ugh the coloring is so off on these


did you receive mysterious messages? 

mc5 is wearing a unicorn mask lol. the bg color depends on who i ship them with hehe.  

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Friendly reminder that for all the critics bitching about how "sombre" and "gloomy" WW1 film Wonder Woman looks like...

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER wasn’t exactly a parade of colors and humor and laughter and jokes either.

The ONE time the MCU made war film, they didn’t treat an actual historical event that resulted in countless deaths and atrocities with a light hand and audience disrespect - so neither will the DCEU.

Stop acting like humor and light-heartedness is the measuring stick for a good comicbook movie. Not everything in life will be better off handled with a laugh. Some things just ARE sad and heartbreaking, and no amount of “humor-washing” is gonna fix that. IT DOESN’T NEED FIXING, it needs RESPECTING.

So yeah, rather than arguing about how Wonder Woman lacks color and laughter like a good ole MCU film - think about how sullen and sombre Steve Rogers was during life circa WWII. Ask yourself why that was. Shit will make a whole lot more sense when you do.

has this been done yet?


Good morning ❄️

Here’s a thought that I can’t stop replaying in my head:

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new” -AE

I have made so many mistakes I get tired just thinking about them. Makes me want to shut my brain off and go make coffee. Seriously! I change my nail color almost daily because I bite my nails at night when I’m nervous. Ugh. My point is, don’t beat yourself up (saying this to myself too). Making mistakes means you’re still trying, so that’s good! Cheers to trying, failing and then trying again. You may not get it immediately, but you will get it eventually.

Happy Saturday, y'all❤️

“UGH! They just piss me off SO MUCH, Beka!”

“I know, Yura. I know. It’s okay.”

In which Yuri is completely disgusted by someone (probably Victor and Yuuri being too affectionate in public) and Otabek is understanding.

molded leggings

I don’t understand why Mattel is so obsessed with molded leggings on Ever After High dolls. I’d one million times prefer to have bare skin colored legs than molded leggings. Stop. Just stop, Mattel.


the Korean Style doll maker on rinmaru had a flower crown and then i just fell down the rabbit hole

( Part 1 | Part 2 )

some of the outfit colors are based off their costumes (Yuuri: Yuri on Ice, Viktor(ia): Stay Close to Me, Phichit: Shall We Skate)

some on what I’ve seen them wear (Mila @ last year’s GPF banquet, Yuri post-Rostelecom Cup when he’s fly kicking Yuuri and giving him katsudon piroshki), and then just imagination (sorry Sara)

why is yuri on ice ending so quickly uGH


Based off of this by@harbinger-of-falafel ‘s Post

I had way too much fun coloring Artemis I put so much detail into her that I had to redo a bit of Lester/ Apollo.

Also head canon that Artemis puts her hair up differently (she honestly looks great in pigtails)

Ugh I love the sun and moon twins I guess this is part 2, I have a part 3 involving them in mind but that’s for later u.u

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 //

I made a height comparison (and also a color reference for me) thing feat. the 5 charas I draw a lot. Originally, this is just a personal reference I made since these losers are gonna appear in the chara haven comic but I ended up coloring it and stuff. Also isn’t it cute how these are all Charas but you can really tell that they’re different from one another? ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

From right to left! ( @notsafefromchara - @fallen-determination - @askthefallenhuman - @just-face-planted - @ask-thehuman )

The most under-appreciated film in history has to be The Prince of Egypt. I mean, I don’t care if you follow the religion, this a good fucking movie.

I mean, look at the love they put into the Egyptian culture and hieroglyphics: 

Everybody is actually a realistic color of where they live:


The fucking music alone won a fucking oscar people:

The fucking cast like have you seen this line-up???:

Strong female characters:

And last but not least - THE. MOTHER. FUCKING. BEAUTIFUL. HAIR:

and best of all, even though it’s based off of a bible story, it isn’t trying to ram god down your throat. legit the whole movie is about loving yourself and others

“hey, phil,” dan murmurs to his boyfriend, closing his laptop and leaning his head on his shoulder, “we should paint our nails. that girl gave us some pretty snazzy colors,” “ugh, dan, it’s so late though,” phil whispers, seeing that it’s nearly 11:30 at night. “11:30 is nothing,” dan teases, “old man,” “oh, it’s on now,” phil retorts lovingly, shutting his laptop and getting up to go get the nail polish. “blue, bla-” phil is cut off by dan whisper shouting, “black! obviously, do you even know me? you’re such a bad boyfriend.” phil just sighs and unscrews the cap, “you know, if i didn’t love you i think i’d throw you off this bus.”

FF XV React: Asking you out on a date

Suggested by: Anon

This was supposed to be up yesterday, but Tumblr murdered it so here it is again! Anon-san asked to be more elaborate so each react in this one is going to be its own mini scene. A lil longer, but I hope I pulled it off for you Anon-san! Enjoy! :D

Noctis: *Walks up to you as calmly as he can, but you can tell he’s a little stiff. He’s also avoiding eye contact, a clue that his eyes are a different color.* Hey, can I talk to you for a second? B-But not here! No, it’s nothin serious-well it kinda is…Ugh, what a mess….*Takes a deep breathe and finally makes eye contact with you. His eyes being a dusty red color* DoYouWantToGoOutOnADateWithMe? *Looks away* Only if you want to that is…

Gladiolus: *Has been looking for you and finally spots you.* Oi! //Your name//! *Jogs up to you and smiles widely* Um, uh, jeez…Here I was looking for you and now I cant talk…*coughs awkwardly as you lightly laugh * I was wondering if-if-*clears his throat and mentally scolds himself* If you would like to go on a date with me? That is-only if you want to. I won’t force you into anything. *smiles kindly *

Prompto: *You two are taking a walk together when he suddenly turns to you, smiling playfully* Hey~ \Your name\ Do you want to go to the bar later? Or how about we go see a movie together? *You lightly punch his shoulder, and scold him as to not flirt so casually* Heh! I know, I know, I’m a bad boy. I got the wanted poster to prove it. *winks playfully* But being serious, I do want to take you out on a date. If you’ll let me? *Has almost puppy eyes as he blushes at you*

Ignis: *You two are seated together, casually chatting.* //Your name// I was wondering, is there-anywhere you would like to go while we’re in town? I can take you there, dont hesitate to tell me. Etro knows you deserve it. Uh?! Why am I asking? Well, oh dear I’m making a mess of this aren’t I? Good thing Prompto isn’t here, I’d never hear the end of it. *Takes a deep breath and leans towards you.* I want to take you out on a date. Anywhere you like. Huh? You say a date is supposed to be a place both people enjoy? *Chuckles and smiles* In all honestly, anywhere with you is enjoyable.

Cor: Oi Pup! C'mere a second will you? *You leave behind whatever it was that you were doing and sigh in annoyence. Thinking you are to be scolded, again. Once you approuch him, he doesnt say anything. Merely looks you over expressionless, and finally then chuckles and smiles.* //Your name//, *You jolt as he addresses you by name* who gave you permission to grow up? One minute you’re a lost pup, and now-look at you. *He smiles and sighs* I’m not one to mince words, and I frankly dont care if people think of me spoiling you. They can take up that mess with me…So~ May I take you out on a date?

Regis: *Both of you are having tea at one of the palaces balconies. You have taken notice that during the entire conersation Regis has done his best tk avoid eye contact, and you finally ask him if somethings wrong. He sighs, and briefly looks you in the eye, his are a dusty red color* Yes, you can say something is wrong…and it is you. Now wait! You haven’t done anythinh wrong, it is I, myself, concerning you. //Your name// we’ve known eachother for a while now, and you have my respect, trust, and loyalty. Yet, I want to know you better. *Sighs* I want to take you out on a date, yet it isnt so simply. There’s my kingdom to consider, our status, not to mention my age and yet-I want to be selfish….

Cidney: *You’re underneath a car, working on it. The clicking of low heels on cement catch your attention, and you turn your head to see a pair of white boots heading to you. You smile and come out, seeing Cidney smiling down on you* You finished? Well even if you’re not, time for a break! *She helps you up and hands you a towel to wipe off any grease. As you head back to the office for a snack, chatting alongsides her a sudden wave of “Hello’s” and “How are you’s” are directed at you by a passing car. A wave of admirers, that you greet back happily and turn to see Cidney a little-jealious looking* I see, all those well wishers…Hmm? Guess it’s true what Papa always told me; Early bird catches the worm. *As you are about to ask what she’s talking about, she suddenly grabs you and looks at you almost sternly.* //Your name//, do you want to go on a date with me? I’m being serious! Dont give me that goofy grin! C-C'mon, what do you say? I mean, I’ll respect whatever decision you make.


Someone beat me to fallen Matsus! So I added colors to my week-old scanned sketches! óvó/

I based them off the colors of the hearts! Except Oso-bro and Totty which I had to improvise and my scanner burnt down the orange color on the heart so phew

Bonus for Determined Child!

Dating the happy cowboy fills you up with determination!

For so long I’ve been wanting to chop off my hair. I did a few months ago. I went from hair past my butt to midboob. I wanted it shoulder length but noooo, “You won’t like it” “you’re too fat” “it would make your face look even rounder” “you can’t pull it off”. I finally said screw it. I’m not doing my hair to please any of you and I’m not going to be miserable just so I can fit your standard of “beauty”. So here I am, back to my natural color (which yes, I got jokes for constantly. My hair went from blonde to ginger and ugh). Here I am with short hair. Here my fat, round face is pulling off short hair and loving it! So my advice to girls: just do what you want. If you think you’re rocking it, well then honey you ARE rocking it because no one but yourself can tell you what you can and can’t rock. And even if you don’t feel like you’re rocking it, it’s just hair! It doesn’t make you who you are, and even if it did, IT WILL GROW BACK, I promise. So hey there gorgeous, stop putting it off. Do it today. Do it now. And blast your lovely selfies all over social media because baby, you are beautiful! @fatgirlssh