ugh that kiss was so sweet

I love the scene outside the gay club because when Lukas gives him that last peck, Philip is so surprised because their kisses are usually long and full of teenage hormones, but this was quick and soft and sweet and so different, that it proves that Lukas isn’t just in it for the thrill of being with another guy or the actual possibility of sex. He wants to be with Philip and he cares about him and just ugh I love it

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How can they make us so happy with all the sweetness and that AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME kiss and then suddenly made us all feel devastated. I DIDNT SEE THAT COMING, really, i didnt expect that Shin really turned into ashes. AND THAT BEAUTIFUL GOODBYE it just not break my heart but my entire self.

This drama is just so good at making us laugh and smile one moment, and then a few seconds later leave us crying out eyes out and feeling completely dead inside. I’m sure we were all waiting for THE GONG YOO KISS… but with that HEARTBREAKING GOODBYE… I can’t fully indulge in all of it’s glory until they have a official happy ending. T.T

But let’s talk about that kiss… OMFG… that kiss was executed so perfectly… the hunger, the desperation, the longing, the desire, the sadness, the intensity, and the passion… for all of those who said they were lacking passion between a man and a woman… here is your visual proof that they don’t lack one ounce of passion at all. The way how Shin devoured her… held her… caressed her… and gazed at her completely broke my heart because he knew that if he didn’t do it now… he probably won’t have a second chance. As for Eun-tak… I just loved how she completely succumbed to his touch and let him guide her in the kiss… it was so wonderfully hot and sexy, but at the same time so sad. Gong Yoo has again stolen my heart for the billionth time and broke it into a thousand pieces when Shin said his final “I’ll be back.” BUT THE WAY HOW EUN-TAK CRIED… omo.. I could feel it pierce my soul with how she just broke down into tears after literally watching her love disappear into ashes… Round of applause for Kim Go Eun. Simply amazing acting. 

I just keep watching this kiss scene over and over that I’ve basically engrained it in my memory… now I’m looking for the best gif of this kiss to update my header… this is the kiss of the century (well for me anyways lol). I’ll be even more happy when they reunite and surpass this kiss with an EVEN BETTER ONE!! Don’t let me down, Gong Yoo! ;D

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Imagine one of them having yo guide you through your first kiss because you have no idea what you're doing

I can so imagine ashton doing this like making sure you were super ready to do this beforehand and then being sweet and gentle and giving you tips in a low whisper. and you’d be really tense because you were nervous and he’d say “relax your lips a little.. actually relax your whole body a little.” he could tell you were overthinking it and would tell you to “do what feels natural” and “follow my lead.” he’d notice your hands were still limp at your sides and he’d be like “you can touch me if you want” but you’d have no idea where to even put your hands and there just hovering a in the air as you try to think of where people put their hands in the movies but then you feel ashtons hands on yours and they guide them to his chest and everything starts to feel right after a while and you’re so grateful he was so patient with you because you really like kissing him and now you’re eager to learn more :-)


2014 Team FD Warm up // Sochi

Credit: vigilantecatnip

I’ve only ever seen the gif of the cheek kiss never the full moment…damn

Joji Imagine

•just imagine being good friends with joji and hanging out like you usually do and then he just leans over and kisses you
•and it’s really sloppy yet sweet at the same time
•like you’re just so surprised that he did that out of nowhere
•and he’s kinda freaking out because.. what did he just do?!?!???
•and then you just kinda smile knowingly because he makes it so obvious that he likes you
•"i like you too joji…“
•he’s so cute and super flustered ugh
(I’m seriously so in love with him, also it’s 3 in the morning and I’ve never written before and this is kind of a Drabble but I want to give writing a shot so feedback is very appreciated!!!!)

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I thought that seeing your Gravity post this morning had just made my day, but reading it was an endless chain of suprises and emotions, and at the end I was pretty much like Victor after Yuuri did the quadruple flip (just to stay on topic). I love your Yuuri and Victor too pieces, their love is so refreshing and sweet, and I love your Yuri and Otabek the same, with their fierce slow-burn feelings and just as much in love. Thanks for this great work, I'm in space now, and happy new year! <3

thank you, welcome to space, ENJOY YOUR STAY! 

I am way too deep into yuri’s pov now because my immediate reaction is: refreshing? sweet?? UGH KILL ME but then I remember that actually I love the bundle of fairy-floss romance that is victor and yuuri, and I want them to keep kissing one another’s rings and giving one another gooey looks F O R E V E R.

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my crush is the most beautiful boy i have ever seen. he's got the best hair ever it falls in a long fringe and looks so soft and all i want to do is run my hands through it. he also has the prettiest brown eyes in the universe they're so warm and loving. i literally melt when he looks at me bc he always has the most soft and adoring look in his eyes and ugh. his lips are an actual godsend they're so pouty and all i want to do is kiss them until i can't breathe. he never fails to make me (1/2)

feel loved and safe and like the most perfect boy in the world. i literally couldn’t ask for a more handsome and utterly amazing person. and i can’t believe i’m lucky enough to be his boyfriend ♡♡ (2/2)

noah i’m crying this is so sweet i’m so happy for you!! i wish you two the most happiness ever ahhh

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Omg! I didn't know u were hospitalized, dont worry bout anything else just concentrate on gettin better k? Ur health is the most important, we'll be waiting 4 u to be back, miss U!! Get well! *sends kisses*

UGH THANK YOU BABE <3 You guys are so sweet <3 I just got out of the hospital and am waiting for my rideeeeee. I’m going to go home and SHOWER UGH I SMELL GUYS WTF. And then Ill probably take a nap and then get on to work on something for my babies <3 I really really apreciate that you guys have been so supportive and just amazing. You guys are the fricking best <3 XOXOXOXOOXOXOOXOXOXOOXOXOX TIMES ABILLION

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Lexa, Xena, Faith Lehane, Stella Gibson, Lagertha, and Morgana

How can you be so mean to me?? I thought you like me, I thought we are friends! ugh

Marry Lexa (I would marry Lexa in every universe ever), kiss Xena, wrap a blanket around Morgana, be roommates with Stella Gibson (the level of thirst tho) push Faith off a cliff (she really deserves better I’m sorry), set Lagertha on fire (season 4b made me very petty)

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Your sweet author, your headcanons and blog are one of the best. It was because of you that I wanted to get into the FFXV reader-insert scenes, so please stay as "ooc" as you want and keep having fun! Kisses

YOOOOU. let me love on you friend because really the fact that my indulgent play inspired you is really just amazing to me. And ugh your work is great! And I’m so glad that folks are finding the urge to create and get in on this silly fun! Like… *flail*. Creating things is just such a good thing to do, you know? Writing is my life and I’m so honoured to be a part of someone elses writing journey.


april 9th, 1990  happy 26th birthday, kristen jaymes stewart!

wishing a very happy birthday to a very special girl. you’ve touched so many lives and continue to make an unforgettable mark on mine each day. thank you, kristen, for showing me it’s okay to be me and that who i am is nothing to be ashamed of, but something i should take pride in. thank you for showing us your breathtaking talent in all the incredible women you’ve played, for gracing us with your smile, and being a friend to those who have needed and continue to need you as a source of positivity and inspiration in their lives. you are certainly one of a kind and anyone who knows you, either personally or as an admiring fan, is lucky to have you around. i’m proud to call myself a kristen stewart fan and i will always have your back. i love you, we love you, and we hope your birthday is just as amazing and memorable as you are. happy birthday, babydoll.

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Describe the tranquil feeling u feel with her..?

Have you ever sat in the shade of a gorgeous tree on a warm summer’s day? Sometimes, when the wind blows, sitting under the shade for a long time can leave you feeling slightly chilly, so you move into the sun.

And when you do, as sudden as it is sweet, the sunlight pouring down from heaven kisses your skin - as though the god of the sun is making love to your lazy happiness. 

Have you ever felt that summer drowsiness? When the sky is clear and the clouds are writing your dreams into existence, and you feel as though you can reach into the sky and pull the summer’s light into a ring around your finger, in your hand, 

but when you look at her, you don’t need the sky, or the sun, or a solution to your problems:

being with her is enough. 

I just saw a happy gay, lesbian, whateverthefuck, couple walking around, the taller girl kept stopping and starting as she walked to pick at the smaller girl.

Eventually the smaller girl legit reached up and pulled the taller one down for a kiss and I had to leave the area because I became jealous.

I’m so mad at myself for becoming jealous, but it was also so so so sweet. Like for a moment I was living vicariously just by watching them.

The way they looked at each other too. It was soooo sweet. Ugh. I want that one day.

Sex With Ashton

Request: hey, can you do sex with ashton please?

I guess now we need a sex with Ashton one yes

Hope you guys like it! :) REQUESTS ARE STILL OPEN


  • it most likely won’t start in the bedroom
  • food will probably be used
  • hot fudge
  • whipped cream
  • him making you go down on him first
  • he scratches your thighs when he goes down on you
  • “you’re so sweet babe”
  • he doesn’t let you cum tho
  • headboard hitting the wall
  • “ugh, daddy”
  • “what did you just say to me?”
  • fucks you harder
  • his hands gripping the headboard to keep himself steady
  • low whimpers when he’s close
  • even when he cums first, he still fucks you till you cum
  • sometimes even after that he still fucks you
  • “god you’re so tight”
  • he ALWAYS kissing you when it’s over
  • and obvi a cuddle session

thank you for the request ~

Jimin: this boy looks he the time to be embarrassed to ask for you help but after many attempts and failures he’d give up and ask for your help. He’d approach you shyly asking you for you help. Watching how you easily grab the object he’d say something like “aigoo~ you’re so sweet jagiya, thank you” and give you a sweet kiss on you cheek.

Jhope: seems like the type to over react when he sees you reach for the items so easily when he was struggling. He would say something like ‘ah seriously, why am I shorter than you, i’m such a failure, ugh you’re so good, beautiful, long legs and just perfect.. how are you even with me??“ While he furiously stirs the food he was trying to cook for the two of you.

Rap monster: being only a few inches taller than him he would take advantage of this and ask you to reach for stuff he could easily get himself only because he’s would be lazy to do it himself. Together you’d poke fun at the other members. Your height and long legs would probably be his favorite feature on you and he would love sharing his clothes with you since they’d fit perfectly on you.

Suga: being on the short side he would absolutely give no fucks about you being taller than him. He would probably be proud to have a beautiful tall girl by his side. When the members say something about his height he’d most likely shoot back with "so? My girlfriend is taller than you??” Annoying the other members since he frequently uses that against them

Jin: although you were only slightly taller than him he’d adore your height very much always suggesting you should be a model because of how long and beautiful your legs are. He’d appreciate every single time you helped him reach things and especially loving to be able to stare into your eyes so easily thanking you since you two were practically at the same eye level

V: This boy would be head over hells with your height, while the members taunt him having to look up at you he’d secretly love it, every time he asked you to get something for him he’d say “jagiyaaaaaaa, can you reach that for me pleasee” while using his aegyo voice, looking up at you giving you the brightest smile you will ever see

Jungkook: He wouldn’t want to bother you at all for something he sees as minor so hed just try to get it himself somehow but after he finally realizes he won’t be able to and asks for your help he apologizes over and over for having to have you help him but after reassuring him it was not a problem at all he’d instantly grin and pull you in for a hug

- Ellie and Kitty