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The Battle of New York was the end of the world. This, now, is the new world. People are different.

im watching xmen origins: wolverine and just thinking about how great it would be if they brought in Darwin for Deadpool 2; either as a cameo or part of the team.  Cause they may have screwed over deadpool in origins, and many many other characters over the last 17 years, but no character has been as screwed as Darwin.   

I just really really want Cisco to get the rest of Vibe’s New 52 powers, because ugh. The way the characters are forming, this season could turn into a huge race (seewhatIdidthere) to see which speedster is fast enough to stop Zoom. 

Barry Allen and Jay Garrick and Wally West and Jesse Quick all stepping up to kick his ass, but nobody can quite do it. Ultimate battle between five frigging speedsters. 


but then Cisco just kinda clears his throat and steps up and points a finger and zaps him and poof. Speed gone. Suddenly Zoom is speed-walking for his life and there’s a bunch of speedsters tripping over themselves to slow down and dogpile him. 

Sasuke Babble...

One thing that makes me really happy about the latest chapter, is the fact that Sasuke’s sudden change was finally cleared up (His transition from screaming for vengeance to wanting to protect and rebuild Konoha). I knew he had reasons, I had my own suspicions as to what they were. I know Sasuke to be level headed (occasionally rash) but he never liked being manipulated and stated so many times before, so I knew he had some plan and that his 180 degree sudden character change had reasons. This chapter was very enlightening. 

Think about it. Back when they last fought after the death of Danzo. Naruto said he had figured something about Sasuke. 

What if Sasuke had realized that same thing back then too? This chapter certainly implied so. I always knew that Sasuke seemed like he was going to resurrect the previous Hokages with or without Itachi. Itachi was the final push in the right direction I’m sure, he was a big part of that push no doubt about it. 

But I’m also sure that he was walking down that road anyway because Sasuke realized there was more connecting him to Naruto than he ever thought before. After that fight, he had probably decided on talking to those Kages because he knew he needed to understand Hashirama and Madara more than anything. Something about them made him want to understand and what do you know? It’s because they were also reincarnations of the two brothers. 

I’m sure the sage asked Sasuke the same questions, and he suspected that Naruto was the reincarnation of Ashura. He felt it. Same way Naruto did. But the fact that Naruto wasn’t willing to give up no matter how far he’d fallen (unlike, unfortunately Hashirama who had no choice because there was just no turning back for Madara who had given up everything for power) encouraged Sasuke to just stop running away from that bond he “Spared on a whim." 

Naruto had always been special to Sasuke. He was always the one who riled him up, pushed him, angered him, listened to him and never gave up on him. This chapter is just very enlightening in more ways than one. The hidden character development is mindblowing. Kishimoto is a genius storyteller and phenomenal at character development. He pays a lot of attention to detail with just enough room for readers to interpret them however they want.

Sasuke might’ve reached and made his decision on his own, but Naruto was a huge part of that transition. That’s undeniable. Itachi filled his heart with warmth and acceptance, but Naruto is probably the reason Sasuke had wanted to summon the kages anyway. He needed to understand just what it was he saw in Naruto that day and why peace hadn’t been possible before. (Because despite popular belief Sasuke is NOT power hungry for the sake of being powerful. Nope, he had a mission and he needed power for it, but he was never interested in power because he wanted it, unlike Orochimaru and Madara). He knew there was something else connecting him to Naruto. He knew there was a reason he couldn’t cut him out completely. And now? We all know it too. Something about Naruto himself; his pigheadedness, his big heart, his selflessness, his acceptance of Sasuke, all of it somehow impacted Sasuke even when he tried so hard to deny it. His brother’s death (for the second time) was the final missing piece for Sasuke to finally just stop running. That whim he spared Naruto’s life on? That was Sasuke’s good fucking heart, Sasuke’s reluctant and unwilling acceptance of their bond. Despite what you may all think. Sasuke’s never been a bad person, he has a massive heart and he values his comrades more than he’s ever willing to admit or show, but it was pretty damn clear in part one. That isn’t something you can just erase or get rid of. He might’ve went mad for a while, lost himself in all that hatred and rage, but Naruto is pretty much his anchor. He was unwilling to listen to everyone else after Danzo’s death. But in comes Naruto and Sasuke’s stopping Madara from taking him and disappearing because he just had to listen to what this boy had to say. 

And I’m pretty sure that was a big part of the reason Sasuke needed to understand what exactly went wrong in the history of Konoha and why peace wasn’t an option let alone possible before. Because he felt that connection between him and Naruto and knew there was more to it than he could possibly understand on his own. 

That whim of his was him trying to salvage some semblance of the bond he kept trying so hard to deny existed. 

 Sasuke’s good heart is a big part of the reason that peace is possible and Naruto’s tenacious attitude and endless love for him and his other bonds is the only reason Sasuke hadn’t fallen completely. For God’s sake it’s always represented, even in opening/ending theme songs. Naruto is always represented as Sasuke’s anchor, the beacon of light and hope and the reason Sasuke is saved. Itachi might’ve influenced Sasuke into making the final right decision, but he was also part of the reason he was willing to destroy Konoha. His fragile bond with Naruto is the reason peace is possible. Because it all goes back to them as characters. 

Sorry about my long posts. This chapter was just the best Naruto chapter. Insert fangirl squeals.