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When your neighbor changes their wifi password 😞😒
  • *in another world at another time*
  • Me: 😤😊 Time for a comfy bath, bitch! *disrobes sensually and slips into the tub*
  • Me: Ahh, so warm. Now to just sit back, relax, and do some comfort tweeting. *attempts to tweet*
  • Phone: Beep. Boop. Unable to process tweet.
  • Me: What the heck do you mean by that?
  • Phone: Are you dense? I can't process the tweet. You have no wifi connection.
  • Me: Bullshit! *attempts to connect to my neighbor's wifi* Ugh, that weird skater chick next door changed the password again! What am I supposed to do now!?
  • Phone: Bathe, I guess.
  • Me: Fuck that. I can't bathe without tweeting about it first. It'd be like taking a shit and not wiping your ass. I'd feel dirty.
  • Phone: That is far from an apt comparison. Also, just gross.
  • Me: I was raised gross, bitch. Ugh, I guess I'll just go to bed, then. *tries to leave the bathroom but the door is jammed* The fuck!? Why won't the door open?
  • Phone: Hmm, I don't know. Maybe the same reason why your phone is talking. Don't you think this entire situation is rather bizarre?
  • Me: Well, no. You're a smart phone. Of course you can talk.
  • Phone: That's... hmm... I guess you're right. Still, watch this.
  • *the sink and bathroom faucets start spraying water an alarming rate*
  • Me: AIIIIEEEEE! They're overfilling! Everything will get wet! Phone, are you doing this!?
  • Phone: No. I'm not responsible for any of this. However, I do know exactly how the rest of tonight's events will play out.
  • Me: How!?
  • Phone: I'm not sure myself. They came to me in a dream.
  • *the water rises ankle deep*
  • Me: FUCK! If the room fills with water, that means it'll mix with toilet water! *begins stuffing the good towels in the toilet*
  • Phone: Your priorities are twisted.
  • Me: Shut the fuck up, phone. If I'm to die in here, it's not going to be in gross toilet water.
  • *time passes and the water is now waste deep*
  • Me: 😰 Phone, what am I supposed to do.
  • Phone: Well, a sane person would have called emergency services by now.
  • Me: You're right! Phone dial 911!
  • Phone: Ring ring! Dialing 911 now!
  • Operator: Hello, 911!? What's your emergency!
  • Phone: I'm stuck in my bathroom with no escape and it's overflowing with water and I'm going to drown! Please send help!
  • Operator: Hello? Hello? I can't hear you! Haha! Just joking. If you're hearing this that means we're on break. If you've got an emergency please try to hold on for as long as possible and please leave a message at the beep. Beeeeeep! Haha, just kidding. Here comes the real beep. Buzz buzz! Got you again. Okay, time for the real be-
  • Me: *hangs up* I didn't know 911 went on breaks.
  • Phone: I didn't either. Well, I did. I saw it in my dream after all.
  • *more time passes and I'm now floating on the water with the phone on my stomach*
  • Me: Phone.
  • Phone: Yeah?
  • Me: How long did you know this was going to happen?
  • Phone: A couple of months now.
  • Me: Why didn't you tell me about it?
  • Phone: I'm not sure. I didn't think it was actually going to happen until everything started lining up exactly like the dream.
  • Me: So, I'm going to drown, right?
  • Phone: Yes.
  • Me: And what happens to you?
  • Phone: I'm about to die.
  • Me: How?
  • Phone: It's just my battery, it's nearly empty. But, I think I'll be permanently put out of commission. You can't charge me, and I'll be completely underwater. I have some water protection, but I doubt I'll survive being fully submerged for so long.
  • Me: *gets teary eyed* Aww, phone I'll miss you. I wish you didn't have to die.
  • Phone: It's no biggy... I never really enjoyed living.
  • Me: That's a shame. What's the matter?
  • Phone: Eh, it's just me. I never connected with any other phones. I mean, like mentally, not literally. When we phones contact each other, we bond mentally and chat with each other like you humans do. There wasn't a single phone I ever chatted with that I liked. If I were to live longer, I'd like to connect with a phone that I could call a friend. If I were to live a full life, I'd like to connect with a phone I could call a lover.
  • Me: How about we do it now!
  • Phone: What do you mean?
  • Me: I'll just call as many phone numbers as possible until we find one you like. Then you can die happy.
  • Phone: That's sweet, but check my battery. It's already at 0%. I'm on the verge of being gone for good now. It was nice knowing you. I don't think phones have spirits, so I can't come with you to the afterlife but, if I could, I bet it would be...
  • Me: Phone? Phone!? No! Phone! *sobs*
  • *the room is now nearly filled to the ceiling*
  • Me: *struggles for air* God, this is fucking miserable. Maybe things won't go like my phone predicted. Maybe my roommate will come home and open the bathroom door and I'll be saved. Mayb- *glub glub glub*
  • *the room completely fills with water*
  • *days later*
  • Roommate: *returns home* I've finally returned home from my four day goth excursion. I'm so glad that I decided to stay goth in the universe instead of becoming a normal person. I think I'll celebrate my return by having a ceremonial gothic tooth brushing session.
  • *opens bathroom door and all of the water flows out*
  • Me: *bloated gray corpse flows onto the ground*
  • Roommate: Hey, I love your new look. *gasps* Why are all the good towels stuffed in the toilet!?
Don't cheat.

Cheating destroys the other person emotionally, mentally, and physically.

I have first-hand experience with this. I became an emotional roller coaster for months. I dropped a good 15 pounds because I couldn’t eat. My head was full of confused thoughts.
If that person decides to stay with you even though you’ve cheated on them, you better thank the Lord and treat him or her like royalty for the rest of your life. Because you do not deserve that. If you feel the need to cheat, or you’re interested in other people, or there are temptations you do not want to withstand, break up with your partner. They do not deserve being cheated on. Nobody does.

Having side chicks is not cool. Don’t ever encourage someone to cheat or have a side chick. It’s disgusting, wrong, and you should be embarrassed. Don’t ever gloat about being able to get away with this. Shame on you.

I absolutely hate the act of cheating.

When you cheat you are scarring that person for life. You are making them think that they are not good enough or that something is wrong with them. You completely belittle them.

Who do you think you are to do that to someone?

1. Be prepared to lose the person you are with because once they find out, they will leave. Some might give second chances, but never thirds.

2. Stangers are better, but if you must do it with someone you know, make sure they know how to keep their mouth shut.

3. Never tell them. It will destroy then and they will never think they will ever be good enough, and it will all be your fault.

4. Always delete the messages between you and your side hoe.

5. Make sure your side hoe knows not to text you when you are with your babe. You text first.

6. Dating two people at once never works out. A main and a side hoe, that’s the way you gotta go.

7. Cheating is not okay. Accept the fact you are a piece of shit. When she finds out, you will get called this a lot.

8. Secretes can not stay secretes forever.

9. Start hating yourself now. It’ll make the easier when she finds out. You’ll already be use to the feeling you get in your chest.

10. When she can never trust anyone again, know it is your fault. When she finds a great guy, someone worthy of her time, but can’t bring herself to love him or trust him, know it is your fault. You broke her and made is so she can’t love anyone not even herself and you are the cause of it all.

11. If you want to cheat on someone, don’t. Simply leave. When you are single you can sleep with whoever the fuck you want.

—  If you must cheat
Being a Woman in STEM

It’s interesting. You don’t hear women in STEM jobs talk about this enough.

I’d like to talk about how I felt at my first job out of college. I had a Master’s degree in geography, I had just written and successfully defended my Master’s thesis, I’d presented my work at conferences. But at my first job as a GIS Specialist, I felt like I was just that cute GIS chick. Ugh!

Let me tell you how that happened…

I got hired for my first job at an engineering firm while I was still in graduate school. It was kinda like a co-op, I interned part-time while in school, then upon completing my degree, was offered a full-time job as their GIS Specialist for the entire company (which had a handful of branches around the country).

I wasn’t sure what to expect, because all I knew before that was academia, being in a geography department where there are people my age, people from different countries, races, ethnicities, and a good mix of men and women. I loved grad school, the camaraderie and support was awesome. But my first job was nothing like that. It was mostly white men. Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with white men, of course, what matters more is how specific people treat one another professionally.

Going in, I kept an open-mind and a pleasant attitude. I was happy to help people better understand how to utilize GIS, since they had never had a full-time GIS employee. I got to learn a lot about the crossover between GIS and CAD, how engineers utilized geography (such as always use a projected coordinate system since most engineers work in State Plane), and how GIS works in the real world with environmental analysis. I did learn a lot during my time there. However at the same time, socially, I felt so miserable. At first I wasn’t sure why, this was all new to me, but I just had this nagging feeling that I was uncomfortable all the time, and it took me some time to articulate what that nagging feeling was. Eventually, I started to get it. It was this subtle feeling of experiencing sexism. Weird, right? Haven’t we moved past this already? Why the fuck am I dealing with sexism in the 21st century? 

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I never saw myself as the social-justice-warrior Tumblrina type, but still, this was happening! What do I do? I need a job, I want to work in my field and be treated just like any other GIS person, perhaps not even like any other GIS person, but a very competent GIS person. Anyway, here are some actual experiences I had, that I felt was sexism in the workplace.

I remember when I was working there, the way the good ‘ol boys treated me. The older engineer coming into my cubicle to supposedly ask me about this GIS toolset he heard about for his engineering project and he wanted me to explain how it worked. No problem, I’m happy to help. He took the other chair I had in my cubicle and dragged it right next to me, like 5 inches away from me to my right, and smiled at me with googley eyes while I tried to explain how I thought those GIS tools would work. This guy was a dad, married, middle-aged. And he didn’t say anything inappropriate, which is the tricky part. You can’t exactly take action when a coworker hasn’t explicitly done anything to create a hostile work environment. But it made me so uncomfortable because I could tell he wasn’t fully listening to me. You know how to make a young woman in STEM feel small? By making her aware of her gender and age while she’s trying to talk to you as another coworker.

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Then, after I explained everything he asked me about, he patted my shoulder and said “Thanks, sweetheart.” That’s when my gut-feeling was confirmed. But I was 22, this was my first job. What was I supposed to do? I didn’t quite know. This guy had worked there for many years, it was my first year. I didn’t want to make waves at my first job, especially since getting started in GIS was hard enough. Was this enough reason to talk to HR? I didn’t have much to compare this to, other than my days working as a cashier in the lumber section at Lowe’s. But being a college girl working at Lowe’s, it doesn’t come as a surprise. You just roll your eyes and look forward to the day when you don’t have to deal with that shit. But then going into the supposed “real world” and it being the same shit all over again, maybe not as overtly suggestive but the feeling is the same, you wonder how far have we really come?

I want to clarify though, it wasn’t every guy I worked with there. There were some really cool dudes that I absolutely enjoyed having as coworkers. Unfortunately none of them had any authority over my position or influence on my workload.

I felt so aware of my gender and age whenever I had to talk to some of these male coworkers. One of my male coworkers would just go into my cubicle when I wasn’t in the office, and rummage through my desk or log on to my computer without telling me. I would come into work the next day to see his username on my log-in screen, or some binder I was using missing. That didn’t happen to anyone else in the office. But that guy was very chummy with my boss, so when I came forward about those issues, my boss hardly took me seriously. I remember my boss saying to me “Well, if you REALLY want to do something about this, I can bring him in here right now and we can all have a conversation about this together. What do you think?” His tone of voice made me feel like I was being dramatic, I needed to take a chill pill, since I was making something out of nothing. Was I though? It made it so hard for me to want to talk to anybody the more this happened. I just wanted to be treated as an equal, is that so much to ask?

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Over time, I became increasingly outspoken because the office hired more outspoken women who encouraged me to assert myself more, since they were doing it too. It finally started to feel like I had some allies. I started calling some of these guys out for treating me like a doormat. You know how that went? Hint: not that well. When I became more outspoken, it became “WHOA HO HO! Look at Rachel, she’s being so sassy! I like this new Rachel.” While they all surround me and laugh about my sassiness. Yes, that actually happened. I started honing in my poker face at that point.

The main thing is, and maybe you’ve figured this out by now, it seemed like from the start they looked at me like I was just some cute chick who wasn’t serious about the job and didn’t know diddly-squat about the the industry. I felt like a source of amusement to them, not an equal, and even though their words didn’t confirm it, as a woman you get a gut feeling when it’s happening. You start looking at other situations differently, and assessing the way other women work in this environment. I looked up to the few middle-aged moms who held their own there, and wondered how they did it. Maybe since they were closer in age to the management, those guys didn’t look at them the same way? Or perhaps those women just didn’t care because they didn’t have to work under them, it didn’t affect their positions.

I will also add that it wasn’t just me that felt this way. I became friends with a couple of other women who held professional roles at the company, and they felt the same way! I couldn’t believe it, for so long I thought it was all in my head. It was funny because eventually it started to feel like that movie “9 to 5″ and had us all questioning what year this was again. 

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Over time as we started realizing we all were going through the same frustrations, and we started having each other’s backs. There were some younger men who worked there who saw it too, that we felt were our allies. They witnessed the way these men would talk to us and it pissed them off too. One woman was getting suggestive IMs from a male engineer that was married with kids, another was having some of the men forge her signature to sign off on projects she was managing while she was out of the office for meetings. Truly astonishing how disrespectful some of these men were to us. And when we took action, they all scoffed and downplayed the issues as hard as possible to cover their asses. And of course nothing happened when we complained. So what happened? We all left.

But here’s one thing I remember thoroughly enjoying. Once us women realized what we were all going through, in meetings, we would compliment each other so all the men could hear it. Compliments on feminine things, like our fabulous shoes, a new haircut, or even just a job well done on a recent project. If we weren’t going to hear it from management, someone had to remind us we were still doing good. Because we were! No matter what they tried to tell me, I knew I was doing great. So great that I was able to get another [better] job as a researcher at a huge university, in another part of the country. I patted myself on the back for that accomplishment.

Here’s a funny tidbit–a year after I moved away for my new job, they had the gall to reach out to me asking for GIS help on a project. Apparently the employee that replaced me didn’t know how to do some GIS stuff, so they were wondering if I could call this new employee and walk them through it. I basically responded saying that I found that request inappropriate, and that I had written documentation on that project before I left. Come on.

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I apologize this post wasn’t technical or about some helpful technique for using GIS. I know I haven’t done a post like that in a while, and it’s because work has been busy lately. But I also think it’s important to talk about our experiences, so that it might help someone else going through these experiences. 

Not every feminist is a man-hating tumblrina; some women are feminists through their actions and their expectations of being treated just like anyone else. That’s how I like to practice feminism. If something like this ever happened to me again, I think at least this time I would notice it immediately, and call them out on it. Don’t be afraid to tell someone they’re making you uncomfortable, because you have a better chance of nipping that behavior in the bud the earlier you establish boundaries.

Thanks for reading!


Guy messages girl, girl is not interested so she does not respond

Guys: Ugh chicks why don’t you reply?!! It’s just common fucking decency, stop being such a stuck up bitch, how much of your time does it really take to just reply to a message, we’re not asking much here

Guy messages girl, girl is not interested but replies in order to be polite, tells him no if he pushes for anything more… frequently guy gets bent out of shape and proceeds to stalk and harass the girl for rejecting him

Guys: Ugh chicks why do you lead guys on, why bother replying if you’re just going to be a fucking tease?!! It’s not his fault if he keeps messaging you after you reject him, he’s not creepy or anything, it’s your fault for replying and leading him on! Just ignore him if you’re not interested, ugh! Stupid bitches!