rude people *cough* @ everyone in my class *cough*, and other people feeling sad.

28. I’ll love you if… you let me. Honestly, if you are a nice person and I can create a positive emotional connection with you I will love you!

54. Something that’s worrying me at the moment. Currently I’m stressed about schoolwork and stuff (I should probably get back to that).