ugh stop it stop it

Omg I’m so annoyed I’ve been making an active effort all day not to think about my crush (for several reasons) and it was like fine because I never see him but then OF COURSE HE’S SOMEHOW WALKING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and I’m just like so distraught and annoyed because this wasn’t supposed to happen so instead of talking to him I just sped walked in front of him and now I’m extra annoyed because it’s like 1) ofc I would see you on the day I declare I want to stop thinking about you which made me less likely to talk to you on top of my shyness and 2) IF I DID SEE YOU THEN WHY DIDN’T I JUST SAY HI ugh why am I so incompetent 

I also look like trash today because this morning I was like it’s whatever you literally never see him anyways so stop imagining seeing him but then of course I actually see him !!! literally why 


Another thing that bothers me about Gabriel is like…his complete disregard for his son’s safety like?? All of Adrien’s classmates have been akumatized…and while some of them may be ridiculous…others pose a significant threat. Timebreaker for instance–nearly murdered (in essence) Chat Noir. Granted he probably didn’t/doesn’t know his son’s secret identity, but the rest of the class almost evaporated from existence. I’m sure he’s well aware Adrien spends most of his day with his class and could easily become a casualty due to his antics. That or he can at least sense his son’s presence.

He could have been crushed by Stoneheart, diminished by Pixelator, mauled by Animan, literally thrown off the Eiffel Tower by Volpina (yeah he was an illusion, but I wouldn’t put it past her to do it).

“But Ladybug reverses it all anyway, so is it really an issue?” …Yeah…he’s banking on LB and CN losing…so she can’t reverse anything…I mean…

Then he pulls the frantic; “Adrien! My son! Where is he? I want him to be safe!” bs. I genuinely think he panics to a degree when Adrien disappears…but only when it’s not by his hand (Christmas Ep.). Again, the way he feels the need to dictate and control his son is upsetting.

Dear People Who Smoke

I don’t know if you have considered this but stop smoking in areas where people are forced to wait at. Don’t smoke at crosswalks. Don’t smoke outside doorways. Don’t smoke at bus stops. People with asthma or other breathing conditions or people that idk DON’T WANT TO BREATHE IN YOUR CIGARETTE SMOKE are trying to get to places and need to be able to breathe. Stop smoking in crowded areas. stop smoking in crowded areas. STOP FORCING NONSMOKERS TO SECOND HAND SMOKE. 

Literature-savvy adults who “don’t understand” why adults enjoy Harry Potter (and other death-centric YA lit) are the stale raisins of the human race. Listen, adult lit is tagged as boring or depressing because a lot of it is about coming to terms with death, whereas YA lit is seen as immature because it’s almost universally about coming to terms with life. Harry Potter is about coming to terms with death as a means of coming to terms with life, ok Chadwick IV? Mystery solved sit back down on ur pile of 1st edition Steinbecks


Lyra lied out of NECESSITY. She lied to prevent her brother from being KILLED.

Maggie lied to PROTECT ALEX FROM EMOTIONAL STRESS. She lied to help her partner cope with her new identity and ensure that her coming out experience wasn’t miserable like hers was. It was a SELFLESS lie.

Mon-El lied for CONVENIENCE. He lied because he was fully aware that the DEO would throw him in jail if they knew his true identity. He lied to PROTECT HIMSELF FROM BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS COWARDICE AND LONG HISTORY OF SELFISH CRUELTY.

Stop comparing their lies and pretending that they are the same. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME.

Listen, Lily and James Potter were killed “less than a week” after Peter was made their secret keeper, and there’s no way he kept that secret for more than an hour so……basically what I’m telling u is that Voldemort waited a few days until it was Halloween night just to be that dramatic cloak-wearing a-hole 



It’s been a while posting here! <3 AND GUESS WHO FINALLY WATCHED SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMIIIIING jshfjahfhfs

All I can say is TOM HOLLAND FREAKKIN’ NAILED AS BOTH SPIDER-MAN AND PETER PARKER. Everything is SPECTACULAR especially Daddy Tony being a grumpy dad to Peter huhu.

Anyway! Hope to see more of Tom Holland’s performances in the future MCU!

Also BONUS (and spoiler-ish):



story of my life would a pair of murder husbands tell their child how they fell in love?


   Everything’s gonna be fine. Jack look at me, a few months from now everything will be back to normal.