ugh the most beautiful wedding tbh

soft-smoll  asked:

How would Gwash,Jmads,and Tjeff act on their wedding day/night

Oh man these 3 boys would be SO ENAMOURED WITH THEIR S/O ON THEIR WEDDING DAY. Like they would pamper them with only the best of the best, and just basically worshipping the ground they walk on. Their weddings would be the talk of town, and everyone would just remember it because of how legendary it was. I can see all of their weddings being in the spring/summer. Spring for GWash and JMads, and summer for TJeffs. 

GWash’s wedding would be pretty standard, but everything was a lot more fancier bc of his status. Everything would be white and gorgeous, and a lot of important people would be there. JMads’s wedding would be a lot more simpler, like an outdoor one with close friends and family. But he would give the CUTEST/MOST LOVING/BEST vow, and everyone would somehow have heard of it. Probs got so popular someone requested that he wrote it down or something (which he refused!). TJeffs would go all out with this wedding, just so flamboyant. It would be flashy, there would be different locations for the wedding and afterparty, and it would go on VERY LATE. 

Ugh their reaction to seeing their S/O walking down that aisle would make ANYONE jealous tbh. GWash would just smile lovingly, outstretching his hand when they get near enough, and saying “Wow, you look beautiful.”. JMads literally would have his hands on his mouth, jaw slack, and eyes popped out. He probs wouldn’t say anything, maybe just a “aksdjf;lsdja” but more eloquent of course.  TJeffs would grin like a stupid fool, looking around with that face that just says “Yes I’m marrying this perfection! Y’all better be jealous!” He also probs would whisper a compliment once they’re up with them.  

All 3 would be constantly making physical contact with their S/O throughout the day/night. GWash’s right hand is permanently on his S/O’s waist, unless he was shaking someone’s hand of course. JMads would be holding their hands, his eyes never leaving them, and you just know he’s freaking in love bc he still looks like their wedding was a dream. TJeffs and his S/O would forever be on the dance floor, slow dancing to whatever music was playing. He probs would be talking to her as if they were just meeting, like, “I have an estate in Virginia.” “I know, Thomas.” “Would you like to come see it with me?” “I’ve been there before.” “Yea, but this’ll be the first time you’ll be seeing it as my wife!” He’d be that guy who would commemorate all the firsts again, but as a married couple. 

Their wedding night will be super vanilla- let’s face it. GWash would just take care of their S/O, making sure they weren’t uncomfortable with anything, and he would be 1000000% fine if they weren’t ready to do the deed. All 3 of them would be more than willing to wait for a nervous S/O! JMads’s S/O would be worried about his health- maybe forcing them to sleep early, but if he could convince them that they were fine, off they would go, doing the deed. TJeffs would probs go all night with their S/O. He’s a freaking rabbit, and he’d get little sleep, but at sunrise the next day he would be at his desk working or bringing up food for his S/O, being his sassy and preppy self. And his S/O would want to slap him for waking them up so early, and that would be the day he realized not everyone (ESPECIALLY HIS S/O) is a morning person, like he was. 

Okay wow, I kind of went a little overboard with this… My bad! But I have so many freaking head cannons, and this was AN AMAZING REQUEST.