ugh the acting in this scene i cant even

sunlit-helix  asked:

For the series questions I'll start with the obvious. Fire emblem?

The whole fe series lets go

  • Favorite character: mmmmaboy Roy
  • Second favorite character: ugh there’s so many of em, Ike, Titania,  Xander, Leo
  • Least favorite character: Garon and Anankos..they’re not even good villains
  • The character I’m most like: hmm idk
  • Favorite pairing: Eliwood/Ninian, Chrom/Robin, Ike/Soren and Mae/Boey i cant pick just one
  • Least favorite pairing: leo/nyx + the ones i already mentioned in the other answers
  • Favorite moment: every single cutscene of grima cause holyshit, POR and RD voice acting (mist and ranulf killed it) not really, berkut’s mean girls squad, “MY ACHING BLOOD”, that one scene of hector carrying nils it’s so pure, soren’s salt and utter rudeness, titania complaining about it, marth’s anime, ike: “i don’t give two figs”
  • Rating: as a game: 9 but since it’s the fandom im stuck in and sold my soul to: 10