ugh such good advice

pParenTs advice sSucks!

Tweek: Ugh my paReNts don’t know how to give gooD adVIce at aLL!

Craig: what did they do this time

Tweek: you knNow how you fFigured out how I -ngh- s-sSaid something about mMackeys ass? So I came hHome and my parent’s werE like ‘wHy are you so red’?  and aLL, so I tTold them I saID somethIng y-years ago that I regret. So they were like
 “TweEk, you kKnow, your mmOther and I had a ssImilar issue. Back tHen, we too weRe young adUlts dIscovering ourselves. One dDay, we had sSex in the bathooM of WalMarT.”

Craig: …. yeah? And?


Craig: oh. (good)

Tweek: nNGh wWhat kind of stTUFF do your parents sSay?

Craig: “craig if you don’t stop being gay in the house im cutting off a testicle.”

Tweek: …. guess i cCant complain

You think you can write a few words, call them beautiful, and that’s it? You think that you can write something that means nothing to you, and hope someone else finds some cryptic meaning hidden behind it? You can force your work, but never, ever, write something you don’t take pride in.
—  rule #1 (via fraagmented)

Just updating if anyone wanted to know how it worked.

Yesterday a pot asked me a question referring to what I provide to my sugar daddy in return (ugh: hate these q’s) and I came here & received good feedback/advice.

I used a mixture of sukari-babe and scarlett-stripper advice. And it worked. So thank you loves 😘😘😘

This is why I luh yal 😁

@bronzedsugar buahahaaaa it still worked thankfully 😂😂😁

KHUX Mission 425: Ava Boss Guide for F2P Players

(particularly F2P players like myself who have a crappy medal stock because you’ve been hoarding all your jewels in anticipation of the BBS medals and are suffering accordingly for your love dedication ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

This bossfight is hard, no doubt. It looks downright impossible for those who haven’t had really good luck with medal draws (or been shelling out cash for better medals), and for a while I was convinced that I might be screwed as someone who’s only done a handful of draws total. Fortunately this was NOT the case, and after seeing similar concerns I really want to help my fellow players out because I know how frustrating this is after trudging through the awful filler missions in this update (doubly so considering all the favoritism that the events in the last couple weeks have shown towards paying players). SO, this is my attempt to put together a (very general) guide, assuming one doesn’t already exist for the JP version. I can’t guarantee anything, especially if you’re a newer player who missed out on previous free medals, but I’m here to show that you can defeat her without any epic, debuff, or Namine medals. Even if my strategy doesn’t work, you might be able to figure out one that does from the tips I provide.

Moving on:

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Get to Know Me!

I was tagged by the lovely @calyum1996 :) thanks babe!! ❤️ 

How old are you? I’m 19 :) 

Current job? I’m a tutor!! 

Dream job? The goal is a physiotherapist so we’ll see how that goes lol

What are you talented at? Um nothing pls I wish I could be really good at something dammit. I can dab tho…

What is a big goal you are working towards/have already achieved? Working towards that degree I need to get haha 

What’s your aesthetic? Ripped jeans, the cool air after it has rained, sunsets, oceans at night, warmth of your blanket at night, pink flowers, oversized hoodies/sweaters, etc lol 

Do you collect anything? Uhhhh no I don’t really haha but I mean I keep things that are sentimental to me like I have this little package that has like little friendship metaphor things I got from my grade 5 student teacher who I was pretty close to and I’ve had it ever since then so like over 9 years wow

What is a topic you always bring up in conversation? Something to do with pop culture honestly…or maybe Supernatural LMAO

What’s a pet peeve of yours? Fake people. And rude people. I get super annoyed when I see or meet those individuals ugh 

Good advice to give? If you put your mind to it, your efforts won’t go to waste. You will get rewarded eventually :) 

Recommend three songs! I just shuffled my music lol Nickelback - How You Remind Me// Halsey - Strange Love// Niall Horan - This Town YAAAS

What’s your zodiac sign? GEMINI baby

Do you believe in aliens or ghosts? YES. Anything supernatural really oops. Aliens have to exist like come on we can’t be the only ones in the universe. Also, I believe in ghosts like even tho I haven’t actually seen one I’m all into that oujia board stuff you have no idea I love creepy stories and haunted houses and just horror things omggggg 

I’m gonna tag @myreevee @ohmy5sosagain @badluckcharmer @cliffovevo @cliffwoes @pretendtobepunkrock @happiestluke @lubehemming if you guys want!! xx