ugh the dean is my favorite

i would like to talk about cas appreciating the hell out of dean’s bowlegs. pressing him against the wall and forcing his legs apart so he can stand between them, stroking his hands over his thighs reverently and then gripping tight, fingers digging in to the firm muscle as he hoists him up to shove him harder into the wall. dean has no choice but to wrap his legs around him and take it when cas grinds roughly into him. while he gasps and swears, cas calmly mentions that he thinks dean’s legs might have been created specifically to fit around him, and would he like to test the theory that they would fit neatly over his shoulders too?

In which Castiel is an explorer who’s only too familiar with sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong, and Dean is a creature of the forest who gives him a taste of his own medicine.


“I wouldn’t touch that.”

Castiel startles, drawing his telescopic pointer away from the mushroom he’d been examining. He looks around, but sees no face amongst the trees to match the voice he’d heard. “Excuse me?” He spins around, hearing footsteps, but still he sees nothing. “Who’s there?”

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Queer Sam Week: Day 1; Favorite (potentially) Queer!Sam moment(s)

Brad Pitt & the male model type [ 3x10 || 6x22 ]

“Brad Pitt?” - The way Dean says it doesn’t sound like the typical stupid “haha you’re gay” joke. He looks like he’s genuinely considering that Sam could potentially be interested in Brad Pitt (or men in general) and I love that fact.

“a male model type” - I just really like the way Sam chooses to describe Dean, and mostly his face while saying it.

things i really liked about 10x12

okay i never make these list thingies but this episode was just sO DAMN GOOD i couldn’t not so here we have my favorite things about “about a boy”

  • dean being really proactive about solving the mark problem
  • sam encouraging dean to get out for a while because the poor bb needs a damn break
  • aLIENS
  • wait what? an attractive woman that dean doesn’t hit on? like seriously he sat down with her and i was waiting for some sign of totes heteroness but no they actually started talking and relating on the shitty childhood thing and just uGH THAT WAS SO GOOD the writers did not let me down
  • tEEN DEAN. ugh he is such a good actor, he captured the character so well, and got the facial expressions perfect and just wOW PERFECT CASTING IS PERFECT
  • tina being fucking smart as hell and telling dean to get help while she distracts the guy like yOU KNOW WHO TO TRUST AND DEAN NEEDS TO KNOW HE CAN BE TRUSTED AND I LOVE YOU
  • “your son is so polite”
  • dean being too tiny to drive the impala and his moose of a brother being cramped in the passenger seat for a second like “wAIT”
  • taylor swift.
  • dean being free of the mark for a little while
  • sam teasing dean about not being able to drink for like seven years
  • “dean i’m way too big to fit in that” “first time you even had to say that huh”
  • “yeah, i blame obama”
  • tina getting a second chance when she was like a mirror for dean so that means eVERYTHING IS GONNA BE OKAY IN THE END
  • “gimme the keys” lol

so yeah basically 10x12 was amazing and probably one of my favorite episodes

thank u robbie, on a very personal level, for giving me charlie and eileen - my two favorite characters to write in fics outside of team free will. honestly, this is more important to me than anything else. 

firstly, because i am so desperate to write women in my fics despite the fact that i almost always write from dean and cas’ POVs. charlie is an incredible scene partner/confidant/best friend for dean, and i am incredibly thankful for her when i have no idea what to do with dean in my writing.

secondly, because i have scratched my head for YEARS over who to pair sam up with, and nobody ever seemed /right/. i’ve tried jess and sarah and gabriel and billie and amelia and nOBODY, but no ship ever felt right. and then eileen came along, and it was like a goddamn revelation. thank you for forcing me to learn how to write an hoh character and for creating someone who fits with sam in a way that i’ve never found with any other character.

thirdly, thank you for these women even if they DIDN’T mesh well with TFW. they are multifaceted and interesting independent of their relationships with the main characters, and i will never tire of writing them. 

thank you, robbie, for giving me women who are so wonderful to write. 

Warnings: None (other than mega Cas cuteness)
Word Count: 500

You were in your car, driving to meet up with Sam and Dean at the bunker, because they needed your help on a case. You zoomed down the highway, blasting your favorite music. Then out of nowhere, Cas appeared in the passenger seat next to you. You jumped, and almost swerved off the road. “Holy. Crap. Cas! I’m driving! Ugh, you scared me so bad!” He frowned a bit.
“I’m sorry, (Y/N). It wasn’t my intention to scare you…”
“Yeah, I know, it’s alright.” He seemed to be a little more at ease, but you could tell something was still bothering him.
“Hey Cas, is everything OK?”
“Of-of course, why wouldn’t it be?” You shrugged.
“Beats me, but it seems to me that something’s on your mind. So I was curious. Anything I can help you with?” The silence that followed was heavy, and found yourself feeling strangely awkward. You shifted in you seat, waiting for Cas to respond.
“Well?” You asked.
“What makes you think you could help?” You were taken aback by his response, but nothing in his tone suggested he meant to be rude. And this was Cas. “Rude” wasn’t in his vocabulary.
“Um-I don’t know. I just, wanna help if I can.” You responded. He drew in a breath. “Really, Cas, something is obviously up. Now what is bothering you?”
“You honestly want to know?” You scoffed slightly.
“Yes Cas, I just asked you like, a million times.”
“Well…when Dean meets a girl he likes, he buys them drinks then takes them to a motel room and-” You almost slammed on your brakes.
“Wait, is this about-” you did not want to go through this. He quickly interrupted you.
“No, no, it’s not about intercourse.” How awkward could this get? “My point is,” Cas continued, “That’s not how everyone always spends time with people they like, correct?” You were still lost as to what on earth he was saying.
“Yeah, lots of people like to go on actual dates. Ya know, go to the movies, out to dinner, or to a bar, or get some kind of food.” He nodded, as if this was the answer he was expecting.
“And it’s…how you express fondness for someone?”
“It’s one of many ways, yes.” You sat in silence a little while longer, Cas seemingly deep in thought.
“So….does that solve your problem?” You inquired.
“Not really, but it answers my question.”
“Well that’s a good start.” You remarked. Cas responded, catching you totally off guard.
“(Y/N)…would you like to go get some kind of food with me?” You glanced at him in shock.
“You mean…Cas, are you asking me on a date!?” He frowned.
“Ye-yes. Did I do it right? This is how I express affection, isn’t it?” You smiled.
“Yes, you did great Cas. And I would absolutely love to go on a date with you. I think it would be lovely.” He smiled.
“I do also.”

I love you, Dean. | Dean






sleepy dean this ain’t fair my heart is escaping out of my butt

Word count: 322

You’re on the last two pages of your favorite book, upset that it’s almost the ending, happy that you can pretend that you haven’t read it and give an excuse to read it again. The water from the bathroom stopped after a couple of seconds, then silence. Dean came home covered in blood and dirt a couple of hours ago, asking if you wanted a hug. You refused, forcing him into the shower.

Dean opens the door, just in his underwear. You can’t help but stare. “Ugh, I’m so exhausted.” Dean groaned, throwing a folded up, dark grey shirt lying on the nearby chair. Placing your book down, you watch Dean as he struggles to do the simplest task. “What, now you can’t lift a shirt over your head?” You ask, getting up. “I’m too tired. I might just sleep naked tonight.” He smiles, your eyes widening. “No. No, no. That’s not happening.” You pull the shirt over his head; it hangs loosely around his torso. He drags his feet over to his side of the bed, lying down on his stomach. Dean groans as his eyes start to slowly close.

Turning the lamp by your bedside, you lean over to Dean, placing a kiss on his cheek, and then shuffling to face away from him. After a couple of moments, the side of your bed dips a little more, as arms snake around your waist. His body pressed against your back, and his nose just reaching the back of your head. “I’m cold. I need warmth.” He whispered, lingering a kiss on your shoulder. Smiling, you twisted around to face Dean, whose eyes was still a bright, mantis green even when it’s eerie black outside. Taking your spare hand, you stroked the left side of his face, caressing his cheek. Dean smiles. “I love you, Dean.” You whisper. “I love you, Y/N.” He replies, still staring into your eyes with lust.

30 Supernatural Day Challenge 2014: Day 14 - A Scene That Makes You Happy

A Scene? What about a whole episode? Because everything about Free to Be You and Me makes happy.

Every time I watch it.

Crap, I may start watching it whenever I see a crap episode this season because I love that episode and it always makes me happy.

I think mostly because it shows how close Dean and Cas are friendship-wise and DEAN HADN’T LAUGHED LIKE THAT IN YEARS.


I just want Dean happy, that’s my goal in watching this show, and this episode was probably one of the happiest episodes for Dean and IT’S REALLY SAD THAT IT’S FROM FIVE SEASONS AGO.


Anyways, I love this episode more than anything and I will fight you for the library on this freaking episode.

This whole thing makes me happy.

This whole episode is my favorite scene, no questions asked.

It just is.

Until tomorrow, my rexes.

Request: As You Wish

Request: Your blog is my Favorite SPN blog. :D How about one where the reader and Sam are watching the Princess Bride or something (doesn’t have to be that one), and she knows the entire movie almost word for word and Sam thinks it’s adorable and she gets kinda embarrassed? Maybe Dean poking fun at some point?

Word Count: 640

Thank you so much! And THANK YOU FOR THIS REQUEST because I LOVELOVELOVELOVE this film. It’s my latest obsession and my sister is sick to death of me quoting it and it’s ridiculous how much I adore it. Lots of love, have an awesome day!<33

“Do we even have anything else to do today?” You ask, looking at Sam. The two of you are stood in the bunker’s library after doing some organising. It’s not even lunchtime and you’re done for the day – weapons are clean, books are organised, car is ready, bunker is neat. There’s no cases worth looking at…

You have a whole day to yourselves.

“Not that I know of.” He agrees softly, smiling. He loops an arm around your shoulders, “What so you feel like doing? We could put a film on or something; relax.”

“Sounds like a good plan.”

“What do you want to wat- never mind.” He chuckles, “You’re going to wear the DVD out, Y/N.”

“I have a spare. If you put it on, I’ll go and get snacks.” You offer, and Sam nods.

“Mind if I invite Dean to watch with us?”

“Go for it,” You grin, suddenly excited. You love this film more than any other, and have seen it so often that you could pretty much quote the whole thing, scene by scene.

You dash off to the kitchen and grab all of the snacks you can find, before returning to the sitting room where Sam and Dean already wait.

“We’re watching this again?”

“I let Y/N choose. It’s not a bad film.” Sam defends, slinging an arm around your shoulders as you sit down, dumping the snacks on the table. The movie starts up as you toss a bottle of beer over at Dean, who laughs, using the side of the chair to pop the cap.

Buttercup was raised on a small farm in the country of Florin. Her favourite pastimes were riding her horse and tormenting the farm boy who worked there. His name was Westley, but she never called him that.

The words come so easily, like they’ve been engraved into your brain. You know them backwards and forwards, every way around. Sam watches as you mouth each word, smiling at your enthusiasm.

Nothing gave Buttercup as much pleasure as ordering Westley around.‘As you wish,’ is all he ever said to her.

Dean rolls his eyes at the pair of you. Sure, he likes the film too but your attachment with it is incredible to him. Unbelievable. Inconceivable.

That day, she was amazed to discover that when he was saying, 'as you wish,’ what he meant was, 'I love you’. And even more amazing was the day she realised that she loved him back.

“Seriously?” Dean groans, “Y/N, you’re obsessed.”

“I thought we’d already established that. Quit interrupting.” You say quietly, your eyes fixed on the screen. Sam chuckles.

“I think it’s adorable.” He smiles, squeezing you close to him. You find yourself blushing pink, and you fidget awkwardly with the hem of your shirt. For the next ten minutes, you keep your mouth steadfastly closed, trying to deflect any attention from yourself. By the time the film ends, you can’t help but feel somewhat embarrassed as Dean ignores the credits in favour of finding some food that isn’t popcorn or questionably sourced chocolate.

“You know, I really do think it’s cute that you know it all.” Sam whispers into your ear, “Plus, it’s good news for me.”


“If you’ve loved something like this for that long, it means you must be pretty loyal. That’s good in terms of girlfriend material, right?”

“I guess it is.” You laugh, looking up at him. He smiles at you, planting a kiss on your temple, “Thanks, Sam.”

“It’s my job, right? 'Cause this is true love. You think it happens every day?”

You laugh brightly, “Be quiet and kiss me, farm boy.

“As you wish.” He grins, leaning in and pressing his lips to yours.

ginny-lily  asked:

Cas and Dean or Cas and Sam? (friendship-wise)

Oddly enough, I actually prefer Cas and Sam’s friendship. What Dean and Cas have is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but Sam and Castiel’s friendship is something that we don’t get to see enough of. 

Sam and Castiel’s moments on the show are few and far between, and when they do come, it’s so addicting to watch. At least, for me it is.

Here are some of my favorite moments between Sam and Castiel:


Just… UGH. I need more Sam and Castiel bro moments, you feel me?

Thanks hon!! ♥

Make Me Choose?

Painful Tags, pt. 4 - "Do You Believe In Miracles?"

It’s been a while since I posted painful tags. So, it’s about time. Today we’ve got: “Do You Believe In Miracles?”

Those are my favorites:

…the rest of tags were basically a bunch of NO!’s and FUCK NO!’s and many more NO IT ISN’Ts. xD

E - Endearing

(Dean & Cas, ticklish!Dean, ticklish!Cas, tiny!octo!Cas)

Oh geez, don’t even get me started on tiny!ticklish!octo!Cas, because this is what happens, this wasn’t even on my list for a drabble but blame wordstrings’  and everyone else’s too adorable headcanons. Ugh help. (Also I saw a headcanon that octo!Cas is telepathic (and he doesn’t telepathate all the time, only when he needs to) but doesn’t actually talk, which I like, so that’s what I’m going with BECAUSE IT COMBINES COMMUNICATION AND QUTE LITTLE OCTOPUS NOISES ugh ignore my spelling I JUST GET SO EXCITED.)

~ ~ ~

Dean isn’t surprised when Cas scrambles up on the bed. It seems as though he spends every other night in Dean’s room, or in Sam’s when he isn’t around. He’s even less surprised when the little octopus creeps up onto his bare shoulder, because it’s one of his favorite places to be. The others are Dean’s hair, which he loves to sit and tangle his tentacles in, and his belly. When Dean asked about that one, Cas had replied that his stomach was soft and warm and comfy, like a pillow. If anyone else called him soft Dean thinks he would be offended, but the octo had said it so wide-eyed and earnestly that he really can’t mind.

He gives Cas a smile before turning back to his book, one that he’s actually reading for fun, for once. Cas peers curiously at the title before making his way down Dean’s torso to settle on his belly. He stops right in the center and flops down with a content coo, one of his tentacles slipping into Dean’s navel and making him hold back a laugh. “Stop it, that feels funny,” Dean scolds, though Cas looks too tired to care. His torso is curled inward and each of his tentacles are curled up into small balls, and he’s so damn cute that Dean just chuckles and gives Cas a little head rub. He purrs, but hooks his tentacle tighter around the lip of Dean’s belly button when he tries to pull it away, so Dean sighs and resigns himself to being tickled a bit for the foreseeable future, since Cas’ tentacles tend to twitch when he’s sleeping.

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