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Beauty and the Beast 2017 thoughts (& spoilers!):

Okay so I know everyone’s been talking about the new Beauty and the Beast and all, but I just have to get all my feelings out there, it’s about to be quite a rant lol (SPOILERS AHEAD!). The songs are so much richer, it’s so much more “broadway” for a lack of a better word. There are new harmonies and dance breaks (GASTON OMFG) and incredible swells and omg my heart couldn’t take it. Dan Stevens shows such vulnerability in evermore, I was drawn to tears (I was also moved by his growl at the end, but that’s a different story in itself lol). AND AUDRA MCDONALD HOLY COW. I mean I knew she was incredible and all, but she just adds so much to the magic of every song and ugh the whole thing is just incredible, thank you Disney. 

Not only was the music incredible, but the extra plot hole fillers were perfectly woven into the original story and it was just wonderful. I was definitely sobbing when the furniture was becoming furniture for good and Chip was running for Mrs. Potts and the coat hanger caught him, it was sincerely heartbreaking, even though I knew the ending. I was constantly surprised by every second of this movie and my heart is still recovering. I am so overwhelmed at how amazing this movie is ugh

I watched La La Land for the second time today.. and it is just the kind of movie that makes you want to make movies… I absolutely adore musicals. the vibrant colors and how they’re emphasized because they’re meant to be prominently symbolic, the work oh god the woooork that’s put into every musical number, the opening scene that was shot in one continues take????? that’s in the middle of a highway in downtown la??? who does that anymore???? and how the whole damn thing was able to just really.. transport you into another level of catharsis.. ugh it’s so amazing. Damien Chazelle is brilliant. not to mention that the last movie that I saw in theaters that blew my mind as much as this one did was Whiplash. he’s on a roll. I hope this film takes over the Oscars next month. 

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Sherlock, the blacklist, mamma mia (for the tv show/movie ask)

Thanks gurl, always coming through for me!

favourite female character: 
Sherlock: Mrs Hudson is honestly such a delight
The Blacklist: Samar Navabi aka my wife 
Mamma Mia: Rosie 
favourite male character:
Sherlock: John Watson (but special mention to Greg Lestrade. a Cool dude)
The Blacklist: Obviously Raymond Reddington. I would die for him 
Mamma Mia: Harry ❤
least favourite female character:
Sherlock: Eurus
The Blacklist: Ugh Elise 
Mamma Mia: Everyone in this movie is amazing this question does NOT apply
least favourite male character:
Sherlock: That dude who worked at the bank who went to uni with Sherlock
The Blacklist: Oh take a guess. He has like 47 names and no personality
Mamma Mia: N/A!!!
favourite ship:
Sherlock: Johnlock till I die baby
The Blacklist: Lizzington honestly  makes me want to cry at least 7 times a day
Mamma Mia: Harry and whoever he ends up with
least favourite ship:
Sherlock: Sherlock and Molly
The Blacklist: *cough cough* the abusive one 
Mamma Mia: Colin Firth and his shirt like. Get rid of that thing 
film/tv show rating: /10
Sherlock: s1-3 10/10 perfection, s4 -63/10 wtf
The Blacklist: s1 incredbile 9/10. s2 amazing 8/10 (lose 2 points bc tom ew) s3A best thing ever 15/10, everything after that  💩💩💩/10
Mamma Mia: There is no scale big enough to express my love for this movie. But like 7/10 I guess    


another meme i won’t finish — ten movies:

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters: “Percy Jackson! Your destiny was written long ago.” “I write my own destiny!”

We’re not sayin’ you can change him,
‘Cause people don’t really change.
We’re only saying that love’s a force
That’s powerful and strange.
People make bad choices if they’re mad,
Or scared, or stressed.
Throw a little love their way.
Throw a little love their way.
And you’ll bring out their best.
—  The trolls in “Frozen”, who give me frigging CS feels

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Do you like disney movies



The humor was there in the best possible ways. The action was awesome. The drama and omfg moments were spot on. Clint was absolutely amazing! I’m so glad they made up for his lack of screen time in the first movie. I really liked the twins even though I thought I wouldn’t. Natasha was badass as usual. The friendship between everyone made my heart clench and die a little inside. Ultron was creepy as shit and the fact that he was “humorous” made him even creepier. Fucking Rhodey and Sam! Fuck yes! I still ship Clintasha (even in light of everything in this movie). Just, ugh! It was amazing and I can’t wait to see it again!