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How to save a life by  justlikegravity

Walking through the sea of people grinding against each other wasn’t easy. Kyungsoo had a hard time trying to not bump into everyone while he goes to the bar to get a drink. This kind of clubs is pretty frequented by horny men who are craving for a fuck. It’s funny because things like that are illegal in the country, but no one monitors it so therefore they don’t have eyes to report the underage girls dressed in promiscuous outfits or the dancers that usually attend to special clients backstage. The world is so mad and Kyungsoo would like to do something about it, but he is just a human against humanity and there’s no way in the hell he could save the life of all the boys and girls who sell their bodies for money.

2/? edits for my favourite fanfics

I’ve had a couple requests for a step by step or something similar, so here’s one for the Alistair portrait. I’ve said before I don’t do much in the way of sketches, but for faces I’ll usually do a (really terrible, ugh) sketch to get the structure right. As you can see, nothing too special going on, and I mess around with the likeness a lot because I can never get it right the first time or the first 20 times -_-


Cait smiling at Sam and Sam trying to keep a straight face during this interview 😊