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Headcanon's for how Yuri, Yurio, and Victor would treat their s/o who is just a delicate, fragile little one.

This request wasn’t very specific, so I tried my best. If this isn’t what you wanted, I apologize! Anyway, please enjoy, and thank you for the request :3

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • He’s the master of all things graceful and beautiful, so Viktor can easily handle your needs
  • Viktor is really sensitive and emotional and all that good stuff, and he is really good about making sure your precious little heart is safe
  • He holds your hand basically everywhere you go, and he’ll even pick you up and carry you to make sure he knows you’re safe
  • especially at his skating competitions tho; he will pick you up and carry you on his back so you don’t get lost in crowds or have bad run-ins with the press like ugh sweetie ;-;
  • He always uses a soft tone of voice when talking to you, his favorite thing being whispering in your ears and gently living feather-light touches on your skin
  • and the subsequent blush you get is his favorite part lmao
  • Viktor has amazing timing when it comes to saving you from intense situations; he seems to always know the perfect time to sweep in and come to your rescue when you’re in a situation where your delicate personality is at risk of shattering
  • Overall, Viktor is 11/10 when it comes to your needs and making you feel safe and sound

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • Being the worrywart he is, Yuri is extra careful around you and makes sure you’re always safe with him
  • Yuri is always there to keep an eye on you, never letting you out of his sight to try to be your protector
  • one time he even went to the lengths of following you to the bathroom and you’re like ‘srsly bro cmon” lmao but what a cutie
  • What he does like, though, is being your knight in shining armor; being your protector makes him feel so fulfilled and accomplished
  • And if you praise him for his work, he’ll probably melt into a puddle and die because he knows his efforts are not in vain
  • and honestly the boy is a gentle little butterfly so ???? he’s got you covered fam don’t worry
  • Yuri is a sensitive lil bean, and he will always be there to be your Knight in Shining Armor™

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • With such an aggressive personality, this boy had to learn to tone it down a bit when you’re around
  • At first his harshness scares you a bit, and he nearly brings you to tears by accident when he’s letting out his frustrations
  • he accidentally yelled at you over something stupid and when your eyes filled with tears he just kind went ‘?????? i fucked up’
  • After that, Yuri makes sure to stay cool and collected around you, finding other ways to let out his anger and rebellious tendencies
  • He has a habit of keeping an arm around you in public places, despite his dislike for PDA
  • honestly ???? it’s become a habit and at this point and he feels safer knowing you’re right there and not wandering off and potentially gettiNG HURT
  • Yuri learns to control himself and manage his anger in a more healthy way during your relationship, leaving you both with an added bonus of being together <3

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@E Give us a preview of what it would be like if Covy were dating ! Very non canon until the moment is right though. :00

E; Noncanon covy future preview coming up

*Nova and Connor are holding hands*

Nova; ugh, seriously four eyes?

Connor: What? it’s not my fault i had a project due today

Nova; that was your own personal project you dolt, now you’re going fail the english test

Connor: No i’m not

Nova; why? My dad’s not going to help you out

Connor: that’s cool. i got this in the bag.

Nova; Why?

Connor; I read the raven when i was a kid. know it front and back

Nova: i hate you.

Connor: sure you do *kisses her cheek, Nova turns bright pink* Whatever you say sweetie.

Nova; ugh i can’t even be mad at you four eyes! You owe me ice cream for this

Connor: I know. 

Nova: and m&ms

Connor; Okay

Nova: and a shake

Connor: Whoa, drawing the line there. I did not do a level 3 tease. no shake

Nova; please *puppy eyes*

Connor: no.

Nova; *Scoffs* why not?!

Connor: You still owe me for last week

Nova; I thought you forgot!

Connor: Nope

Nova; ugh, fine. m&ms on my ice cream. 

Connor: okay princess

Nova; You are so mean

Connor: hahah 

Nova; *smiling at him as they walk into school hand in hand. 

You think you can write a few words, call them beautiful, and that’s it? You think that you can write something that means nothing to you, and hope someone else finds some cryptic meaning hidden behind it? You can force your work, but never, ever, write something you don’t take pride in.
—  rule #1 (via fraagmented)

Honestly I don’t think Katara should have jumped into a relationship so fast after the show ended. Even in fanfiction, people don’t start making Katara and Zuko interact romantically until years after the war, and that has so much to do with age.

When we write Zuko and Katara’s relationship in fanficfion, we like to make sure they were old enough and mature enough to get into a relationship (of any kind) because 14 is just not old enough.

I just wish he relationship with Aang would have developed more before they threw them into a “romantic” relationship with her being 15 and him being 13. There’s not enough mental maturity in that mix and I know that’s why everyone feels like it’s so unnatural.

Was it so necessary for them to be dating right after the war? Everything would have been so much better if the writers would have waited longer to have them get involved. And ugh, “sweetie”.


Swan Queen Week, Day Three: Time Travel

-DoctorWho AU- Emma is a Time Lady called “The Sheriff” and Regina is an archaeologist and occasional time-traveler. Their timelines are a mess and they always meet in the wrong order… but hell, they also have a lot of fun!
Inspired by River and Eleven in this scene :)

And yes… the bug is the TARDIS (it’s bigger on the inside)

ps. when two OTP collide into one… also i know i’m super late but i couldn’t post it before.


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  • me, leaving the movie theater: *adjusts glasses* The villainous character of Kylo Ren appears to suffer various issues concerning his mental and emotional stability. These problems may be deeply rooted in his childhood, seeing as we may presume that he was placed under rigorous training as a Jedi at a young age. He appears to have an explosive temper and capability for incredible rage, suggesting deep-seated fears concerning a lack of control. From this we may conclude that...
  • me, a week later: *rolling around on the floor* omg kylo ren is just so precious hnnnnnhgggghg my sweet evil sinnamon roll son let me hug you ugh what a sweetie he's just a poor sad child alone in the world i'm just going to sit here and eagerly wait for your redemption because bae
BTS on a car trip
  • Namjoon: Okay, so I dont want you kids to be too worried about the car ride to Busan, just realx and enjoy the whole cre trip, because remember its not about the destination its about the journey that takes you there.
  • Seokjin: That's right, listen to your father kids. Anyways I the whole idea of a trip is wonderful. Don't you think Yoongi?
  • Yoongi: *is sleeping*
  • Seokjin: um..okay how about you Taehy-
  • Taehyung: I'm sorry but can we stop by that gas station for a while, I really need to take a piss...
  • Seokjin: Okay then sweeti-
  • Jungkook: ugh, this is so annoying
  • Seokjin: wha-
  • Hoseok: awww, our little jungkookie is upset. I know what will cheer you up *sings pororo theme song*
  • Jungkook: ugh *plugs in earphones
  • Jimin: Are we there yet?
  • Seokjin: what?
  • Jimin: Are we there yet?
  • Seokjin: um no, we just left the house...
  • Jimin: oh.....Are we there yet now?
  • Hoseok: *keeps singing*
  • Jungkook: Hoseok shut up.
  • Hoseok: *gasps* MOM KOOKIE TOLD ME TO SHUT UP
  • Seokjin: Jungkook that-
  • Yoongi: *snores*
  • Namjoon: I'd thought you'd never ask...
King and Queen of Dorks

Pairing: Eren/Levi
Rating: Teen
Word count: ~800

Because I couldn’t get magickitt‘s picture out of my mind… Also, congrats on the 600+ followers sweetie! ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡


Farlan raised an eyebrow at his red-headed companion’s grunt. “What’s wrong, Izzy?”

The girl shook her head and gestured her hand towards a tree. “Take a look, Far.”

Farlan raised an eyebrow and peeked over to where Isabel was pointing at. “Oh wow. That’s so gross.”

“I know, right? They’re so disgustingly adorable, it sickens me,” she said with a smile.

“Yup. Totally ew-worthy,” Farlan snickered.

The duo hid themselves behind the tree to see Levi and Eren sitting next to each other on a flower patch in a hidden area of the park. They were seemingly oblivious to Levi’s childhood friends watching them as they snuggled up against each other.

They weren’t having a conversation of any sort, but they were comfortable around with each other that no words were needed as they enjoyed the other’s company.

Eren was leaning against Levi as the raven man ran his pale fingers through the brunet’s hair. The pastel boy let out a sigh of content as he pressed himself more into Levi.

It was a rare day off for the two of them and they decided to visit the local park after lunch to walk around and hold hands (Levi was such a romantic, even if he vehemently denies it).

They almost passed by the flower patch, but Eren insisted that they take a break and rest near the flowers. And being weak to Eren’s green and gold eyes, Levi couldn’t say no to his precious boyfriend.

The raven man continued to thread his fingers through the brunet’s hair, noting that it was getting a bit long. Getting an idea, he shifted his weight so he could balance himself properly while not falling over as his other hand reached for Eren’s hair.

“Lee, what’re you doing?” Eren absentmindedly asked, not at all bothered by Levi’s attention on his hair as he plucked some of the flowers from the patch and arranged them in a circle.

“Braiding you hair, what else? It’s kinda getting long.”

“You dork; you don’t even have elastics to tie them up.” Even though Levi couldn’t actually see it, he could hear the smile in Eren’s voice. “And is it? Maybe I should get it cut,” he said as he tied the flower stems together.

Giving up on the very loose braids, Levi shimmied so he could hug Eren from behind and rested his head on the brunet’s shoulder. “Whatever you like, love. Maybe you can dye your hair? I saw you looking at those hair inspiration posts the other day.”

Being so close, Levi could feel Eren’s movement as his angel turned to face Levi with a big smile on his face. “That’s a great idea! There are so many different colours and ideas I want to do,” he said, his smile widening even more if that was possible.

Taking the opportunity, Levi tilted his head forward to place a kiss on the tip of Eren’s nose. “And you’ll look great in anything. It’s you after all.”

Eren giggled as he returned the kiss with one on Levi’s brow. “Dork.”

“Punk,” Levi corrected and placed a chaste kiss on the corner of Eren’s lips.

Eren dropped the flowers he was preoccupied with as he maneuvered himself onto Levi’s lap. He reached behind Levi’s head and pulled him closer to kiss him fully on the lips.

Levi smirked as he felt little nips on his lips asking for entry. Placing his hands on Eren’s sides, he slowly reached down to the hem of the orange knit top. He rubbed little circles on the barely-covered thighs before allowing the whimpering brunet access.

Every time he was with Eren, he wished time would slow down so he could savor the moments he had with the brunet. Especially as he watched Eren’s eyelids slowly open to reveal those gems once their passionate kiss was over. The little pout that formed on Eren’s lips made Levi reach down and gently tugged them with his teeth, loving the little whine that escaped from the brunet.

Cupping Eren’s face, he gave him another chaste kiss. “So, love,” even though they had been together for many months, Eren’s heart still skips a beat every time Levi calls him that, “What were you doing there?”

Eren snapped out of his daze when he registered the question. The brunet smiled as he turned a little from his spot on Levi’s lap to grab the circle of flowers and placed it on Levi’s head. “There! A flower crown for the King of Dorks.”

Levi blinked a few times before smirking. “Well, if I’m going to be King of Dorks,” he said as he plucked a flower from the patch and tucking it behind Eren’s ear, “I’m going to need a Queen of Dorks, don’t I?” he asked with a smirk.

Eren giggled as he placed his hands on Levi’s face and reached up to nuzzle his nose with Levi’s. “I guess so.”

The sound of Levi’s chuckle was loud enough for his peeping friends to hear. Smiling, the two backed away from their hiding spot and walked away.

Isabel giggled as she looked up to the sky. “They’re so obnoxiously in love.”

Farlan chuckled as he reached for her hand and squeezed it. “Yeah, they are.”


Yikes. Where to begin.

I’m egregiously behind on the Home art. I only got 7 drawings done in a month and I haven’t touched my stylus in a week because I got a job at a super high end florist shop that’s training me full time. On top of that I’m in the middle of redoing my room because I just really need that change in my life, and I’m painting a giant canvas. And I’m organizing the layout for my bday dinner next week at grandma’s house. And building an aquarium with my dad.

This is like, a huge amount of cargo for me to handle since my anxiety is sky-high 24/7 anyway, so I’m really looking forward to when all is completed and out of the way. A new room with a fish tank, a belly full of bday dinner, and part-time hours. Yay! Then I’ll get more time for finishing up Home. With that said, I am sad to announce:

The last chapter will be up early 2017.

There’s just no way I’ll be able to finish 53 drawings in less than 2 months. Even if I had no job and no other projects, the rate I’m going with adding all the extra detail in these last pieces, requires more time. I don’t want to half-ass it and pump out sloppy drawings, because it wouldn’t feel right to end Home like that. The last chapter deserves extra attention.

Thanks for waiting <3