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The Battle of New York was the end of the world. This, now, is the new world. People are different.

What the fresh fuck?

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Ah, as it stood, nothing was eternal in this world. Nobles lived for centuries and millenniums, withstanding the passage of time until the world was cruel or merciful enough to release them from the shackles of reality.

Messad was at her wielder’s side for far longer than the previous family leaders. Perhaps it was because he had forgone the choice of entering eternal sleep with the Lord, but she was granted five hundred more years with him — and how blissful those years were indeed! She was his friend, mother, sister, daughter — soul weapons were connected to their wielders, but Messad believed she was one of the only soul weapons who got along with Gradeus like she had done. 

Sharing in the slaughter of humans, relishing the freedom that being restricted to an island took away; indeed, though she still held the values of the old family leaders within her, the longer she spent in Gradeus’ company, the more she was able to drown out their voices. Indeed, though wisdom was granted by the old minds, her only role was to support her wielder. That was every soul weapon’s calling.

And so five centuries passed and they were returning home. Gradeus had graciously summoned her to play; ah! How tragic it was for that dear Kertia boy to die a lonely death! And those Knights — they had not gotten stronger at all. Child’s play, if you asked her.

Now Dark Spear, there was an old friend. And they met as enemies yet took glee in throwing blows at each other, almost like old times. Frankenstein hadn’t changed a bit, his arrogance preceded his words, but Messad’s wielder would surely win!

But the pain came quickly, a suffocating blow that even she felt from her wielder’s heart. She was dropped onto the floor, away from the grasp of her beloved wielder, as he screamed out in agony from Dark Spear’s greedy cruelty.

Why had he let her go? They were supposed to live together, fight together, and die together. Messad had no problem in entering eternal sleep; she had done so many times as a family leader. Yet she stood there, frozen as Dark Spear slowly enveloped Gradeus…

… And it was too late, once she realized what was happening, as she shifted from the form of her axe to the form of a noble.

There was nothing left.

“Leader…” A hopeless echo. She did not feel his will, did not feel any power that could keep her in this world. He had let her go on purpose, but why? This was not how it was supposed to be.

She stared blankly at her feet, already beginning to dissipate in red light. She did not know if she was angry, if she was sad, if she was heartbroken… no, she was all of these feelings combined. Her friend, her son, her brother, her father — he abandoned her.

He left her behind and there was not even a place where she could meet him again.

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Do you have a prefrance when it comes to a ship for Rebekah? I ship her with a lot of characters but since Stefan became a super duche its hard to ship them togeather. I do like their backstory though.

I was mostly neutral and indifferent towards any ship TVD has created for Rebekah. I think the show could have done more when it came to her love interests and her characterization that after a point in S4 lost all sense.

Now I stopped watched TVD at the end of S4 so I did not see Stefan becoming a super douche. He was still in his semi phase lol…but I did like his backstory with the Originals both with Klaus and Rebekah in Chicago. I think overall those flashbacks were very nice mostly because Klaus and Rebekah were in and back then they were the bomb as characters and as the influence they had on the show in general.

UGH reasonably powered characters are so frustrating!!!

after watching so much anime with overpowered protagonists who always win using the ~power of friendship~ reading more western media with characters who have reasonable power limits has got me like

 what do you MEAN you cant just power up in the middle of a fight?!?!?!!?

I just really really want Cisco to get the rest of Vibe’s New 52 powers, because ugh. The way the characters are forming, this season could turn into a huge race (seewhatIdidthere) to see which speedster is fast enough to stop Zoom. 

Barry Allen and Jay Garrick and Wally West and Jesse Quick all stepping up to kick his ass, but nobody can quite do it. Ultimate battle between five frigging speedsters. 


but then Cisco just kinda clears his throat and steps up and points a finger and zaps him and poof. Speed gone. Suddenly Zoom is speed-walking for his life and there’s a bunch of speedsters tripping over themselves to slow down and dogpile him.