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make me chooseforthesakeofyourwolvelihood asked: derek’s feelings for stiles or stiles’ feelings for derek

Imagine your OTP

Person A owns multiple boxes of bandaids with fun prints. Person B pretends to hate them but still requests colors/patterns when they get a small injury (so that it’s at least not that weird bacon shaped one why do you buy these ugh). Person A makes sure to always have Person B’s favorite prints in their bag at all times.

anonymous asked:

So for your Final Fantasy/Crystal Gems fan art what brushes did you use? I have been trying to do my own Yoshitaka fan art but I don't know what does it justice.

For the lines, something like this:

The lines should look kinda rough and sketchy, since they’re pencil. Also, draw it big and size it down for posting–that hides some of the artificialness of the digital lines.

For the color, something like this:

You want a watercolor effect, which means the most important parts of making that look genuine are the layer effects and the fuzzy brush shape. Play around with density and size as you fill it in to do detail… remember that watercolor can be both really light and blurry or very vivid and Amano uses both to make all that amazing detail work.

Some other tips:

  • The most opaque/vivid colors he would use were usually bright red, black, and sometimes dark blue. I often use a brush that’s 90%+ density for those.
  • He also uses colors in a very specific way. I always had 3+ images open as reference while I colored my style emulations.
  • You can find really high res images of his work online–great for examining the underlying pencil lines.
  • Keep in mind the limitations of the watercolor medium–you can’t place a light color directly on top of a dark color. Look closely at the rosettes and other little details against the opaque red in this image. Instead of drawing details on top with a separate layer like you would with digital art, color around the edges and erase things out by hand. If the edge looks kinda wobbly or weird or has spots of white visible–great! It’s more authentic.
  • If you’re emulating Amano, you’ll probably be thinking “ugh, this looks like crap” right up until you put the finishing touches on. Everything looks MUCH more authentic after you add the vivid red/black and all the stripes and rosettes. Even if the final product isn’t totally style-authentic, it’s probably still gonna be cool as hell. So hang in there if you’re not happy with how the drawing looks!
  • For Pokemon fans, the water color + pencil effect is also good for style emulating Ken Sugimori’s older work. Here’s an (old as balls) Sugimori emulation I did. Very similar brush settings, but used a little differently.
Strength Potion

Edward The Great: Hey man you awake?

Weird Cedric: dude it’s three am

Weird Cedric: of course I’m awake what’s up

Edward The Great: Tryouts for the wrestling team are in three weeks. I don’t think I’ll be able to take the heat. I know I won’t make it.

Weird Cedric: Hey hey hey don’t give up now you GOTTA make it

Edward The Great: I’m a stick. Let’s be honest. Even if I worked out every day there’s no way I could match up to those meatheads.

Weird Cedric: steroids?

Edward The Great: Are you… you’re absolutely serious. Dude. No. Illegal. Expensive. And it shrinks your dick.

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anonymous asked:

What is your opinion on the rivals' (+Ayano) design (specially the clothes)? What would you change?


Unpopular opinion, I do like the rival designs… of course, I do think there should be changes. I don’t personally mind the wild hair colors. I think they’re cute and it works for an anime-inspired game.

For all of them, I wish the big ol boobies would just go away. Apparently Kizana will also have a large chest and it’s like… why… this is a stealth horror game, not a dating sim..

I would get rid of the sailor fuku too, because highschoolers don’t wear sailor fukus. But then again, it’s become ~iconic~ to YanSim or whatever. I’d at least get rid of the short skirts, because come on, let’s face it, that’s just the developer trying to jack off. There’s no reason for it but to be lewd and gross.

I think the biggest thing is to give them different skin colors. [insert obligatory comment about colorism in Japan and how milk-pale Japanese people is inaccuate at best]. Not only that, but because they all share the same skin tone (baring Asu, who ~tans~ because the concept of a naturally brown Japanese person confuses the developer), they look the same. If you were to switch the hairstyle around, you wouldn’t tell the difference, because they’re all essential clones of one another. So far, the only way to tell the rivals apart is to look at their boob size (ugh) or their hair/eye color.

But going on with the characters:

Ayano– I’d give her pink or red eyes, and white hair. The color white is associated with death in Japan. I think it would make her design a little less boring and generic. I mean, it’s gotten to the point where any girl with a black ponytail and sailor fuku is mistaken for Ayano.

Osana– I’d give her blue or green eyes. To be quite honest, it’s kinda weird that all the rivals have matching hair and eye colors.

Amai– I think Amai is the rival with the best overall design. The colors go well together and she looks very original. All I would change is give her brown skin.

Kizana– I like the idea of Kizana changing her hairstyle every day. Sounds very Kizana-y. I’d give her very pale skin, a reference to white makeup in traditional Japanese theater. I think her hair should be a more rose-purple.

Oka– Add some visible wrinkles/bags under her eyes to emphasize she’s an oddball who stays up all night. Give her a longer skirt too, considering she’s shy. Other than that, I think Oka is like amai where her design is already pretty good.

Asu– I’d change nothing. She’s a bit plain, but I think it works for her.

For Muja and Mida I’d rather just get rid of them. But since I can’t: give them appropriate clothing. Yeah, yeah it’s a game, but those clothes are just ridiculous. They look like they’re gonna star in a porno.

Osoro– I’d give her a tan and maybe change her eye color, but other than that, I think she looks fine.

Hanako– God, can someone just cut those two little strands of hair hanging on her forehead? They look so silly.

Megami– I’d change her gloves from black with red accents to white with silver-blue accents. I’d give her brown skin too.

  • pairing: namjoon | reader {ft.Jimin}
  • genre: fluff, angst, [implied smut], feels
  • ∘    word count: 13,513

    Your name: submit What is this?

    You met him at the calmest park in Queens.

    February 25th, 2014

    “Is anyone sitting here?” You asked the man in the maple bench with his nose stuffed in a book.

    “Huh?” The man looked up at you. He was very handsome, You observed. He had voluminous light blonde- it seemed dyed, but nice nonetheless- hair, and by the look of his long legs, tall.. seemed to be in his twenties?

    “Oh, yeah- I mean no- sorry, you can.. You can sit here.” The man stuttered with a blush.

    “Thanks,” You replied and sat down next to him to read your newest book discovery, ‘Metamorphosis’ by Franz Kafka.

    You took the book out from your bag and flipped to the page you had left off. Sweet, fresh air blew a Sycamore tree seed down to bounce off the slope of your nose, and then fall onto your smooth pages. Your hand lightly brushed the page to remove the helicopter seed, causing your book to shift where it’s cover art was facing.

    “Excuse me, but..” You turned to look at the man whose voice spoke to you again.

    “I love that book. One of Kafka’s best works,” The man said, referring to the familiar cover art now in his line of sight.

    “Oh, yeah, this book is really good so far,” You related, intrigued. “What are you reading now?” You questioned, gesturing to the novel in his left hand. “Into books much?”

    “Yeah, I love literature. I’m reading Demian,” The man responded and showed you the book.

    “I love Demian!” You exclaimed. “It’s really a piece of art.”

    “I think so too! Everything about it, the inner relationship between Demian and Sinclair and how they’re actually..” The man looked up at you.

    “I’m Namjoon, by the way. Nice to meet you.” The man introduced himself and stuck his arm out to shake your hand.

    “Y/N. A pleasure.” You beamed.

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The House of the Devil sentence starters

49 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
content warning: cussing

  • “I can tell you like it.”
  • “Oh, I love it. It’s perfect.”
  • “I go a lot on my gut feelings and I have a good one about you.”
  • “You remind me of my daughter.”
  • “Welcome to your new home.”
  • “So, tell me all about it. I want details.”
  • “Anyway, the kitchen’s kinda blah, and so is the bathroom… but I’ll paint them cool colors or something, I dunno.”
  • “This pizza’s nasty today.”
  • “Ugh. _____, how am I gonna afford all this stuff?”
  • “You’re gonna be fine. It’s gonna work out.”
  • “It’s so weird and annoying the way that guy stood you up today.”
  • “I just wanna forget it. No more drama.”
  • “Get a grip.”
  • “What the hell time is it?”
  • “I’m so sorry about this morning. Things were very hectic for me and I got caught up in lots of last minute details.”
  • “I promise to make this as painless for you as possible.”
  • “So, do you want me to come with you? I don’t have to see _____ tonight.”
  • “Well, don’t worry. I’m gonna be fine.”
  • “I have to tell you something, but you gotta promise you’re not gonna get mad at me.”
  • “Just please let me stay with you. Please let me stay with you. I will be so good.”
  • “Alright, alright, I heard you the first fifty times.”
  • “Let’s just wait and see how it goes. It could be nice, you don’t know.”
  • “People make mistakes. It happens.”
  • “You think having lots of money makes you normal? You’ve clearly never met my family.”
  • “You’re a doll for agreeing to this. I mean it.”
  • “I can’t tell you how much of a relief it will be to get this night behind us.”
  • “You’re not being rude. I understand.”
  • “Yeah, there’s a lot of weirdos out there.”
  • “Okay, what will it take? What if I gave you another hundred dollars?”
  • “Please, you have no idea how important this is.”
  • “Are you out of your mind?!”
  • “God, _____ can be such a fucking idiot sometimes.”
  • “Oh my gosh, you scared the crap out of me!”
  • “Take it easy, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”
  • “I almost just had a heart attack and died.”
  • “Where the hell did you come from? Did you just hide?”
  • “It all sounds easy enough to handle.”
  • “Please stop worrying. I have it all under control.”
  • “I just can’t get used to this cold weather. I love the heat.”
  • “You look awfully young to be in college.”
  • “You see, things are working out perfectly after all.”
  • “You were right and I was wrong. I’m sorry.”
  • “I’m sorry if you’re mad.”
  • “It’s okay. Everything’s fine. It’s fine. Just relax.”
  • “Get her! Get her!”
  • “Get away from me!”
  • “What have you done to me?!”
  • “They’re calling to you. Just… just listen to them.”
  • “He’s given the sign. He’s chosen you.”

solemnlyswearmischief  asked:

I feel like SM should have allowed vampires to have some imperfections - like some scars and tattoos especially tattoos as some have cultural significance and are a part of what defines them or their cultural etc. I also didn't like the fact that regardless of ethnicity, a vampire's skin will be exceptionally pale and I never agreed with that at all. So what are your thoughts about it?

Totally agree. Those “imperfections” are often identifying/defining traits for people. I have a chicken pox scar in the middle of my forehead, I wouldn’t look like “me” without it.  Same for the beauty mark under my right eye. These things would be erased in the vampire transformation and that would be almost as weird as losing my eye color. 

And WORD on the pale = white thing. That’s from the Guide and it’s so … icky. I try to give SM the benefit of the doubt, but that’s just … ugh. Apparently people have seen parallels to certain parts of the Book of Mormon. There’s  a phrase “white and delightsome” I see referenced a lot. But I don’t know enough about the Book of Mormon to speak definitively on this topic so take all that with a grain of salt. I usually see those comparisons on anti-Twilight posts and I don’t know the larger context, but there seems to be this white skin = good theme and that might have been a (subconscious?) influence.

The guide says that the transformation leeches all pigment from the skin, making it literally white (white the color versus “white” = light-skinned), with people who had darker skintones in life retaining just a “slight olive tone”. And that’s… messed up. I’m usually a canon purist, but I stick my fingers in my ears and go LALALALA and ignore that junk because, yuck. I think the movies handled it better. The Breaking Dawn movies didn’t seem to really change the POC vampire’s skintones much at all, and in New Moon you can see that Laurent looks ‘pale’ in the sense of sickly/dead rather than “white,” which is logically how you would think it would work with an undead vampire with no circulation. 

Although in some really old vampire myths, it was the opposite. A sure sign that a recently-deceased friend, neighbor or loved one had become a vampire was digging up their grave and seeing them with a ruddy (red) complexion, like their cheeks were flushed. This was attributed to their blood-drinking. 


My wife has disappeared. Do you have any idea, at all, of what might have happened to her?

the middle school au
  • imagine root: green hair. tripp pants
  • garbage can shaw is trying really hard to be punk
  • but mostly just forgets to shower and tries to put her hair into a mohawk
  • in middle school it’s just long but she tries to give herself a mohawk with like.
  • super glue
  • shes a garbage can
  • shes trying her best
  • ripped jeans held together with safety pins she stole off the teachers desk
  • shes so hardcore
  • root tells her she likes her shoes one day
  • they’re converse that are held together by duct tape
  • and dreams
  • shaw’s written shitty poetry all over them
  • she compares peoples eyes to ice and cigarettes exclusively
  • and mcr lyrics
  • shaw says she likes roots hair
  • root dyed her hair with koolaide and a bit of manic panic
  • it’s love at first sight
  • “you’re the only one who Gets It”
  • “i love the way you stick it to the man and don’t care what anyone else thinks”
  • “i love your hair it looks better than that one poser from paramore”
  • “ugh i know shes such prep”
  • okay so root has like this quasi gothic/emo thing going on
  • swoopy bangs
  • she has her hair dyed like three different colors
  • but it looks like shit because shes too young to buy/use bleach
  • so she uses extensions too
  • the striped ones
  • even like. the zebra print ones.
  • she teases it too. of course
  • it’s terrible.
  • she wears either tripp pants or like a floofy black/neon color skirt over jeans/fishnets
  • tons of candy bracelets
  • a choker
  • she has glow in the dark braces
  • fishnet gloves with no fingers
  • she brings her cd player to school every day and listens to it between classes and at lunch
  • she has like 2 evanescence cds and 3 cds she made herself
  • blasts it all full volume all the time
  • “amy lee is so real. she really understands me.”
  • root writes shitty song lyrics in a notebook that she colored black with a sharpie
  • she writes exclusively in black and red
  • for the Aesthetic
  • she starts the black nail polish in middle school, only it’s also sharpie.
  • just black sharpie fingernails constantly
  • and then she starts to use white out too
  • alternates each nail
  • or colors them black and tries to make little hearts and skulls in white out
  • and then you have shaw
  • the resident garbage can
  • showers like three days a week, constantly looks likes she rolled out of a dumpster
  • tries to make her hair into a mohawk every damn day
  • wakes up an hour early to try every morning
  • buys like 30 dollars in product a week
  • eventually her parents cut her off and she switches over to super glue
  • her poor parents. they’re so tired all the time
  • ripped dirty jeans that are probably her older cousins at some point
  • she doodles art all over her jeans during class
  • its like. skulls whit hearts for eyes
  • shes not half bad but its sharpie on jeans
  • and it fades when she washes them so she always hides them in her room to preserve the art
  • shes practically a biohazard
  • she wears band shirts from hot topic
  • but she cuts the sleeves off
  • she gives herself little tattoos too and tells people they’re real
  • and again, doesn’t shower to preserve the art
  • you cant have those sweet tatts fading
  • root and shaw meet in english class in sixth grade
  • shaw’s sitting in the back looking very dramatic and angry while listening to mcr
  • aggressively tapping her feet and mouthing the lyrics and doing a little touch up on her wrist tattoo
  • its says “i’m not okay”
  • shaw perks her head up when root enters the root because roots goddamn trip pants are jangling that fucking loud
  • she added more chains
  • shaw gives her The Head Nod and roots knees go a little weak
  • root decides to make the first move
  • and sits next to shaw
  • it was destiny
  • they have the i like you hair/shoes convo
  • its clearly meant to be
  • root starts writing root shaw on her nails in white out
  • shaw draws shitty anime for root
  • it’s true love
  • after a few weeks of exchanging weird middle school gifts and sitting next to each other at lunch shaw’s like
  • “do you wanna hang out after school. we could like. go to the mall.”
  • and they go to the mall and to hot topic and browse for three hours and flirt terribly and don’t buy anything because their parents aren’t here and they don’t have money
  • shaw tries to fight a prep the know from school for making fun of root’s hair and they get kicked out
  • remember those weird rubber bracelets that all had different meanings? they totally exchanged those. gauged their relationship in colored rubber bands
  • then they walk to the 7/11 and get slurpees and candy
  • shaw buys to let root know shes serious
  • shaw’s mom picks them up a little bit later and they go back to shaw’s house and hang out more
  • “ugh i’m sorry about my mom shes so /embarrassing/”
  • “i know sam, parents are the worst.”
  • “she doesn’t understand me. not like you do”
  • roots gonna cry shes so gay
  • root holds shaw’s hand and they listen to mcr and good charlotte and blink 182 and talk about how they’re gonna run away together and roots going to be a famous singer and shaw going to play guitar and they’re gonna be in a super badass band
  • root’s been writing songs and shaw’s gonna do the cover art it’ll be great
  • shaw plays “black parade” on her shitty acoustic guitar for root and that’s its they’re middle school married
  • they’re the It couple
  • they hold hands in the hallway and everything
  • okay so its the day of the dance thougj
  • “are you gonna like go the dance?”
  • “ugh no way. dances are for preps. plus the music would suck.”
  • “oh cool. do you wanna hang out at my place instead?”
  • root grins because shes got like 5 cds in her backpack that she wants to show shaw
  • so they get back to shaw’s place, eat their afternoon snack, do their homework at the dinner table
  • root helps shaw with math, shaw helps root with history
  • shaw’s like, i wanna play a song for you
  • she fucking plays ohio is for lovers by hawthorne heights
  • complete with growls and screams
  • shaw’s finishes the song, panting a little bit because being a rock star is hard work
  • roots speechless
  • this is just like in her fanfics
  • “so. um. did you like it?”
  • and root carefully takes the guitar out of shaw’s hands and sets it on the stand
  • and tackles shaw’s face with her own face
  • nearly breaks her nose
  • eventually they run out of air
  • and pull back
  • it’s gay and then they hug and just don’t let go of each other for a while and its very pure and gay

I understand. You started a war that you don’t know how to end.

for punkprincessclaire

Blondnew MVs
Stern Ritter at the movies

As requested by anon. :)

Let’s say our favorite Stern Ritter decided to go to the movies in the human world. What kind of movie goers would they be?

1. Pernida: Can’t stand to be at the movies with, well, anyone

Pernida: When other people are at the movies with me, they always get on my nerves!

Askin: In their defense, you tend to leave your nerves lying around everywhere.

Pernida: What, so it’s my fault?

2. Askin: Is judgmental of action movies

Askin: Oh sure. Shoot all of your enemies. Just shoot them all. 

Askin: That’s exciting and elegant.

Askin: Guns are so boring.

Lille: …I’m sitting right here.

3. Gremmy: Is judgmental of remakes

Gremmy: The lack of imagination is stunning. And not in a good way.

Gremmy: Now if I were a director, I’d actually be a visionary.

As Nodt: Your constant visionary puns are why nobody will go to the movies with you.

Gremmy: You’re here.

As Nodt: I have no friends though.

4. As Nodt: Can’t stand Pixar

As Nodt: OH SURE




BG9: Dude, you’re the one who wanted to see Up.


5. BG9: Talks constantly

BG9: Wanna know the other movie these two actors have appeared together in?

Bambietta: No.

BG9: Wanna know their Bacon number?

Bambietta: No.

BG9: I have the entire filmography memorized.

Bambietta: I don’t care.

BG9: …nobody likes my data.

6. Bambietta: Takes care of rude fellow moviegoers

Bambietta: Hey you. Dude talking on his cell phone.

Bambietta: I’m bored. Wanna come with me…to the back row?

Dude talking on his cell phone: Um….yeah!

Liltotto: This is exactly why we keep getting banned from movie theaters, you know.

7. Liltotto: Is just there for the snacks

Candice: Ugh. Cardboard popcorn with greasy fake butter. How can you eat that??

Liltotto: Tastes better than most of my enemies.

Candice: Your power is so weird.

8. Candice: Is jealous of action stars

Candice: Look at that. Look at that freakin’ woman.

Candice: Three fights, two car chases, and one giant explosion later, and her hair is PERFECT.

Candice: What hair spray does she use and where can I get it??

Meninas: Isn’t this fictional?

Candice: Aren’t we?

9. Meninas: Loves Quentin Tarantino movies

Meninas: All of the vivid colors are so pretty!

Liltotto: Of the spurting blood, you mean?

Meninas: So red!

10. Giselle: Laughs at inappropriate moments

Bambietta: Gigi, we talked about this. Sad music plus a slow pan over a bunch of dead bodies mean that it’s not laughing time.

Giselle: But I love romantic comedies!

11. Quilge: Refuses to let anyone past him

Askin: Yo, let me past, I need to use the bathroom.

Quilge: No.

Askin: …


Askin: This would be less obnoxious if you didn’t always insist on sitting in the aisle seat.

Help From the Boys

Help From the Boys

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Prompt: Casitel finally decides to do something about the lingering feelings between you and him, but unsure about what exactly to do, he enlists the help of Sam and Dean, for better or for worse.

Word Count- 2,580

Warnings: None


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