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Stop reblogging from shineelover234

Stop reblogging from shineelover234

Stop reblogging from shineelover234

Stop reblogging from shineelover234

Stop reblogging from shineelover234


Stop reblogging. Stop.



Everything he/she posts is a REPOST.

Reposted gifs and photo edits from herewegobebe, littleshinee….lack of watermarks on edits by the best of them means it’s hard for me to tell….though I’m pretty sure….seoulers, ablazedays,…….

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Middle Earth fancast

Thingol and Melian of Doriath, The Silmarillion, Children of Hurin

Hrithik Roshan as Thingol

Nimrat Kaur as Melian

okay guys seriously, us calling Yuzuru “adorable” and “cute” or whatever is no better and no worse than the rest of them calling the hockey players and skiers “hot” or “sexy”.

Just because we see him and go “awh!” doesnt mean our jaws don’t drop in awe when we see him skate. he is extremely talented, we’re all well aware, we just also notice his fucking adorable with his little Winnie the Pooh and everything else. He’s a fucking professional and is amazing at what he does, we haven’t forgotten. 

Ugh, all of these talented people…I’m not sure I’ll be able to fight them all…

“Don’t give up hope!”

Huh?  Rubber Mia?

“You didn’t come this far to have your friendship beaten, did you?  Show them your true power!" 

…You’re right, Mia.  I won’t hesitate anymore.  Subspace Limiter…Release!  -schawing-

Rainbow Lantern Corp Power, Activate!  -huuuuuuum-





Come on…

step it up.

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How can anyone ever hate this man? (^•^)

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You know while we debate about random things in Islam, our Ummah is dying. I mean it literally. Not metaphorically that you guys are being weird and fixating on random things in Islam and blowing it out of proportion which pushes people away from Islam. But literally. Our brothers and sisters all over the world are dying or being persecuted all while we turn a blind eye and go back to “dragging each other” on social media. And I’m not saying that Muslims aren’t charitable. Wallahi Muslims are probably one of THE MOST charitable people I’ve ever seen. But the way we give, it’s like I’ve given ‘x’ amount to charity, khalas I’m done now and we go back to looking the other way. During charity week 2015, we heard the stories of orphans and children around the world. When you think of donating, you have to make a choice. Who do you help? Do you help Ashraf, the 4 year old Rohingya orphan that saw his house burnt down before his eyes and spent 5 months on an overcrowded boat? Or do you help Musa, the 5 year old from Mali that lost both his parents and his grandmother couldn’t afford enough food for him and his 4 month old brother let alone education? Or do you help Rawan, the 6 year old Syrian girl that lost 6 of her family members when her house was destroyed by an airstrike? I can go on and on and on. Who do you help? You see the problem with modern day charity is that we want to feel good. We want to feel like we’ve made a difference. We want to see the change we’ve made. Some comes to you all bruised up with cuts and blood all over their body and we just stick a bandaid and think that we’ve done our bit. We fund for countries to have ambulances and things but where are the hospitals? A really good analogy that was given was that if your house is on fire, and all your friends came one by one with a cup of water and threw it on the house, it wouldn’t make a difference. Even if it was thousands of them. Whereas if everyone got their water together, it would have a greater impact. I promise you if the Ummah united, and I mean genuinely united… we wouldn’t have to choose. There are almost 2 billion Muslims on the Earth. I don’t think a lot of you appreciate what a big number that is. Today was the roundoff dinner for London. So it’s officially the end of Charity Week 2015. If you guys haven’t heard of Charity Week, I highly recommend you google it and inshallah get involved for next year. But my post isn’t about that. I’ve always hinted I wanted to do something for Muslims. If I’m honest with myself and to you guys, I don’t really have close friends in real life that would push me to get some things done. I have a lot of ideas and I have been working on a lot of things but I need your help now. This was actually my first time in taking part of Charity Week and it’s reaffirmed my belief that I can’t do this alone. We need to do this together or it will just be another handout. Just one bandaid to a bleeding body. Our brothers and sisters that are suffering throughout the world don’t need handouts. They need an Ummah that will stand with them and protect them. They need an Ummah that will not turn a blind eye to their suffering. Get involved. Wallahi do you know how I know Allah loves us? It’s SO easy for us to gain rewards. Like even if you’re not the best Muslims. You help someone and bring them up, every single person that benefits from them, you get reward from. And think about all those people they will help and that will also lead back to you. See how your supposedly insignificant act of charity has set of a chain reaction? It’s legit so easy to gain rewards subhanallah. I don’t know if any of you have actually taken part in charity week, but I’m sure you see the sufferings of Muslims in the news and if that doesn’t make you cry man… idk. So please do try get involved in Charity Week next year. To highlight the result of a united Ummah… Just the London Teams raised £435,043.42 in about 2 weeks.

As for the thing I’m working on, I don’t want to publicly say what it is. All I will say, is that it will require a lot of time, a lot of different skill sets and a lot of commitment at some stage. If you want to help (especially London/UK people), do get in touch with me inshallah. If you’ve actually read this far, thank you… I hope this reaches you all in good health inshallah.


Renewed fan of Manny Garcia! 

Ugh his voice~ My heart strings have been tugged….