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The Night Court - Inner Circle ~ The court of dreams

“The people who knew that there was a price, and one worth paying, for that dream. The bastard born warriors, the Illyrian half breed, the monster trapped in a beautiful body, the dreamer born into a court of nightmares. And the huntress with an artist’s soul.”

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On the one hand, going through this stack of vintage horror and alternative fiction magazines that I was given is fascinating. Oooh, an issue of Dreams of Decadence (I’m keeping that one)! An interview with Ray Bradbury!

On the other hand, whoo, there’s a bunch of them that are in NO WAY appropriate to be put in Eldergoth Surprise Boxes, because of soft-core photos (which are also damn unimaginative - really, how many photos of topless girls drenched in blood does the world need?), and edgelord trying to be oh-so-shocking fiction.

When I do put Eldergoth Surprise Boxes up for sale (soon-ish!), if you buy one, are over 18, and want a helping of, um, schlock in yours, let me know. I’ll toss one of these in.

(Look, I have read stuff in the “splatterpunk” genre (because David J. Schow is an excellent writer), but these magazines are … ugh. Just ugh.)

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What if Jason taught Cass to read? Like from the really classic books he enjoys, not simple text; more like Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Shakespeare, Les Mis', Great Expectations, Robinson Crusoe, North and South, Jungle Book, The Time Machine and other books such as those and then she started speaking with dramatic words such audacious, surreptitious, prosaic, paucity, clandestine, banal, atrocious, ebb, zenith, ephemeral, deleterious, superlative, didactic, dogmatic, fastidious and the like

Anon, I am in love with this. The reason I love this especially is because this type of language with its dramatic words and rich syntax is like a dance. It is fluid, overflowing, creative. It translates movement in words. And Cass is fluent in movement.

I imagine Cass reading one of those “See Jane run” books and screwing up her face at it… because how is Jane running? Is she leaping? Sprinting? Scurrying like a mouse? Flying with skirts whipping past her? Is she running like the wind, or as if the very claws of death and destruction were behind her? Cass needs more than “run” to be able to properly picture the movements in her mind’s eye. And it is Jason that realises this. 

He finds her one day, sitting in the Wayne Manor library with open books stacked up all around her, everything ranging from children’s books to classics. And he stands there watching her as she pores over words, trying to read them, trying to move with them… and his breath catches in his lungs. 

She stands and paces the book-lined corridor, stops, pouts, puts a hand on her hip. Then she is standing on her tip-toes, cocking her head to the side, taking on an expression of sheer, childish curiosity.

She is trying to move with them. 

She can’t even read most of the words, Jason realises. She is just trying to refine what she can read. Paint in the details over murky backgrounds of brown and grey, trying to see beyond the letters, the consonants and vowels and translate them to her native tongue of movement.  

And so he teaches her. They meet up weekly with a stolen pile of Alfred’s biscuits or scones, and sit with backs against the tomes in the library, lie on the carpets of the lounge in front of the fireplace, in the window seat at the end of the third-floor hallway as rain patters across the glass. 

Oracle had already laid the groundwork. Taught Cass the hard things, the alphabet, the basic words… but Jason recognised that Cass needed more. And so he sits there, reading her Austen, and Murakami, and Shakespeare and Dostoyevsky, stopping to define the meanings of words she doesn’t know. He helps her pronounce to them, re-enacts the movement as best he can, describing them or sketches them out so she can have a visual means of further understanding the words. And Cass flourishes, she soaks every word, every sentence, every page up like a sponge until soon, she is reading them by herself. 

And it never fails to bring a smile to everyone’s face when she graces them with her words. Because though they are few, every word flows like honey from her tongue, like a pirouette across the stage. She has a knack for pin-pointing your feelings even if you didn’t know you were feeling them. And that is perhaps the only time Jason regrets ever teaching her is when she sees beyond his angry, cold demeanour and into the fluttering insecurities and darkening fear and gnawing pain that he tries to hide from everyone else. 

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Because I absolutely love Wondertrev and the relationship between Diana Prince and Steve Trevor (and Gal/Chris)… is a slightly brightened version of the kiss scene for all of your heart’s content and gif potential.

Vid credits go to original creator, sadly I can’t find the poster’s Tumblr post anymore.

Okay, guys I just want to share with you all what just happened. This morning I received a notification on my ancient account, which wasn’t really unusual because every other month I still get an alert about someone favorite-ing my story or following and even sometimes reviewing which makes my heart a little bit bigger, I admit it’s flattering to have someone like your cringe-era work. I even recently got a review that was so mean I decided to actually remove a whole story all the way back from 2010 or 2011 just so I wouldn’t get latent hate (bc even before that I got flamed for it) and I seriously regret taking it out now because of a review I got today in 2017 on a different story I posted back in 2011 when I was 14. 

This review right here:

And like…. I mean…. I just wrote those stories because I wanted my favorite couple in an anime I used to watch be together (and angst). I never meant to make anyone happy but myself and I sure as hell did not mean to inspire anyone and yet here it is? Tangible proof that this story I wrote when I was 14 because I was bored one summer actually touched someone into writing their own stories. And the fact that they went back to, looked for this particular story, and comment on it just to say they were inspired by it just makes me want to cry because here we are years and years later I’m 20 right now and I’m having a crisis about what I should be doing with my life and if I should even continue writing and this person tells me I’ve inspired them? To be completely honest with you I even forgot about this story, but this person did not. This story was important to this person, it mattered to them. 

So bottom line: Write your stories. Don’t delete them even if they are the cringiest thing you’ve written in your entire life because someone will read it and it’s going to stay with them and it’s going to be worth it. 

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Are you looking forward to play the SP mobile game soon? c:

YES! YES! A million times YES! My diet for the past week has been a steady intake of Pastor Craig x Imp Tweek art & AU headcanons (╹◡╹✿) I had an angel!Craig devil!Tweek AU for a fanfic I was thinking about, so I’m happy something like this came to fruition~

Now, I just need some Sexy Nun Randy art in my life ^^