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This is a submitted series by a writer who wished to stay anonymous, so I will be transferring their submissions to text posts yay! I just wanted to make it known that this work is not mine, and all credits go to the original author that decided to submit their series to my blog. Enjoy! :))

Pairing: Peter Parker/fem!Reader

Rated: T
Tags/Triggers(?): reader has an anxiety disorder
Summary: When Y/N moves to New York to attend a higher-level science and math school she only goes with the hope of getting a good education. But a certain cute nerdy with a camera makes her hope for a few other things as well.

Currently estimating this to be about twelve/thirteen chapters long and I’m gonna shoot for updates every Wednesday.

Super excited to be submitting this to the truly lovely Krys and I hope you all enjoy!

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Women are a balancing act

Don’t eat too much, don’t eat too little. Don’t be fat, don’t be too skinny. God do you ever stop eating? Woah do you ever eat? The not-so-well-concealed looks of disgust, the not-so-well-concealed looks of concern.

Don’t be loud. Don’t be quiet. Have a voice in society, leave the talking to the big boys. You want something, speak up! No, no, when it’s your turn, sweetie. Ugh, she never shuts up, it’s obnoxious. Have you ever heard her talk? I don’t even know what her voice sounds like.

Make sure your skirt is long enough, but not too long. Don’t make yourself too available, but you don’t want to look like a grandma. Show off what you got, but if you do it’s your fault if anything happens. Was your skirt long enough? How is any boy going to look at you if you wear that?

Have sex, but stay innocent. Give us what we want, but we hate sluts. Virgins are so sweet. What do you mean you want to stay abstinent until marriage? Do you even live in our society? Live without sex is boring. Life with sex is disgusting. God, have you seen her? She’s banged every guy in the school. God, have you seen her? Still a virgin at her age.

Be smart, but not too smart. Boys like a smarter girl. Boys can’t stand it when you know more than them. Play dumb. Ugh, not that dumb, god, weren’t you even listening? They like a smarter girl. No, no, now you just look like a nerd. Girls don’t belong in the classroom, they have to take care of the kids. You want a well-paying job? Take some incentive and study. You can’t slack off because your a girl.

Do what you love, but don’t. Be yourself, unless it goes against what we say. Do you love to do your hair and makeup? Great, you’re good to go. Approved. Do you love videogames and guns? You’re faking it. You’re lying. You’re pretending. You’re wrong

—  Balancing Act. A little piece I wrote because I’m tired of walking on the beam. 

I LOVE, L-O-V-E this so much! It’s so complicated and I have no idea what I’m doing next with this, but I love it! So here it is… maybe the intro is a little boring, but I think I finally did something interesting with V, I feel like I never do him justice…

So hope you like this as much as I do!

You sigh, anticipating all the work you gonna have putting these records in order and removing the dust. All of this may sound dreadful or boring, but you honestly like being here by yourself. No, not by yourself, you have Aretha Franklin, Bernadete Peters, Freddie Mercury and so many more amazing people’s company. All of them have so much to tell you and you definitely have all the time to listen.

Working at your uncle’s records store started as a summer job, you didn’t want to spend the school break with your father, so you used this as an excuse. Yes, you needed the job to buy… tickets for a BTS concert, yes, that’s what you told your father. You just didn’t tell him that the concert happened and you didn’t go.

Not that you don’t like your father, but he’s been acting weird the past few years. He’s becoming overprotective and surly. He says it’s because you’re young, innocent and tend to try seeing the best in everyone. But you know, and he probably does too, that he’s like this because you’re starting to resemble your mother too much. He let her go, he couldn’t risk letting you go too.

And he’s not, you tell yourself, this is about enjoying freedom. People tend to think freedom has to do with wide landscapes in the mountains or in the beach, but sometimes, freedom has to do with being behind a old store’s balcony that smell like mold and listening to dusty vinyl records or CDs.  That’s what freedom means to you.

You always liked music, and music runs in this family’s veins. Your mother used to be a singer at a jazz band, maybe she still is? You don’t see her for… 3, 4  years? You’re not mad at her, she’s finally enjoying her freedom after that long and stressful process of divorce. Your uncle, owner of this store, was a one hit wonder in the 80s, one of many that popped up with some cheesy rock ballad that, once it enters your mind, doesn’t leave and you keep humming the song until it pisses yourself off.

And then there’s you, the only child of this frustrated jazz singer and a lawyer, the girl who joined the musical theatre club in her new school and watched as it was closed due to some budget cut. You miss that club, some people, and all those songs. Showtunes are amazing! They are so powerful and vibrant! Patti Lupone, Liza Minelli, Barbra Streisand… so many different talents representing a whole genre! A Chorus Line, Rent, Chicago… yeah, Chicago is dope!

You were listening to “Mr. Cellophane” and singing along when this tall guy with blue hair and sunglasses walked in. You didn’t notice him, as you had your back to the door, singing, replacing “mister” for “miss” in the lyrics and just… living the song, while you piled those records in a higher shelf.

Then you heard this clearing throat sound and turned to see the blue haired guy, smiling at you, with his hands on his pockets. Shit!

“H-Hi!” you stuttered, jumping from the stool and giving little taps on your pants, trying to get rid of the dust in your hands. “Can I help you?”

“Yes. I’m looking for a record.”

“Well, we have plenty of them!” he chuckled, oh, his smile is… dreamy…

“Yes, I should be more specific. I’m looking for Patti Smith?”


“Close. Radio Ethiopia.”

“You’re in luck! Last copy!” you told as you reached for the record in the shelf next to the door, behind him. “And this is one of those albums my uncle puts a symbolic price on, so pay as much as you want or can pay.” Judging from his clothes and glasses, how much he could pay wouldn’t be a problem…


“Yeah, my uncle says you can’t put a price on true art, so…”

“So if I want to take this for free?”

“You can, but it would be pretty douchy.” Shit! Your uncle already scolded you for talking back to customers like this. Stupid!

“I agree.” And there’s that smile again. Shit! What is this sudden heat in your cheeks? “So I hope this is enough for true art?” you widen your eyes, this is… more than enough, it’s… too much, actually.

“Oh, uhm… you don’t need to…”

“I can pay as much as I want or can pay, right? I can and I want to pay this.” His tone is playful, but you can notice he’s a little annoyed, shouldn’t have called him a douchy…

“Well, okay…” you take the money reluctantly. “Anything else?”

“Do you have Cher?”

“Pre or post-actress carrer?”


“Second shelf in your right, third row. No, fourth row, actually.” You reorganized Cher in the summer.

He flipped through the records, and you headed back to the balcony, taking a chance to admire his features. How old could he be? 19, maybe 20? He looked like those wealth kids who decide to abandon his family business to go into a self-discovering journey to some place with rivers and waterfalls.

“I’ll take these two too. I guess your uncle doesn’t consider these true art.”

“He likes Cher as in Sonny & Cher.” He nods, looking really interested in this total random fact about your uncle.

“Are you from here? I never saw you around.” Oh, talking about being random…

“I moved in a couple of months. You?” you… don’t really like talking about yourself.

“Born and raised here. But I’m leaving for college next month.” Okay, no self-discovering journey, then.

“Cool. What will you study?”

“Fotography.” Yes, that suits this little character you just made up for him in your mind. “You?”

“I’m…not going to college.” Not now, and probably never. Your father can’t afford this. “ I mean, I need to survive high school first.”



“Well, I’ll be a freshman too pretty soon.” Cocky bastard. “Where do you go to?”

“Daykey High School” his smile widens. So… beautiful…

“Have you ever heard about Jihyun Kim?”

“No…?” some of his friends?

“Oh, people usually know him as V.” oh… yeah, it rings a bell.

“He used to play bass on that band, what’s the name? Uhm… Mysterious…”

“Mystic Messenger.”

“Yeah! Fucking weird name!” you scoff and he chuckles.

“Well, V named it.”

“V was probably high on something.” You notice he gets a little surprised at your response.

“You bet.” He takes his glasses off, and you feel this shiver rolling down your spine, his eyes are… mesmerizing… you could look at his eyes forever…but forever  doesn’t last long as this blonde girl storms inside the store.

“Honey, did you forget to meet me at the dress store?”

“Sorry, honey. I just found this record store and thought I could find something. Look at this, Patti Smith! And I was almost for free!” LIAR!

“Ugh, sweetie, you need to stop reliving the dead.”

“Patti Smith is alive.” You say, immediately regretting for letting her notice you were paying attention to their conversation.

“Yeah… whatever. Can we go? The dust here is closing my throat, we don’t need another problem like that, do we?”

Oh, you actually know her, she’s a senior at your school! Yes, you remember seeing her during the senior meet freshman gathering on your first day. She’s… even more beautiful dressed this casually and with her hair free of the ponytail she usually has. Oh, and she sings in that weird band, Mystic Messenger or whatever. Or she used to… didn’t she leave because she’s being hired as a backing vocal for Taylor Swift? That’s the rumor on why she left… so what is she doing here?

“Okay, my sun. Let’s grab a lunch and I’ll take you home so you can get your meds.” My sun? You can’t hold back a scoff, looking at the money, then you raise your head and find both of them looking at you. Shit!

“Yeah, the mold… is making my throat close too.” You cough, and it’s actually pretty convincing… isn’t it? Judging from her face, it’s not.

“Come ooonnn!” she whines.

“Yes, get the car started, my flower. I’ll be there in a minute.” She walks away, stomping. Maybe she knows being called a flower it’s kinda ridiculous?

“Well, it was nice to meet you. Oh, and I agree with your uncle, you can’t put a price on true art, so I was wondering if you would lend your voice for free?”  What?

You look puzzled as he takes a crumpled paper out of his wallet and hands to you. Oh, you recognize it! It’s a poster, it was hanging everywhere in the hallways. Yes, that band is looking for a new lead singer. What is he saying? Oh… he listened to you singing! Shit! You held back all of your embarrassment, but now you couldn’t hide it anymore…

“They’re holding auditions until Friday.” What? Does he really think you will audition for this? Why would you even do that?

“V, I swear to God if you don’t come right now…” the girl shows up again. Wait… V? Oh… FUCK!

“Just think about it. You have an amazing voice, you can really show your talent there. Oh, and if you want to get high sometimes, I heard their former bass player throws great parties.” He winks at you, you would be blushing if you weren’t completely dead.

You closed the door at night and went home, the crumpled paper in your jacket pocket. That’s what happens when you try to flirt, right? First, the guy already has a girlfriend. Second, you called him a pot-head in his face. So… stupid!

But you can’t stop thinking about what he said… he said your voice was amazing… no! He said it was true art! Like Patti Smith! TRUE ART! Well… to be honest, you know you sing well, otherwise you wouldn’t have been accepted in the musical theater club, which was closed a little after you joined… no, but it wasn’t your fault… they cut the program so the soccer team could have a bus for the state championship or… you don’t really remember the excuse the principal gave.

Truth is, you miss singing, you miss the stage. You’re generally very introvert, but when you’re up on a stage… you feel like you could drink from the audience’s attention all over you. Yes… you enjoy that rush! And you could do anything to feel it again.

And, though you could never admit this clearly, showing up at some V’s party didn’t seem like a bad idea…

But first, you need to face an audition!

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anonymous asked:

Headcanon's for how Yuri, Yurio, and Victor would treat their s/o who is just a delicate, fragile little one.

This request wasn’t very specific, so I tried my best. If this isn’t what you wanted, I apologize! Anyway, please enjoy, and thank you for the request :3

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • He’s the master of all things graceful and beautiful, so Viktor can easily handle your needs
  • Viktor is really sensitive and emotional and all that good stuff, and he is really good about making sure your precious little heart is safe
  • He holds your hand basically everywhere you go, and he’ll even pick you up and carry you to make sure he knows you’re safe
  • especially at his skating competitions tho; he will pick you up and carry you on his back so you don’t get lost in crowds or have bad run-ins with the press like ugh sweetie ;-;
  • He always uses a soft tone of voice when talking to you, his favorite thing being whispering in your ears and gently living feather-light touches on your skin
  • and the subsequent blush you get is his favorite part lmao
  • Viktor has amazing timing when it comes to saving you from intense situations; he seems to always know the perfect time to sweep in and come to your rescue when you’re in a situation where your delicate personality is at risk of shattering
  • Overall, Viktor is 11/10 when it comes to your needs and making you feel safe and sound

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • Being the worrywart he is, Yuri is extra careful around you and makes sure you’re always safe with him
  • Yuri is always there to keep an eye on you, never letting you out of his sight to try to be your protector
  • one time he even went to the lengths of following you to the bathroom and you’re like ‘srsly bro cmon” lmao but what a cutie
  • What he does like, though, is being your knight in shining armor; being your protector makes him feel so fulfilled and accomplished
  • And if you praise him for his work, he’ll probably melt into a puddle and die because he knows his efforts are not in vain
  • and honestly the boy is a gentle little butterfly so ???? he’s got you covered fam don’t worry
  • Yuri is a sensitive lil bean, and he will always be there to be your Knight in Shining Armor™

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • With such an aggressive personality, this boy had to learn to tone it down a bit when you’re around
  • At first his harshness scares you a bit, and he nearly brings you to tears by accident when he’s letting out his frustrations
  • he accidentally yelled at you over something stupid and when your eyes filled with tears he just kind went ‘?????? i fucked up’
  • After that, Yuri makes sure to stay cool and collected around you, finding other ways to let out his anger and rebellious tendencies
  • He has a habit of keeping an arm around you in public places, despite his dislike for PDA
  • honestly ???? it’s become a habit and at this point and he feels safer knowing you’re right there and not wandering off and potentially gettiNG HURT
  • Yuri learns to control himself and manage his anger in a more healthy way during your relationship, leaving you both with an added bonus of being together <3

•First of all it is a masterpiece
•Gerard just fucking die pls
•Derek sweetie we have have all missed you.
•The pack ready to fuck shit up
•I loved the scalia shower scene but scira deserved better.
•Theo and Liam you’re doing amazing sweeties
•Ugh I missed that asshole Jackson
•Please do not hurt Scott
•I want Theo to be safe lord help me.

Shinichi on file 1003 be like: Ran is fcking cheating on me with that flirty Kendo guy. Ugh I hate this.

Me: Sweetie, you have a flirty Kendo guy of your own to cheat on her with.