ugh stop looking at each other like that

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brian is so in love with justin 12 years later it still hurts me thank you

I feel your point and I acknowledge your pain, but do you ever think about how Brian and Justin are currently about 46 and 34 and they’re still annoying all their friends by doing this whenever they hang out together?

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Because honestly that warms my heart like no other.

He Was Right

Request:  Reader is close to the glee club and has gone to school with them since freshman year) Sebastian left his phone at the Lima Bean and someone from the glee club found it. They look through it to see pics of reader and Seb like kissing each other, hugging and cute pics that you would have of your significant other. They ask him about it only to find him and reader talking about date plans and the glee Club finding out when he realizes that he left his phone at the Lima Bean. The entire glee club enters the room and tells them the gig’s up. They confess and the glee club accepts it. - @irony-is-my-life

Pairing: Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Notes: So I made a few changes. I hope you don’t mind. It’s late and not very well written. I’m sorry if it’s not your favorite. You can always request another one, though. My ask is always open. Also everyone’s a lil bit OOC.

Bells jingled and laughter poured into the local cafe called the Lima Bean. “And then Finn tripped over his books and slid down the hall!” Rachel was giggling through her retelling of an incident with an unsuspecting student and a distracted Finn walking the halls of McKinley. “Hey. I think it was a pretty graceful dive. I only tripped three other people.” Rachel, Finn, Blaine, Kurt, Santana and Artie were making a stop at the Lima Bean to get a little recharged before the weekend was over.

“Hey guys, I’ll catch up in a minute.” “Alright Finn. Don’t be long,” Rachel smiled.

Striding over to the bathroom, something caught his eye before he made it to the door. ‘Someone left their phone here. That’s rough.” Finn thought to himself. ‘I wonder who’s it is.’ Thinking he was doing the right thing, he started looking through the phone and opened up the photos app since it was the first thing he saw. Scrolling through the pics, the screen was filled with red, black and white. Finn cringed as the Warbler symbol flashed across the phone. About ready to just turn the phone in to the cashier, a familiar face caught his eye.. ‘(y/n)?’

“Hey guys!” Finn yelled as he approached his friends. “Oh there you are, Finn. We were wondering what took you.” Artie scrutinized his fellow singer. “You’ll never believe what I found.” Finn had everyone’s attention now.

“Well? What is it?” Santana. Always one to be straight to the point. “I found this phone sitting at a deserted table and so I tried to figure out who it might belong to. So I started looking through their photos-”

“Hold on, hold on,” Santana interrupted. “You tried to find someone’s identity by looking through their pictures?” “Where did you possibly find that knowledge?” Kurt questioned. “Never mind that. Look who’s in the pictures.”

Finn showed the group the picture of (y/n). “So it (y/n)’s phone? Big deal.” Santana stared at Finn as if he grew another head, completely confused.

“Yeah, no. It’s a Warbler’s phone. See?” He then showed them the Warbler symbol. “Let me see that,” Blaine took the phone and started swiping. “..holy crap. I think I might puke. Oh gosh!”

“Blaine! What is it?” Everyone hollered at their raven haired friend. Saying nothing, he held up the phone. Cue collective gasp.

*At Dalton Academy*

“Okay guys. Here’s the plan. We go in and confront that sniveling snake about what he thinks he’s doing with our (y/n). Then we use whatever means necessary to keep him away from our baby.” Santana sneered at the thought of Smythe. “Agreed.” All were in agreement then.

Storming up the stairs of the school, the group made their way to the Warbler’s practice room. Sneaking up to the door, the singers heard voices conversing inside. “Good. Okay. They’re in there. Let’s go.” Finn was ready to ‘talk’ to Sebastian. “Hold up a second,” Artie spoke. “I think.. there’s a girl’s voice..”

Everyone crowded the door, trying to hear. “-last time. Maybe we could hit up the ice cream parlor then head on over to the beach?” “Really? Seb, don’t you think that they’d see us?” “Come on, babe. I want to show you off. I really don’t care about your friends seeing us. In fact, it’d be a good thing. Maybe I can prove to them that it’s a good thing we’re together. I really love you and I’m sure they’ll be able to see that. Even if they don’t want to.” Sebastian had been trying to convince you to tell the New Directions for a while now. Everything he said was either shot down or flat out ignored. You really did care about Sebastian, but it’d be so hard for you if your friends, best friends, disapproved of your relationship.

“Sebastian. I know you really want to tell them.. it’s just,” you heaved a sigh loud enough for your eavesdropping friends to hear. “It’s just that if they didn’t approve of us, if they didn’t like us together, if they’d tried to break us apart.. it would kill me. I love you so much, but they might not love us together. They’re still my friends. My family. I just don’t think I’m ready.”

From the other side of the door, your friends were looking at each other like they were thoroughly disappointed with themselves, not you. “I can’t believe (y/n) feels like she can’t trust us with this. I feel so.. terrible,” Blaine was completely distraught that you felt that way.

“I know. We reacted so harshly when we found out, though. No wonder she felt like she couldn’t tell us. Ugh! I feel like a terrible friend,” Rachel was almost in tears now. “Hey, we all feel horrible. She’s our baby girl and we can’t have her feeling like we won’t support any decision she makes. Even if it is to date that..” Kurt stops as he sees his friends giving him wary looks. “..that great..singer..”

They all looked at each other in confirmation and pushed open the grand doors. Both heads inside snapped up to the intruders. “Guys? Wh-wh-what are you doing here?” Panic was evident in your eyes. Sebastian discreetly took your hand in his, the action not going unnoticed.

“We know, (y/n),” Artie spoke up. “Y-You do? Know what exactly?” “That you and this.. male are dating,” Santana cringed. “We found his phone at the Lima Bean and saw.. pictures,” Kurt visibly shuddered.

With a defeated sigh, you flopped onto the couch. “I’m so sorry, you guys. It’s just..”

“Yeah. We know, baby girl. I must admit we didn’t react well at first, but hearing what you just said.. we feel awful, sweetheart,” Kurt sympathized. “That was never my goal. I really do care a lot for Sebastian and if you all would try and keep me from being with him, it would tear me apart.”

Artie wheeled forward. “We know (n/n). We realize that now and we’re going to try and be supportive. Just as long as he gives us a reason not to.” He have a pointed look in Sebastian’s direction. “R-really? Oh my gosh! Thanks you guys! You won’t regret it, trust me.” “Yeah we better not,” Santana eyed Sebastian.

Sebastian took your hand. “I’m really thankful for this, you guys. (Y/n) means everything to me. So much so I’d give up singing to keep her. I’ll do my absolute best to keep her happy.”

You grinned up at him. You were short, okay? Besides, it doesn’t help he’s a freaking giant. “Keep her happy and we won’t make you quit singing,” Blaine stated. “But if you fail. You will suffer the consequences,” Santana added.

“I agree wholeheartedly. Besides, if I ever did anything to hurt my- our little (y/n), I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.”

The New Directions looked at each other and silently agreed. “Have fun kids,” Santana said. “Keep it classy,” Kurt added. After hugging all of them and Sebastian surprisingly shaking the guys’ hands and getting his phone back, they took their leave.

“Well. That went better than expected.” “See? I told you they’d be cool,”  Sebastian said with a smirk. “You really like being right, don’t you?” you asked. “I like being right about us.” With a wink and kiss, neither of you could stop beaming.


Always looking across to the other side. 

Circumstance (Part 1)

My first SJM series! First part is kind of short but I just wanted to establish the basis of the plot. Please tell me what you think!!!

Rowaelin daughter x Feysand son au

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

“Prythian? The Night Court? Three months?!” Emberlei asks in dismay, her parents nodding silently at each question. “Why?”

“To learn from the High Lord and Lady there. Feyre and Rhysand are some of the greatest Fae leaders in all of the world, and they offered to take you in and teach you, along with the rest of their advisors.” Aelin explains calmly. “In exchange, their son, Cadewyn, will be staying here to learn useful things from us.” She smiles at Rowan in a wicked sort of way, as if what they’ll be teaching the boy will be anything but conventionally useful.

Ember rolls her eyes. “Please don’t send me away for three months, I’ve never even been to Prythian!” She practically begs.

“You have, actually,” Rowan reminds. “When you were little, we went there for a Leader Meeting. You and Cadewyn even played together I think.”

Emberlei racks her brain for any memory of the boy. “Is he the one who pushed my down the stairs?” Aelin and Rowan share a glance. “He was, wasn’t he? He was the one who gave me this scar!” She draws back a bit of her hair to show a small white scar at the base of her hairline.

Her father inspects it for a moment and then shakes his head. “No, I thought that was the one Aedion gave you when you didn’t duck fast enough during sparring.”

“Nope, definitely this Cadewyn guy.” She responds. “Are you sure you want to teach someone who assaulted your daughter?”

Aelin laughs again, looking towards Rowan with one of their ‘you know what I’m thinking and I know what your thinking’ gazes. Ember groans. “Ugh! Fine! I’ll go, just stop looking at each other like that.”

Her parents break their gaze and feign innocence. “Like what?” Aelin wonders, a sly smile playing on her lips, and Ember thinks that it might be okay to get away from her parents for a couple months.

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This is so extra™ but is there any way you could write a smut fic as a continuation of the last scene with Alex and Maggie, where they're both incredibly turned on by each other and they can't help but get it on at the DEO

“So, arm candy, huh?”

“I mean have you looked in a mirror lately, Danvers?”

“Ugh, not lately, god Maggie, I probably look like hell.”

Maggie stops walking and Alex almost stumbles, but Maggie steadies her as she looks up at her gravely.

“You look perfect, Alex Danvers. Perfect. As always.”

Alex’s eyes flit down to Maggie’s lips, and Maggie is a detective.

So she detects.

And she bites her own lip and tries not to gulp.

Alex is a secret agent.

So Alex notices.

“Maggie,” Alex whispers, and her voice is ragged, and Maggie needs her.


“Tell me, Agent Danvers. Does being so newly reinstated mean you’re opposed to um… reminding your girlfriend what it’s like when you go rogue?”

Alex practically growls, and Maggie swoons.

“Say for example… right now? I mean this place has to have supply closets or something, ri – ”

Her sentence is lost as Alex tugs her forward, and if Maggie were anyone else, she wouldn’t notice Susan Vasquez subtly raising an index finger to point Alex in the direction of a room where the cameras were currently experiencing an inexplicable glitch.

But Maggie isn’t anyone else. She sees the gesture, and she mouths her thanks, and Susan just winks.

Alex doesn’t stop tugging on her arm until they’re reached supply room number 237, apparently, and they’re barely through the door before Alex has Maggie pinned against it, chest already heaving with need.

“Color?” she demands, and her voice is as rough as her eyes.

Because she was just almost flung across the galaxy.

She almost just lost this woman staring up at her with soft lips and eager eyes and desperate hands.

“Neon green, Al,” she rasps, and Alex practically lunges.

Her mouth, her teeth, her hands, are everywhere at once – Maggie’s lips, her throat, her chest (because Alex checks in with her eyes and when Maggie whines and nods desperately, Alex makes quick work of her shirt, of her bra), her stomach.

“Fuck me, Alex,” Maggie begs, and Alex growls as she picks her up effortlessly, and Maggie wraps her legs around Alex’s waist and her arms around Alex’s neck and Maggie screams, because Alex is holding her up with one arm and fucking her with the other hand and Alex is biting down onto her neck and Alex is crying and Maggie is crying but both of them keep reminding each other, green, green, green, please don’t stop, more, please, Alex, yes, fuck, more, harder, fuck, Alex, I’ve got you, I’ve got you, I’ve got you, mine, mine, mine, mine, and Alex isn’t satisfied with Maggie only cumming once, twice, three times, drenching her fingers and staining her underwear and leaving scratches all across Alex’s upper back.

“Let me get you home,” she rasps, and Maggie nods, and Alex makes a show of licking her fingers clean and Maggie whines and writhes and tries to kiss her, but Alex shakes her head.

“Home,” she says, because she wants to go home, but also because she is home. 

Maggie knows, and she steps forward and hugs her, just hugs her, hugs her long and solid and safe and loving.

They might hug longer than they’ve fucked – neither of them are quite sure – but eventually Alex helps her get dressed, lethal fingers suddenly tender again, burning eyes suddenly soft and shy and timid again.

Until, that is, they get home.

Because Maggie glances at the way Alex’s leather jacket is unzipped just low enough that she can start to see her cleavage, and Maggie gulps, and Alex notices.

Of course Alex notices.

And she sweeps everything unceremoniously off the kitchen island and bends Maggie over on top of it.

“All good, babe?” she asks, even though she’s already read the answer in Maggie’s wrecked eyes.

“Don’t stop,” Maggie prays, and Alex promises to oblige. But some business first.

“Be a good girl and strip for me, Maggie,” she orders, and Maggie gasps at the command in her tone, at the confidence in her voice, at the authority in her heady gaze.

The authority, the determination, the audacity, the brazenness, that had been turning her on all day.

And while Alex was in agony – while she herself was in agony – she’d kept it to herself as much as she could.

And they’re both still in agony, but Alex’s roughness is an escape and Maggie’s compliance is a balm, and their skin touching skin is heaven on earth, and they’re safe, safe, safe, safe.

For now.

So they use it for all it is, and Maggie strips for Alex slow, strips for her determined, strips for her deliberate. She never takes her eyes off of Alex’s hungry ones, and the nearly feral look on Alex’s face is reward enough.

Enough, that is, until Alex has her begging for more, because Alex has turned her around again, has bent her over again, is slipping inside her again, is whispering how beautiful she is, what a good girl she is, supporting Alex like that all day, is this a good enough reward, how wet she is, how tight she is, how perfect she is, into Maggie’s ear, and Maggie comes completely undone in Alex’s strong, solid arms, backing up wildly against Alex’s strong, solid body.

And when Alex carries her to bed and presses kisses against every hickey, against every birthmark, against every old scar and every new bruise, Maggie knows only one thing in the entire multiverse:

That she is in love with prodigal-DEO-agent-gone-rogue-loyal-daughter-perfect-sister-gorgeous-ruthless-determined-genius-unrelenting Alex Danvers.

And she’s pretty damn sure Alex Danvers is in love with her, too.

Which is why Alex lets her crawl on top of her.

Why Alex wants her to crawl on top of her.

Because after a day of being impenetrable, of being almost worryingly hard-headed, of being a coiled muscle, a veritable force of nature, Alex is in love.

Alex trusts her.

Trusts her enough to let her guard down.

Trusts her enough to believe that letting Maggie give her back what Alex just gave to her doesn’t make her weak and it doesn’t make her less.

It makes her loved.

“You want this, sweetie?” Maggie asks, and Alex just arches her hips up so Maggie can strip her naked.

“Oh, Ally,” she whispers as she catalogues every new bruise, every fresh cut, painted onto Alex’s torso, onto her arms, onto her legs.

And Maggie kisses each one of them, memorizes their locations, their severity, in a map in her mind, so she will know exactly how to move when she does what she does next, what Alex is starting to whine for, what Alex is starting to grind her hips up for.

“Alex, you – “

“Yes, Maggie. Please.”

And Maggie obliges.

She starts slow, but she doesn’t end slow.

She starts soft, but she doesn’t end soft.

Because Alex begs her for more and Alex begs her for harder and Alex begs her for faster, please, please, Maggie, god, fuck, I’m yours, I’m yours, I’m yours, fuck just like that, god, fuck, Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, please don’t stop, please please please.

She shifts so her thigh is between Alex’s legs, and she groans as Alex grabs at her ass and bites at her shoulder as she pulls her down, harder and harder, closer, closer, struggling to find friction because Maggie’s thigh is so slick with how wet Alex is, and she kisses Alex’s hair and puts one hand behind her head and braces herself with the other and times her movements perfectly with Alex so that proximity, rhythm, outweighs friction and Alex is so wrecked underneath her that Maggie forgets what air is, that she can have this effect on a woman so powerful, so ruthless, that she single-handedly infiltrated and exploded Cadmus’s lair, and that woman cums screaming Maggie’s name and it’s almost more than Maggie can handle, because even without direct pressure, she cums again, too.

“I’ve got you, Ally,” she whispers, kissing her face as Alex shudders through the last waves of her orgasm. “I’ve got you.”


“Ride or die, Danvers. Ride or die.”


“Oh, you can call me Nagisa.”

“I won’t. We aren’t that close." 

"We can get closer once you join the swim club.”

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18 nurseydex

18.  “I think you’re beautiful.”

So I’m going to try to keep these short (try being the operative word–I’ve never been great at brevity when it comes to writing fic)

“Derek, have you seen my tie?” Will shouts out as he steps out of the bedroom and into the hallway.

“I thought you draped it over the baseboard?” Derek replies, his voice coming from one of the kids bedrooms–he can’t tell which.

“I did, but now it’s not there,” Will says, walking toward the sound of his voice, peeking into each room as he passes it.

Derek grunts.  “Walter, would you please–I just need to get this shirt on,” he says, sounding wholly exasperated.  But then again, a morning spent trying to wrangle four kids under the age of eight into appropriate clothes for a wedding–and then keeping them on–would do that to you.

Will steps into Walter and Greg’s shared room.  Greg is seven, and he’s sitting on his bed, glaring at Derek (Greg made his displeasure at being forced to attend very clear several days ago).  Walter is five, and currently only has underwear on as he tries to squirm away from Derek, who looks calm, but Will can see the strain in his eyes.

Will smiles, and takes pity on his husband.  “Derek, why don’t you go finish getting ready.  I’ll deal with this,” he says, placing a kiss on his cheek (which earns a snort of disgust from Greg).

“But you’re not finished getting ready,” Derek protests, stumbling slightly as Walter makes another attempt at escaping his arms.

Will raises an eyebrow.  “At least I’m in nice pants and a dress shirt.  You’re still wearing sweats.”


“Yeah, oh,” Will mimics teasingly.  “Not to say that you don’t look good even in sweatpants.  I think you’re beautiful no matter what you’re wearing.”

“Ugh, gross!  Daddy stop it!” Greg groans, flopping backward onto his bed.

“Your dad isn’t being gross, he’s being very sweet,” Derek says, leaning over and pecking Will on the lips.

“Why are you guys like this?” Greg complains.

“It’s what people who love each other do,” Will shrugs.  “You see it with your uncles all the time.”

“I’m never going to be like that,” Greg replies insistently.

“Give it time buddy,” Will says, chuckling to himself as he walks over to pat Greg’s head.

“Um–” Derek utters and Will turns around and sighs.  Walter has escaped his grip, and across the hall, he can see that Maria has managed to pull her dress most of the way over her head.

“I’ll get Walter, you handle Maria,” Will says.

“We’re going to be late,” Derek responds.

“I doubt Ransom and Holster are going to mind much,” Will says.  “In fact, they might even be late to their own wedding.  I’m sure Christian is giving them hell–you remember what two year olds are like.”

“Please don’t.  I’m trying to block that out of my memory.”

“I’m just saying they’ll understand,” Will says as they both step out into the hallway.  “At least now half of our kids we can trust to stay dressed while we chase the other half around.”

“Yeah, well, let’s try not to give Greg any ideas,” Derek replies, and they both laugh.

The Boy Next Door Pt. 3

WARNINGS: Strong langueage but not really??

Ethan woke up the next morning, eager to film their next video. He brushed his teeth and lightly combed through his hair before deciding to wake Grayson. He knocked on the guest bedroom (which had become Graysons room when he moved in) door quietly. “Gray?” He knocked again before turning the knob and pushing open the door. Graysons bed was empty, his phone plugged into the charger, sitting neatly on his bedside table. Ethan furrowed his eyebrows, closing the door and starting toward the living room. He grinned when he saw Graysons arms wrapped around your body, your face resting on his chest.

He cleared his throat loudly, trying to wake the two of you. Grayson only groaned and rolled to his side. You opened one of your eyes, squeezing the other shut; the blinding sun shining through the windows, making it hard for you to see. “I tried to get you to go out with me for months after we met, he’s been here for a week and you’re already sleeping with him?” You rolled your eyes as Ethan chuckled at his lame joke, Grayson still sound asleep.

“I bet you’re glad I rejected you all of those times, huh, Brother Ethan?” You joked, untangling yourself from his twin.

He scoffed, sitting down on the floor in front of you, “You rejected me? Funny. I stopped asking once I got to know the real you.” Your jaw dropped as you smiled, playfully slapping his shoulder. “So, uh, what happened here?” He wiggled his eyebrows, smirking at you. You sat up, stretching your arms and legs in front of you.

“We talked, he told me some crazy embarrassing stories from when you were younger. Speaking of, I wanna hear some of those songs you wrote.” He groaned, throwing his head back. You laughed loudly. Teasing Ethan had become part of your daily routine. You’d see him so often and as close as you had become, you had the right to tease him like he was your brother.

Grayson groaned, pulling the blanket up to his chin. Ethan smirked at you as you watched the sleeping boy, your heart fluttering. “He hasn’t stopped talking about you, Y/n. He thinks you’re the coolest person ever. Can’t see why he thinks that, though.” He playfully nudged your shoulder, drawing your attention back to him.

You smiled at Ethan, sighing softly. “He’s pretty cool, too. I wish I’d met him sooner. I guess I’ve got you to blame for that, huh?” You smirked. “Trying to keep me all to yourself, right? Y/n can’t be friends with anyone else.” You mocked, trying to sound like Ethan.

His loud laughter filled the room, quieting after you shushed him. The two of you sat quietly for a moment, the only noise coming from Graysons soft snores. “Go out with him, Y/n. He needs a girl like you.” Your head dropped into your hands, frowning. “I think he really likes you. It’s good, he’s getting over Satan Sadie because of you.” You chuckled at his nickname for the girl who broke Graysons heart.

You looked up at Ethan, biting your lip. “I’ve got a date tonight, Ethan. We’ve been talking for a few months and he just asked me out. I like him.” His face scrunched as he stared at you.

“I must’ve misheard you. Cause you don’t go on dates. I’ve known you for a year and you’ve never been on a date. You didn’t say date, did you? My ears are playing tricks on me.” He rambled on. Rolling your eyes, you nodded. It was true. In the year you lived next to him, you hadn’t been on a date. It wasn’t because you couldn’t get a date, you just chose not to.

“His name is Noah. He’s really sweet. I think you’ll like him.” You grinned at him as his jaw dropped. Trying your hardest to suppress a giggle, you gently pushed his mouth shut. “You’re gonna catch some flies leaving that thing open like that.”

He glared at you, pushing your hand away from his face. “I’m happy for you, Y/n. Just be careful; guys are assholes.” You scoffed at his statement, looking back to his sleeping twin.

“You were literally just trying to get me to go out with your brother. Who I’ve only really known for a night.” You liked Grayson, but not the way Ethan wanted you to. You hadn’t known him long enough to like like him.

He sighed and his lips formed into a straight line, “Touché, Y/n, touché.” Standing from the couch, you ruffled your hands through his dark curls, earning a groan from him. “Damnit, Peaches!”

“Ethan! Stop calling me that!” You giggled loudly. Ethan had given you that nickname when you first moved in with Jason, saying your ass looked like the Peach Emoji. You had gotten used to it and you didn’t really mind it anymore.

He grinned up at you, attempting to fix his hair with his fingers, “You know you like it.” Rolling your eyes, you strolled to the kitchen, grabbing a granola bar from their pantry. You picked up your overnight bag from beside the couch and made your way to the bathroom to change. You changed into a pair of jeans and a cute t-shirt. After tying your hair into a messy bun, you exited the bathroom. “Where are you going?” Ethan questioned, looking up from his phone.

“Shopping for my date.” You shrugged. “Mind if I leave my bag here? Might be back tonight.” He nodded and you bid him goodbye.


You pulled into your driveway hours later, multiple shopping bags sitting in the backseat of your car. You pulled your key from the ignition and pushed open your door. Your ears were immediately greeted with a combination of a lawn mower and Time For That by Kevin Gates. You turned your head, eyes landing on a shirtless, sweaty Grayson. Pulling your lip bottom lip between your teeth, you stared at him through your sunglasses.

“Y/n, hey!” He smiled at you. You snapped out of your trance when he started walking towards you. The faint sound of his music echoing throughout your ears.

Slamming your front door closed, you smiled at him. “Hi, Grayson. Ethans got you mowing the lawn?” He let out a low chuckle, nodding his head. “I’ve never once seen him out here mowing the yar. I’ve lived here a year!” He grinned, eyeing you up and down. You would usually feel self-conscious when someone stared at you, but when Grayson did it, you felt euphoric.

He cleared his throat moments later, a slight blush residing upon his cheeks. Why was he blushing? Had your no so secret stare embarrassed him? “So, uh, do you need help with your bags?” He asked as his eyes landed on the mountain of bags sitting in your car.

“Do you mind?” Smiling, he shook his head.

“Of course not.”

You grinned, opening the backseat door, taking as many bags as you could. Stepping out of the way, Grayson grabbed the rest of them and followed you to the front door of your house. Turning the knob, the door swung open. You tossed your keys onto the coffee table and headed toward your room, Grayson following quietly. Setting the bags down on your bed, you turned to him. “Thank you.”

He beamed at you, his smile illuminating the room. “Anytime. I’ve gotta go finish the yard, but I’ll see you later, yea?” You nodded as he turned around and walked out of your room. You heard the front door shut seconds later.

Digging through the bags, you decided on an outfit for your date. You treated yourself to a nice hot bubble bath before getting ready.


Slamming the front door of your car for the second time that day, you raced to the front door of Ethan and Graysons house, loudly banging on it. Grayson pulled the door open slowly, his eyes droopy; you suspected from sleeping. “Y/n? What the hell, are you okay? Why are you banging on the door at,” He looked at the clock hanging on the wall. “Ten-thirty?” You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath, trying to calm the anger searing through your veins.

“I’m not okay, I need to talk to Ethan now!” Your face was red from irritation, your heels hanging from your hands. “My date was terrible!” Grayson pushed the door open a bit more, granting you entrance. You stomped towards Ethans room, barging in. “Ethan I need to talk.” His eyes widened as he saw you, and you thanked God he wasn’t asleep already. He plucked his earbuds from his ears and opened his arms. You placed your heels and purse on his desk before climbing into bed with him. He wrapped his arms around you as Grayson sat on the end of the bed.

“What happened?” Grayson asked, scooting closer to you.

“My date was a fucking flop. He was such an asshole!”

Ethan sat up straighter, his eyebrows furrowing. He and Grayson exchanged a knowing look before looking back to you, “What’s his address? I just wanna talk.”

You rolled your eyes, “Not to me, just to everyone else! He was nice to me. He treated the waiter like garbage and the movie usher- ugh don’t even get me started! How can he be like that? God, I liked him so much. This is why I don’t go on dates!”

Ethan gave you an ‘I-told-you-so’ look. “Sorry, Peaches.” He mumbled, rubbing small circles onto your back.

“Oh fuck! I don’t have a boyfriend!” The twins gave you a confused glance, before looking at each other, the same confused expression on their faces.

“Explain?” Grayson enquired, slowly looking back to you.

“My parents are visiting this weekend! I told mom I was seeing someone so she would stop pestering me about my love life. I’m so fucked.” You buried your hands in your face, a frustrated groan escaping your lips.

You sat in silence for multiple minutes before Ethan spoke up, “I could pretend to be your boyfriend.” He shrugged and you shook your head.

“They know you, Ethan. They know how close we are. I always say you’re like my brother. They won’t believe it.” Your eyes widened and your jaw fell open slightly as you looked up from your hands. “Grayson! Grayson, please be my pretend boyfriend? Please, please, please?!”

His eyes were the size of saucers as you stared into them, “I, uh, me? Wh-what, um.” He stuttered.

You pulled your best puppy dog eyes and pouty lip, “Please, Grayson?” He let out a deep breath, slowly nodding his head. “AHHH! Thank you so much!” You threw yourself at him, tackling him onto the bed. “You’re the best!”

“Oh, god. What have I done?” You playfully slapped his arm and thanked him again. “Yea, yea. Whatever, don’t make it into a big deal.” But to him, it was a big deal.





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“We weren’t meant to be. We should have never kissed. I should not have become that weak soul which needs you. We shouldn’t have met, but we did.”

Summary: I call him devil because he makes me want to sin. And every time he knocks… I can’t help but to let him in…

Hoseok was my brother’s best friend. He was nothing but bad news, but the more I spent time around him… the more I couldn’t help but to fall for him…

Temptations is a dangerous thing… especially with a guy like him…

Previous Parts:

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 //

Part 7 is here~ 


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The way his face went completely soft when it was his turn to say ‘I do’ got me bad. He said it with such honesty and you can see it in his eyes. He’s looking at her with such admiration, it’s like he still can’t believe he’s been so lucky to find her and there’s zero doubt that he will love this woman for the rest of eternity *sigh* They’re so beautiful help. (credit to @onceland for the gif).

Ice Cream & Destroying Bullshit

Requested:  Are you still doing requests? If so I have requested this before but like a John Laurens x chubby reader? I’d really like to see what you can do, since you’re like the best writer ever! (Loved breaking btw!!)

Wordcount: 655 (just a lil drab)

Warnings: Language, fat shaming, cute

Tags: @abi-sans05 @tayahqr (You did say tag in everything)

You adjusted the bag strapped to your back and walked down the street. You decided to wear a cute yellow dress today that really showed off your body because you were feeling really confident. I hope I’m not to late, I was supposed to meet John ten minutes ago! As you approached the café you and John planned to go for a little date you passed by a man. He whistled at you.

“Hey there, you’re liking mighty fine, sweetheart!” He hollered, you rolled your eyes. Gross. You ignored him and continued on your way. “I see how it is-” You didn’t listen to him finish that statement and instead walked inside the coffee shop. You saw John turn his head in your direction. He waved you over as you strutted to the seat he saved for you. He shot you a sly smile.

“Well don’t you look as pretty as ever!” He praised, you fanned yourself in an exaggerated manner.

“Oh my! Mr. Laurens you flatter me so!” He chuckled at your performance and handed you the coffee he ordered you as you sat across from him. You took a sip. “Perfect as always, love! You always know what my order is!” You joked. You took another drink and you could see John staring at you from the rim of the mug. “Can I help you, sir?” You asked as you set the cup down.

“What the heck did I do to deserve you?” He questioned with dreamy eyes, a few stray curls sticking out from his ponytail. You pretended to think for a moment.

“Let’s see… You’re cute, you’re funny, you like turtles… actually it’s because you buy me coffee, I’m sorry I lied.” You teased.

“Fair enough, I’ll take it!” He shrugged.

“I’m just kidding! You know I love you thiiiiiis much!” You extended your arms out wide.

“Stop being so cute!” He clutched onto his chest like his heart was aching. “I can’t handle it!” The two of you talked about your day as you finished your drinks.

“You wanna go get ice cream?” You grinned mischievously.

“Hell yeah! Mint choco-chip for the win!”

“Oh God, you’re such a dork!” You snorted, he took your hand and laced your fingers between his, leading you out of the shop. As you both walked beside each other, you saw the guy from earlier. Ugh, this asshole. He noticed you with Laurens and laughed.

“Well, look who’s back! And you brought a little friend, I can’t believe someone actually can deal with all of that! Dude, do you just ignore how big she is or something?” What a fucking dick! You felt John’s grip on your hand tighten.

“You want to take care of this or should I?” He whispered.

“I got this babe, don’t worry.” You looked the douchebag in the eye. “Oh trust me sweetie, he has no reason to ignore my size! He loves every single inch of me and more importantly I do too. It’s too bad an ass-hat like you will never be able to handle this much woman, or any woman for that matter!” You clicked your tongue and he looked genuinely offended.

“Dude, control you fucking girlfriend!” He whined, John chuckled.

“Don’t ‘dude’ me, first of all. Second of all, I don’t control her. Lastly, my girl is the most gorgeous thing on this fucking planet, your ass wishes it even had a chance with her!” John high fived you and you placed your hand on your hip.

“Damn right! Come on babe, we’ve got something more important at hand, ice cream!” The two of you walked past the dude, leaving him speechless.

“Have I told you how much I love you?” John asked.

“Yes, but you can say it again if you want.”

“I really fucking love you!” He smiled.

“I love you more than ice cream and destroying bullshit, which means I love you more.”

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Ugh. The name calling is starting again against MM. Can we stop? Quite simply, how can we as women take offense when men call us names, but continue to do so with each other? Let's stop with the negativity and innuendos. She doesn't deserve it and it makes us look like harpies.

I don’t go to her SM. No one should. If you aren’t a fan of hers for herself then there is no reason to go there let alone for the sole purpose of insulting her, Sam, Cait, or each other. I don’t associate myself with any of that horseshit. And no one I know does either.

The Arrow Necklace: Legolas Imagine

Legolas fluff imagine for: naryamirie

Legolas x reader

Word count: 670

A/N: Sorry it’s so short, but I hope you like it! :) Remember, requests are open! :D (Also, I have not read through this, so sorry for any errors. I’m not from an English speaking country, so please be nice) This is the first time I have ever written something about Legolas, so if it’s crap, please be nice.

You stood on a rock out in the forest nearby Mirkwood. You liked being out here, you knew you were on duty to look after the royal family, but it was so nice out here. The sun was shining and you sat down on the rock and looked out at the river next to you. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. You lived for days like these. Just as you were about to lay down you heard a movement behind you. You were quick to get your bow ready with an arrow and you turned around. It was Legolas. You put your bow and arrow down.

“Good.” he said and walked towards you. “You’re getting quicker.” You smiled at him.

“Thank you.”  You said while you put your bow and arrow back. He sat down next to you. This was nice. You liked Legolas, you really did. You had grown up together, always been good friends. However, you knew Legolas liked you, really liked you. One time you had overheard a conversation he had had with his father, Thranduil, where he had admitted his love for you, but Thranduil was not so happy to hear that his son had fallen in love with “just a simple guard”. Ever since then you could not stop thinking about it. It was always in the back of your mind. You liked him too that way, but you knew you could not be with Legolas because of Thranduil.

None of you had said a word. Legolas didn’t know you liked him. You had tried to figure out a way to tell him, but no time was right for that kind of confession. You bet your lip. Ugh, if I could just tell him already… You thought to yourself. You felt Legolas looking at you. You turned your head to him. For a few seconds you were just stirring at each other; you took a deep breath. Now or never.

“There is something-“ you both said at the same time. You shook your head slightly. “You first” you gestured to him. You looked at him while he was taking out a small box from his pocket. He opened the box. Inside there was a small golden arrow necklace.

“I got this made for you.” He said and handed the box over to you. You slightly blushed as you received it.

“Legolas, it’s- it’s beautiful. Thank you.” You smiled and picked the necklace out of the box.

“Here, let me.” He said and took the necklace and put it on around your neck. You felt the arrow with your fingers.

“It’s a very nice gift,” you said. “But why?” you asked. He looked at you with his clear light blue eyes. He sighed very slowly or took a deep breath; you were not sure which one. He looked out at the river.

“Well, I have wanted to tell you for a long time now about my feelings for you.” He said and you could feel your heart beating faster.

“When I got that necklace for you, I thought as well I would give it to you and tell you.” He continued. “I really like you, no, forget that. I think I actually love you, (Y/N)” he said as he looked back at you again. Your were sure that your heart was about to jump out of your chest. You felt your cheeks heating up, you wanted to turn away from him but you couldn’t, you just couldn’t.

You looked him in the eyes. “I think I do too, I think I love you too.” You said, not even knowing you had said it. It was like your heart was speaking by itself. Legolas’ eyes lit up. You moved closer to him, and he moved closer to you until you were so close to each other that you were sure he could hear your thoughts and your heart beating. Then you kissed. It was sweet, but passionate.

Dating Remus Lupin Would Include...

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- Remus would be the extremely blunt boyfriend, who would never intentionally hurt your feelings, but would never let you walk around looking stupid. If you were doing something entirely unreasonable, he’d call you out on it. And sometimes, you’d be mad, but it’d pass eventually and you’d be nothing but grateful

- Long, loving hugs at King’s Cross at the beginning of each school year 

- At first, holding shaky hands and receiving nervous pecks

- Ugh okay, how about this: Remus is a book lover. If you don’t agree, you’re wrong. So, he’d be really enthusiastic to show you books and share these fictional worlds that he loves and show you characters that he sees a lot of himself in. Honestly, reading his book recommendations would play a major role in getting to know him. 

- And some nights, you won’t be in a great mood. You’d be tired and snarky. And Remus and you would lay on the couch in the Gryffindor common room. He’d play with your hair and read chapter after chapter to you until you fell asleep. 

- And oh my god, imagine all the rest of the Marauders piling in around the couch. I mean, James pulling a roomy chair in front of the couch, sitting down to listen. Lily sprawling out over James’ lap. Peter lying on the ground on his back, hands acting as pillow for his head, eyes closed. Sirius leaning up against the couch while Marlene laid out, head in his lap. So cute. 

- When Remus is in the hospital wing, you’d always read to him, and the Mauraders would pull up chairs to listen too. 

- Since Remus is as shy and easily flustered as he is, the boys would probably play a big role in getting the two of you together. So, probably through your actual relationship, the boys would always be involved. Sirius giving Remus tips about sex, James telling you little hints about Remus and how to make him happy, Peter telling embarrassing stories about Remus. I mean, they’d all be like brothers. 

- Remus would be lowkey jealous lol

- Finding out he’s a werewolf would go something like this

- Super slow kisses 

- “I don’t know how I ever got so lucky.” 

- Getting annoyed with how much he studies and obsesses over his schoolwork

- “Remus, I just don’t understand why you’re so concerned. You’re basically wizard Einstein.”

- “Who?” 

- Always talking about the future because there’s no denying that young Remus was a flaming ball of anxiety

- Little cute notes with quotes from books written on them that remind him of you

- “Hey, angel.” 

- Omg, ice skating on the Black Lake when it gets cold enough 

- Stealing his sweaters that look like soft, cozy dresses on you and Remus absolutely loving it

- He would call you “sweetheart” every other sentence

- Ugh okay, him watching you all the time, with his elbow on the nearest table, hand sitting his palm and an adorable smile on his face that screamed ‘that’s all mine’ 

- Tracing each and every scar and feel your heart break with every single one because god, your sweet boy is going through so much pain and you can’t do anything to stop it 

- The ‘see you soon’ talks right before every full moon (which I’m probably gonna do an imagine of and link it eventually) 

- He would walk you to each class

- He’d be so attentive whenever you spoke, and he’d always always always want to hear every detail of your day and stories from your childhood and “on a scale of one to ten, how tempted were you to hex Sirius today” 

- He’s such a gentleman

- Nose kisses

- Him coming up to you in the common room with a completely serious expression, “I have decided it’s been long enough.” 

- “What?” 

- “I have been keeping this a secret from you for a very long time and now I am completely sure I can trust you.” 

- “Umm…” 

- “Please come with me.” 

- And Remus would lead you up to his dorm, doing a standard look both ways about five times to make sure no one’s watching check around every corner

- Eventually, you’d follow him into his empty dorm and he’d look at you, and take your hands in his, “Swear to me you won’t tell anyone. Especially not Pads, alright?” 

- “I…okay, I swear.” 

- And he’d pull up a scarlet covered rug in the middle of the floor and the pull up a board in the floor, revealing a hoard of chocolate

- “Remus, are you bloody serious? You can tell me you’re a werewolf but have to wait a whole year into dating me to show me your chocolate stash?” 

- He would be accidentally hilarious 

- James being lowkey jealous of you two

- Long naps in strange positions, but it didn’t matter because you guys just love touching and being together 

- Remus can totally play the guitar and you would be in love with listening to him play and hum quietly as you studied or did whatever 

- Remus would get really irrationally moody and irritable right before full moons and it would cause problems and arguments 

- He’d always feel terrible afterwards and give you really heartfelt apologies

- Remus would write about you and it would be so beautiful 

- Piggy back rides

- I think I’ve already said this, but for emphasis really slow, passionate kisses that literally drive you crazy

- Spending the summer with him on a roadtrip 

- Him making you tea 

- He would be so lowkey snarky. Eye rolls and sarcastic comments

- Jealous Remus is the best Remus; all touchy and compliment-y and cater-y 

- He’d just be such a good, gentle, loving, caring boyfriend 

- How can I make fictional characters fall in love with me? 

The expanse dump 2.07 *here be spoilers*

Looks like farming is a little more dangerous than Bobbie initially thought. But god damn, the entire sequence is filmed so beautifully.

Errinwright, you piece of shit. How pissed is he every time Avasarala is in a room with him. Ha! And that’s why. Shut the fuck down so the queen can speak.

But he got pretty blue eyes.

What the fuck is with this show and blue. I’m already cringing at the thought of making gifs.

“We all know who really did that.”

“And whom do I serve.” Fucking check!

Okay, I’m going to sound like a broke record, but I still can’t get over the fact that Avasarala is allowed these character traits as a woman. Especially considering she’s being proped and praises instead of vilified or being degraded into being a ‘bitch.’

Of course Alex is greeting the refugees and making children feel at ease. Of course. Like, can this dude be more pure?

Dawes, you charismatic fuck.

Season 2 is seriously about making Amos one of the most interesting characters. How that cry reverberates in the center of his chest, cutting through the walls he’s put around himself, cutting him in places he’s still vulnerable. But be doesn’t shy away from that, does he? Just carries it with him, even if it’s completely overwhelming at times.

I’m not ready for Bobbie tears. I’ll literally fight anyone who second guesses Frankie Adams as Bobbie. Jab-cross right to the throat.

“It made me remember when I was that boy.” STOP THIS RIGHT NOW.

Fred mentioning ‘Inaros.’

I couldn’t be more happy to have Dawes back. That voice. That shady af charisma with a silver tongue.

Ha! That 'excuse you’ look when johnson cuts him off.

Dawes, Fred, Errinwright, Avasarala, Holden - watching these powerhouses play off each other is amazing. Perfectly cast, each of them!

Listen, I get that Holden was on Eros, and his heart is in the right place, and I’m not trying to downplay the stress and ptsd he’s still under, but ugh, I’m having a hard time watching him trying to rationalize everything that’s happening with the Belters to a Belter? Like, I think Naomi understands what’s up.

Don’t patronize Bobbie ya pill popper.

I tried to stay away from spoilers, but a few posts slipped through the cracks. Bobbie being a little too warmongering was one of them. And I’m not seeing why people are being so harsh on her. She’s traumatized. She’s not thinking straight and she’s reaching for what she thinks makes more sense. Also, it’s easier to accept that reality than a fucking alien-demon-monster killed her squad and almost her.

Legitimate salvage! I’m gonna take that as a shout out to @when and her beautiful fics.

“You remind me of someone.” Ugggh.

She doesn’t want new armor.

Fuck, Dawes knows how to play people.

Holden with a gun is pretty fucking sexy.

Yep, Dawes knows how to play people, in deed.

Not A Bad Thing ~ Part One

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Fairy-tale & AU Series Index

Previous Part || Next Part

Word Count: 5.2K

Please ignores & excuse any errors. There are soo many errors. please ignore them! I will fix it later!

I wasn’t sure where I was going, all I know is that my legs were carrying me away. I could hear Jang Mi calling me from behind, but I didn’t have the heart to turn around to look at her. I just wanted to get out of there. The two cameras hanging over my shoulders, moved lightly against my hips as I quickly exited the venue.

I got strange looks from some of the business men at the convention, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t able to gather my thoughts till I was standing outside, breathing in the warm summer air. I stood there, gasping for air, making me realize I was holding my breath. I placed my hand on my chest, staring up at the dark sky shining with stars.

Cars zoomed by on the road, and the sound of the music from inside was booming. I took deep breaths, trying to calm my nerves as the sounds of the environment around me went on. I placed my hands on my hips, staring at the pavement my feet were standing off.

I’m not sure how long I stood there for, my mind drawing blanks as I reached for thoughts.

I was zoned out. My thoughts were so scrambled, that my mind went blank. I snapped out of the trance, bringing my trembling hand up to my mouth. Awful memories rose for the depths of my mind.

I walked down the crowded hallway, of my middle school trying to avoid the whispers and glancing. It’s always like this. The looks of pity, since I was the victim of Sehun’s constant bullying.

I reached my locker, putting in the code, ready to open it. I pulled on the locker door slightly, and heard a strange noise emit from it.  I opened the locker door completely and saw a bucket hanging from the top of my locker. Due to the fact that I opened the locker door, the bucket tipped, sending purple paint all over my clothing and the floor. I stood there shocked, staring at the mess before me.

It felt like I could almost hear the stares. That’s how they felt. My body tensed as I stared down at the new shirt my mom got me. She spent a lot on this, seeing as our family isn’t exactly rolling in money.

I was pulled out from my thoughts when I heard laughing from my far left. I looked up to see 3 familiar figures.

Baekhyun, Chanyeol and, of course, Sehun. They stood there laughing their butts off as I stood there helpless. Sehun, who had his hands on his knees as he laughed, stood up straight and met my eyes. My eyes were stinging, tearing welling up quickly. Though my vision was blurring slightly, his piercing eyes stood out. That cold, emotionless look that his eyes held.

That expression was only reserved for me. I’ve never seen him look at anyone else like that. It made me feel small. It made me feel even smaller than small.

He reached into a plastic bag that laid and the ground beside him, and took a handful of something. I watched in horror as he walked towards me, and threw the item on me.

Feathers. He threw feathers which were now sticking to my clothes and skin. I bit my lip, trying to keep in my tears. Sehun chuckled humorlessly.

“Aw, are you gonna cry?” He spoke like he was addressing a child, “Don’t waste your tears, lens freak. No one cares.”

He snickered at me before taking a deep breath and speaking loudly, “Everyone gather around, the lens freak is gonna cry. Take your phones out, get your cameras ready, it’s gonna be a sight to see.”

“What is your problem?” I mumbled. Sehun was now saying something to Baekhyun when he heard me speak. He raised an eyebrow at me.

“Did you say something?” Sehun hissed.

I closed my eyes, tears falling down my cheek, “What the hell is your problem? What did I ever do to you? Why are you treating me like this?”

Sehun walked closer to me, stopping right in front of me and smiled. Ugh, that rude smile of his.

“I need to take my stress out of something and that’s you. From the moment I saw you all weak, soft and quiet…it bothered me.” He almost whispered. He was so close, I could smell him. He smelt clean, like a someone who just stepped out the shower. His breath smelt minty. More tears welled up in eyes.

“Such a cry baby. Better go wipe off as much paint as you can before it dries.” He snapped before turning around to leave.


My hand was trembling as I stood there and chills ran down my back. I took a shaky breath before grabbing one of the cameras over my shoulders. I turned around and entered the building. I’m being paid to take pictures, I can’t let something like this distract me from my work. I’ll just ignore him. If he approaches me again I will avoid him.

I walked back into the big hall, spotting Jang Mi who was in the crowd taking photos. My eyes shifted around the room trying to find some subjects to snap pictures of. Just when I focused on this lovely couple speaking to each other, a figure stepped in front of me and obscured my view.

“Hi,” Sehun said showing a small smile. I stopped in my tracks, wondering what my face expression looked like at that moment. I’m guessing it didn’t look that good because he started off apologizing.

“I’m sorry if I freaked you out or something. My friends tell me to smile more because if I don’t I look scary.” He chuckled softly before rubbing the back of his neck. A gesture that showed nervousness. Ugh, traces of that feelings from earlier was coming back.

“Can I speak to you fo-”

“I have to take pictures, excuse me,” I cut him off, before walking past him to the couple.  I managed to keep my voice in monotone, avoiding eye contact. The camera in my hand began to tremble along with my hand as I walked towards the older couple.

They still stood there chatting to each other. The woman looked a bit irritated, speaking to the man about something. I still brought the camera up to my face, snapping a few photos.

I went around snapping more and more photos. I met with Jang Mi a few times, who threw questions of frustration my way. She said I wasted a good chance to speak to Oh Sehun. She even told me about how he stood there like a lost child when I walked away. He even looked to her for answers, which she didn’t have.

I rolled my eyes at her comments before brushing off her comment. I continued to walk around the event, snapping photos. There were a few times where i would wander around, looking for more shots when I spotted the 9 CEOs of EXO Inc. Each time I even glanced their way for a second, Sehun seemed to have noticed. He would look in my direction as if I called him.

I avoided them the whole night.

I would say I did pretty well, though every time I looked their way, it felt like I was the topic of discussion. Do they remember me? They probably do. I don’t look much different from middle school, so I didn’t think it would take them that long to notice. Then again…I wasn’t much to them.

The night was coming to an end and people were starting to leave. The venue that was once filled with people was growing more and more spacious. Things were being closed up. I was going over things with Jang Mi.

“You need to inform them about the processing.” She said to me. I followed her gaze to where the 9 men stood laughing and chatting it up. Though there was only few guests left, they were talking like the party had just started.

I groaned, realizing what that meant, I would have to speak to them.

“Jang Mi,” I whined pouting at her, “Can you please do me a favor? Can you do it this time? Please?”

She kissed her lips and shook her head at me, “I did it the last 3 jobs remember? Y/N, just go. Are you afraid of them? They won’t bite. Go.” She reached into her backpack, taking out the forum, clipboard and pen. After she handed them to me, I showed her a look of panic. Though she saw my expression, she showed me a small smile before pushing me forward.

“Goddamn it.” I muttered before taking slowly reluctant steps towards te men. Of course I caught their attention right away.  Most of them were looking at me with a knowing smirk, as if expecting me.

“Excuse me,” I began softly, “Who booked up for today? I need a few things filled out, because we were not given these details before hand.” My eyes scanned over the faces of all the men except for one.

“That would be Mr. Oh.” One of the men said. I think Junmyeon was his name. The small smile on my lips flatten and I exhaled. I turned towards Sehun who stood there with one hand in his pocket while looking at the  gold rolex watch on his wrist.

“Mr. Oh,” I said to catch his attention, but looking at the way he responded, he was already paying attention. My eyes were focused on the space behind him as I held out the pen and clipboard. He gave a confused but didn’t question me. This should be an easy thing but I guess things aren’t that simple. When he reached out to grab the pen, our hands brushed. Suddenly it felt like I was hit by lightning. I flinched back from Sehun, dropping both the pen and the clipboard.

My body was growing hot as I stood there. What is going on?!

I tried to recover, apologizing and picking up the two items. This time I handed them to him, without skin contact. I took a few steps back, leaving space between us.

“Please fill this out.” I stated quietly. As Sehun was filling out the form, one of the men spoke.

“Does your company only do event photography?” He asked. His big eyes and small smirk was welcoming.

“Events, portraits, and commercial are what we do.” I answered simply before glancing at Sehun who was still writing. My body was still burning hot but I was able to keep myself together.

“What’s your name?” Sehun suddenly asked but kept his eyes on the clipboard.

“Mr. Oh, there’s no need to know my name. I’m just a photographer.” I replied int monotone.

“I’ve actually been wanting to talk to you.”

“Offers for future jobs are to be emailed to us. I will give you my business card-” He cut me off kindly, glancing up from the clipboard as he checked and signed things.

“This doesn’t have anything to do with that.”

My brows furrowed and my forehead creased.

“What could we possibly have to talk about Mr. Oh?” I replied.

“Please call me Sehun.” he smiled kindly, and signed one more thing on the form. Sehun hands me the clipboard and pen, avoiding any skin contact. I nodded and muttered a small thank you before turning to walk away.

“…Your name?” He called out, although I wasn’t too far from him in the first place.

I stopped walking and shook my head, “Like I said Mr. Oh, I’m just a boring photographer.” I spun on my heels and faced the 9 men.

“Thank you so much letting us work with you today. Please come to Moments Photography for all your desires to capture moments in pictures.” I bowed slightly before standing up straight and smiling.

“We will have the pictures to you within 48 hours.” I added quickly. I turned around and headed towards Jang Mi who was packing up the gear.  I heard some mumbling behind me.

“Don’t just let her go like that. Go say something.” Is what someone said.

That’s when I heard footsteps following quickly behind me.

I mentally sighed, and shook my head. Why he is so interested in me all of a sudden? What for?

“Why do I feel like you’re rushing to get out of here?” Sehun said from behind me, walking swiftly to catch up with me.

“Because I am Mr. Oh,” I said as he walked in front of me, “Please I really need to go.”

“Let me just talk to you for a minute.” He spoke softly. When I didn’t respond he continued to speak. I could see Jang Mi far off behind him, giving me a grin and a thumbs up.

Sehun stood there trying to find his words, his pointer finger scratching his temple aimlessly.

“My colleagues and I were about to get something to eat before the night is over. We were actually looking for a photographer to help us with an upcoming project. Maybe we could discuss things over dinner?”

I almost laughed. Wow, persistent as ever.

“I don’t think that will be needed Mr. Oh.” I kindly shut him down, trying to keep a friendly smile on my face. I was still avoiding eye contact so his facial expression was only partly visible to me. He sighed, almost seeming annoyed with me. His facial expression certainly haven’t changed. You could always tell how he was feeling by the look on his face. I finally mustered up enough confidence to look him in the eyes. I was expecting those cold and sinister eyes but I was taken back.

The brown eyes that stared at me were soft and kind eyes. They held a sort of adoration that I’ve never seen before. It’s like these eyes were looking right through me and seeing every flaw, but accepting each and every single one. I didn’t realize my lips parted and a soft gasp left my lips.

I was almost hypnotized by his eyes.

“So..will you join us for a quick meal?” He asked again.

Before I could think, I spoke, “Okay, dinner sounds great.” Sehun broke out in a huge smile, clapping his hands together once in joy.

“Great! Your assistant is also welcome! I’ll let my colleagues know you’ll be joining us.” He smiled before walking back to the group of men.

I stared at his back as he walked away and the situation was slowly sinking in.

“What?” I whispered to myself. Did I just agree to dinner? What?! I groaned and mentally slapped myself. I turned back to Jang Mi and rushed over to her.

“What happened?” She asked me, her eyes twinkling with curiosity.

“It seems that we are going out to dinner with the CEO’s of EXO Inc.” I explained, keeping my voice very monotone. Her eyes widen and a look of excitement crossed her face.

“I knew he liked you! Why else would he invite you out to eat?” She teased, packing up more of the gear.

I rolled my eyes at her words, “He said he needs photographers for an upcoming project.”

“Bullshit.” She hissed, “He totally likes you. I’m honestly surprised you even accepted the invite. You ran away when he approached you earlier.” She laughed as she recalled the memory. All I could do was cringe slightly. My head was spinning, trying to figure out how I ended up in such a situation.  Jang Mi and I finished packing our gear. I tried to tune out Jang Mi’s endless blabber in the process.  

After packing our gear, I started walking towards the exit of the venue. I was going to put my things in my car. There was a part of me that wanted to sneak off. If I do that, the chances of seeing Sehun again will be less. I don’t even want to tell him my name, thinking I would trigger memories to return to him. Once he realizes who I am, he will probably laugh in my face.


How in heaven’s name did I end up here? I am driving to the address of the restaurant which Sehun has written down for me. I was driving the slowest I could, delaying this dinner I was dreading. It also way too late at night to consider this a dinner. Jang Mi on the other hand, was bouncing in her seat. She would talk about the hopes of having one of them fall in love with her. All I could do was scoff at those fantasies.

As we pulled into the parking lot of the 5 star restaurant, I noticed right away that it was practically empty. I parked my car quickly, opening the car door and hopping out. The lace sleeves of my dress were starting to itch, a sign that I have been wearing this dress for way too long.

“Let’s get this over with.” I muttered shutting the car door behind me. I started walking towards the dimly lit restaurant, my heels clicking on the pavement. Jang Mi trailed behind me, gasping at the expensive cars that were also parked. I barely had time to glance at them. I was speed walking to the front doors. The sooner we start this, the sooner it’s over.

I walked up to the fancy wooden double doors. I started to push one of them open, when someone from the other side opened the door. I stopped exerting force on the door and watched as one of the employees of the restaurant stood there with a small smile. I thanked him swiftly and stepped inside, peeking over my shoulder to Jang Mi not far behind.

The restaurant was beautiful. It was dimly lit, with fancy tables and chairs. There were candles set on the tables, and they were glow beautifully. The atmosphere was very calming and warm, which watered down my nerves slightly.

I was a bit shocked when I felt a hand on the small of my back. It was Jang Mi, giving me a slight push to move forward. Turns out the waiter was trying to catch my attention. He was trying to lead us to the table. I apologized shortly and followed the man.

We were led through the restaurant to a sort of V.I.P area. There was a doorway that was blocked by some curtains. Once the curtains were pushed back, we walked into another dining area. It was like there was a second restaurant in the back.

That’s when I noticed them. They were all sitting at a big circular table, chatting away about something. Everyone’s attention was on Sehun. It seemed like many of them were all speaking at once.

“Just make sure you don’t scare her off.” One of them said.

“Don’t be too aggressive, but don’t be passive.” Another spoke to him. Sehun had an elbow on the table while his forehead rested on his hand. I opened my mouth to tell them we were here when Sehun’s head snapped up. The stressful expression that was on seconds ago disappeared. There was that smile again.

“Hey,” He said standing up from his seat, “I’m glad you made it. For a second I thought you were gonna ditch us.”

I wordlessly looked around the table, spotting a chair on the opposite side of the table, and another on beside Sehun. My eyes focused on that opposite chair. I took one seat forward and was disappointed as I noticed Jang Mi nearly run for that chair. She took her seat, sending me a knowing grin. I glared at her, before taking a seat in the only chair left. Right next to Sehun…great.

My dress suddenly felt too short, cause me to tug on the end as I sat.  Jang Mi introduced

“I’m sorry but we still haven’t learned your name.” The taller gentleman from before said. I guess there is no avoiding it huh?

“My name is Y/N.” I stated kindly, showing a smile. Probably the first real smile in a while.

“Y/N, huh?” I heard Sehun mumbled from beside me. I looked at him, and he was already looking my way.

“I’m Sehun, I’ve already introduced myself.” He spoke. As he shifted in his seat, I could smell his cologne whiff through the air. It was a subtle vanilla like fragrance and his warmth was alluring.  I think I may have leaned towards him a bit, but it doesn’t seem like anyone has realized. My mind is spinning. I constantly tell myself to stay away from him…but I feel like I’m being drawn to him. No matter how hard I fight him, the hate and disgust I want to feel…isn’t happening.

“These are my brothers.” He explained. My eyes widened.

“Your brothers?” I asked, a bit shocked. I don’t remember Sehun having brothers in middle school and high school.

“Yes my brothers.” He chuckled a bit at my reaction. “This is Junmyeon, Jongin, Minseok, Yixing, Jongdae, Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Kyungsoo.”

I said hello to all of them, receiving a friendly hello in return. The two names that stuck on to me were Baekhyun and Chanyeol. They have also changed a lot. Most Chanyeol. I could it hard to keep my smile present on my face when I realized who they were.

We soon ordered our food, and as the night went on we spoke mostly business. They were working on a establishment project. It was going to be about how they established their company and they need a photographer to capture the present times. They also needed an image change. Most of the CEOs are known as stuck up, rude and scary. They are looking to bring forth a warm image to themselves.

As dinner went on, I listened closely as the business spoke on exactly what they needed. After Jang Mi went back and forth on our conditions it seemed that things were settled. We kept eating. After the business talk was over, I decided I wouldn’t say anymore. I am trying to keep this on a business level. Jang mi on the other hand was making great conversation, always trying to bring it to me.

I kept my eyes on my plate, pushing around the food that was left on it.

“You’re not much a talker are you?” A voice beside me asked. I turned my head to see Sehun looking at me. Everyone else was caught up in their own conversation.

I chuckled, “I guess you could say that, I just try to keep to myself.”

“That’s understandable, plus it doesn’t seem like you want to be here.” He spoke honestly. I raised an eyebrow at him. Well he’s not wrong.

“Looking at your face expression, I see I am correct.” He added, before taking a sip of his wine.

“I guess you could say that.” I answered, leaning back in my seat; “It’s nothing personal.”

What a liar I am. It’s completely personal. It’s all personal.

“I’d rather be home editing photos right now.”

“Ahh.” Sehun said, finally understanding, “Your passion for photography is keeping you from having fun.” He was clearly teasing me.

“Photography is fun to me, because it is my passion. Do you have a passion?” I found myself holding a conversation with Sehun. Damn Y/N, what happened to keeping to yourself?

Sehun thought for a moment, “I would say my company is my passion. It probably sounds boring.”

“No, it doesn’t sound boring. Sorry to ask but, what does your company do exactly?”

“Well, EXO Inc puts forth various products. Make up, skin care, acne treatment and much more. My branch of the company is the marketing branch. So Oh Enterprises handles the marketing of not only EXO but of other companies and products as well.” He explained kindly. It felt like the more we spoke, the lower my guard got.

The tension in my shoulders was disappearing and I was relaxing. We were talking for quite a while.

“When did you start photography?” He questioned.

I gulped hesitating. Here comes that uneasiness again.

“I-in middle school. I got my first camera in middle school. It’s not advanced like the ones I have now, but I loved that camera.”

“I’m guessing it was a gift?”

“Yes. My parents bought it for me. In some ways I felt bad, because my family didn’t have a lot of money. Still, my parents bought me that camera.” I explained, blinking to keep my tears away. I brought my eyes down to the table.

“Stuff like that is something you keep forever right? I bet you kept that camera, since it was so important to you.” Sehun said.

“Actually,” My voice came out hard, “It didn’t even last a month. The camera was stolen and broken.” My eyes stayed on the table.

“Really? How?”

I almost skipped down the school hallway. It was lunch time so the hallways were practically empty, except for the few kids who would skip lunch and hang out in the lobby of the school. I was rushing to my locker to get the new camera my mother got me. I kept it in my backpack, which sat in my locker. I got permission from the principal to go into the school garden turning lunch to take some photos.

When I got to my locker, I noticed something was off. My backpack was open wide. I know I didn’t leave it open!

I started to panic as my hands searched the backpack. My camera?! Where is my camera?! My parents worked so hard to get me that camera! My eyes stung with tears and my shoulders slumped.

“Lens freak?” Someone called. I didn’t dare look up, dreading the face I would meet.

I looked up to see Baekhyun standing not too far from me. Beside him stood Chanyeol. Sehun was leaning against the lockers, his arms crossed and his eyes closed.

“Where is my camera?” I hissed at them. Sehun never once opened his eyes while Baekhyun and Chanyeol stood there laughing.

“I know you guess like to mess with me, but that camera cost a lot of money! If something happens to it, I’ll get in a lot of trouble.” I nearly begged fighting through my tears.

Baekhyun shrugged acting oblivious, “Why would you think we have it?”

“Baekhyun! Stop messing around! Give me the camera!”

That’s when Sehun sighed seeming annoyed. Without even glancing my way he turned around and walked down the hallway.

“If you want your dumb camera, check toilet #2 of the boys bathroom near the gym.” He said over his shoulder and waved as if he was saying goodbye to a find.

I watched as Chanyeol and Baekhyun laughed a bit more before turning around and following Sehun.


I felt my grip on my fork tightening as the memory played vividly in my mind. I could feel my shoulders tighten again, as the free atmosphere around me grew tense.

“Y/N?” Sehun asked sounding concerned. I started to gather my things.

“I think it’s about time I leave. I will email you about the project.” The words rushed out of my mouth, as I stood up from my seat. Everyone was looking at me, seeming confused.

“Jang Mi, let’s go.” I said to her. She looked a bit angry, but I think she started to notice the distraught look in my eyes.

“Okay,” She answered without questioning me.

“Thank you all for the dinner.” I said quickly, before turning around and exiting. I had only gotten past the curtains that blocked off the V.I.P section when I felt a hand take hold of my wrist. The touch made my body grow hot again, but it also calmed the mixture of emotions I was feeling. Sehun gently turned me to face him. Looking at his face expression, it resembled a lost and confused puppy.

“Um, did I say something to offend you? I’ve been trying to get to know you this whole night and it seems like you have a sort of dislike to me. Did I do something?” He asked biting his lip. All I could do was stare up at him.

“I would really like to see you again, not for business reasons either…if you’re up for it?” He asked kindly.

“Why do you want to see me again? I don’t understand. This whole night has been crazy and confusing. I just want to go home.” I admitted.

I was a bit shocked when Sehun suddenly took my hand in his.

“I know, I know. Things must be a bit confusing for you. All these feelings and sensations. You’re not crazy I promise, cause I feel them too. If you’ll see me again, I’ll explain everything. Okay?” Ugh there’s that warm feeling again. My heart starts to speed up and my face starts heating up.

“Okay, okay.” I reluctantly agree, “You’ll explain everything right?” So it all wasn’t in my head. The feelings that were drawing me to him, along with my skin growing hot every time the was skin contact.

“Yes, I’ll explain everything.” He confirmed. He took out his cell phone from his back pocket. I quickly gave him my number. I really hope I won’t regret this. As he saved my contact I noticed that Jang Mi was standing behind us.

“Jang Mi, why didn’t tell me you were there?” I asked.

She smirked, “I didn’t want to ruin the moment. Her eyes darted between Sehun.” I rolled my eyes before grabbing her wrist and pulling her forward.

“We’re leaving.” I said.

“I’ll call you.” Sehun replied.

“Yeah, yeah…whatever floats your boat lover boy.” Was all I muttered in reply.

As Jang Mi and I got to the car, she squealed. I glanced at her in confusion before opening the car door and getting in. She followed suit, hitting my shoulder playful.

“Y/N! He asked for your number. Now we know for sure that he likes you.”  She stated.

“He doesn’t like me.” I deadpanned.

“Mhh,” She thought for a moment, “I disagree. During dinner he couldn’t keep his eyes off you. Once you both started talking, his whole face lit up! He was looking at you like you were his whole world! Damn, I wish I could find a man to look at me like that.”

I sat there in the still car with Jang Mi for a second before whining, “But does that make any sense? He just met me right? How can he take such a liking to me already? I’m nothing special.”

“Don’t bring yourself down like that. I think he’s really interested in you.”

“Or he just sees me as a pretty girl he wants to fuck.”

Jang Mi hissed, “I don’t think it’s like that. Just give the dude a chance, he seems like a sweetheart. Completely different from his image.”

“Mhh.” Was all I said as I started the car.

“So will you give him a chance?”

“Probably not.” I answered.

“Why not?”

“Jang Mi,” I spoke sternly, “Trust me…it’s not meant to be.”

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anonymous asked:

Have you watched the live show? Thoughts on how good Jack looked and obviously Joe as well 😍😍

I went in an out of it, although I did end up going back to watch the half hour of pure Joeck and it was amazing.
Then I ended up watching the last twenty minutes and finishing it out with all of them.

But Jack.
Dear fucking god Jack.
He looks SO good the first time he came on, like holy shit he looked good. I love that boy in a SnapBack.

And then he was wearing that red shirt when he came in the second time.

He looked bloody amazing both times.

And Joe, considering how exhausted he was, looked good too!

Maybe that’s why they couldn’t stop looking at each other tho haha

anonymous asked:

Okay I have this weird idea for a fic where since realizing his love for steve, tony says I love you to him with his external speakers off in the ironman suit after and/or before a battle. And then they have this really samll battle mission or whatever and Tony is saying I love you to Steve inside the armor during the fight and he didn't realise he is still on comm lines and everyone hears and stops fighting looks at him funny cue to awkward moments and confessions. Ugh I am bad at using words

Awkward love confessions are the best, aren’t they?  All the emotions of battle and finally wanting to express his feelings, and, naturally, this does not go quite as planned. I think that sounds adorable!  Probably the rest of the team would be like, “Finally, dude, I thought you two were going to just eye-fuck each other to death.”

Southern Charm

Cameran: I have a soft spot for Cam. She’s beautiful, she’s funny, she’s pretty low maintenance. I don’t think she’s a mean girl for not wanting drama in her everyday life. I question her decision to be on a reality show, but I’ll put up with her keeping her personal life completely out of it in order to listen to her narrate. Shrug. Haters gonna hate.

Whitney: Vampire. I don’t think he was ever in love with Kathryn, but I do think he had a certain vision for how the show would go, and she came in and derailed it. He resents her for sure. I also think there’s something odd about his “relationship” with Larissa. 

Shep: Nothing but love for our Shepherd Rose. Then again, my affinity for the affable Peter Pan man-child is nothing new around here. 

Kathryn: Whoo boy, where to start. She’s obviously smart. It’s starting to feel gross watching her and Thomas act like such fools when there are now two children involved. I don’t see how they can keep this volatility going while trying to maintain a healthy environment for those kids. As much as I like watching the drama, I think it’s in her best interest to stop filming. That being said, what the fuck was she wearing at the reunion? She looked like she stepped straight out of a Wild West brothel.

Craig: Ugh. 

Thomas: Don’t you just hate those guys who get validation from pitting two girls against each other, all while claiming complete innocence for his part in it? Yeah, me too.

Landon: I know a girl exactly like Landon. Went to a prominent SEC school, was briefly married, is flighty and changes career goals every six months or so, but without wanting to do any of the work to achieve those goals.Tries to put on the perfect, charming southern belle act, but every once in awhile, the facade cracks, and she’s just a fucking bitch. But I do like her clothes, usually. And I totally think she slept with Thomas. (Landon, not the girl I know.)

Patricia: I love her, I can’t help it. I love her caftans, I love her martinis, I love her butler. I love her bon mots, I love her creepily perfect museum house, and I love that she has a fainting couch in the year of our Lord two thousand sixteen. I do, however, think there’s nothing less ladylike than sitting around with a bunch of younger bros talking shit on one of said dude’s baby mama.

JD: I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something a little sinister about JD. 

The rest of them: Snooze.