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Trying and failing to channel my inner @studylustre today. I wanted to work on my handwriting today, so I decided to rewrite some vocabulary that my english class did a really long time ago. I think it turned out pretty well :)


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“let them grumble” 


It’s the perfect day for some mayhem >:D

Makeup test success! Crazy Aussie is slowly coming together, and I couldn’t be more pleased with him so far. Still have a ton to do and things to tweak, but hey I’m on fire!

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hi! im working on a fanfic but what i can get from wikipedia just isn't enough, so i thought i should ask an expert of french lolitics (and ofc mv XD). so in my fic there's a part where mv meets baroin, and im not very clear about their relationship. i saw a photo of them greeting each other pretty friendly but that might just be the surface...? thank u!


Sorry for the late answer!

I’m afraid I don’t know much about the relationship between MV and François L’Oréal. They don’t belong to the same party, of course, but on the other hand, MV has always been well liked by most of LR (including Baroin, I guess?)

Moreover, Baroin stood up for MV when EM humiliated him after the election : 

Je pense qu’il y a des règlements de comptes entre Macron et Valls qui sont d’une puissance…  Et qui n’ont rien à voir avec la bienveillance qu’on nous a vendue pendant plusieurs semaines de campagne. Je n’ai jamais vu une telle violence ! (…)  On aime ou on n'aime pas Valls mais enfin, il a servi l’Etat et dans une période difficile. Il a mis en place l’état d’urgence pour protéger les Français. Ça a marché, ça a pas marché… peu importe mais la manière dont il est traité dit beaucoup quand même de l‘esprit sectaire de ce mouvement qui se veut très moderne et qui en 3 jours appartient déjà dans ses méthodes et ses combines au passé. (…)  Il faudrait beaucoup d’argumentations et de force de conviction pour expliquer que ce qui se passe sur Valls procède de la bienveillance naturelle des relations humaines.”

(It’s unclear whether FB stood up for MV because he likes him or just because he wanted to criticize EM, though.)

However, they’re really



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did you just called maisie williams plain lookinf?? the fuck? arent you the one always defending her looks?

I know what’s going through your mind: did Lindsay just called Maisie Williams ugly? Did the recent events in the world distorted reality in such a way that sent us to a parallel universe where she doesn’t absolutely loves Maisie? Well, the answer is no to both those questions, I still think she’s one of the most beautiful human beings to ever exist, I mean look at her:







(Ugh, that first & last pics always gets me, soooooo beautiful)

What I mean is, and this is important, she is not exuberantly beautiful. She’s an average girl-next-door beauty not different from a very pretty girl you may see on Target, or a coffee shop, or maybe your school library. If you put her in a group of a bunch of pretty girls she may not stand out, and that’s both her magic and her curse.

We are conditioned to think people in media, especially actors and models, are the ultimate beauties. We perceive them as unreachable beings that exist in a different issolated reality even when they’re obviously not. We believe that if they’re in television they’re so much better than we are, they’re almost perfect, and when we see someone like Maisie who’s just like us we’re confused. And we’re either left thinking “hey, they’re just like me, they’re human after all and we’re all beautiful” or “this one doesn’t belong here, they’re boring, plain, uninteresting”; because we’ve been buying this straight male oriented media for our entire lives.

So when I talk about Maisie being “plain looking” in D&D’s perspective I mean plain looking for Hollywood ideals of incredibly looking, sexually available women. And the fact that she became a more popular character than those played by more conventional movie pretty faces like Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turner makes haters really angry. Especially the Knights of Susan who link beauty so much to the character.


I now have JJ’s very first car and his very latest car :’) 2002 vs 2017

sidenote: i need someone to follow me around everytime I go to Wal-Mart or Target to make sure I don’t buy anymore of these

First pics of Bob in 2016 and it looks as though he’s dead-set on keeping one of his New Year’s resolutions, 

which is to remain inexplicably super-duper cute–

More power to you, Bob.