ugh sweet angel look at you

Boyfriend Doyoung
  • i love doyoung so much
  • he’s on my top three bias wreckers
  • so doing this is a bit dangerous, lmao
  • but ugh i’m so excited so let’s start this rn!!
  • sassiest boyfie ever
  • but also a really sweet one
  • he can be low-key clingy and romantic or super savage w you
  • is either a
  • “wow, y/n, you look really pretty today”
  • “i love your outfit”
  • “you’re an angel”
  • or a
  • “why are you so touchy today? go away”
  • “do you love me that much?”
  • “what does it feel to have the most handsome boyfriend ever, y/n?”
  • there’s no between
  • ugh, he’s so perfect i hate him
  • he loves taking care of you
  • he always, a l w a y s, makes sure that you’re eating well and getting enough sleep
  • and he would scold you if you don’t lol
  • he’s basically like a mom
  • also, he would cook for you pretty often
  • either because he’s too lazy to take your out for dinner
  • or because you always ask him to <3
  • is mostly the second option tho, lmao
  • he loves it when you ask him to cook for you but he still teases you for doing it
  • but ends up doing it anyways because he loves you
  • and tbh he’s like that with everything, lol
  • “why do you love my cooking so much, y/N?
  • “because why not”
  • “but i don’t want to”
  • “too bad dy, now go and cook for me”
  • btw he has the most beautiful smile i have ever seen
  • i’m so in love with him ugh
  • he’s not a clingy person but you can tell that he really enjoys having skinship
  • he loves hugging you, specially if you’re like really tiny and short
  • and he’s like really tall so backhugs are one of his favorite things
  • he stills prefer the normal hugs, tho
  • and he loves giving you small pecks in your cheeks and lips
  • he likes to keep the skinship simple and sweet but he doesn’t mind if you’re a bit more clingy
  • but he likes subtle things like holding hands or you resting your head in his shoulders
  • but may tease you if you’re being too much
  • he loves your relationship with the other members
  • he’s basically the happiest person alive whenever he sees you having fun with them
  • but that’s while you’re still paying attention to him, obviosly ;)
  • also, both of you already consider mark  and the rest of the dreamies like your sons lmao
  • and sometimes sicheng too
  • but without counting them, he’s actually a really protective boyfriend
  • like, he’s not stupid, so he know’s who to trust and with who he should be more careful
  • also, he wouldn’t like to have fights with you because of his jealousy
  • because there’s nothing he hates the most more than fighting w you
  • especially because it’s really hard for him to apologize or forgive someone so, ugh, he just hates it
  • but if he sees you with a guy he doesn’t know that’s low-key flirting with you he would be right by your side
  • he’ll act all natural but also making his distrust obvious
  • and he will have with a protective arm around your waist or shoulders and making sure the person know that you’re his
  • and if the person really starts bothering him he would start whispering things in your ear
  • “we should go, y/n, i have a schedule later”
  • “let’s go to eat somewhere, okay?”
  • “can we go back to the dorms? i don’t feel well”
  • he would do the impossible to take both of you out of the situation
  • and ofc he accomplishes it
  • probably sings for you a lot
  • especially while y’all are cuddling or before sleep
  • his voice is so angelic and perfect that you’re asleep like two minutes after he already started to sing for you
  • just the fact that you love his voice so much makes him the happiest person dfghjkla
  • basically, he would be a gr8 boyfriend
  • a really caring and protective one but also with the constant need of having your attention and cuddles <3
  • and idk what more to write so the end, lol
  • i hope y’all like it a lot!!
Dating Remus Lupin Would Include...

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- Remus would be the extremely blunt boyfriend, who would never intentionally hurt your feelings, but would never let you walk around looking stupid. If you were doing something entirely unreasonable, he’d call you out on it. And sometimes, you’d be mad, but it’d pass eventually and you’d be nothing but grateful

- Long, loving hugs at King’s Cross at the beginning of each school year 

- At first, holding shaky hands and receiving nervous pecks

- Ugh okay, how about this: Remus is a book lover. If you don’t agree, you’re wrong. So, he’d be really enthusiastic to show you books and share these fictional worlds that he loves and show you characters that he sees a lot of himself in. Honestly, reading his book recommendations would play a major role in getting to know him. 

- And some nights, you won’t be in a great mood. You’d be tired and snarky. And Remus and you would lay on the couch in the Gryffindor common room. He’d play with your hair and read chapter after chapter to you until you fell asleep. 

- And oh my god, imagine all the rest of the Marauders piling in around the couch. I mean, James pulling a roomy chair in front of the couch, sitting down to listen. Lily sprawling out over James’ lap. Peter lying on the ground on his back, hands acting as pillow for his head, eyes closed. Sirius leaning up against the couch while Marlene laid out, head in his lap. So cute. 

- When Remus is in the hospital wing, you’d always read to him, and the Mauraders would pull up chairs to listen too. 

- Since Remus is as shy and easily flustered as he is, the boys would probably play a big role in getting the two of you together. So, probably through your actual relationship, the boys would always be involved. Sirius giving Remus tips about sex, James telling you little hints about Remus and how to make him happy, Peter telling embarrassing stories about Remus. I mean, they’d all be like brothers. 

- Remus would be lowkey jealous lol

- Finding out he’s a werewolf would go something like this

- Super slow kisses 

- “I don’t know how I ever got so lucky.” 

- Getting annoyed with how much he studies and obsesses over his schoolwork

- “Remus, I just don’t understand why you’re so concerned. You’re basically wizard Einstein.”

- “Who?” 

- Always talking about the future because there’s no denying that young Remus was a flaming ball of anxiety

- Little cute notes with quotes from books written on them that remind him of you

- “Hey, angel.” 

- Omg, ice skating on the Black Lake when it gets cold enough 

- Stealing his sweaters that look like soft, cozy dresses on you and Remus absolutely loving it

- He would call you “sweetheart” every other sentence

- Ugh okay, him watching you all the time, with his elbow on the nearest table, hand sitting his palm and an adorable smile on his face that screamed ‘that’s all mine’ 

- Tracing each and every scar and feel your heart break with every single one because god, your sweet boy is going through so much pain and you can’t do anything to stop it 

- The ‘see you soon’ talks right before every full moon (which I’m probably gonna do an imagine of and link it eventually) 

- He would walk you to each class

- He’d be so attentive whenever you spoke, and he’d always always always want to hear every detail of your day and stories from your childhood and “on a scale of one to ten, how tempted were you to hex Sirius today” 

- He’s such a gentleman

- Nose kisses

- Him coming up to you in the common room with a completely serious expression, “I have decided it’s been long enough.” 

- “What?” 

- “I have been keeping this a secret from you for a very long time and now I am completely sure I can trust you.” 

- “Umm…” 

- “Please come with me.” 

- And Remus would lead you up to his dorm, doing a standard look both ways about five times to make sure no one’s watching check around every corner

- Eventually, you’d follow him into his empty dorm and he’d look at you, and take your hands in his, “Swear to me you won’t tell anyone. Especially not Pads, alright?” 

- “I…okay, I swear.” 

- And he’d pull up a scarlet covered rug in the middle of the floor and the pull up a board in the floor, revealing a hoard of chocolate

- “Remus, are you bloody serious? You can tell me you’re a werewolf but have to wait a whole year into dating me to show me your chocolate stash?” 

- He would be accidentally hilarious 

- James being lowkey jealous of you two

- Long naps in strange positions, but it didn’t matter because you guys just love touching and being together 

- Remus can totally play the guitar and you would be in love with listening to him play and hum quietly as you studied or did whatever 

- Remus would get really irrationally moody and irritable right before full moons and it would cause problems and arguments 

- He’d always feel terrible afterwards and give you really heartfelt apologies

- Remus would write about you and it would be so beautiful 

- Piggy back rides

- I think I’ve already said this, but for emphasis really slow, passionate kisses that literally drive you crazy

- Spending the summer with him on a roadtrip 

- Him making you tea 

- He would be so lowkey snarky. Eye rolls and sarcastic comments

- Jealous Remus is the best Remus; all touchy and compliment-y and cater-y 

- He’d just be such a good, gentle, loving, caring boyfriend 

- How can I make fictional characters fall in love with me? 

My random thoughts after watching 13x01 a second time..
  • There was so much Eileen in “The Road So Far.” It was like a punch in the gut…but in a weird way it also gave me hope that we’ll see her again.
  • Dean can’t even say Cas is dead. The way he stopped in the middle of the sentence like that…I’m pretty sure I used that in (nearly) every coda I wrote. I love it.
  • Even when Sam asks, “Is he really dead?” Dean says, “You know he is” (emphasis mine).
  • Yay for the angel who said “he deserved better.” Even the second time I wanted to punch the one who said “no, he really didn’t.”
  • “Don’t ask. He’s super sensitive.”
  • (I don’t care that she turned out to be a (truly awful) angel. That’s forever going to be one of my favorite lines/descriptions of Dean Winchester.)
  • Speaking of, what kind of angel acts like that?? I mean yeah, many of the angels are jerks. But she was just…really weird.
  • “I like it. I like nougat.” Powerful being uses his power to steal candy. Also has sweet tooth. I miss Gabriel.
  • I love the parallel with the lights popping as he walks down the hall. He’s even walking toward Dean! I also kind of love the way it’s different, aka Dean just stands there and Sam shoots him with the taser.
  • Interesting that they used the name “Becky” for the annoying, self-involved, takes what she wants, etc character…
  • Ugh, fries girl angel hit dean where it hurts. “Aw, sweet. Almost anything. Castiel, he’s dead. All the way dead. Because of you.” It’s the “aw sweet” that gets me…
  • She calls Sam “other one” (reminds me of Crowley’s phone “Not Moose”)
  • Why does Angel Radio hurt Jack??
  • Dean + praying is always going to punch me in the feels.
  • “We’ve lost everything. And now you’re gonna bring him back.” Him. Oh.
  • And then the “please
  • I’m so glad we got to see Dean preparing Cas’s body. And that last look up toward Cas’s head. The grief.
  • “Goodbye Cas”

paRequest: N/A

A/N: Finally, I finished this!  Sorry it took me so long, I had almost no inspiration for this fic, and I wanted it to be of good quality, not quantity.  Hope you enjoy!

Bucky x underweight!reader

Word count: 1638

Summary: Men want curves, and so does (Y/N).  But, what if she doesn’t have any?  Will no one want her?  Bucky disagrees.

Warnings: self-hate, self-depreciation, angst, throwing up.

(GIF not mine)

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Watson's Woes prompt

I’m not really participating this year but today’s prompt sparked a little something - “The Bard. We can’t have a challenge without a little Shakespeare.”

Sonnet 130 sprung to mind (fic is below the sonnet …) (my favorite reading of it here)

My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun;
Coral is far more red than her lips’ red;
If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun;
If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head.
I have seen roses damasked, red and white,
But no such roses see I in her cheeks;
And in some perfumes is there more delight
Than in the breath that from my mistress reeks.
I love to hear her speak, yet well I know
That music hath a far more pleasing sound;
I grant I never saw a goddess go;
My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground.
  And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare
  As any she belied with false compare

My Mistress

Sherlock scanned the page and winced. “Get a grip, Mason… that is the correct usage of the phrase is it not?

Mason nodded without making eye contact. He should never have asked Holmes for his opinion.

"Goddess, hah! She is no more a goddess than … than …” His train of thought shifted mid- sentence and he once more perused the awkward bit of idolatry the boy had proclaimed a poem to his love. “Her eyes, yes, are intense but not more so than any others …. her complexion, if you ever really looked, is far from perfect … freckles… she has a wondrous spray of freckles …” he distractedly waved fingers across his own face.

“‘Her sweet breath’ … goodness … you’ve not been around her when she wakes up, eh?” His grimace ended in a crooked smile as he paced and continued reading.

The boy look mortified.

“Her voice like angels’ songs? …. Seriously? The woman drones. Just ask her opinion on the Metropolitans chances this year.  Ugh.. and when she nags and lectures … far from an angel’s voice … ”

With a flourish, Sherlock placed the page back down in front of the boy, tapping it for emphasis. “This, my young friend, is utter nonsense. Yes, my partner is possessed of beauty and grace but those are the least of her charms. Many beautiful women exist in this world, Mason, but few with the intelligence, knowledge or skills my partner possesses. Her ability to rise to a challenge, to adapt and learn…. She has a depth to her … a caring and compassionate soul that the majority of the human race, myself included, do not deserve ….” Sherlock’s voice tapered off.  Mason, red-faced and slumped in his chair, looked crushed. Perhaps he’d been a tad too harsh in his appraisal of the boy’s poem.

“I apologize. Poetry is not my strong suit nor are the soft emotions. I’m sure your writing is adequate enough for the genre.” He pivoted and walked towards the stack of electronic equipment teetering on his desk. “Back to work then…”

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I just scrolled all the way back to look at every art piece you've ever drawn and I love them all so much!! Your art style is so unique, whenever I see it I immediately know that it's you - there's something so pleasing about it that's hard to explain but ugh I just crave it it's so good!!! I love this au v much, they're all so twisted but I adore them anyway... and Jin is hot.... shhh... Also, you're so lovely and sweet to people and you deserve the world. Have a nice day xxx

Aw bless your heart my angel, I’m so glad to know my style is pleasing i always feel like its a clusterfuck of cringe. I’ll continue working hard for you! have a nice day too.♡♡

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I know the bidders dont have older brothers. But can you write about how they would act if they had one? And what they would do if he takes interest on mc and decides to take her away from him? 😂


This couldn't be happening. Eisuke watched on in mild horror as his older brother and you conversed happily with one another. Although alike in appearance Eisuke and his brother Masaru were worlds apart in terms of personality. His older brother was down to earth, considerate, and patient. Although it pained Eisuke to even think it, he was probably a much better match for you, and you apparently thought so to as you had been talking to him with a wide smile on your face for the past hour. 

“New York was such a wonderful experience. Perhaps I should take you there one day, the empire state building is truly a sight every eye must see.” Masaru spoke in a soft voice, one that had never really bothered Eisuke up until that moment. “You are a such a nice girl _______ . I struggle to understand what you see in my brother, he is so terribly difficult to get along with.” 

“Deep down he is really nice, just like you Masaru!” You exclaimed happily, turning to smile brightly at Eisuke, whom could only muster a narrowing of his eyes. “I can’t believe you two are actually brothers. You are so different.” 

“Yes. One of us is a successful billionaire and the other is a university drop-out who relies on his younger brother for income.” Eisuke took you into his arms and glared at his older brother. “I’m much better than him. Much better.” 


What a beautiful little thing you are!” The loud and jovial voice of Yung Oh filled your ears. Soryu’s older brother had stopped by for a visit, initially you had been worried that he would be a scary mobster, but when you had met him you had been confronted with a slightly taller and older Baba. At first you were relieved but now you weren’t so sure. Soryu had been on edge ever since he arrived, flinching at every flirt or lingering touch. “Did it hurt my sweet one, when you fell from heaven?” 

“Ugh… I no… I didn’t fall from anywhere.” You stuttered as Yung leant across the counter, his eyes resting on the sizzling omelette in the pan. You looked over at Soryu for help, whom was trying to mentally implode Yung’s head.

“You fell from heaven angel, you must have hit your head so hard you’ve forgotten.” Yung laughed, the happy sound filling the kitchen. With red cheeks, you plated up the omelette and before you could hand it over to Soryu, Yung took it from your grasp. “Mmm… omelette. My favourite.” 

“Put. The. Omelette. Down.”  There was a clicking sound with the loud deep voice. Soryu was stood gun pointed at his brother. Yung rolled his eyes and handed Soryu the omelette. “If you so much as glance at this omelette or the woman who made it again, I shall make your life very uncomfortable.” 


Toshiro was cruel, harsh and cold, he was not at all worthy of your precious attention yet you were giving it to him anyway. Ever since his brother had stopped by to visit you had been trying your hardest to get him to like you, it hadn’t been easy, but now you were starting to believe you had finally made some progress. “You’re not half-bad you know that woman.” 

“…thank you Toshiro! I think you’re a lot nicer than you would have me believe as well.” You complimented him and Baba felt a strange emotion wash through him, jealousy, or a sizzling rage that you were wasting affection on his cold-hearted brother. “You should visit more often.”

“I might… I mean…you make pretty decent coffee… I can see what my small-brained little brother sees in you.” Toshiro answered. “Perhaps you should visit me sometime, make me some coffee again, my servants back home are very inefficient at the task.” 

“She won’t be going anywhere Tosh. Sorry, this princess is taken. I steal, but I don’t like being stolen from.” Baba spoke, with a strange fire in his voice, he wrapped his arm around you and drew you into him. 


Being a twin had it’s perks, one of which being a mutual understanding of eachother’s emotions. That was why Ota was certain Akane knew he was starting to get annoyed. Ota’s twin sister had stopped by for one of his art shows and you had gone to great effort to impress her. Being a shameless flirt, the moment Akane had arrived she had started to try and woo you. 

“My brother must make your life very difficult. Like most of the male species he isn’t very…considerate. He probably treats you like your a pet of his or something. You are a sweet thing, you could do better.” Akane spoke softly as she took a bite out of the cake you had made. “You are sweet like this cake, perfectly delectable.”

“T-t-thank you…but I really love Ota…flaws and all.” You said quietly.

“Why don’t you clear out of here Akane, find your own woman and stop pestering mine.” Ota snapped at his sister a possessive edge to his voice.


You hadn’t known what to expect when Mamoru had told you about his older brother, the man who had practically raised him, who had been like a father. However you hadn’t expected middle-aged grey-haired man to turn up at your doorstep with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates for you. “You must be _______! He told me you were pretty but I had no idea you were this pretty. You’ve done well for yourself Mamo.” 

“Yeah whatever Nori.” Mamori quickly headed back to the living room. You took the chocolates and flowers with a blush on your cheeks. A few hours passed and you found yourself embroiled in deep conversation with Nori, he was a fascinating man and had many stories. Mamoru was starting to get a bit peeved. 

“So we ran into some trouble in Loch Ness. I kid you not, Nessie herself turned our boat upside down.” Nori finished his tale and Mamoru pulled youinto his lazy arms, his grip tightening around you.

“Ugh…did I ever tell the you about the time I fought with a lion barehand sweetheart. Better story than the god damn loch ness monster.” Mamoru began to tell his own, possibly fabricated story, and you realized that he had possibly been feeling rather intimidated by his brother. 

My Romeo | Jungkook Scenario

Pairing: BTS Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: He was Mr. Perfect, the star quarterback and the most good-looking guy at school. You were just a drama geek. When your teacher gives you a leading role, you’re surprised with a star leading man. But what’s a Romeo to do when he wants to woo his Juliet? 

Author’s note: Requested by anon here -  Also if you haven’t seen Romeo and Juliet before / have no clue what the scene is that I’ve described look here: 

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I love everything about you


Warnings: FLUFF, insecure baby Kurt

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   How did Kurt ever get lucky enough to end up with you? Here you were, a literally angel in his eyes; sweet, caring, wonderful, respectful, gorgeous, and all together perfect person and then…well, Kurt was Kurt. Ugly, hideous Kurt. Kurt often found himself thinking things like that. ‘You’re too ugly for someone like (Y/N), I mean look at you. You’re the embodiment of a freak.’ 

   It was no secret that Kurt hated the way he looked but (Y/N) adored him. To his pointed teeth, all the way down to his 2 toed feet. He was absolutely gorgeous in (Y/N)’s eyes, but he never saw that. Now here he was, wallowing in his self hate while everyone else was out having a good time. Besides, why would they want to be seen with someone like him? 

   People would always stare at him in public, making him feel like an even bigger freak than necessary. They would always turn to each other and whisper about how strange he looked, about how he looked like some kind of devil freak. It hurt to say the least. So for the last few weeks he’d refused to go out with the rest of his friends when they offered to take him places. Instead, he’d curl up in bed and think about how hideous he was. So, he did the same thing tonight. 

   Everyone had gone out for an after mission celebration but Kurt had decided to stay at the mansion, as per usual. Of course everyone knew why but they didn’t want to push Kurt to come. Instead they’d give him a sad smile and say “Well, if you feel like coming out, you know where to find us.” But he never did, and probably never would. 

   Kurt sighs as he buries his face in his pillow, wishing to just sleep and forget he ever existed. Sleep was nearly upon him when a soft knock came from his door. Kurt perked his head up in confusion, his tail springing up in curiosity. 

   “Um- come in?” Kurt calls out before maneuvering to sit up. The door creaked open slightly revealing his beloved (Y/N), a small smile on their lips. Kurt’s tail swayed happily behind him and a slight smile broke it’s way onto his face. 

   “Hey,” (Y/N) whispers as they gently close the door behind them. 

   “Hey,” Kurt replied. (Y/N)’s smile faltered slightly as they began to walk towards Kurt. Kurt’s scrunched his eyebrows in confusion as (Y/N) sat beside him, instead of on his lap like they usually did. 

   “Kurt, I need to talk to you.” And there it was. A stone sunk to Kurt’s stomach as fear overwhelmed him. He knew for a fact that “talks” rarely ever ended well. He knew it was only a matter of time before this happened, I mean one of these days they had to have realized how unworthy he was of them. Kurt nodded as he attempted to swallow the lump forming in his throat.

   “Okay, well-” (Y/N) sighed as they gently picked at their nails. 

   “(Y/N), it’s okay, I knew zhis vas going to happen sooner or later.” Confusion etched across (Y/N)’s face as their eyes snapped up to meet Kurt’s. 

   “Wait, what do you think I want to talk about Kurt?” Now it was Kurt’s turn to be confused. 

   “A-Aren’t you, b-breaking up-” 

   “NO!” (Y/N) all but yelled, causing Kurt to flinch backwards. “I mean no,” They reiterate quieter. “Of course not. Never in a million years Kurt. I just wanted to talk to you about why you’ve been hiding in your room 24/7. I miss you- we all miss you.” It felt like a huge weight had been lifted from Kurt’s shoulders, like he could finally breathe easier. 

   “So, you’re not breaking up vith me?” He asks hopefully. 

   “No baby, of course not.” (Y/N) gives him a gentle smile as they gently take his hands in theirs. “Please, you’re too good to give up.” ‘no you’re not. You don’t deserve them’. The voice in his head spoke up. ‘One of these days they’ll realize what a’- “But Kurt,” Their voice stops the tirade of negativity in his head. “Why have you been hiding?” They seemed so genuinely concerned, their eyes bore into his and their hands gave his a reassuring squeeze. Welup, here goes nothing. 

   “I-it’s just zhat, I don’t vant to embarrass you guys. I know how hard it is to must have to deal vith-” Kurt gestured to his body. “A-and, (Y/N), Meine Liebe, you deserve someone better zhan me.” Kurt sighed shakily as tears threatened to spill over. The room was silent, a silent that nearly scared Kurt half to death. He was honestly too scared to look at (Y/N)’s face, scared of what he might see. He was just about to say something to fill the silence when suddenly two arms wrapped around him in a bone crushing hug. 

   “Kurt Wagner. Don’t you ever say anything like that ever again.” (Y/N) whispered shakily. He could hear the underlying tears in (Y/N)’s voice and that thought alone was enough to break his heart. (Y/N) pulled back slightly so they were able to look Kurt in the face, their beautiful eyes were shining with tears and their bottom lip quivered ever so slightly. “You are not an embarrassment. Never think that. And you are the best goddamn thing to ever happen to me, okay?” Kurt nodded slightly, his own insecurities beginning to ebb away. “I love your blue skin and your cute pointed ears, I love your cute fanged smile and all your scars, I love your tail and the way it wags when you get happy, I love your hands and how they’re big enough to encase mine in a giant blanket of Kurt warmth, I love your cute German accent and they way you say certain words, I love every single thing about you Kurt.” (Y/N)’s voice was shaking so bad by the end of their speech it was enough to send Kurt into his own cry fest. 

   (Y/N) once again wrapped their arms around Kurt, pulling his body to theirs. Their lips ever so gently brushed against his forehead and their soft voice whispered more comforting things to Kurt. “Just because you don’t have boring rounded ears, or a boring skin color does not mean I love you any less. I’d love you in any form Kurt, understand?” Kurt nodded as he wiped away at his nose. “Good,” They whispered  as they pressed a tender kiss to Kurt’s nose. 

   Kurt still wondered how we was able to end up with someone like you. A sweet, caring, wonderful person like you. It honestly baffled him, but he never again thought he wasn’t good enough for you. 

bangmejiminie  asked:

Your headcanons do make me reaaaallly happy! <3 Can you do hdc's for flight attendant jimin and business man jungkook and somehow they form a relationship and they're so disgustingly cute like jungkook would probably cage jimin in his arms in the morning making jimin run late for his flight~ i feel really bad requesting for hdc's cause i dont know if you're busy with other stuff >.< (if u are just ignore minee :))

Hi sweetheart, I’m so sorry for the late reply ;-; I’ve been out the whole weekend and without internet connection…. BUT I’M BAAAAACK!!  

I could never ignore you sweetie, so here ya’ go, some headcanons to make your day/night better ^^

//They met during a flight from Chicago to Seoul. Jungkook was going back home for Christmas. 

//Jungkook’s plan was to sleep through the hole flight, he was tired af and needed to gain energy to face family, especially his parents.

//Jungkook jerks awake suddenly at the feel of a hand touching his head. His sleepy eyes open to a male’s face smiling softly at him. It must be because Jungkook was still in dreamland but he swears he’s seeing an angel.

//”Sir, you are going to get hurt if you sleep like that” the angel says. “You can use this pillow, if you would like.”
“Oh, thanks…” mumbles Jungkook. He has to bit his tongue to not say something embarrassing. The angel smiles, and after adjusting the pillow under Jungkook’s head he leaves. Jungkook’s eyes follow him until he disappears at the front of the cabin.

//Jungkook can’t sleep for the next hours, he’s busy staring discreetly (or trying to) at the cute flight attendant with a smile brighter than the sun, sparkly eyes like stars and voice sweet like caramel. Jungkook gets caught countless of times looking at the flight attendant.

//”Do you need something, sir?”
“Ugh, no….no”
The flight attendant (Jimin, as his name tag reads) laughs. “I Thought you would like to ask me something, since you keep staring at me.”
Jungkook blushes bc damn boy, you got caught!!!!! and when he doesn’t know what to say Jimin adds “I’m not supposed to, but I would like you to ask me out on a date.”

//That’s how a date turned into a long lasting relationship. It’s hard when Jimin has to leave for long periods of time, there are months in which they barely see each other but when Jimin has free time they spend it by traveling, going out on nice dates….

//Jungkook always makes sure to plaster Jimin with kisses before he leaves. Jimin usually has to leave early in the morning, way earlier than Jungkook, but the young businessman alaways wakes up with him, they take a shower together and while Jimin puts on his uniform (that drives Jungkook crazy btw, bc those tight pants, that fitting white shirt…. yummy) Jungkook gets breakfast ready.

//Jimin hugs him, drops a sweet kiss on his neck and says “I love you, I’ll miss you” and Jungkook always responds by lifting him up on his arms and kissing him deeply. (Jimin ends up scolding him because Jungkook makes him run late almost every time)

//Those times Jimin has to stay on some other city for a couple of days, they talk via skype. It doesn’t matter they are in different time zones, there is no way they don’t talk for a day.

//Jimin always brings presents for Jungkook, typical food from some country, the most known brand of whisky from some other, an exclusive piece of cloth from a brand that can only be found on some other…. But the present Jungkook loves the most is to have Jimin again by his side that night.

vous-pouvez-voir-de-vos-yeux-de  asked:

Yeah I guess you're the only pentaholic (did I spell that right?) that I really know, so could you like fill me in on what's happening with the fandom, the band, music and shit like albums and what songs are on them, and all that jazz or at least a little, please? You couldn't give me too much info, all I've done so far is just watch the same like 12 videos on youtube. Thank you so much for the warm welcome to the fandom!!

*cracks knuckles*

Okay, sit tight cuz this is probably gonna get lengthy (I was right, it did)

  • What’s a Pentatonix? 

Pentatonix is an a cappella quintet made up of the biggest dweebs on the planet. If you can spare 7 minutes (in addition to the time spent reading this wall of text), here is a lovely little intro video they made describing how the group got together and what they are about. But let me expand a bit on their background.

  • The Humble Beginnings

If you didn’t already know, Pentatonix formed in order to compete in the Sing-Off Season 3 in 2011. Scott, Mitch, and Kirstie wanted to compete as a trio, but they were advised to add Kevin and Avi to the mix. More on that later! Anyways, they auditioned for the show, and made it through. And long story short THEY RIPPED THE COMPETITION TO SHREDS.

No but for real go and watch them (have tissues ready)(also that vid i linked includes a little intro to them, their performance, and what the judges said)

Now watch their second performance, then their third. WATCH ALL OF THEM OKAY. I PROMISE I’LL STILL BE HERE WHEN YOU GET BACK.

  • The Queen, Princess, Spongebob, Meat & Potatoes

-Mitch Grassi

Yes it was absolutely necessary for me to use that picture of him.

MITCH IS AN ABSOLUTE ANGEL. He will slay you with his high notes and his sass.

-Kirstie Maldonado

do not call her Kristie I sWeaR to G DO

She is an actual Disney princess. (shut up I’m not lying). She is SO humble and sweet and just ugh get out of my face already.

-Scott Hoying


Scott is the fucking dorkiest of dorks on the planet. Like, no other. BUT HE IS ALSO REALLY HOT AND IT ISN’T FAIR???

Also sorry to bear the bad news but he’s taken by this sexy mofo

-Kevin Olusola


Kevin is undoubtedly the most talented member of PTX. He can beatbox, play cello, play cello and beatbox (watch that right now). Did I mention he is also fluent in Mandarin Chinese?

-Avi Kaplan

Time to talk about this sexy bass man!

His voice shakes the ground. He loves BBQ. He believes in dragons (don’t we all?). His hips never lie. I want him inside me.

Also he can sing two notes at once and that’s pretty rad.

  • The Musics

I trust you’ve heard what they’re about by now lol

But just in case, here’s their discography:

PTX, Vol. I


PTX, Vol. II

PTXmas Deluxe Edition


That’s Christmas To Me (coming soon!)

Also they’ve released several singles.

They have original songs! A lot! And really good too!

Sometimes Kevin plays cello in their covers! Rad!

In general they make really really pleasant things for your ears!

  • Concerts?


They are arguably better live than in the studio! (I can vouch!)

Also if you have money buy a VIP ticket it’s so worth it.

Here watch their entire set from this year’s tour

Or here have the front row experience and get uncomfortably close to Scott’s fun bits

  • The Fandom

Oh boy.

I trust you’ve had a little taste of what we are like by now. And it looks like you’ve stuck around so that’s a good sign! Let’s be real though leaving isn’t an option.

But yeah our community has grown so much in the past few months! Like, when I started this blog not even a year ago there were only a few blogs partially dedicated to ptx. But now the tag is active daily!

In the Pentatonix tag you can find edits, art, fanfic, painful sobbing, hugs and happiness, etc. etc.

Yes, good things!


Oh and yes you spelled Pentaholic correctly :)

Have fun letting five people ruin your life!

I can’t believe thisssssssss! I hit another milestone! 2.5k of you?! WOW. 

To the OG ones as always thank you for being part of this. And for always being sweet to me. To my new babes, welcome to the dark side! Thank you for giving my blog a chance and I hope I don’t let you down. And let’s be friends! Talk to me, I’m always available to talk or go into a Dean or Sam crisis. I love meeting new people <3333

For celebration I’m gonna be doing ‘Watch A SPN Ep With Me’ Soon. I wanna do it a day where a lot of my friends and new friends can be so… Maybe an Saturday or Sunday next week? Can y’all give me hour suggestions? I’ve never done something like this (except the movie thing) but yeah, please let me know if u like the idea. 

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ask-equestrias-fugitives  asked:

Write down and send us every moment in the show that made you hate Moffat.

Oh sweetie….I don’t think anyone has time for that.

Let’s just…ya know. Narrow it down to the big ones.

1. Turning the Doctor into a cosmic twelve year old who can’t handle ANYTHING. See – “Hide your damage.” UGH.

2.. The glorification of suicide. Which he uses as an out not once, but twice. And the second time he makes it seem so romantic because “Oh but Rory and Amy are going to die  TOGETHER. It’s so sweet!” And just…no.

3. His general treatment of woman. Amy being used as a baby machine, Clara’s and River’s existences revolving around and being justified by the Doctor.

Those are my top three biggest pet peeves. Believe me when I say there are MORE.