ugh that look in her eyes *feels*

Richonne looking good in 7x04

Rick running his fingers through his hair is why I live.

Their chemistry is so palpable. Even during moments of tension.

That forearm vein needs it’s own Instagram account.

Rick singing: “Looking good plenty tight. Tell me is there any more room for me.In those jeans”

That warning look. Rick Grimes is still with us.

Defiance never looked so good.

Rick licking his lips is making me feel things.

She is so beautiful I can’t deal.

The emotion in his eyes is killing me. He loves this woman so much and doesn’t want to lose her. Ugh. The feels.

Michonne is the definition of a good woman/partner. She is always there to reassure her man and to give him confidence in himself even when they’re not seeing eye to eye.

They don’t even have to touch for me to lose my shit.

This episode once again pointed out to the masses that RICHONNE LOVE EACH OTHER AND THEY’RE HERE TO STAY.

The Inner Monologue of Captain America

Steve’s POV
Words: 574
Warnings: nervous Steve, sarcasm

I walk into her office, hoping I look cooler than I feel. Why is it so hot in here? Her eyes meet mine over the computer screen, her hair falls across her face and she raises her hand to sweep it back behind her ear. I love that movement, it’s one of my favorites thus far. I want to get my hands into her hair and feel the silky strands slip through my fingers. But I didn’t come here for hair, I have important business with her today. Very important indeed. Real business. But looking into her eyes, I get a little lost and forget what I came to say.

“Can I help you, Captain Rogers?” She spoke. I should answer. I clear my throat. I sound like an old man, ugh.

“Um, yes, Y/N. I need those files Fury asked for yesterday. He’s ready to review with the rest of the team.”

“Certainly, Captain Rogers, I have them right here for you.” She hands me the folders and I let my fingers brush gently against hers. Gently? Lightning bolts were more gentle than that. I need to be careful with her, I don’t want to hurt her before I get more than 22 words out. But does “um” count as a word? Probably not. Brilliant, Rogers. So articulate. Blow her away why don’tcha?

“Thank you very much, Y/N. We appreciate all you do for the team.” Really Steve? Bucky would be kicking me at this point. Ask her. Just ask her out. It’s not that difficult, just open your mouth and speak. Remember how Bucky used to be so smooth, you can do it!

“Of course, Captain. I’m happy to help any way that I can. Let me know if the team needs anything else.” She’s smiling. It’s amazing! The most beautiful lips spread across her amazing face, her hand going back to up to push her hair out of the way. Why did she do that? Why doesn’t she just pin it back? No! Leave it down, let the movement happen! I clear my throat again.

“Was there something else I can help you with, Captain?”

“Call me Steve?” Weak, Steve, weak.

“Okay, Steve.” The smile again. I’m in trouble. My heart is pounding in my chest. Super Soldier style. Can she hear it from there?

“Steve? Are you okay?” She looks concerned. The most beautiful eyes I have ever seen hold concern for me. Shit. I’m still staring at her. And am I actually sweating? This was just embarrassing.

“Listen, Capt- Steve, would you be interested in getting a cup of coffee after your meeting today?” She asked me for coffee! She asked because I forgot how to form words.

“Yes.” She jumped. Too loud Rogers, don’t yell! “Um, yes, Y/N, that would be nice.” Oh my god. Coffee. I hope I remember how to drink and not make an even bigger fool of myself.

“Great! Why don’t you just come find me here whenever you are ready to go?” She even had a plan. She was wonderful!

“Okay, sure! See you in a while!”

Turn and leave now, Steve. Be careful to not knock anything off of her desk because I’m a spaz apparently. Shit. There’s Bucky. He saw it all. Aaaaand he’s laughing.Yep. No way around it. I’m going to have to kill him. It’s a shame. I used to like that guy.

Taglist: @writingwithadinosaur

I don’t understand why some of you won’t like/support Alex anymore because you think she looks too light and you don’t like her eye makeup and the way she speaks, ugh what in the world?! So I’m guessing you’ll still support the other women in kpop who’ve actually had eye surgery and bleached their skin right? Sometimes it feels like black women will make up ridiculous excuses to not support each other then sit there and complain when someone of another race mistreats us.

All I Ask

All I Ask

Words: 1179 (holy crab)

Genre: Angst

Summary: So when the bride was clinking  her glass and i could feel his hand missing from my waist, i promise to end those feelings, for his own sake, for his own happiness.

a/n: based on Adele’s song, All I Ask, this is my first phanfic ever lmao

“Can i dance with you?” i asked.

He looked at me with his blue eyes, then he smiled and nodded his head, “Sure, Dan.”

He held my hand and lead me to the dance floor, and i could feel at least fifty pair of eyes looking at me, they were looking at me like this isnt supposed to happen in this beautiful day,

His beautiful day.

The pianist started to play a very beautiful melody, and suddenly, my reality shattered into million pieces at the moment i met his eyes.

What is self control when his blue eyes that filled with so much joy and happiness met my brown ones?

And they were looking at mine deeply just like when we met for the first time, when we held the first eye contact in real life, when his blue eyes found my brown ones among the crowds.

I could feel his hand on my waist, his grip was still strong just like how it always be, but my head was screaming no, no please stop, no this isnt right, the best man isnt supposed to dance with the groom-

But, at the same time, im afraid to admit that my heart actually wanted more than this.

He smiled at me before he spun me over, reminded me of those past years when it was just me and him in our pyjamas, dancing like two fools in the kitchen, knocking everything around us- but we didnt care, even about the spoiled milk on the floor or the burned food in the pan,

because at that exact moment, it was just about us, just about me and Phil.

I looked at his dark blue bowtie, remember when i made an excuse about how it will match the bride’s flower perfectly when i handed him that, but actually i pick that color just because Phil always looks good with dark blue and suit.

Fuck, Phil always looks good with every clothes that he choosed to wear.

“Dan,” He called.


“Thank you,” He said again, “For being the greatest best man that have ever existed, i thought you were going to say no because of-

“Well im still your best friend right?” I cut his sentence, i cant ruin this important day in his life.

“The best of all.”

He said those words with a crooked smile on his face, and suddelny his pale skin looks more  stunning under the fairylight, but unlike his cold figure, his fingers are still warm, just like how they always feel when he is happy.

Under the fairylight on the dance floor, when the pianist was hitting the c-key with his left hand, i could feel my adoration and love that i burried deep inside my heart exploded into million stars, covering my vision and the sight of him, the man where all of my feelings will always belong to.

So when the bride was clinking  her glass and i could feel his hand missing from my waist, i promise to end those feelings, for his own sake, for his own happiness.

For what is best for him and the both of us.


“What are you doing here?”

I turned just to see him standing in front of the balcony door with a glass of champaigne in his grip.

“Nothing, actually,” i laughed, “Just go inside, you have guests.”

“No,” he said before walking closer to me,

No, stop, Phil, No.

“I just want to talk to you,” he said, “Just you and me and the stars on top of us.”

I felt my entire body turned into statue as i heard his sighs.

“Look im sorry-

"There is nothing to be sorry for,” i cut him, again. “its your right to fall in love, i cant do anything against what is right for you.”

I looked at him but he was looking at the city lights in front of us, and i remember when he told me that every light means hope for everyone when we were looking down to manchester from the manchester eye.

And i remember telling him that even in an ocean of city lights filled  with hope, i will always find him, the brightest light that meant for the only me.

I looked at the stars and heard Phil’s voice echoing in my head, i remember it all, the ocean of stars,our first kiss, how his lips were freezing against mine and snow was covering the street after the storm that hit Rosendale six hours before.

So under the stars and over the sea of neon lights, i build my courage to said the last sentence that will ends it all.

“Phil, can you kiss me?” i asked.

He turned his body to look at me, “What did you just say?”

“Can you kiss me?” I asked again, “Tonight is the last time, lets end it in the same way as the way we started it,” i bit my lip, no i cant cry, “Under the stars, just like when you kissed me, for the first time.”

He didnt speak, nor scream, but suddenly he held my hand and intertwined our fingers, his other hand was behind my neck, he moved closer to my face and i could see the way his pupils dilatated, then the rest was just like a dream.

I could feel his breath tickling my cheek, and his warm lips on mine, and they were warm and not freezing like our first kiss.

His fingers squeezed mine, as if they were never going to be ready to let me go.

The kiss was deep, not little pecks like our first time,

Just when i thought he was just going to stay with me and leave everything behind, he pulled and i saw his watery eyes.

It hurts, god, it hurts to see him like this, even more hurting because the reason behind his watery eyes was me and my stupid request.

“Can i kiss you again?” he said, “For one last time before i went inside?”

I nodded and he kissed me again, and this time both of us closed our eyes.

He pulled and whispered closely to my lips, “Im sorry.”

My eyes were still closed even though he is gone, then i heard some clapping sound before i fell into my kness.

I cried silently, letting my heart slowly bleed out, as a reminder of million chances that i didnt take and the billion ‘i love you’s that i didnt say.

So under the stars and above the sea of neon lights, when the guests were clapping to congratulate Phil and his official Wife,

I could feel my first heartbreak after living ten years of my life with so much love and affection from the man with blue eyes, the man whose light shone the brightest, the light that no longer belong to the only me.

somewhere in the distant future...
  • Adrien: What are these feelings Plagg? How can I possibly be in love with two people at once?
  • Plagg: Adrien, as if you didn't know? that's called being a teenager and not knowing ANYTHING! *laughs recklessly*
  • Adrien: Plagg I'm serious! My feelings for Ladybug will always be there but for some reason now I'm starting to feel like Marinette is taking the same position as her. I don't know what to do.
  • *meanwhile at Marinettes house Marinette is tucked in bed*
  • Marinette: Tikki, who would have thought that I'd fall for the King of bad puns? Seriously I can't like Adrien AND Chat Noir at the same time? *burries face in pillow* ugh! what do I do?
  • Tikki: Come on Marinette! Search your heart. You always know what to do.
  • *back at Adriens house*
  • Adrien: *sigh* I just wish I could look into the eyes of both of them. I just wish I could see them as a whole and not as a half.
  • Plagg: This lovey dovey stuff is making me sick.
  • Adrien/Marinette: *looks out at the moon through their windows*
  • both: If only it was simple.

“Ugh, why did you drag me in to that stupid prank?” Y/N growled when you walkt out of McGonagalls class with her four best friend. Sirius grined at you.

“So how does it feels, your first detention?”, he teased at her. You just rolled your eyes and looked over at Remus

“I can’t understand how you put up with them, Remus”, you said. Remus laughed shortly.

“After a few detentions, you get used to them”. The five of you laughed. 

“But for real Y/N, it was kinda your idea to hex all of those books”, pointed James out. 


Tinkerbell (Tony+Avengers x Reader)

A/N: Sorry for the waiting. Please ignore any mistakes. Thanks anon for requesting! I really hope I didn’t dissapoint. :)

Request: TonyXreader? Maybe she’s Ben experimented on by someone and it resulted in her having wings and being able to fly but she almost never shows them cause she’s scared and embarrassed by them and tony calls her tinkerbell because of it but she doesn’t mind cause it’s cute and the others don’t get why he calls her it til one day something happens like they see her wings some how or flying or whatever but make her feel less sensitive about them and accepted?

Originally posted by crazysweetchild

“Oh-O- I know! How about Fiona? And we’ll call Banner Shriek?” I said, looking at Tony, exicited.
“I like the way you think Tinkerbell.” I smiled at the nick name he gave me. I kissed his cheek and he wrapped his arm around me.
“Ugh. Go get a room.” Pietro said, rolling his eyes.
“I own this tower Road Runner.” He said and pulled me closer to him. I chuckled.
“So, what nick names do you two have for each other?” Natasha asked.
“You wouldn’t want to know.” Tony said, joking.
Natasha rolled her eyes.
“They are like partners at crime. Bonnie and Clyde.” Clint said, poiting us.
“Yeah, they put red-blue paint in my shampoo last week.” Steve said, angrily. I laughed, remembering the impression on his face. I high-fived Tony and he smirked.
“Yeah, I helped them do that.” Clint said, chuckling.
“What?!” Steve said, even more pissed now.
“We needed someone to keep you out of your room. We hired Clint.” Tony explained.
“You know what, I’ll get back on you guys.” Steve said with a serious tone.
“Of course you will.” I smiled.
“I mean it!”
“Yeah, sure.” Tony said, trying not to laugh. Steve rolled his eyes and turned back to his drink.
“Let’s go Tinkerbell. I am sleepy.” He said and got up, pulling me up with him. Others looked at us weirdly, problebly thinking why ‘Tinkerbell’.
“We’ll see you losers tomorrow.” Tony said and held my hand, leading me to the elevators. They whined after us.
“What will be our next move?” I asked Tony, my voice not so clear because I was brushing my teeth.
“Well, not Fiona, Shriek or Hermonie. We wouldn’t want them to go ninjas on us. I was thinking, Thor.” I smiled evilly, getting out of the bathroom.
“I have a plan. We can put stickers on Mjolnir.” I suggested, walking towards our closet.
“I love it.” He said and chuckled. I took my dress off, threw it into our closet and got my night wear, put it on. I avoided looking at the mirror, not wanting to see my wings.
“They are beautiful.” Tony said, looking at me from our bed.
“Well they are not supposed to be on me.” I didn’t look at him, I couldn’t. It was embrassing for me.
“I think it is good to have something to make you diffrent than others, and actually you do, a lot of things.”
It took me a second to understand what exactly he said, so there were more than 1 thing that made me diffrent?
“A lot of things?” I asked as I sat on the bed, waiting for an answer from him.
He nodded.
“What other things, except the wings?” I asked curiously.
“You-you are not like the others. You are strong, smart, full of light. You would rather stay in and eat pizza, watch netflix than go on a fancy date. You see the good in people. You punched me in the face when I used the usual pick up line I used on other girls. I can keep counting if we are not gonna sleep.” He said, looking at me like I am shining or something. I smiled
I layed down next to him, layed my head on his chest, wrapped my arm around his waist. He wrapped his arms around me after turning off the lights.
“Good night Tinkerbell.”
“TONY! (Y/N)!” Thor yelled ar the top of his lungs. We laughed and high-fived each other. Everyone looked at us, wondering what we did this time. Thor came running in, with Pink Mjolnir in his hands.
“What the hell is this?” Thor asked, pointing th stickers on Mjolnir, like 'Spank me Daddy’ 'Daddy’s little kitten’ 'Barbie World’…
Others burst into laughter as me and Tony tried not to, but amazingly failed.
“You like it, Goldilocks?” Tony asked, smirking.
“We thought you would like the surprise Thor! It looks lovely.” I said, giving him my cutest smile. Thor sat next to Steve, started to take them off.
“Come on! They suited you!” Tony said, making me laugh even more, gaining a death glare from Thor.
“Nice one.” Clint said as he kept laughing with me. Everyone else joined us, well, except Thor and Steve.
“We will get back on you guys.” Thor said, glaring at us.
“We will.” Steve said, giving us his serious look.
“Sure Capsicle.” Tony said, taking a huge bite from his sandvich as he put his other hand on my waist, pulling me closer to him.
“When do you two plan on putting an end to this?” Bruce asked.
“Whenever we want. But I actually don’t think we will. Right, Tinkerbell?”
“Hmm. Not for a while thats for sure.” I said.
Natasha, Pietro, Clint and Sam chuckled as the others either rolled their eyes or gave us the bitch face.
“You two find this so funny, don’t you?” Steve asked.
“It is funny Cap.” Pietro said, smirking.
“What if they target you next?”
I got up and held my boyfriend’s hand, pulling him up.
“If you guys excuse us, we have a business to attend to.” I said playfully, earning “Eww"s along with whistling.
"What is our business, Tinkerbell?” He asked as I kept pulling him to the roof where I made a table for two of us.
“Other than love-making? Some wine and cuddles…Maybe some dessert too?” I said as I made him sit, he smiled.
I sat next to him as he opened the wine bottle and poured some to our glasses.
“To us.” He said and raised his glass.
“To us.” I repeated as I raised mine.
We both drank up.
“Can we skip to the love-making part?” He asked, eye-undressing me.
“Hmm. Can we?” I said biting my lips on purpose, turning him on. He pulled me to him, putting his lips on mine. He slid his tongue in my mouth, our tongues started to battle each other.
Then, the worst thing happend.
Some idiots decided to attack us with their water guns, laughing. It took me by surprise, I pulled away from Tony. My wings opened, ripping my dress.
Everyone stopped laughing, looking at my wings with shocked expressions. My eyes filled with tears. They weren’t suppose to see it. They think you are a weirdo now.
Tony got up and walked towards me as others kept staring.
“H-How?” Natasha was the first to speak.
“HYDRA experiment.” I said, giving the others a fake smile. I tried my best to keep my voice normal. I wasn’t sad, I was just scared. What will they think of me?
Now they looked even more shocked.  
“They are so beautiful.” Wanda said, her eyes widened. She walked towards me and put her hand on my right wing. I looked at my black-gold wing and took a deep breath.
“So was my dress.” I murmured sarcasticly  and walked towards the door.
“(Y/N)–” Tony catched my arm.
“I-I am fine. I just want to be alone.” I said and got my arm out of his hold.
“Why did you hide them? They are beautiful!” Thor asked exicited. I turned back to them.
“Yeah. I wouldn’t.” Natasha said.
“Me neither. Look at them.” Pietro said, smiling. He walked towards me to take a better look.
“How fast can you fly?” He asked. I raised my eyebrows.
“Do you shampoo them?”
“How did you hide–” I put my hands on the each side of my head. It was all too much.
“Okay. Okay. We are done here.” Tony said and help my hand, pulling me towards the doors.
“She doesn’t like them.” Natasha said, her voice sad.
“But why doesn’t she? They are fantastic!” Pietro said, looking confused.
“She feels unaccepted. Not everyone thinks the way we do.” Clint explained.
“We should let her know that she is accepted. Her wings doesn’t change who she is.” Steve said, looking at others.
“I agree.” Bruce said, taking a seat like the others.
“So  we finally learned why he called her 'Tinkerbell’.” Thor said, taking a sip from his drink. They all nodded.
“We should talk to her, like now.” Natasha said and got up, signaling others to do the same. They walked towards the elevators and got in, pushed the button. They waited the doors to open in silence.
They walked across the hallway and stood in front of Tony’s room. Steve knocked the door.
“Guys, it is us. Can we come in if you aren’t naked–or doing anything?”
Tony stopped his speech to (Y/N) about how they saw her still the same and turned to the door. He looked at (Y/N), checking if she wants to talk to them.
(Y/N) shook her head, meaning yes. She didn’t want to talk to them, but she knew she would have to eventually.
Tony got up and opened the door.
They walked in.
Reader’s POV
“Hey.” They all said and took seats in front of me.
“Hi.” I mumbled. Tony sat next to me and it was all silent for a moment.
“(Y/N)–” Clint started but I cut him off.
“No. Don’t. You don’t have to tell me all those we-still-love-you-crap.” I said.
“You having those wings doesn’t change a thing (Y/N)!” Steve said, looking at me with understanding eyes. That look is new, I thought.
“Exactly Lady (Y/N)!” Thor said with a cheerful voice as others smiled at me.
“I turn into a green monster everytime I get angry. Come on!” Bruce said, trying to make me feel better.
“They are beautiful! And you can fly, it is wonderful!” Wanda said with a happy voice. I looked at them. Do they really mean it?
I turned back to staring at the floor. It was hard to look at them, feeling embrassed. “Guys–”
“No! Don’t 'Guys’ us!” Clint said, pointing his finger at me. I couldn’t help but chuckle. Tony smiled at me and squeezed my hand, giving me courage.
I took a deep breath and finally looked at them. They were looking at me, smiling a little. I was accepted. I didn’t have to hide it anymore. The thought of them seeing me the same was so beautiful, I had hard time to believe they really were.
“So what now? Group hug?” I asked sarcasticly. I wasn’t a fan of serious situations. Tony chuckled as the others took a deep breath, relieving. They all smiled brightly.
“Yes! Group hug!” Tony yelled, pulled me up on my feet and hugged me. They all joined, laughing.
I tried to play 'cool’.
“Okay guys. I know you love me. You can let go now.” I said after a while.

“No.” Steve said, chuckling.
“This is getting awkward.” Clint said.
“Shut up Barton.” Natasha said as we kept hugging.

Request/Ask anything you want, I would be happy to post. And please don’t leave me yet if you didn’t like it, I am improving myself and I have some pretty good plans ;)

Much love everyone.

A Third One Wouldn’t Either [FE8, Cormag/Tana]


“If not Frelia…” she closes her eyes softly before looking up at him, “then serve me.” Written for Rarepair Week.

Author’s Ideas: A request sent in for @ferarepair-week2k17 by @markoftheasphodel. No prompt used.

I LOVE CORMAG/TANA. If you read “One Found Love, Another Did Not” [shameless self-plugging], you’ll know I prefer Ephraim/Myrrh and leaving Tana’s feelings unrequited. I also really like Cormag/Tana, because I feel bad for leaving my Best Girl™ not paired up, and their supports are really sweet. Their paired ending is very ambiguous, which leaves a lot of room for speculation [and me making headcanons and then wanting to kill myself]. It’s nice that I’m in the mood to write Magvel, probably because I’m replaying SS right now.

This serves as a parallel to “One Found Love, Another Did Not”, being Cormag’s side of the pair, but it’s not required that you read it first.

Yeah, this’ll also be up on my FanFiction.

Disclaimer: I say this too much, but I don’t own Fire Emblem.

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My lesson of the day

So I was in the elevator and this 11 year old girl walks in. The first thing I notice is all the foundation, fake eyelashes, fake nails, winged eyeliner, lipstick, eye shadow and her extremely nice curled hair. Obviously, I frowned and my first thought was “Ugh all these 11yr olds dressing like miss universe. I’m 16 and here I am wearing no makeup and dressed like a potato sack.”

But than, I noticed her. Like really noticed her expression. She looked uncomfortable but she was trying to smile and keep her head high, like she knew she was being judged by me but pretending like she didn’t care. That’s when I realized that it shouldn’t matter what she’s doing to make herself feel good. Yes she’s just 11 and she shouldn’t be trying this hard but you know what? It isn’t the same world like it used to be when I was 11. We tell our parents that it’s different being a teenager back than and now. But it’s also different for the 11yr olds now than it was with us. They have a society they have to try to fit into. 

So basically long story short, I smiled at her and told her she looked beautiful. She thanked me and genuinely looked so happy and comfortable in her own skin. At the same time, I told myself that if i ever saw her again without all that makeup, I’d tell her she still looks beautiful.

It’s important to make 12yr old girls feel good in their own skin, even if it involves a bunch of makeup. At the same time, it’s also important to let them know that they still look good without all that stuff on their face.

INFJ Confession #2

Sometimes one small act from other people affects me so greatly it’s weird.

“Oh, gosh, did she just smile at me? It looked like she rolled her eyes when she looked away - she must hate me so damn much. What did I do? Maybe it was that one time I walked past her and I didn’t say hi… Ugh. I hate myself. No one understands.”

The ending is very nice and heartwarming but is nowhere near realistic. (This is an anime, so who cares, right? Sore wa chigau yo!

Why are the SDR2 kids okay? Why do they all seem happy-go-lucky, as if they have forgotten the horrible things they have done? They were SHSL Despairs. All of them committed massacres. Sonia even sacrificed her parents to Junko. Some violated their own bodies: Komaeda cut his arm, Kuzuryuu ripped his right eye out of the socket, Akane fasted for days/weeks and could have died due to hunger, and Tsumiki was hinted to have transplanted Junko’s ovaries in her. So how do they look so fine? How did they get their clothes that they wore before entering Hope’s Peak?

I am so damn confused right now. I’M HAPPY TO SEE THEM ALIVE, but it still feels wrong. Ugh

3 Times Stefan Salvatore Was Extremely Adorable- Steroline Drabble

A/N:  I hope you all like this!!  Requested by wescolasclife on her twitter account :)  Just a lot of Steroline fluff!  Enjoy :)

1- The Lip Gloss and the Waitress

“Caroline?  Are you ready to go?”  Stefan asked as he stepped into her house.  “Yeah, one second!”  The blond yelled back down the staircase, frantically searching for her lip gloss.  Flustered, she stormed down the stairs and didn’t even look at Stefan even though she could feel his eyes on her.  “I’m sorry I’m so late, but I can’t find my lip gloss.  I’ve looked everywhere!”  Caroline was digging through her purse as Stefan watched how she adorably started freaking out and how beautiful she looked when she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.  She was dressed in a light pink dress and a jean jacket that made Stefan flash back to their first kiss. 

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Make you forget

“Y/N! Why are you still in bed?” My best friend Jacy yelled at me. See the truth is, my boyfriend broke up with me two days ago.. And I just can’t get over it. I gave him all I had.. My virginity.. My love.. Yet the dickhead still broke up with me for Lana, the school slut. So now I was in bed.. Eating chocolate ice cream and watching the notebook. “Y/N.. Come on get dressed. I got us fake ID’s so we are GOING TO THE CLUB!” Oh damn.. Jacy seemed excited. “Jacy.. I don’t feel like clubbing right now. You can go without me.” I didn’t want to look her in the eyes. I knew that if I did, she would win this. “Oh.. Y/N believe me, we are going and you are getting laid tonight!” She grinned. Ugh this bitch of a friend..

~Two hours later~
Yep.. She made me come.. There I sat, at the bar. Taking a sip from my Malibu cocktail while Jacy was dancing with two guys. Why the hell did she bring me if she is trying to get aids? I was about to get up and walk away when I felt a hand on my left shoulder. I looked next to me and saw a guy.. Probably in his early 20. He looked so handsome.. So hot.. So.. “Hey, I’m Justin.” They guy said. Oh.. He is so damn hot. “I’m Y/N.” I smiled. “So, Y/N.. A beautiful girl like you shouldn’t be here alone. You know that right?” I nodded in agreement. “My friend, the one over there who is trying to get aids.. She brought me here. She thought it was a good idea since all I’ve done is watch the notebook and eat ice cream all day.” Justin looked amused. Oh he should know.. “I love the notebook, that’s like my favorite movie. But watching it the whole day? Hmm.. Tell me princess what did he do to break your heart?” Wait.. Did he just figure out that I’m heartbroken? Damn.. Most of the boys I know can’t even figure out how to wear their pants. Where has this boy been in my whole life? “Two days ago.. Jack, my ex boyfriend now, broke up with me so he could date Lana, and she is like.. The school whore.. And..” I couldn’t help but started crying. “I.. I gave him all I could.. Yet he still didn’t love me.. He never loved me.. Everything was a lie!” Justin hugged me and I sobbed into his shirt. “Shh.. Its okay princess.. He is the one who lost. Not you.” His words were so comforting. “Take me out of here.. Please.” I looked him in the eyes with my red and fluffy eyes. I must have looked like a mess. He nodded. “Lets get your coat.” He grabbed my hand and we walked to the garderobe.

~Twenty minutes later~
“Wow.. Is this your house?” I looked around me. This house was bigger than the whole apartment building I lived in. Justin gave me a shy smile. “Yes.. Do you want to drink something?” He offered me. “No thank you I’m fine.” I sat on the couch and he sat right next to me. He looked so good.. I bet he had no idea what he was doing to me. “If you let me.. I can make you forget.” Wait what? Did he just say that? Oh my god.. Am I dreaming? “Show me..” I whispered. He got up and took my hand. We walked upstairs to his room and he pushed me on his bed. “Are you sure?” He checked. All I did was nod. Of course I am sure. “Good.. Now.. Relax.” He locked the door and started to undress himself. First his shirt and then his pants. That’s when I noticed his huge boner.. Fuck.. On the way to his house we grabbed a cab.. And I was so upset that I sat on his lap the whole time.. And I was moving.. That’s what the hard thing was.. Oh sometimes I’m so damn stupid. His dick was.. Wow.. Big. Like really big. He walked to the bed and helped me out of my dress. “Hmm you’re beautiful..” He whispered in my ear while he was checking me out. The way he whispered.. He made me shiver. He started to kiss me. At first slowly and deep but soon it turned out to a hot make out session. He was on top of me, kissing me roughly while grinding against my entrance. Oh this boy. I started moaning like crazy, which seemed to drive him even more insane because I swear his dick grew even bigger. “J-Justin.. Stop teasing.” I moaned loudly against his lips. He broke the kiss and helped me out of my bra. He attacked both nipples, one at a time while he was still grinding. All I could do was moan. I was so damn wet! Then he finally took of my string and his boxer. “Are you sure?” He asked again while he was breathing heavily. I moaned in agreement and slowly he sunk his dick into me. Oh.. Fuck.. I only had sex once and that was with a school boy.. His size was just.. So much bigger. But.. I liked the pain. Justin started trusting in and out me while I was moaning like crazy. “Justin! Ohh! Baby! Ahh! Right there.. Ohh fuck Justin!” He trusted harder and harder and took one of my nipples in his mouth again. Im not gonna lie.. His trusts did hurt a little. He started sucking on my nipple like crazy while he was trusting. “J-Justin! Ahh… Justin!” I moaned loudly and grabbed the bed sheets. I clenched my walls. “Not yet baby girl..” He breathed heavily into my ear. He went deeper and I felt his whole size.. Which got me screaming out his name. Fuck.. I couldn’t take it anymore.. He knew I was close so he speeded up. “NOW!” He yelled and we both came at the same time. I squirted around his dick while his warm cum filled my whole pussy. Oh.. He pulled out and lied next to me. We both were trying to catch our breath while we were looking at each other, speechless. After what felt hours of silence, he spoke. “Wow.. Did he leave you? Damn that dude is crazy.. I’m not letting you go.” Wait who was he talking about? Oh.. Right.. Jack. I can’t believe that he really made me forget. At the begin of this night I’d never thought my night would end like this.. In a stranger’s bed.. I smiled into his chest. “Goodnight Justin.” I whispered. “Goodnight, princess.” He whispered back. We both fell asleep, exhausted from the wild night we just had together.


If you’d just done what I said without asking questions,
I would have told you the truth.
But I never thought you’d tell me that!

Witch Treachery- Yoongi Smut (Part Four)

//Love is a game… Do you wanna play?//

I feel like I’m walking on eggshells around Yoongi, like I have to watch my every move. He’s been cold and distant… He won’t even look at me, and when he does, he looks confused or angry.

“Ugh!” I shout, throwing the pillow next to me at the wall. “What?!” Rebecca yells, startled with a spoon of chocolate ice cream in her mouth.

“He’s such an idiot” I snort, crossing my arms over my chest. “Who? Yoongi? I could’ve told you that from the beginning.” she rolls her eyes, flipping her long, beautiful hair behind her shoulder. “Rebecca I’m really not in the mood for one of your lectures” I groan, sliding further into the couch.

Rebecca puts her hands up in defense. “I’m just saying, a creepy cosplayer who passes out on sidewalks, is always, and I mean always, an idiot or a really shady person. And to me he’s both, we don’t even know where he’s from.” I groan again, and she rolls her eyes.

“Where is he anyway?” she asks and I shrug. “Somewhere, where I’m not…”

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I Want a Number 5 Nate Maloley Imagine

Nate’s POV
“Nate, come on! I wanna eat with you inside the restaurant!” Y/n whined as she tried to pull me out of the car. “Y/n, I’m tired just please go get our food and I promise we can cuddle when we get home.” I tried to convince her. I was not only tired but I was also feeling really lazy. All those long nights in the studio caught up to me. “Ugh! Fine! What do you want me to get you?” Y/n asked me as she pouted. As upset as she may be, she still looked cute when she pouts. “Get me a number 5 please.” I said as I handed her money. She grabbed the money out of my hand and puckered my lips expecting her to kiss me. She just scoffed and jumped out of the car. My eyes followed her to the door.
Y/n’s POV
He must be delirious if he thinks that I’m gonna kiss him when I’m mad at him. I shoved the money in my pocket and walked to the front door. I was about to reach for the door handle when a large hand grabbed the door handle and held it for me. “Ladies first.” The stranger said. He was a tall guy with brunette hair and green eyes. He had a bright white smile and a long, lean, muscular figure. He was cute but not as cute as my Nate. “Thank you.” I politely said. “Anything for a pretty lady.” He deductively responded back. Ok…he’s starting to creep me out. Because I didn’t want to elongate this conversation any longer, I just walked in the restaurant and ignored him.
Nate’s POV
What the actual fuck?!! Who does this guy think he is??!!!! Why the hell was he staring at my girl like that??!! I rush out of the car and followed my baby girl in the restaurant. Once I walked in I saw the guy checking out MY lil mama’s ass! Hell no!! I rushed to Y/n and wrapped my arm around her small waist. “Baby! I’m so glad you decided to come out!” Y/n excitedly said as she pecked my lips. “Of course, lil mama! You’re MY girl and I wouldn’t want to leave MY girl alone!” I said to her.
When we were finished ordering, I found a booth in the corner of the restaurant and sat there with Y/n. Y/n laid her head on my shoulder as I placed my arm around her shoulder.
“You only got out of the car cuz you saw that guy checking me out; didn’t you?” Y/n asked me. “Maybe.” I shyly respond to her. She giggles and reaches up to me to kiss me. I kiss her back. She pulls away and says “good. Cuz I would’ve done the same.” Y/n says to me before she pecks me once more.

(Ugh, so many Young!Emma feels after that episode. CS street kids AU)

She’s heard about him.

Seen him a few times, the boy in the leather jacket with the dark hair and bright blue eyes. He’s cute, more than cute, but Emma keeps her distance. He has a gang, they snatch purses and lift wallets and they squat in an old factory with a skull and bones spray painted on the brick wall. It’s their sign, their symbol.

Its easier now, to look for the cameras and to slip a box of cookies or palm an apple under her baggy coat when the clerk’s back is turned, easier, but not easy, and there’s days when she doesn’t eat at all.

She’s seen him, the gang leader, buying McDonalds and pizza, taking it back to the old factory with his buddies in tow, doling out the food and she can smell it - it makes her mouth water and she’s tempted to come out from her hiding spot and see if maybe they might share. But she can’t take the risk, there’s several of them, and they’re all boys and she knows what girls on the streets trade for food and shelter with the other gangs, and she’s not one of them, not yet.

Better off alone, anyway.

There’s a few places where she can sleep, safe, or safe-ish at least, with her bag tied to her waist so no one can make off with it without waking her. She can’t go to a shelter, they’ll take one look and know she’s underage and call the cops, and she is not going back to another group home where the other kids steal her stuff or foster family where the dad “forgets” to knock on the bedroom door when she’s changing. 

Not again. 

Never again.

Three of them try to corner her one night, in the alley behind the bakery where one of the cashiers sets out day old bagels and muffins next to the back door. They’re from the other gang who’s territory ends one street over, two boys who leer at her and a girl with dead eyes. 

Emma fights, a lifetime of foster homes and group care taught her to fight, and she blackens an eye and splits a lip, but there’s too many of them and she takes a punch to the stomach and loses her bag (oh God no), and then she’s running, running, two streets over and through the hole in the chain link fence and they’re following her and she’s going to get the shit kicked out of her and raped but she swears she’ll go down fighting, but then four of them appear, led by him, the boy in the leather jacket who’s got a chain wrapped around his hand with a hook swinging from the end and his buddies hold tire irons and baseball bats and they yell to her pursuers that this is their territory and the three of them turn tail and run.

The girl drops Emma’s bag by the chain link fence.

The boy in the leather jacket retrieves it, and kneels down next to her.

“I’ve seen you before. What’s your name?”

She thinks she should lie, she thinks she should grab her bag and run, but she doesn’t, she just looks at his face (younger, up close) and whispers, “Emma.”

“Emma,” he repeats, “They call me Hook, but my name is Killian.”

He helps her to her feet, hand on her back and she frowns, “What do you want me to call you?”

The blue eyes blink, and he actually blushes, “Killian.”

She doesn’t have to trade anything for a share of the food and a place to sleep in the factory squat, Killian steals a set of bedsheets and hangs them across an alcove so she has privacy, she can sleep without tying her bag to her waist and for the first time in weeks, she actually sleeps through the night.

Within a month Killian is sleeping in the alcove with her, his jacket folded up underneath their heads and his arm wrapped firmly around her waist, and she sleeps better than she has in years.

It’s not much.

But it becomes home.


ooohoho! Message Received, love this episode for so many reasons but the one part id like to mention…the feels i got for amedot! i mean the way Amethyst looked so hurt..!

just her reaction! Amethyst: “Man! after everything we gone through shes still out to get us!”

its kills me! 

the way her eyes and expressions say it all! 

i mean it was just beautifully perfect! couldn’t ask for a better reaction from Amethyst

i also love that Amethyst was thinking of some way to change Peridots mind by Steven: “why did i think I could change her mind?” Amethyst: “ugh, i know right? but i guess you cant like get into other peoples heads and change what they think. maybe we can…yeaaah,

 if we shrink down really little we can-” 

i also love the little fact that she had a whole bunch of cool nicknames for Peridot on the spot and yet couldn’t find a good insult name for her just having “Perisnot” but still having “Yellow D got torn down by the Peridactyl!” i just love that little fact! 

I really hate this interview and when I say I really hate it, I mean I CAN’T HELP BUT OBSESS OVER IT.  It’s by far my favorite.  They’re both fidgeting (she with her hands and he with his fingertips behind her). Nervousness?  Perhaps.  Then when he looks at her…ugh.  I’m sure he’s listening to her (up to a certain point of course) but stops listening when they make eye contact.  They get lost in each other eyes; he stops because she stops.  She sees the corners of his mouth slightly curl up in a smile and she can’t help herself from smiling either.  Yup, I really hate this interview. 

A few notes about the last episode

1) Did you notice how Elizabeth sighed right before Henry pulled her for a hug? She did it on episode 2.01 as well when he met her at the White House. I love that, a sigh of relief that she can crawl into his arms.

2) I love her hair in that last scene. I wish she’d go back to the long hair, suits her well. Oh and her eyes at the hospital scene, simply amazing!

3) I loved how she was surprised by Blake’s “love you” but didn’t say anything. That was cute, as if it still feels right that he said that. And then her saying it’s like he’s inside her head. Make Blake you adopted son please :D

4) It literally pained me that Henry said “I love you too” and then said he had to go and didn’t even bother to say goodbye, because the look on his face, ugh. It felt like he couldn’t get another word out to her.

5) The way he hugs her, and then rubs her back, and then she’s sort of leaning forward, longing for a kiss, and he’s not up for it but he still holds her hands and can’t let go - that was pure love.

6) Her hesitance for not running to him when he came home and allowing him to take this step - this is brilliant. 

7) Noticed how she kissed Ali and then Stevie and then came back to Ali, as if to make up for not kissing Henry? That entire scene of him slowly realizing they need to talk, Tim is an amazing actor, seriously. 

8) And then that walk. I love how he tried to make it as if everything is still normal, and nothing changed, while she was letting him because she already pushed him to the edge.

9) Her dropping the bottle to get Henry to talk was seriously awesome. 

10) I love the dynamic with her entire staff - the way they all come together after the first season. Nadine defending her to Glenn; Jay being all worried about her; they feel like a real family, and I just love that! 

11) Gotta love her agents for looking away when they had their little moment and she moved to hold his arm. Also gotta love them for staring at that person who walked down the street, not even bothering to look at Henry and Elizabeth lol

12) I don’t follow with the Christmas thing - isn’t Christmas over in the show? Or are we still scheduled for an actual Christmas episode?

13) I love her reference to her and Henry as the “McCords”. I generally love how to to earth she is and how being Secretary of State feels like any other job for her, while her life is usually just normal. 

14) I gotta hand it to the writers - the scene with Dalton was needed a long time ago. Kudos for finally doing it. 

15) Am I the only one thinking it was super weird when Dean Ward talked to Henry and Elizabeth after the whole Jason thing? Awkward much? lol

16) Elizabeth with no heels walking next to Blake - first of all with those clothes and shoes she looked like she’s 16 (and it’s so sweet), and second of all, Téa is tall, and I know Erich is taller, but OMG the height differences lololol This is how I feel when I’m not wearing heels at the office and I stand next to our 6′ 3 intern. Which is pretty much Erich’s height, and I’m 2 inches shorter than Téa.

17) I love the tension between them until he asks her to go for that walk, but it’s so subtle the girls aren’t even aware. 

This was an amazing episode, although I was missing a panic attack, and I do think a 2 hours episode would’ve worked much better with all the storylines. Or just cut off the NASA story, I didn’t see the point in that.

And on that note - I was to say praise to Tim and Téa for being such amazing actors!