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She Likes (Bittersweet Love)

A part of the drabble series When Two Worlds Collide for the 500 Followers Celebration.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader x Sebastian Stan

Summary: Bucky is scared that another man was better at making you happy. 

A/N: A continuation of Double Take. This is the last part of the drabble series (though let’s be real, this one is not a drabble)!! Thank you guys for being the most awesome readers a writer could ever wish for, thank you for following me and reading my stuff, you have no idea how happy you guys have made me.


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logan thoughts pt. 2 spoilers*

-ok so i saw logan again because i couldnt stop thinking about it since friday when i first saw it
-ive had a deep sense of loss and emptiness since then and i still do
-this movie is so fucking heavy man but it really is so revolutionary for the superhero genre
-17 freakin yrs of hugh jackmans wolverine and patrick stewarts professor x and theyve never failed me
-but wolverine was my main mans since i was 6 so i feel so hurt losing him like this. The child in me felt like it died w him fuck
-logan I have to peeee
-whenever laura jumps on someone and like flips then and kills them is so fucking dope like yas gurl fuck it up!!!
-i just still really love how they made him feel just so human and go beyond his mutant characteristics
-he feels broken hes hurt he takes care of charles he turns to alcohol and has thought deeply about suicide. Like that is some real shit and i love how they showed that instead of perpetuating the idea that all he is is an invincible killkng machine
-“i know pop” i love when he refers to charles as his dad
-im just a huge fucking sucker for great parental figures or relationships that parallel it.
-their dynamic is so tragic and funny at the same time.
-charles’ alzheimers?? is heartbreaking and also so real minus the powers
-calling logan a disappointment ugh
-pierce is still sexy af tho like damn ur a piece of shit but also fuck me
-i just love logan so much and his dynamic w laura and how similar they are like i know shes his daughter but still im not sick of it
-calling the academy a special needs school lmao. Love the banter and every scene between them at that house
-charles telling logan to stop and feel for a sec
-charles waking up feeling shittty bc “he had the most perfect night and didnt deserve it” bc he remembered:(((
-logan didnt even get to hear that from charles damn it
-fuck x24 man rip charles im so sad logan telling charles it wasnt him just to assure him bc he rly does care
-laura holding his hand afer buryin charles <333
-you just cant take shit… lmao
-and when she finally talks… that scene is just too perfect
- hes just so much more than just wolverine and its hilarious bc hes acting like any person who would when they find out they have a kid and are thrown w the tasking of caring for them
-what else did charles say? To not let you die… UGH SOBBING bc foreshadowing
-i suck at this. bad shit happens to people i care about …. I CRY UGH
-THEN I WILL BE FINE… laura fuck me up with that comeback
-okay and then the obvious parts his death scene… hurt just as much if nit more this time around and i still cried
-“so this is what it feels like” FUCKKKJK and then she calls him daddy
-then she quotes that movie and then turns thecross to an X LIKE HOLY FUCKKKK I WAS ABLE TO STOP SOBBING FOR A QUICK SEC THEN SHE DID THAT AND I WAS RUINED
-new generation of mutants bout to fuck shit up baby!!
-i will miss hugh jackmans wolverine and patrick stewarts professor x so much but it really was an incredible swan song!!!!
-hugh jackman is also my daddy tho fuck
-i could see this a hundred times and itll fuckin ruinme eachtime thank u

I find it disturbing how Kpop groups go though years of training and preparation, spend months at a time without their families, miss out on sleeping to improve themselves, only to be criticized or torn down by either their own fans or others because they don’t fit into their category of perfection.

Being a fan doesn’t mean you’re entitled to say whatever you want so stop putting so much pressure on Kpop groups, stop tearing down those who aren’t your favourite and please if you don’t have anything respectful to say then don’t say it

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Questions for the idiots in love! Domestic style? who uses all the hot water in the shower? who’s stuff is taking over the bathroom counter?

Oh, man, that is not even a close call.

HANNIBAL, for god’s sake, how many hair products does one man need, are you sure these even ARE hair products, this smells like food, are you putting food in my hair? 

HANNIBAL, I think small nations have risen and fallen in the time we’ve been in this shower, and I’m not complaining, I’m really not, you are VERY pretty soaking wet, but shouldn’t we be out of hot water by now?  Just what kind of water heater did you have them install, anyway?

HANNIBAL. I thought we’d reached an agreement about my aftershave.  Where did you hide it this time.  WHERE.  WHERE IS IT.  I JUST WANT TO KEEP ONE BOTTLE ON THE VANITY. YOU HAVE TWELVE BOTTLES AND THREE JARS. LET ME HAVE THIS ONE THING.

HANNIBAL. I concede that we need to keep lube in the bathroom, given past history, but one bottle is enough.  Three strategically stashed around the room is overkill.  Yes, it is. Stop making that face, you know I’m right about this.

HANNIBAL. I need to say something, okay?  You, ugh, okay, you were right about the towels.  These are really good towels.  I feel like I just dried myself off on angels’ wings.  I still think it’s obscene for towels to cost that much, but I get it now.  You are officially in charge of towel choices for the rest of our lives.

…Hannibal?  Hannibal, are you crying?

Fuck’s sake, you can’t cry every time I say “the rest of our lives.”  Try to remember our lives aren’t worth the paper our fake IDs are printed on.  Our lives might be very, very short.  We may not live long enough to ever need to buy another set of towels.  These might be the last towels. 

…ugh.  Come here.  Let me dry your ridiculous tears with this giant fluffy towel.  Maybe we’ll live to be a hundred, it happens.  We’ll get old and cranky together and Jack will retire and they’ll stop looking for us, and you can pick out the towels forever, okay? 

Shhh, c’mere.  It’s okay. The towel is very absorbent, cry all you want.  Might as well get our money’s worth.


Hey guys! so this isn’t a request but I had an Idea and went with it!!

“Queenie, have you seen Newt anywhere?” you ask. 

It was nearing your anniversary and you were super excited. She looked at you strangely and fidgeted a little. 

“No sorry sweetie,” she says quickly. 

“Is something wrong?” You ask concerned. She isn’t usually so, so jumpy. 

“I think he’s back at the apartment” she answers. You thank her and disapparate. 

“Newt?” you call as you land in the living room. 

You hear muffled voices coming from the bedroom. You walk to the door and open it. What you see breaks your heart. 

Newt had Tina up against a wall. His lips attached to hers. You let out a hurt whimper. Newt’s head whips around and his eyes fill with horror. You turn around and run out of the room. 

He dashes after you, grabbing your wrist tightly. 

“Y/n It’s not what it looks like I swear!” Newt says. 

“Let Go Newt.” You say sternly. 

“Y/n P-please” He starts, 

“LET ME GO” You scream. 

Newt lets go, fear in his eyes. 

“How long?” You ask, holding back tears.

“W-well, I-I, s-six months…” Newt stutters 

The tears you were holding back broke free and started sliding down your face. You step back and run out the door and Newt didn’t do anything to stop you

 “One Moscow Mule” You say, ugh, why were you here again. 

“Come on Y/n, you look so glum,” your friend says handing you your drink. Oh right, it was your friends birthday. 

“That guy over there is pretty cute, you haven’t had a date in months” they whisper in your ear. 

You let out a laugh, “Thanks but I’m not looking for a date right now, we’re here for you” you reply. 

You take a sip of your drink, scanning the people there. It’s been months and you still weren’t ready for another date. Newt crushed your heart. You cried for days. You forced yourself to pull yourself together. You worked harder and bought your own apartment. You tried to forget Newt but no matter what you did you couldn’t. 

Tears hitting your hand snapped you out of your memories. You put on a smile and walked to your friends. After a couple of hours and a couple of drinks, you were feeling happy again. 

Someone nudged your shoulder, “Hey, Y/n, isn’t that your ex?” 

Your heart dropped. You look and you drop your drink. There stands the man who shattered your heart along with the girl who he did it with. The sound of the glass alerted him, his eyes widened and he started walking over to you. 

“I-I got to go” you mumble. 

You push through the crowd. You could feel his eyes on you and his steps following you. The wind of the cold night hits like a knife. You walk fast in hopes of avoiding a confrontation with the man who hurt you so long ago. 

“Y/n! Please wait!” he calls. 

There he goes, his sweet voice you missed, calling out to you. Unfortunately, the man with that voice wasn’t so sweet to you. 

You walk faster praying he would give up, stop and walk away like he did so many years ago. You hide in an alley and pull out your wand. You hear footsteps pass you then stop. 

Letting out a small sigh of relief you relax. and, Disapparate, flinching when you feel a hand grab yours. You land roughly in front of your apartment. A hand still on yours. You refuse to look up. A hand gently rests on your chin, moving your eyes to meet his. 

“Y/n…” he starts. “Newt, please” You beg.

 His piercing green eyes, hints of desperation. 

“I just, want to talk,” he says. 

Do you really want to do this? Face the man who broke your heart, Face Newt? 

“Fine” You opened up your apartment door, letting Newt go in first.

 “This could get rough” you mumble under your breath. 

Newt stood in your living room. Refusing to look you in the eyes. “So, how have you been,” he asks. “How do you think?” you spit, clenching your fingernails into your palms. Newt shrinks back at your harsh words. 

“Y/n, I’m sorry about what I did,.” Newt says. “

You’re sorry?! You’re sorry? You cheated on me with Tina! Do you understand how much it to see you kiss her, t-to see you break every promise that you made to me? T-That you loved me?! ” You yell. 

Unnoticed by you but Newt was stepping closer to you with each word until you were centimeters apart. 

“That’s enough, You know I love you” he whispers. 

“Do I? Because kissing someone isn’t really what you do when you love someone” you cry, voice breaking. 

“I’m sorry, I made a mistake. I’m so so in love with you y/n” His lips ghosting across yours. “A mistake that lasted 6 months” you whimper. His hands go to your sides and his lips meet yours. 

You want to melt into his lips, you want to take it all back. But you know you can’t. 

You push Newt off, “Go, please” You beg. 

Newt stands in front of you hurt, “Y-Y/n, I’m sorry I-I” Newt stutters, 

“Go Newt. Just, Go be happy with Tina.” You say softly but sternly, tears rolling down your cheeks. 

His face breaks at the sight of what he has done to you. He takes a step towards you but you step back. He nods and walks to your door, “You should know, I’m always going to love you not Tina, never tina” and with that, he leaves. 

You slide down the wall and feel hot tears streaming down your face. Why did he have to come and destroy you again? 


Man i havent written Angst in a while lol, hope you enjoyed it!!

Study Breaks

Author’s note: No prompt sorry!!
Because of the new announcement and the fact that I’ve been wanting to write MakoHaru again for a while uuuughhh pls forgive me

Summary: Haru wants Makoto’s attention.

Word count: 1k

Two weeks, eighteen hours and fifteen minutes.

That was how long it had been since their last kiss and Haru’s left eyebrow wouldn’t stop twitching.

Obviously his boyfriend had his reasons: exam week. He had four exams coming up starting next week and had already started reviewing three weeks ago like the good student he was. Haru had been watching him stress in those said weeks, offering massages, movie nights and of course, swim dates, but Makoto would decline every time with an apologizing smile, because, “I’m studying, Haru. Sorry.”

At some point Haru stopped asking him and decided to lay on his bed, texting Rin and the others, playing around with apps and —more often than not— watching Makoto write. This was the only way he’d get to hang out with him and since Makoto didn’t particularly mind, this became their routine.

Haru would enter Makoto’s dorm, completely wet from practice, take a shower, change (sometimes he’d borrow one of Makoto’s shirts but whatever) and join him in his room. It was nice to spend time together in silence, but Haru really started missing his daily dose of affection.

Why was this a thing?

Usually he wasn’t all about cuddling, hugging, smooching and all that mushy relationship stuff, but Makoto’s hugs were nice and warm, his kisses were soft and tender, his mumbled words were sweet and caring and god, this was killing him. He had grown used to it because Makoto had been doing these things every single day for the past three years, and here he was, longing for some attention like a drug addict.

It was one of those days again; Haru watching Makoto study from the corner of his eye and about to go grab a snack from the kitchen when an idea popped into his head. From his position he could see a patch of the skin of Makoto’s lower back as his shirt had ridden up just a tiny bit. It was enough to bare the dip and a glimpse of his boxers.

After blinking three times, Haru put his phone down on the pillow, slowly got up and walked over to the chair. As expected Makoto was so absorbed in his work that he hadn’t noticed a thing, which kind of made Haru doubt his future actions, especially since he knew how jumpy the other could be.

Oh, well. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

He lifted one single finger and lightly ran it over the revealed skin.

The loudest shriek he had ever heard echoed through the small room and Makoto nearly leaped out of his chair if he hadn’t grabbed the edge of his desk. He looked up at Haru over his shoulder, glasses balancing on the edge of his nose, cheeks flushed and mouth open in shock.

“H-Haru! You know I’m ticklish!”

“I know,” Haru answered dully. “That’s why I did it.”

His response sounded like that of a sad puppy. “Is there something you want?”

“For you to take a break.”

“Ah… I can’t. I gotta finish this chapter. No, wait!”

Haru’s patience had officially left the building so he firmly grabbed Makoto’s waist with both hands and started squeezing. Since Makoto had pretty much grown immune to tickling due to his constant play fights with his brother and sister, Haru knew he had to catch him off guard if he wanted to get a reaction and go for his worst spots right away.

Poor Makoto was rocking back and forth in his chair, trying to grab Haru’s wrists while letting out one bark of laughter after another, accompanied with several snorts and yips. Most of the time their tickle fights were one-sided in which Makoto would have the upper hand, so Haru knew the tables could turn any minute and he had to be fast and thorough.

And so, Haru wormed his hands under the sweater Makoto was wearing and started fluttering his fingertips all over his back. This had Makoto literally screaming with laughter and his entire body jumping in synch with every little movement Haru’s fingers made, head thrown back against Haru’s chest and lips stretched into one of the silliest grins he had ever seen.

Haru was absolutely enthralled by the crinkles around Makoto’s eyes, the dimples in his cheeks and most of all his gorgeous laughter. The low and short chuckles he was used to were nothing compared to the cute high-pitched laughter Haru was hearing right now. Now that he thought about it, this was probably the first time Haru had ever gotten such a good look at his face during a tickle fight.

“Stohop! Haruuu!”

Poor Makoto was forever failing at getting a hold of Haru’s hands as they kept switching places, which was one of the techniques Makoto himself had used on him not too long ago. He pleadingly looked up at Haru with tearful eyes and Haru, wearing a somewhat smug expression, stared back down and stopped tickling for a few seconds.

“Take a break.” And give me attention.

“Ugh, can’t I at least finish my sen— Eeh! Okay, okay! Break, I’ll take a break!”

Unfortunately for him, Haru’s hands had still been near his ribs and threateningly curled their fingers, brushing lightly over the flesh.

Satisfied, Haru pulled back and sat back down on the bed, keeping a very casual posture. It was really hard to bite back his victorious grin that he was wearing on the inside so he hoped that Makoto would come kiss him soon. He sat there quietly as Makoto obediently took off his glasses, closed his notebook and went to join him.


Or not.

In less than two seconds he was struck down, fearfully watching as his merciless, thirsty for revenge ass of a boyfriend smiled down at him. His legs were trapped between the other’s, hands pinned on either side of his head and Haru knew that the next few minutes of his life were gonna be very long and very bad.

Makoto was the kindest person he knew, except when it came to tickle fights in which he was the most ruthless and experienced on top of that.

“If you wanted my attention that badly, you could’ve just said so.”

Shut up.”

In the end he did get his kisses and cuddles, though.

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Simple gestures can go a long way. The gesture can be a simple greeting, handing something over, a thank you. Things like that can show who a person is with their movement or tone of voice. But even when trying to do the simplest of things they can always do a 180 turn in less than a second. There’s only two options of the way the 180 turn can go out, good or absolutely terrible. There’s no in between, luckily the 180 was a good thing to happen.

Those simple gestures and small greetings can turn into conversations that last from a few seconds to a few hours. The conversation ranges from the weather, to what the mission details are to an argument about a game or tv shows story line. There’s chances on building something more that you wouldn’t think would be possible. Sometimes that something more can be one-sided or mutual. Unfortunately in this case it was one-sided.

Nothing was said to each other for weeks, you avoided each other due to the discomfort unsure if things could’ve been the way they were. Support was at every corner to get you to talk, you were both important to each other. One was blind to the fact the other knew. Why were you blind to the fact, maybe because you were in disbelief- almost to good to be true.

You needed to talk to him, you didn’t realize how dull you life had because without his cybernetic laughter. His almost animated antics. Despite what he’s gone through he’s so happy and seemingly at peace. You didn’t realize how much you relied on his bursting energy to boost you throughout the day. How little you smiled without him, how sluggish you felt and how the days blur together, one almost identical to the next one.

It had to be you that builds up the courage to talk to him. It’s been almost two months at this point and nothing but a conversation about the weather or mission has been spoken. You both want to continue talking but didn’t, it hurt both of you.

The afternoon was nice and crisp with a gentle breeze. The sun almost kissing the horizon, a good two hours until sundown. You just had to find the spot to apologize for how you were acting and also confess what you’re feeling. Heart best raising by a hundred with every step.

There he was meditating in the usual spot, the sun reflecting of the metals giving him a peaceful glow. This scene seemed most colourful compared to the last two months. You hesitated to take another step forward feeling as though the scene will just shatter into an impossible state of repair, much like how this friendship currently felt.

“Good afternoon (Y/N).” Genji did not move a muscle, he tried to focus on the glistening ocean but could only focus on what kind of expression your face holds, what thoughts you could be thinking, what are you going to say or if you’re going to say anything.
“I’m… I’m…” You slowly walked forward but stopped about a meter and a half away from Genji. You took a deep breath. “I would like to apologize for not talking to you.” You sighed looking away. “It wasn’t right for me to avoid you.” Your throat thickened making it difficult for your words to come out. “I know this sounds absolutely pathetic for me to say, but umm..” The words couldn’t come out of your mouth feeling guilty for what you’re about to say because of how you’ve treated him. “I miss you… I… ugh nevermind.” You turned around mumbling and cursing at yourself. Only now realizing the tears building up ready to fall.

“Wait.” Genji’s voice was soft, comforting and close. You wondered how he got there so quickly and quietly, then again he is a ninja. “Breathe.” He made movement for you to follow with your breathing, he also used the pad of his thumb to rub away the tears. “It’s not your fault.”
“Could we perhaps…” You started but unsure if you wanted to finish the sentence.
“Start again?” He finished in hope. When you nodded in agreement Genji instantly picked you up spinning you around. Once he realized what he’s doing he paused and gently putting you down continuously apologizing patting down any wrinkles that he could’ve created onto your clothing.

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Give us a daddy! Blurb...I agree w you...I love the aftercare too. Ugh especially if you said the safe word he'd be extra gentle and worried

“Harry”, you whisper and the word comes out. 

He immediately sees just you and the color red, stopping everything he’s doing. He doesn’t hear a thing, everything is blocked out - he’s panicked and in shock and extremely worried about you, pulling you close to his chest. 

“Where does it hurt”, he starts desperately kissing any skin he can as he scoops you up gently, only to set you down for a second to turn on the hot water in the bath. 

He’s close to tears because you aren’t talking, he needs to hear you’re okay, where it hurts - but you haven’t yet. 

“Fuckin… water won’t heat up fast enough - “ he starts to tremble and you touch his cheek. 

“Harry” is all you say and he’s to his feet, holding you - his eyes less desperate and panicked, searching your entire face. 

“I love you” you sigh out and he physically relaxes- his entire body slumps and he pulls you in for a deep hug, kissing you breathless. 

We will believe

This is a second part of my fanfic ‘Anything Better’

Warnings: body dysphoria, implied prostitution, implied robbery, sickness, open ending.


After five months in the run, they were settled.

They had found a small alley where they made somewhat of a house. They had a few mattresses they used to sleep on, they had a few blankets, they were able to fix some kind of roof big plastic pieces for when it rained, and sometimes the old woman from the street would let them sleep inside when her husband and her were travelling, which wasn’t a lot but it helped.

And honestly, those five months were great. They had little food, little water, but they were together and they were so happy.

But of course that nothing could be as simple as that when it came to a life in the streets. And when winter came, with snow and cold, Roman got sick.

Really, really sick.

“For god’s sake Roman, stop moving” Patton begged for the tenth time that day, holding the boy down against the mattress as he cleaned his burning hot forehead.

“W-work…” Roman gasped out, trying to sit up again and coughing deeply, biting his lip down as he laid again, trying to keep his nausea in.

“You are not going to work like this, for heaven’s sake…” Patton said, taking out the thermometer out and hissing at the numbers. “We need to get you to a doctor… Right away”

“Money… we don’t… I will… fine…” Roman tried, his face twisting in pain. Patton sighed and shushed him, putting new cold cloths over his forehead while pulling more blankets around him. Then, he looked at Logan and Ann as they stared at the two.

“We need to take him to the hospital as soon as we can… He can’t stay here, in the cold, for much longer…” Patton said, and both Logan and Ann nodded, both rushing around and grabbing whatever they had of money laying around. Patton got his and Roman’s money, and Logan counted how much they had.

“Well… I don’t think this will even cover whatever medicine he has to take…” Logan mumbled, and Patton sighed while Ann crawled to Roman’s side, shakily curling against him from out of the blankets. He was so cold, but he couldn’t touch Roman like that. He would only get worst.

“Ann..?” Roman mumbled, and Ann looked up, moving a bit closer and lifting his head so Roman would be able to see him. “You… tremble…”

“I’m fine” Ann mumbled, moving his fingers through Roman’s hair and smiling weakly. “You need rest. Sleep. Staying awake won’t help”

“Cold…” Roman said, as loud as he could, almost like a command, and his arm weakly lifted the pile of blankets as much as it could. “Come…”

“God damn it Roman…” Ann muttered, his eyes tearing up as he pushed the blankets down again. “You’re dying and yet… ugh… you need to stop being so selfless, you will die like that” he said, before he sighed and hugged Roman as he could. “You will be okay… I promise…”

“I know…” Roman answered, nuzzling weakly against Ann’s hair. “I am… with you three…”

Ann pulled away before he could start to cry, afraid that the wet blankets would make Roman worst.


“You know there is no other way, right?”

“Logan. Do you know how bad this will be for you?!” Ann asked, both away late at night, a little far away from where Roman and Patton slept. “If you do this they will make you dysphoric again an-”

“I know what will happen, but at least I won’t be stealing” Logan said, his glance firm over Ann, making the boy look down, playing with his thumb. “No matter what we do, Patton won’t agree and neither will Roman and we will regret it for the rest of our lives but we have to do this before it’s too late”

Ann looked up slowly and leaned in, pressing a quick but filled with meaning kiss to Logan’s mouth, pressing their foreheads together.

“You are Logan and nothing more or less. No matter what they say or do, you will always be our boyfriend Logan. Okay?” he mumbled, looking at Logan’s eyes and holding his cheeks. “I love you…”

“I love you too Ann…” Logan mumbled, closing his eyes and biting his lip. “We need to save Roman. We have to. It’s not a choice.”

“I know… I know… I promise we will get enough money to give you the surgery. I promise”

“I know…”


That was the fifth house Ann broke in.

That was the eighth man to call Logan ‘princess’.

They got the money.

That was what mattered.


“Roman, time to eat” Patton said, mixing the soup on the plate carefully, walking to Roman as it became a little colder. He put the plate down next to the mattresses, walking to the pile of blankets and shaking Roman gently. Ann and Logan had just woke up and were changing. “Roman? Roman?”


“Pat?” Logan asked, as Patton started to shake Roman harder, his eyes widening.

“Roman?!” he asked, desperately, and both Logan and Ann rushed to his side, staring wide eyed as he shook the boy. “Roman! Wake up! R-Roman!”

“Check his vitals!” Logan said, kneeling next to Patton and making him stop before checking Roman’s breathing and heart rate. Both slow, way too slow, but steady. His body was burning. “Call the ambulance. Now!”

Patton nodded, grabbing the phone he had brought from his old house and calling the ambulance as quickly as he could, while Logan and Ann tried to wake Roman up.

“Ro please…” Ann gasped out, his eyes filled with tears. Quickly enough, Patton was back, shaking Roman again, receiving no response. After a moment of hesitation, he winced but lifted his hand, slapping Roman hard on the face and watching as the boy’s eyes seemed to open slightly.

Then they rolled back and he started to shake on his own, creeping all the three out. Logan was the one that moved however, turning Roman to his side and looking down at the clock of the phone. After the appropriate time, Roman calmed down again, body going limp. Logan checked his vitals again, his eyes widening.

“Shit shit” he said, before he removed all the blankets from Roman and laid him down, eyes filling up with tears as he put his hands over his boyfriend’s chest, pushing down a few times, trying to get his heart working. After doing it a few times, the beat returned, very slow and weak but back nevertheless. On Roman’s other side, Ann and Patton were holding each other tight, both crying desperately, already waiting for the worst. Once the beat was back, Logan let out a deep, shaky breath, face falling over Roman’s chest as he let out a relieved and scared sob, hands gripping on Roman’s clothes tightly. “F-fuck… Don’t you d-dare… Oh my god…”

After that, it took the ambulance five more minutes to arrive. As they did, the three boys let the doctors take Roman inside.

“One of you can accompany him” the main paramedic said, and Logan and Ann handed their wallets to Patton, nodding.


Patton took the wallets and pecked both of them before rushing after the paramedic, leaving Logan and Ann behind, both shaken, tears leaving their eyes out of pure despair.

They hoped Roman would be better when he returned.


“Want some help?”

Logan sighed shakily as he held the bandages in his hands, curled up behind the box where they usually changed. There was a mirror there, nothing else. He had been there for too long for Ann to get worried.

“Yes please”

Ann moved closer, taking the bandage in his hands and slowly wrapping it around Logan’s chest, assuring it was tight enough not to show in the shirt but not too tight to hurt him. He used the time to place a sweet kisses over his boyfriend’s shoulders and nape.

“You’re beautiful, you know that right?” Ann mumbled, fixing the end of the bandages and kissing Logan’s neck. The boy closed his eyes, his hands over his chest, head down.

“I feel terrible…” he mumbled, and Ann looked at him through the mirror, taking his hands and wrapping his own arms around Logan’s stomach.

“You are a beautiful, handsome male, no matter what people say. You know that. I know that” Ann whispered, hugging the older boy and nuzzling against his neck. “And I love you no matter what”

“I love you too Ann…” Logan mumbled, leaning against the younger boy and closing his eyes. “I am… so worried… I’m getting fed up with worry…”

“He will be fine. You will see”

“It has been four days. Four days and no warning. No call. No nothing. He could… he could be d-dead” Logan breathed out, fighting off the tears in his eyes as Ann did the same, arms tightening around Logan.

“I know… but we need… we need to believe…” he muttered, a sob coming out of his mouth even if he tried to hold it down. “That they will be back…”

“Okay… We will believe…” Logan muttered, before he turned around and pulled Ann close to him, both hugging each other desperately, doing their best to stay calm.

“We will believe… He will be fine…”

zodiac horror story (part 3)
  • ig // sassasstrology
  • the signs are camping out in the woods. they're at a cliché, dark, scary old forest where the murderer always comes and kills people. let's see what will happen..
  • *
  • part 1:
  • part 2:
  • *
  • aries - male
  • taurus - male
  • gemini - female
  • cancer - male
  • leo - female
  • virgo - female
  • libra - female
  • scorpio - male
  • sagittarius - male
  • capricorn - female
  • aquarius - male
  • pisces - female
  • (that's ^ not really important, but if you want to know the genders of the signs i came up with, there they are.)
  • *
  • previousy on ''zodiac horror story":
  • ''virgo: i ain't leaving if we are all going to split up. i don't want to go alone.
  • cancer: we ain't going alone. we're going in groups. you and capricorn will go that way, leo and libra that way, sagittarius and gemini that way and scorpio, aries and i will go that way.''
  • ''aquarius: *screams*
  • scorpio: aquarius?''
  • *
  • this time on ''zodiac horror story'':
  • scorpio: did y'all hear that?
  • cancer: yeah..
  • aries: do you think he's dead?
  • scorpio: i don't know. l-let's go back.
  • cancer: wait, but what if he's just messing around with us? he does shit like this all the time.
  • scorpio: uuhhhggg fuck. i don't know, man.
  • aries: WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?!
  • scorpio: we're going back.
  • cancer: okay.
  • scorpio, cancer and aries are heading back to the camp, hoping that aquarius is still alive. they're walking and walking until they hear a strange noise..
  • aries: yo.. what the fuck was that.
  • scorpio: i eh.. i don't know.
  • cancer: hello?
  • aries: hey.. what's that.. on the ground..?
  • they carefully walk towards the thing they see on the ground, a couple of blocks further away from them.
  • cancer: oh my god.. p-p-pISCES?!
  • aries: ahahahahakhaldsjasjkbkjlsjasfjkaslgn
  • they see pisces on the ground. is she dead?
  • scorpio: *crouches and pokes pisces* p-pisces?
  • pisces: *coughs soft* g-guys?
  • aries: ooHH MY GOD SHE'S A ZOMBIE.
  • scorpio: guys, cALM THE FUCK DOWN. pisces, what happened?
  • pisces: s-s-s-someo-ne-ne stab-bed m-m-m-m-m-m-me.
  • aries: can you please stop stuttering?
  • scorpio: who stabbed you?!
  • pisces: i don't kn-o-o-w.. g-guys. wa-watch ou-t..
  • scorpio: oh my god i just noticed that im literally crouching in her blood. ew. but what do you mean watch out?
  • pisces: b-behi-ind yo-ou.
  • scorpio: what? *looks behind him* OH MY GOD WATCH OUT!
  • scorpio stands up and pushes cancer and aries away.
  • cancer: argh!
  • aries: WHAT
  • scorpio grabs aries and cancer by their arms and drags them away from the person he saw.
  • pisces: *bloody murder scream*
  • scorpio, cancer and aries are running away as fast as they can.
  • aries: we'RE GOING TO DIE.
  • cancer: BABE, CARRY ME. *jumps on scorpio*
  • they run back to the camp. and also, rip pisces
  • libra: leo, why are we walking out here again?
  • leo: i have no ideaaaaa gurll.
  • libra: let's take a selfie.
  • leo: yAAASS. *takes a selfie*
  • libra: we look bomb.
  • leo: i knooow right.
  • libra: so.. what now?
  • leo: i don't know. we had to look for pisces right?
  • libra: pisces? where is she?
  • leo: hmm.. i don't know.. LET'S FIND HER!
  • libra: YAAS!
  • libra and leo walk further into the forest. let's check on gemini and sagittarius.
  • sagittarius: lol i'm deaaad.
  • gemini: lolol
  • sagittarius: can't believe that bitch.
  • gemini: who?
  • sagittarius: pisces. duh.
  • gemini: oohhh. she dumb. don't like her oops.
  • sagittarius: me neither lol. why did she just leave us? like, okay. if you want to die, FINE.
  • gemini: taurus' shitty too.
  • sagittarius: no. aries is.
  • gemini: true.
  • sagittarius: anyways, i want to scare people. let's do that.
  • gemini: i'm on it.
  • let's see how aquarius is doing.
  • aquarius: *prays and cries in his tent*
  • scorpio: aqua?! where are you?
  • cancer: aqua! it's me, aries and scorpio!
  • aquarius: *jumps out of his tent* THANK GOD! *hugs aries, cancer and scorpio tightly*
  • scorpio: what happened? are you okay?
  • aquarius: NO! someone killed.. some-someone killED TAURUS.
  • aquarius: WHAT?!
  • aquarius: NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. I'M OUT. I'M GOING HOME.
  • cancer: HOW!!?
  • scorpio: y'all y'aLL Y'ALL, CALM DOWN!
  • aquarius: WELL OBVIOUSLY.
  • aries: I'M OUT. I'M GOING TO WALK HOME. *walks away*
  • cancer: no, aRIES STOP!
  • scorpio: *runs after aries*
  • aries: *looks behind him and runs faster* YOU CAN'T CATCH ME.
  • scorpio: UGH. FINE.
  • cancer: babe, don't waste your time. he'll come back.
  • scorpio: i hope so.
  • what a chaos. let's see if aries will make it.
  • aries: fucking hell. i'm never going out with these bitches EVER AGAIN. YOU HEAR ME!?! NEVER! *almost starts crying* NO. STOP! IT! FUCKING TEARS.
  • gemini: aries!?
  • gemini: where are you going?!
  • gemini: well, we wanted to scare you, but then we heard you crying so we were like whaat.
  • aries: ..
  • aries: uhh..
  • gemini: ugh. be right back.
  • aries: ...
  • gemini: SAGI, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?! UGh. *walks back to aries* i coul- OH MY GOD. A-A-ARIES!?
  • aries: *lays dead on the floor with an axe through his head*
  • gemini: *screams*
  • *
  • the end of part 3..
Uncle Qrow Comes To Town
  • This takes place when Ruby is about 18 years old, Salem is defeated, still bad guys about but Ruby is at home with Oscar, Yang, her dad, and Zwei.
  • Taiyang: I see a black dot in the distance. (Puts his hand on Oscar's shoulder) Son. I have no other way to say this...but Qrow's going to kill you.
  • Ruby: Dad! Oscar, don't worry; he won't.
  • Oscar: I don't know Ruby. Your uncle has been avoiding me for seven months. He's seriously pissed.
  • Ruby: He doesn't mind any of Yang's relationships! Why should he care about mine? I'm 18. Technically an adult.
  • Yang: Ruby, Dad still reads you bedtime stories and gives you milk and cookies.
  • Ruby: Yeah, well, okay, is it a CRIME to love cookies?!
  • Oscar laughs softly watching his girlfriend. He loves her and she loves him. Two years they've been together, and there's no person he'd rather be with.
  • Taiyang: I think he's here.
  • Qrow: Open the door, Tai!
  • Taiyang: you promise not to be violent?
  • Qrow: We talkin' physically or verbally? Cause either way works. I prefer physically, though.
  • Taiyang: Qrow!
  • Qrow: Fine! Let me see my nieces, you old man.
  • Taiyang: We're the same age, for your information. (opens the door)
  • Oscar: Hello, sir! Nice to see you again!
  • Qrow: Sh—I mean..hello...kid. Ruby, Yang!
  • Ruby and Yang: Uncle Qrow!
  • The three pull in for a familiar hug.
  • Qrow: What's happening?
  • Yang: I'm actually about leave. I'm gonna meet up with Blake.
  • Yang walks the door with her motorcycle helmet and keys.
  • Qrow: (winks) Cool. See ya. (Looks at Ruby) What about you?
  • Ruby: Oscar and I...
  • Qrow: Oscar and I? Hm, okay, what are you two planning to do today?
  • Ruby: I wanted to go kill some Grimm. For sport. Oscar wanted something more romantic, like...a picnic. So we're going to watch a horror movie and then have a picnic!
  • Qrow: I love both those things, why don't I tag along?
  • Taiyang: Qrow...
  • Ruby and Oscar hold hands and Oscar pecks Ruby's lips as a sign of defiance to her uncle. Qrow steams.
  • Qrow: I'm coming along.
  • The two start off towards the door, with Uncle Qrow following them.
  • Taiyang: No! Leave the kids alone.
  • Tai stops Qrow with a hand.
  • Ruby and Oscar: Bye!
  • Qrow: Tai...
  • Taiyang: It's okay. Our girls are growing up. (tearing up)
  • Qrow: Ugh, Tai, get yourself together, man! I was just upset that this kid took my extra room!
  • Taiyang: So you're not mad Ruby has a boyfriend.
  • Qrow: Well, yes. But mostly cause of the room.
  • Taiyang: That wouldn't be a problem if you hadn't insisted on them sleeping in separate rooms!
  • Qrow: Well pardon my caution!
  • Taiyang: Why do I even talk to you?
  • Qrow pulls out a flask from thin air and flops on a sofa.
  • Qrow: Can't get rid of me. You know you love me.
  • Taiyang: Yeah, who wouldn't want a brother like you?! (Rolls his eyes)
  • Qrow: Wait, I looked recently at the film times for tonight. There are no horror movies until 11:00 pm!
  • Taiyang: Your point?
  • Qrow: When will they have a picnic then? Unless..."picnic" is code for... the deed!
  • Taiyang: Qrow...I'm sure that's not what they meant!
  • Qrow: You know kids these days! (gets off the couch and opens the door)
  • Taiyang: Qrow, no.
  • Qrow: (already up a hill, yelling) I'm coming for you Ruby! That son of a $&%*# will never take away your purity! Neverrrrrrrrrr!
  • Taiyang: (sighs and closes the door)
  • Zwei comes up to him, barking.
  • Taiyang: Yeah, I think he was drunk a long time ago, too, Zwei. Now come on, boy, let's go tend to the rose garden. (Smiles knowingly as if perhaps he broke the fourth wall and the readers know that he knows exactly what RoseGarden is and that he ships it 100%)
Sansukh Re-read Ch.3

The days passed slowly. Two Dwarves who had died during the Battle of Five Armies (as they were now calling it) bowed to Thorin upon meeting him, and at least another six punched him square in the face. His grandfather patted his shoulder consolingly.

“You should have seen this place after Azanulbizar,” was all he said.

Can’t blame either group of dwarves, really.

In Erebor, there was a funeral. Thorin watched as they laid the Arkenstone on his cold, dead breast, wrapped his parchment-white and stiffened fingers around the hilt of Orcrist, and sealed his body and those of his nephews in the tomb.

Bilbo cried bitterly the whole time.

As the white stone passed over Fíli’s rent and rigid corpse, Thorin covered his mouth with his hands, pressing them so fiercely against his bloodless lips that he could feel the shape of his teeth beneath. With a savage curse he closed his eyes and fled that sight.

I feel bad for Thorin during this, for many reasons. One of them, though, is because it must be extremely weird, watching your own funeral. And, of course, he blames himself for Fíli and Kíli’s deaths and so watching their funerals was almost impossible for him. No wonder he goes to see Gimli next.

Work was proceeding apace on the Mountain. Everywhere he looked Thorin could see the devastation caused by the dragon and the echoes of his folly. Even as the Kingdom slowly began to rise from mourning, Thorin could barely look at his living companions without seeing the light of the gold-sickness that had once danced in their eyes. No-one had been as thoroughly lost as Thorin himself, of course, but he had dragged them all behind him into his madness nevertheless.

To see the guilt and grief in their faces made his own grow until it felt like a stone chained around his neck.

Thorin’s guilt issues, let me show them to you. With how much he’s blaming himself here, is it any wonder that it takes him decades to finally start accepting that not everything that goes wrong is his fault?

Ori was out of his sickbed as soon as Óin gave him permission, though a racking cough continued to plague him. He immediately began to help Nori with relearning to walk. The former thief was sullen as he clattered about their rooms. With each of his arms looped over the shoulders of his brothers, he winced and cursed with every rattling step until finally he roared with anger and resentment. Ori stood his ground, all his shyness and uncertainty burned away in the fires of battle. He faced his brother’s rage calmly until Nori had exhausted himself, and then helped him back to his chair. Dori made pot of tea after pot of tea, lips white and stiff, before carefully plaiting the drained and silent Nori’s red-brown hair back into its elaborate braids. Then the Brothers Ri held onto Nori’s hands tightly until he felt able to cry.

The brothers Ri are some of of my favorite dwarves in the company (only Bifur beats them out) and this paragraph illustrates why I love them so much. Nori is stubborn, trying to get back to normal as soon as possible and not really dealing with his feelings about the injury, nearly in denial, really. Then, he moves onto the anger stage, ranting at Ori and Ori just takes it, lets his brother get it all out because he knows it’s what Nori needs. Dori is there in the background, making tea and taking care of Nori’s hair, and then he and Ori are there for Nori when he finally accepts it and mourns his loss. No matter what, they’re there for each other, and I love that about them.

“Hobbit,” said Dwalin, and cleared his throat loudly. “Not sure if anyone’s said this t’ you at all.” Then he bowed before the astonished Hobbit and said, with all sincerity;

“Thank you.”

“Aye.” – “Thank you, laddie.” – “We can never thank you enough.” The rest of the company also bowed low. Bilbo looked upset and flustered.

“No, you mustn’t,” he said, and he wrung his little hands. “No, please, my friends…”

Balin rose and winked at Bilbo. “Khazâd-bâhel.”

“Oh, for goodness’ sake,” Bilbo snapped, and mopped at his eyes with one of his new handkerchiefs. “Dwarves! Overdramatic, the lot of you! Oh, I am going to miss you all dreadfully.”

Goodbyes are always hard. This is both tear-jerking and a bit amusing, with Bilbo trying to call the dwarves dreadful and overdramatic and everything else, but unable to hide that he’s going to miss them so much. He didn’t expect this when he set out on his adventure, he didn’t know what to expect really, and now he’s leaving and he’ll miss his friends. (And Thorin.)

“I’ll be through in a year or two,” Glóin promised. “I’ll be travelling back to Ered Luin to collect my family. Bombur too. We’ll stop by. Don’t forget!”

With a leg-up from Dori, Bilbo crawled astride his pony. “I’ll lock up my dishes specially,” he laughed. “Farewell, my friends! Write as often as you can!”

Oh, Bilbo, don’t you want to see dwarves tossing your dishes around your kitchen again? I’d have thought you’d enjoy it a second time. I enjoyed it the first time, but maybe that’s because it wasn’t my dishes they were tossing around :)

“Kill a goblin or two for me!” said Bombur.

“Oh, but don’t get too close!”

“Aye, and watch out for Trolls!”

“And giants!”

“And rivers!”

“And spiders!”

“And Elves!”

Out of all the things that Bilbo’s supposed to watch out for, elves are hands down the funniest. Not sure which dwarf said it (there are a few different options for which one it could be), but it’s hilarious nonetheless.

Thorin took a last look at their brave little Burglar to whom he owed so much. “Farewell, Bilbo Baggins, respectable gentlehobbit of Bag End,” he said half to himself. “Farewell, wise and kindly child of the West.” He drank in the sight of the curly head, the bold bare little chin, the small leaf-like ears, the shrewd eyes and sharp tongue, clever hands and large furry feet. “I am sorry,” he added, his voice nearly a whisper.

Bilbo abruptly stopped and faced the Mountain, and his eyes were bright with unshed tears. “Farewell, Thorin Oakenshield,” he said, his face lifting. “And Fíli and Kíli! May your memory never fade!”

They’re both talking to each other, and each thinks the other can’t hear them. And they’re both a bit wrong and it’s just…ugh, the feels.

Fíli nervously tugged at a moustache braid. “Frerin told me something.”

Thorin sighed. “Do I need to hit him?”

Fíli scowled. “Very hard. Repeatedly.”

I can get where Fíli and Kíli are coming from, it’d be hard to remember to refer to someone younger than you (in years lived anyway, he’s got them beat in years existing) ‘Uncle’, but I can see where Frerin is coming from too. If he hadn’t died, he likely would have been as close to Fíli and Kíli as Thorin is, and they likely would have called him 'Uncle’ sometimes too. Now, he’s got the chance to have that, and he still can’t, because Fíli and Kíli are technically older than him and don’t feel right calling him that…I feel a bit sorry for Frerin, but it’s amusing too, seeing how good he is at annoying Fíli and Kíli. I can’t really blame Thorin for placing a bet, I’d have been doing the same thing.

“Why did Mahal give you this gift?” Fíli said. “A gift that doesn’t even work?”

“I think perhaps it is because I shouted at him,” Thorin said thoughtfully, and a short bark of laughter escaped Fíli.

“You yelled at our Maker,” he said, and shook his head against Thorin’s shoulder. “You’re unbelievable sometimes.”

Only Thorin could yell at Mahal and get a gift out of it. I swear, Thorin’s one of his favorites.

“Hmm,” Fíli said, and pulled back to frown up at his uncle. “Who hears you?”

“Dáin does, now and then. Occasionally Balin, Dori and Glóin as well, and Dwalin quite frequently. And Gimli most of all.”

“Gimli?” Fíli’s mouth dropped open. “Our little cousin Gimli?”

“He’s not so little anymore,” Thorin said, raising his eyebrows. “The lad has more beard than Bofur, is broader than Nori and is most certainly taller than you, though not as tall as Kíli. I judge he’s over four foot six and has further still to grow.”

“I know, I know, but he’ll always be little Gimli with the terrible temper to me,” Fíli said, shaking his head. “Gimli hears you! Well, that is a shock.”

Okay, but imagine Gimli, when he’s finally old enough to pass on, and hearing Fíli call him 'little Gimli with the terrible temper’ and simultaneously crying (because he missed them so much) and being a bit embarrassed (I’m a dwarf lord! I helped save all of Arda! I’m taller than you are! You can’t call me 'little’ anymore). And Fíli just saying 'watch me’.

“I know that look,” Thorin said suspiciously. “That is not a reassuring look.”

That is a dwarf who helped raise these two and knows exactly how much trouble Kíli and Fíli can get into.

“Ah, Náli!” Gimli growled, and brought the handle of his own weapon up before his face. The clash was deafening. “You will have to do better than that! Dwalin would have had me defeated and mopping out the barracks by now!”

I have a feeling that, no matter how old Gimli gets, he’ll think of Dwalin as the greatest axeman he knew, even if he skill does someday surpass Dwalin’s.

“Aye, and rivers will run backward and Elves will live underground and Dwarves will roost in trees, Laín’s son,” Gimli retorted, rather rudely. Fíli and Kíli immediately broke out into snickers, and Thorin smiled despite himself.

Best insult ever! If more people in my life cared about the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, I would use this insult all the time.

Also, Náli was pretty fair. Yeah, Lóni was the one who attacked when Gimli’s back was turned, after the fight was over, but Gimli also didn’t need to hit him in the nose. Lóni was already stopped because of the ale in his face, he should’ve let the teacher handle it from there.

“Hold that to your nose, I have to clean up all this ale.” Gimli eyed the mess and grabbed another cloth before hunkering down on his knees and beginning to soak up the spilled ale. “I’m not going to apologise for being good,” he said as he scrubbed, blowing a lock of fiery hair out of his eyes. “Neither am I going to feel sorry for a Dwarf who tried to axe me in the back! But a training partner with more strength and reach than me – now, that is of interest. You can get the recognition you crave so badly when you knock me on my back fair and square. What do you say?”

I gotta say, Gimli’s more forgiving than I am. I probably wouldn’t have forgiven someone trying to axe me in the back this easily. He’s got a point about Lóni being a good training partner, though.

“Is old Borin’s tavern still running then?” Kíli wondered, and then quailed at Thorin’s sudden dark look. Fíli gave a weak little laugh and hushed Kíli with a hand over his mouth.

“Just… an academic interest, Thorin.”

“Yes, never stepped foot in it ourselves,” Kíli said, muffled by Fíli’s palm.

“Or broke a table.”

“Or a lamp.”

“Or Borin’s teeth.”

“Lies and conjecture.”

“Must have been two other Dwarves that looked like us.”

“Yes, and with the same names. Imposters, no doubt.”

Thorin rolled his eyes to the ceiling and prayed for patience.

Fíli and Kíli trying to cover up for each other when they reveal something that they didn’t want Thorin to know is hilarious, as is Thorin’s reaction to it.

Gimli blinked, and then he shook his head sharply. “Surely I can’t get drunk from a few fumes,” he said to himself, and Kíli snorted.

“You’re not drunk, lad,” Thorin said, and shook his own head in disbelief. “We’re here.”

Gimli squinted, peering straight past Thorin. “Must be imagining things. I can’t be drunk and I do not think I am mad…”

Fíli smacked his forehead with his palm.

Thorin resisted the urge to do the same. “Not mad either, cousin. Mahal grants us this, that we can see you from beyond the mists. To me he gave a greater gift. Some may hear me.”

“I’m of Durin’s line,” Gimli continued, his brow creasing with worry. “I could be mad. I’m too young for it, though.”

“Steady,” Fíli said quietly, putting a hand on Thorin’s shoulder as he shook with anger and shame.

“You are not mad,” he said shortly. “Only very, very dense.”

This is hilarious. A bit sad for Thorin, because of the mad bit, but mostly hilarious. Anyone’s reaction would probably be similar if they thought dead people were talking to them, though, so I can’t really blame him.

“He was her brother,” Gimli whispered, and then he pulled at his vibrant hair. “Oh, I am such a fool! Of course my conscience would not let me rest until I had seen her. I lost my cousins, but she lost all she had left in the world. Not drunk, not mad, not tricked, but surely a blind and selfish fool!”

“He… he thinks you’re his conscience,” said Fíli blankly.

Thorin looked at him helplessly.

I laughed a bit here too, imagining Thorin with a little button that says 'Conscience’ and standing on Gimli’s shoulder like Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio.

“How’d a boulder-faced shrub like Glóin end up with a Dwarrowdam like that?” Fíli said, eyes wide.

“He was kind, honest and respectful,” Thorin said. “And he made her laugh.”

I’ve said it before, but I kind of imagine it as a Roger and Jessica Rabbit situation. Everyone was chasing after Mizim because of her looks, but Glóin loved her for who she was and won her over by making her laugh.

“I’m in love,” Kíli declared fervently.

“I saw her first,” Fíli snarled.

Thorin gritted his teeth. “You are both dead.”

Kíli gave him a wounded look. “That was uncalled for.”

What I really want to know is that, if Gimli played with Fíli and Kíli as often as they say, how did they never see Mizim or Gimrís before? Did Gimli just always go over to their place? Or did they just never visit each others’ homes? Honestly, I don’t care though, because this piece of dialogue and the previous one I talked about are more than worth it.

“Brother,” the lass growled. “I hope you have your axe on you, because after waking me you are going to need it.”

Me, whenever my brother’s loud early in the morning when I had a late shift the night before.

“Aye, and I called her 'Aunt’ and she bounced me on her knee, I remember,” Gimli said, and splashed water over his face. “If she does not wish to see me, then I will try again another time. She has been left alone all this time and so she must feel that she is alone. She should know that we think of her and that she is still cared for as a Dwarf, not just as the Regent of Thorin’s Hall. I am not her son or her brother, but I am family and I care. And I loved them too.”

Reason #10000 why I love Gimli. A lot of the other reasons are from this story, although many of them are from canon too.

“You’re a good boy, my son.”

He squirmed away, batting at her with wet hands. “Mum, I am sixty-three soon! I am not a boy!”

She snorted. “You are such a boy, Gimli. I’ll find your clasps. I hope you still fit your engraved boots.”

I laughed a bit because I did this when I was a kid. Everyone would say I was a little girl, and I’d say, indignantly, that I was [insert age here] and so I was /not/ a little girl. Never thought I’d related so well to a sixty-three year old dwarf, but that’s part of the magic of this story. The characters are dangerously relatable, both canon and OC.

“You must have been fighting a thornbush. And those trousers don’t suit that tunic either. You won’t be able to wear it much longer, you know. Your shoulders are about to come through the seams.”

“Not my fault,” Gimli said defensively. “I grew too fast.”

“You ate too much, you mean,” she said, and he sent an elbow back into her stomach.

“I had to eat, I was growing!”

This is only a snippet of it, but I love all of Gimli and Gimrís’ bickering. Gimrís uses loving insults as a way to let her brother know she cares about him, and Gimli knows what she’s doing and goes back and forth with her and it’s just adorable, really.

“Where are we?” Thorin hissed, following closely behind. “I do not recognise this part of the Halls.”

“Don’t tell me you’re lost!” said Kíli.

Someone needs to make Thorin a map.

“Mining?” Thorin frowned. “His father is a Lord. He does not need to mine for a living.”

“Thorin, everyone worked, even you. You took on blacksmithing, I was a jeweller like Mum, and Kíli was a bowyer. No doubt Óin took Gimli into the mines; I know he still treats the miners now and then for their injuries.”

Thorin, dear, did you forget how much smithing you did over the years between Erebor’s fall and Erebor being reclaimed?

“Gimli, son of Glóin,” Gimli said with a polite bow. “I am here to see the Lady Dís, if she will.”

“The Lady sees no-one,” the Dwarf said shortly, and began to close the door. It stopped on Gimli’s heavy engraved boot, and the younger Dwarf gave the guard a pleasant smile.

“Announce me,” he suggested. “Perhaps she will make an exception.”

“Are you deaf, boy? The Lady sees no-one,” the guard with impatience, and kicked Gimli’s foot away.

“Perhaps I should make myself clearer,” Gimli said, still smiling. “Gimli of the Line of Durin, here to see his cousin, if she will.”

The guard’s sneer dropped like a stone. “I’ll announce you.”

“You do that.”

“All right,” Thorin said. “Now I believe the boy is related to me.”

If that didn’t make it clear, Thorin, I don’t know what would.

“She’ll see you,” he said. “But don’t expect her to be pleasant.”

“I don’t expect her to be anything other than as she is,” said Gimli with admirable calmness.

I love Gimli.

To the three children of Thráin, they had said, Mahal gave one a voice of golden thunder, one a voice of silver bells, but the third – the third had a voice of mithril and diamonds, more lovely than the voices of Elves and as pure as the snowmelt from the peak of the Mountain.

Another thing I love about this story? Sentences like this. It’s so marvelously descriptive, and it fits with the one voice we have heard (Thorin), and gives you a basis for how his siblings might sound.

Gimli blinked, and then he looked down at his hands. “You’re not my Aunt,” he said slowly. “You’re my cousin. And we… we lost some of our family. There’s just me and Gimrís and you, because everyone else…”

“Is dead,” Dís croaked, and finally looked up from the fire. “Everyone is dead. My whole family, but for cousins like you. My sons, my last brother, my One, my father… we were so proud, so strong. Well, Mahal has punished us for our pride, at least.”

“No!” Gimli blurted, and he took another couple of quick steps towards her. “Not everyone is dead!”

“You?” Dís laughed. It was utterly unbearable to hear. “Your sister? Balin, Dwalin, your father and uncle? You are not my family. We are relatives, no more than that. No, my family is dead and gone. The line of Thrór is ended.”

“They’re not all dead,” Gimli repeated, and he lifted his eyes to hers. “There’s you.”

She froze, and then sagged. “Me.”

Oh Dís! She’s so alone, and Gimli’s trying to make her see that she /isn’t/ alone, not completely, and that there are still people left who love her for who she is, not because she’s the princess, and who mourn Thorin, Fíli, and Kíli for who they were, rather than just the king and princes.

Gimli snorted. “Oh, Kíli’s hair.”

To Thorin’s amazement, she laughed – rusty and unused, but a true laugh. “Kíli’s damned hair. I used to struggle with him every morning to at least get most of it out of his eyes. Mahal only knows how he ever aimed at a target through that curtain.”

“I feel I should be offended,” Kíli said.

Fíli gave him a sad half-grin. “The truth offends no-one but you, brother.”

“Don’t look at me,” Thorin added. “I remember the fits you had when your mother brought out a comb.”

Just everything about this. I love it. I’m with Kíli, though, I never have patience to do more than just brush my hair, and to pull it up into a ponytail on days I have to work.

“Gladly.” Gimli settled at her feet and launched into a tale of three Dwarflings and a hammer 'borrowed’ from Dwalin. Dís listened closely, and laughed at the terrible predicament the three found themselves in; at the clever plots put into practice that only compounded the problem tenfold; at Dwalin’s outrage when the hammer was finally recovered and the terrible injustice of the punishment (polishing every weapon he owned until it gleamed). Her eyes were glossy, but she no longer wept. Her hand remained on Gimli’s vibrant hair, and every now and then she stroked it absently.

I wonder if Dwalin remembers this story, if he ever teased Gimli about it when he got older (like when Legolas is around?).

“Gimrís said she would come with me next time. Would you like that?”

She blinked as though coming awake, and then she smiled. It was still tinged with her fathomless sorrow, but she no longer looked or sounded more dead than alive. “That would be lovely. How old is your sister now?”

“Fifty-four,” Gimli said with a shudder.

“Ah, the fifties. I feel for your poor mother, with two Dwarrows under the age of seventy in her home.”

“I am very mature!” Gimli protested, and Dís laughed softly.

“Indeed you are. Bring Gimrís, and I will tell you of the time my brothers and I stole Dwalin’s favourite toy Oliphaunt.”

Gimli choked on his breath, and then laughed loudly and merrily. “Aye, that sounds like a tale not to be missed!”

Everything about this, but especially little Dwalin having a toy Oliphaunt that Dís and her brothers stole.

Prologue: Of Gods and Guns: SCM x KBTBB

“Scorpio~!” A little girl called out. “Where are you?”

Said boy looked up, his one visible eye slightly wide at ______’s appearance.

The elders so often disapproved of their friendship, but neither knew why.

Only Karno (and the Wishes Department) knew of it; after all….she was his adopted sister.

Scorpio sighed, “Come on. Silly girl….”

They held hands and wandered off.


15 years later:

She was smiling; ad bolted off from Teo’s side. “Scorpio! You’re back!”

Said Vice Minister looked up; unable to tear his gaze from her face. Awkwardly, he hugged her. “You’re still that dunce who keeps hanging out with me.”

She pouted. “Well sorry, Vice Minister Scorpio. I might as well go back to Leo-Eek!” She squeaked as he pulled herinto his embrace.

“Not so fast. Stupid.”

She blushed, “please stop-”

The other goddesses were throwing the poor dirty looks. “Ugh. What does he see in that ugly girl-?”

Partheno snorted, “maybe he’s simply known her longer than you ladies have-”

Scorpio rolled his eyes. “Those hags think they’re all that.”

________ was ofte far too kind to others; and Karno knew.

He’d often bless his little sister, often accentuating her natural beauty.

And this time…some unsavory members of the Senate had noticed her as well.

They then plotted to have both Scorpio and _______ separated. The girl will have to die.

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Request: “If you’re not too busy could you do an Avengers one-shot where the reader is Tony’s daughter. One night she’s not at dinner so Tony asks F.R.I.D.A.Y where she is and the A.I. tells Tony she’s in a closet..making out with Bucky Xx.” 

Ship: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader

Warnings: a wee bit of smut, fluff, angst, yelling, swearing, etc. 

Third P.O.V

Tony continued to tap his foot, relentlessly. “Where the hell is she?” He muttered under his breath, already a little salty. He planned to have dinner with his daughter, like they usually did, but she wasn’t there. And she usually wasn’t late. (Y/n) knew not to be late when it came to her father. Tony was an overprotective dad, He cared a lot. He was terrified that you would end up hurt because of him. And Tony being the paranoid father, rung up F.R.I.D.A.Y. “F.R.I.D.A.Y, can you find (Y/n)’s location.” The voice replied, sweetly. “Of course, sir. She seems to be in a closet on the third floor.” His brows furrowed. “Why is she in a closet?” The robotic voice replied. “It seems as though she isn’t in danger sir, but she isn’t alone.” 

His eyes widened, immediately thinking of something quite provocative. “Who’s in the closet with her?!” F.R.I.D.A.Y replies. “Mr. Bucky Barnes, sir. And it appears they are making out.” Tony stormed out of the room and ran down stairs to the third floor. “F.R.I.D.A.Y, can you please get my suit ready.” The bot complied, pulling out the suit within seconds. Tony hopped in and strut down the hall as if it were a war zone. 

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Meanwhile, Bucky and (Y/n) were going at it without a care in the world. Bucky rested his hands on her hips, pushing his pelvis towards her. She let out a soft moan, running her hands through his hair. Bucky began kissing down her neck, biting down every now and then. All of a sudden, the door to the closet open and Bucky lay on the other side of the room. 

(Y/n) wide eyed, pushed herself off of the desk that she was sitting on and ran after her father. He towered over Bucky, glaring down at him with a fiery passion. “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THING YOU’RE DOING KISSING MY DAUGHTER?!” He peeled himself off his floor, putting his hands up. “Tony, it’s not what it looks like. I-” Before he could finish, he punched him. He shot backwards and down the hall. “YOU’RE GONNA GET IT NOW, BARNES!” (Y/n) ran up and stood in front of him. “PLEASE DAD, STOP!” He scoffed. “HE WAS KISSING YOU, (Y/N)! WHY HIM?! OF ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD?! IT HAD TO BE HIM?!” She looked down, teary eyed. Before she could speak, Bucky shouted. “I LOVE HER, TONY! I LOVE HER MORE THAN ANYONE IN THE WORLD! AND I KNOW I’M NOT THE BEST PERSON FOR HER AND I WANT YOUR APPROVAL, BUT YOU CAN’T STOP ME FROM LOVING HER!” 

(Y/n) peered over her shoulder, tears falling down her face freely. “You love me?” He nodded. “Tony, I wish you hadn’t found out this way. I’m really sorry and I hope there’s something I can do to make it up to you.” Tony let out an annoyed sigh. “Ugh. Fine.. Come have dinner with us. If I approve, I’ll leave you guys alone. But if I don’t- I’m gonna hand your ass to you on a platter.” Bucky glanced at (Y/N) with fear in his eyes. “Uh.. yes, sir.” She grinned, lacing their hands together. 

(I hope you liked it!!) 


Here is my first imagine, hope you like it! Trying to get into the swing of things! Imagine: the club ‘deal with’ your abusive partner - Anya
Warning: mentions of domestic violence, plus like violence, language??

You stepped out of the car, closing the door behind you. You had been avoiding the club for days after what had happened between you and your boyfriend but they were getting more and more worried and finally you were persuaded to come by. Foundation was your only option to cover up the bruising on your face and you were really hoping it was enough.
“Hey baby”
You looked up to see Gemma,
“Oh hey, how you doing?” You replied moving forward to hug her.
“I’m doing fine, I should be asking you this haven’t seen you for days, where ya been?”
“I’m sorry, there’s been shit going on.”
“You okay? What’s up?” She asked, looking concerned.
You nodded your head trying to make it look real but it ended up you shaking your head, looking at the ground. You didn’t know what to say, it was best too say something but you didn’t want to get into any more trouble with your Boyfriend.
“I….I …I’m just really scared Gemma, and I don’t know what too do because I don’t want to get him mad again but I need to get away.”
You suddenly found the ground very interesting as you spoke unsure if this was the right thing to do.
“Okay baby, how about we go inside and talk about this. We can deal with any problem, yeah?” She replied, leading you inside the clubhouse. Gemma had always been caring towards you, she saw you as a daughter and was very protective over you.

You said hello to Jax, Juice and Clay who were inside quickly following Gemma towards the bar to avoid the same questions from them. You knew that once you told Gemma the club were going to find out and you also knew that the three members in here would probably be able to hear your conversation with Gemma but you had gotten to a point where you needed to tell someone and you just didn’t care.

“Talk to me honey,” she said whilst wiping the tears you didn’t even realise were coming out of your eyes. You were about too start, having planned what you were going to say but her face suddenly changed from a sympathetic one to an angry one,
“Who the hell did this to your face?” She asked loudly, catching the attention of the others in here. You started to panic, she had wiped the cheap foundation off and discovered the large bruise on your right cheek.

“What’s going on?” Jax asked, walking over, along with Juice and Clay.
“how did you get this bruise?” Gemma asked, trying to stay calm about the fact that someone had hurt you. You looked down, sighing. This was it.
“My boyfriend, a few days ago he came home late and I had stayed up for him. He was drunk, and he started yelling at me about how I’m cheating on him and I’m a no-good slut.”
You took a pause, trying to slow down and breath.
“Then, he-he grabbed me and hit me around the face, screaming at me that i was a bitch who needed to be taught a lesson.” You pulled up your sleeve to show the raw marks around your wrist.
“He pushed me back into a wall, kicked my side and just like that he walked off to get another beer. Cause that’s what he needed, more alcohol.”
You scoffed, wiping the tears and shivering at the memories of the monster that came home that night.
“I, ugh, haven’t been home since, slept at a friends” You stuttered out, unsure of what else to say.
“We’re gonna find this shithead and make him pay, there is no way he is coming near you ever again, you hear me?” Jax said, his jaw clenching.
“Call everyone to a meeting now.” Clay added, walking into the chapel with a very angry looking Juice and Jax following.
“It’s okay, baby. They’ll make this right, I’m just glad he stopped and you’re safe now.” Gemma says, pulling you in for another hug.


The club pulled up outside your house, angry that a member of their family had been treated this way.
They burst through the door, seeing your so called boyfriend passed out on the sofa.
Jax walked over pulling him up and pushing him towards the rest of the boys.
“Who the hell are you?” Your ex slurred, barely awake.
“Ahh, well you see, we are Y/N’s family and just came round to give you a wee message.” Chibs replied from behind him.
“And what might that message be?” The drunk asked, fear creeping up on him.
The boys chuckled,
“Well…” Clay started, before punching him square in the face, knocking him to the ground.
Opie, Jax and Tig moved forward kicking him. All that could be heard was the groans from your ex.
After allowing everyone from the group to get their payback for what he did, Clay stood above him with the rest of the club behind.
“Now you listen here, you are gonna leave this town tonight and you are never to return. You will never come near Y/N again and if I hear anything whatsoever, or I even see you back in this town, you will not make it out alive you hear me?” Clay threatened, very much speaking for the club, as he looked down at the bloody face of your ex. Once the message was across, the club turned walking out of the house. Although Jax turned around last minute, making sure too get in one last extra punch before following after the boys.

“Oh yeah, and who’s going to stop us?” The agent in front of you said tauntingly.

“I am.” The four men swirled around to come face to face with your boyfriend Steve. Their once bitchy demeanor crumbled the second they saw him.

“Ugh…Mr. Rogers, C-Captain America, sir! We were just having some harmless fun. We meant nothing by it.” Tom, the jerk who started the whole thing stuttered, clearly shitting his pants from the look Steve was giving him. Steve looked at you, frowning at the black eye forming on your face. He passed them, hovering his hand over the spot, drying the tears off your good eye.

“They do this to you?” You nodded shakenly, unable to use your voice. “Are you hurt anywhere else?” Again you nodded, Steve’s murder-face came back, the one everyone knew he could snap at any given moment. He placed a tender kiss on your head, turning back towards Tom and the rest of the assholes.

“FRIDAY, please inform Tony and the infirmary, an agent’s been hit.” The next thing you knew, Tom was on the ground holding his nose, blood seeping through his fingers.

“What the fuck was that for?”

“For physically assaulting and harassing Tony’s best assistant,” you grinned as their eyes bulged out of their heads, “not to mention my fiancé.” Tony and Bruce walked in then with amused looks on their faces, but they quickly fell when they took in your face. Tony’s eyes hardened, Bruce’s eyes turned green slightly.

“Right. Well Rogers, let Bruce take a look at her injuries and I think the rest of us have a date with Fury, don’t you think?”

Steve wrapped a protective arm around you and followed after Bruce. A smile forming on both of your faces.

Always Safe Here: Avengers

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Title: Always Safe Here

Prompt: hi. could i ask for a fic where the reader has dinner with her family and they give her a hard time saying she’s fat(in a subtle way). she also has a brother who keeps telling her she’s worthless. when she comes home she breaks down crying and her neighbor(one of the avengers) comes to see if she’s ok. she tells him everything and he comforts her and says she isn’t worthless to him(or at all). it could lead to smut or just fluff.

(I hope you don’t mind that I changed the fic a bit from the request)

Characters: All of the avengers, plus Bucky and Loki because I can.

Warnings: Unsupportive family, verbal abuse, slight mentions of depression

Word Count: 3535 (Wow, this is the longest thing I’ve written so far!  Yay!)

Notes: I am so sorry if you are going through this.  All of you are lovely, beautiful human beings inside and out and I would love to get to know each and every one of you.  All of you are worth it- I promise.  If you ever need anything, ever, please don’t hesitate to talk to my.  I love you all!  Oh, and if you squint, you can see a Shrek reference because I am a dork.

It had been a bad week to say the very least.  First you failed your first test- which you tried your very hardest on, then you sprained your ankle during gym- dodgeball is brutal, and your classmates had been relentlessly calling you chubby.  You hated every minute of it.  Now it was finally friday and you were just relieved to be home, even if it meant that you had to put up with your family.  You were relieved, until your family started talking to you.

“God, (y/n), can you ever do anything right?”

Currently you were helping your mother set up the table for dinner, ‘like a good daughter’ she called it, when your ankle brace got caught on the foot of the table, causing you- and the food- to fall.  “Shit!”  You yelped as you crashed to the floor.  Your whole right side ached when it collided with the ground, and you could already hear your mother chastising you from the kitchen.  Could the night get any worse?

“(Y/n)!  Watch your tongue!  And clean that mess up right now!”  Your mother snipped, not even looking away from her place at the stove.  She didn’t even ask to see if you were alright, or if your ankle was okay, or if any of the shattered porcelain pieces of plate cut you.  Which it did, by the way.  In all honesty, you wanted to cry.  

You picked yourself up off the floor, holding in a groan, before pulling out the small shard of porcelain plate from your hand; the white shard now covered in blood.  You moved over to the kitchen cabinet, grabbing a dustpan and broom along with a some paper towels for your hand- your mother would be angry if you used an actual towel to dry your blood.  

Your wrapped your hand up with the thin paper towel before starting to clean up the mess you made on the floor.  It was then when your father walked through the front door; as soon as he passed through the threshold of the house you knew there was going to be trouble.  His brows were furrowed in agitation and his hair was disheveled- obviously he had a long day at the office.  And if there was one thing you knew, if it was a long day at the office, it would be a long, agonizing night for you.

“Honey, what is this mess?”  He narrowed his eyes as he walked into the dining room, taking in the sight of you cleaning up the mess you had accidentally made.  

“It’s just (y/n) being (y/n) again.  What a klutz!”  Your mother answered sweetly to him.

He walked to your mother, shoving your side a bit as he walked by before bending down to give her a kiss.  Oh, how much they loved each other.  Oh, how you wished that they loved you.

Before long you had finally finished cleaning up the mess, and by then there was already dinner on the table.  “Thank you, mom, for dinner.”  You said as you slid into your seat across from her.  

“It would have been done sooner if someone wasn’t such a klutz.”  She replied, pursing her lips before sighing.  “Well, what’s done is done.  Let’s eat.”

You patiently waited for everyone else to grab their food before picking your own.  As you shoveled a two pieces of chicken and some peas onto your plate your mom let out a disapproving noise.  Your father shared a look with her before saying, “Sweetie, you know you shouldn’t eat two pieces of chicken and all those peas, right?”

That was it.  You’d had enough.  “Oh my god!”  You yelled, not caring who heard you; you were so close to losing it that you just didn’t care anymore.  “Come on you guys!  Can’t you just give me a break?”

“(Y/n)!  Watch your tone around your mother!”  Your father fired back.

“I should watch my tone?  You guys are always treating me horribly and you ask me to watch my tone?”  You couldn’t stand it any longer.  You pushed your chair back and marched towards the door- you had had enough.

“(Y/n)!  You get back here right now!”  Your mother shouted, but the words went right over your head.  You heard a chair scrape against the floor, your father most likely, and you booked it through the hallway.  You threw yourself out the door before your father could catch up to you and slammed it behind you.

“(Y/n)!  I will give you to the count of three to open this door or else!”

‘Oh shit!’ you thought.  With that, you started running down the sidewalk, not sparing even one look behind you.  You ran and ran, past alleys and stores, until you couldn’t breathe anymore.  When you didn’t recognise where you were you decided that you ran far enough, so you let yourself fall down on the sidewalk.  You stayed like that for a long time, crying on your hands and knees.

At one point you heard footsteps approaching, but you couldn’t care less.  At this point, you didn’t care about anything or anyone, especially yourself.  “Excuse me miss, this is sort of a stupid question, but are you alright?”

You sat back on your butt to look up at the person- people in front of you.  There stood two men- one was very tall and very blonde, and one was shorter with mostly silver hair, both holding a bag of chinese food in their hands.  For a fleeting second you worried that they might do something to you, but as you saw the compassion etched onto their faces you quickly dismissed the thought.

You sniffed in attempt to get any snot off your face before replying, “I’m good, it’s okay.”  You gave them the best smile you could muster before looking back down and continuing to cry.  How did your life end up like this?

You heard the sound of plastic bags being exchanged from one hand to the other.  Looking through your eyelashes you could see that one of the men was kneeling in front of you now, the silver-haired one to be exact.  “You know,”  He said softly, “It’s okay to not be okay.  Really, it is.”

You raised your head to meet his blue eyes.  “Is it really?”  Tears were still streaming down your face, and your nose wouldn’t stop sniffling.  “It’s just, I just, I mean, ugh!  I can’t even talk!”  You started sobbing harder, more out of anger and frustration than anything.

“Shhh, shhh, it’s going  to be okay.  Everything is going to be okay prinţesă.” He turned back to the other man for a moment, motioning for him to come closer.  “I’m Pietro, and this is my friend Steve.  Is there any way we can help you?”

You smiled at their kindness, looking at them through your teary eyes.  ‘How could people be so nice?’  You had never experienced such kindness before- this was all very new to you.  You cleared your throat and wiped your eyes before replying.  “I, I just don’t think that I can go home right now,”  You trailed off, thinking of how mad your family would be at you.

The two men shared a look before Pietro replied.  “You can come with us, we were going to have some chinese food for dinner and you are welcome to join us if you would like..?”  

The fear of being hurt by these two men came back for an instant- these two could be any two random men from off the street.  Would you really risk your safety by going with these two, Steve and Pietro?  ‘Fuck it,’ you thought, ‘fuck it all!’

“I’d love that.”  You replied softly.

Pietro stood back up and offered his hand to you, and you gratefully accepted. He pulled you up easily, as if you weighed nothing.  You couldn’t help but notice the irony of the situation- your family calling you fat vs. him helping you up as if you were weighed nothing.

The three of you walked in silence as an occasional tear would stream down your face.  You continued to get concerned glances from Steve and Pietro as you walked.  Before you knew it, you were walking into a massive building. You didn’t catch a good look at the name of the building due to your eyes still being teary, but this definitely wasn’t a normal building.  ‘This isn’t an apartment building…’  

“I hope you don’t mind heights, do you?  Our apartment is on a higher floor.”  Steve asked tentatively.

You mumbled an ‘It’s fine’ before you arrived at an elevator that you all stepped in.  While the elevator was rising you tried to avoid their worried eyes, and you did for the most part- you were the queen at avoiding eye contact.

The doors opened with a small ‘ding’ and you looked up to see the edge of a suave living area.  The three of you stepped out of the elevator and onto a pristine white rug.

“Steve, Pietro, what took you so long?  We’re starving!”  Another male voice shouted from around the corner, and you couldn’t help it as fear spiked through your system.  Who were these people?

“We just got a little held up, that’s all.”  Steve replied, glancing down at you.  

“Oh my gosh,”  You stuttered.  “What am I doing?  I didn’t mean to intrude!”  Your mother had always told you to be a good guest, and here you were preying on their kindness to invite you over.  “I’m so sorry!”

Steve’s eyes widened as he realized how he worded his response, instant regret filling his features.  “Oh no, I didn’t mean it like that, it’s alright!  It’s alright!”

You sniffled, trying to hold yourself together- it had been a long night, after all.  By now you were just exhausted, sad, and full of regrets.  “Really?”

“Really, really.”  He replied, giving you a soft smile.  He offered his hand to you, and you gladly held on.  Pietro led the three of you fully into the living area, where quite a few people were sitting.  Two women leaning on the kitchen counter looked over to give questioning glances at Steve and Pietro, and a couple men were doing the same from their seats on the couch.

“Who’s this?”  The same voice, er, man asked from the couch.

Steve walked to the kitchen counter, carefully placing the chinese upon it while Pietro took it upon himself to introduce you.  “Guys, this is…”

“(Y/f/n), (y/f/n), (y/l/n).”  You cringed at how your voice cracked while you spoke, suddenly becoming conscious of how bad you must look.  You had been lying on the ground for starters, so your clothes were far from clean.  Your hair must be all messed up and your face was still puffy and watery from crying.  You looked down to your hand, and surprise, surprise, it was still slightly bleeding.  Go figure.

“(Y/n), this is Bucky,” Pietro pointed to the man that had inquired who you were, “ Clint, Bruce, Thor,”  He pointed at the rest of the men on the couch before continuing to the girls, “Natasha, and my sister Wanda.”  Your ears perked in recognition as you heard the name ‘Thor’.  Surely they couldn’t be… could they?

“Ohmygosh, wait, you’re not, I mean, are you, you know, them?”

“If by ‘them’ you mean the Avengers, then yes.  We are them.”  ‘Oh.  My.  God.’  You turned your head to see none other than Tony Stark leaning in the doorway of the room.  “I was wondering what happened to speedy and capsicle over here.”

You bit your lip, trying to contain a laugh because of Stark’s antics.  How lucky could you have been to stumble upon this group of superheroes?  “I don’t mean to intrude, I’m sorry to be a b-”

“Nonsense, the more the merrier!”  Tony cut you off, giving you a slight side smile as he talked.  He was surprisingly welcoming with what you knew of his reputation- your father had always hated Tony Stark for some odd reason.  The man in front of you, however, seemed kind and hospitable enough for you.  “Wanda, Nat, would you two like to help clean (y/n) up while we get dinner set up?”

“Sure, come on Nat!”  Wanda exclaimed, smiling at you as she grabbed your hand.  The two of them walked you into Wanda’s bedroom where they went to find clothes for you.  “Here,”  Wanda laid down a purple long-sleeved shirt and black sweatpants for you on the bed.  “They may be a bit big, but I’m sure that they’ll be fine.”

You must have heard her wrong, right?  Too big?  “Don’t you mean… too small?”  You questioned tentatively, not sure if you wanted to hear the answer.  

“What do you mean?  Of course you’re smaller than me!”  They took note of your surprised face, and Natasha frowned at the thought of you disliking your body.

Natasha quickly rebounded and told you,  “You’re fine, trust me.  Now go get changed.  It’ll be fine, I promise.”

You took the clothes and jumped into the bathroom, pretending not to hear the women’s hushed exchange in the other room.  To your surprise, not only did Wanda’s clothing fit- it was a bit big on you.  You looked at your excited, genuinely happy-looking face in the mirror for a moment before shutting off the light and returning to the bedroom.

“See prinţesă, you look amazing!”  Wanda exclaimed.  She and Natasha stood up from the bed and patted you on the back as you three returned to the main living area.  Everyone was already spread out across the room with plates in their hands, munching happily on their food.  You went to go wait behind the two women to get your food, but they ushered you in front of them.

“You first, please.”  Natasha said, smiling at you.  You took a step forward and grabbed a plate and fork before shoveling a small amount onto your plate.

“You can take more than that, you know.  Eating that little is bad for you.”  Wanda said from behind you as she looked over your shoulder.  

“Really?”  You couldn’t believe that someone was encouraging you to eat more than the morsels you thought you deserved.  But, if a superhero told you you could eat more, then you could eat more damn it!  You shoveled more food onto your plate until Wanda gave you a nod of approval.  You looked down at the pile and couldn’t help but think that it was way too much for you, but you pushed those negative thoughts to the back of your mind.

You waited until both women also got their food before following them to sit down.  You ended up sitting happily between Wanda and Pietro; those two, for some reason, made you feel safe.   They made you feel welcome and at home in a sense that you had never felt before, and in all honesty, you liked it.

By the time everyone was done eating, you had an absolutely full stomach.  Usually you would have been ashamed of this, but surrounded by all these positive people you didn’t think it was possible to be sad.

“So, (Y/n), what’s your story?”  All heads turned to Tony where he sat in comfily in his chair.  You sighed- you knew all this happiness would have to come to an end sooner or later.  Surprisingly Pietro placed his hand on yours and Wanda rubbed your back soothingly.

“It’s okay,”  She whispered encouragingly.  

“I guess I can say that I’ve never had the best family…”  You started, closing your eyes to try to escape from the questioning gazes pointed at you.  You opened them again, deciding to look out of the window instead of those looking at you.  “I don’t ever think they truly loved me.  My brother is always telling me how worthless and stupid I am, calling out all my mistakes, and don’t even get me started on my mom,”  You paused, taking a deep breath.  “It has been a really bad week, in school and at home.  I failed my first test, kids were making fun of my weight, and my parents were being as harsh as ever.  I came home, just relieved to be done with school for the day, though I knew that it wouldn’t last long.  I was trying my best to help out my mother in the kitchen, and when I was setting up the table for dinner my foot hooked on one of the legs and I fell.”  You lifted up your pant leg to show your ankle brace, “I had already sprained it in gym earlier in the week.”  You blushed a bit.  “I’m not that athletic and gym is brutal.”

“Anyways, so I fell and the plate shattered all over the floor and I accidentally cut myself on one of the shards,”  You held up your bloody hand that you had forgotten about.  It seemed as though everyone had not noticed it by the amount of concerned looks on their faces.  “I  never really got to clean it up because my mom made me clean up the mess first, and then my dad came home and they mocked me, and then at the dinner table they, they,”  You sniffled, trying to hold back tears.  “They tried to tell me to eat less because they thought I was fat.”

You felt Wanda’s arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer to her.  Though you had just met the woman, you already felt safe around her and were glad that you did.  “I’d had enough of that shit so I ran.  My father tried to chase after me but I ran so far and so fast and I was so lost,”  You started to stutter as you talked faster, recalling all of the events that took place earlier in the night.  “I ran until I couldn’t anymore, and that’s when Pietro and Steve found me.”  You said, looking over at them.  “Thank you, by the way.”  The pair returned halfhearted smiles at you, as if to say that they were glad that they’d found you.

After you were finished, the room fell into an uncomfortable silence.  Some of them whispered apologies to you while the rest sent you warm smiles.  Eventually people started getting up and putting their dishes away, and Pietro took yours for you.  You and Bucky were the only two left on the couches- Steve had gladly taken Bucky’s plate to clean.  He gave you a small, sad smile and you tried your best to return it.  It was then when a tall, black haired person entered the room.  He was in odd garbs, and you couldn’t help but think that he looked familiar.  He came over to the sitting area and sat on the couch next to yours.

“Do they care about you?”  The man inquired in a soft, soothing voice.


“I said, do they care about you?”

You thought for a moment, trying to recall any evidence that your family thought you were any more than a servant to them.  “No, I don’t think they do.”

“Then please try not to take it to heart what they think.   Please try your best to block out their hateful words and insults; they should mean nothing to you.  You are worth so much more than what they tell you, really.”  You were stunned by his words, even more so when you finally realized who you were talking to- Loki, god of mischief and tricks.  How could he be so kind to you?

“I don’t always agree with this guy, but I do right now.”  Bucky added from his spot on the couch.  “You are a lovely person who tries their best to be good to others, from what I can tell.  People like you are worth so much more than you can imagine.  People with good hearts like you bring so much into our lives, so don’t think for a second that you are worthless and that you aren’t worth it.  You are.”  You could feel tears prickling the corners of your eyes as Bucky spoke.  You could see it on his face that he’d been through hell and back, so it truly touched your heart that he was telling you such kind things.

“Thank you guys, really.  I cannot thank you enough.”

“The pleasure is ours, (y/n).  Anything we could do to help- name it and we would.  We would love to do anything to help.  Because you’re worth it.  And no matter who is giving you a bad time, no matter where you are, always remember that you can come here.”  Loki told you, giving you a small smile at the end.

One by one the avengers started filing back into the living room, taking their seats around you.  Tony coughed a bit, and everyone turned their attention to him.  “Mr. Mushy here is right, you know.  You always will be welcome here.”  The entire team nodded their heads and made sounds of agreement.  “And you’ll always be safe here.”

anonymous asked:

Senpai, can I ask for something really sad or angst?with RFA and Saeran reactio about selfless MC, who always put someone before themself. Thank you :)

i just realized nearly 75% of the asks in my inbox are angst/sad-centric. another asker essentially asked the same question like you, nonnie, but with your ask, i decided i’ll write the scenario as a ficlet. (but seriously, you guys love seeing the poor mysme characters in pain! like bruh!) nahhh, lol, i’m pulling your leg. i have a penchant for my favs’ suffering as well! wow i sound horrible…onward with the story!

Somehow, you managed to lure the entire RFA out of the warmth and comfort of Jumin’s private log cabin. Why the heck would anyone want to stay inside when there’s snow covering the ground for all the eye can see?! Plus, Jumin said there was a local lake where you guys can go ice skating and everything - it was a seal of the deal for you.

Cheerfully you trudged through the two feet deep snow without a care in the world. Saeyoung follows suit, and soon you two are holding hands. Meanwhile the rest lug behind, struggling to weather the cold environment.

“J-Jumin, a-a-are you sure there’s a-actually a lake o-out here?!” Zen says through clenched teeth. He’s holding both of his arms, trying to preserve warmth. Even though he’s wearing three layers of long sleeved shirts, a jacket, earmuffs, and gloves, Zen still complained how cold it was.

“Yah. Fo’ sure.” 

You stifle a loud laugh to yourself. God, you should’ve never let him listen to your playlist of rap songs…Lately’s he’s been talking nothing but slang, much to dismay of Yoosung, Jaehee, Saeren, and Zen; and the delight of you and Saeyoung. 

The ever-so serious and uptight CEO trying to use slang, absolutely emotionless at the same time…Jumin can be so…deadpan. 

You share a secret smile with Saeyoung. He flashes a grin back, and squeezes your hand. A bit worriedly, you side-eye his bare hand, exposed to the frigid air. This loveable fool “forgot” to bring his gloves from the cabin. Despite Jaehee’s offer to give him her spare gloves, he out right refused, saying, ‘it was an excuse to hold your hand 24/7!

Keep reading