ugh such awful quality

Unfortunately not going to the show tomorrow but my sister and her friends will be there and we made this for Tony since his birthday was this week:

(ugh… sorry for awful quality, I had to make the contrast really high and it’s still not good but hey…)

They are going to try to give it to him. Aside from screwed up proportions (Tony was supposed to be in front of us but… Idk what happened and now it looks a lil weird) I’m really happy with it :D My sister’s friend (He’s the second one from left to right not counting the duck. Yeah, that’s a duck, don’t ask) drew himself, the other friend to his left and the duck. Then my sister drew herself (to Tony’s right), her boyfriend (to her right) and Tony. And I drew myself, the girl to the far right! :D My hair ended up covering part of me in the drawing but whatever… My eyes look bigger than they should but I’m actually pretty happy with it, I thought it would suck completely/ not look like me at all XD

Hm… Also, @rockerhanssi, since you’re finnish, could you please help me here?… Did we write “happy belated birthday” right? It’s too late to fix it now but anyways… XD