ugh still mad about this scene

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They could have just avoided all this crap by not doing the ONS. Ugh Im still mad about this. I don't want months of Rebecca and Robert scenes. Im just so annoyed already. Aaron is going to be played like a fool and its going to piss me off even more. Ugh I just need him to find out. I hope they don't drag it to May

yeah buddy i need him to find out in april plz @ god i have one request literally one (1) request and it is that aaron find out soon because the lies are gonna KILL MEEEEEEE


what if we get a scene next episode that’s a parallel to the scene where Killian talked Emma down from crushing Merida’s heart? What if he takes, say, Rumple’s heart during their fight on the JR, and is about to bring everything terribly full circle and crush it, just as Rumple crushed Milah’s, because that would be the ultimate and terrible endgame that would seal him to the Darkness?

And what if Killian, alone, without Emma (assuming he’s still mad at her) holds back from this easiest, this darkest, this most terrible of actions? By himself? Shoves Rumple’s heart in his chest again and poofs off the JR to wherever?

And what if this parallels with him and Merlin and whatever happens back in Camelot, and Emma possibly taking it on herself to crush the heart to cast the curse so he won’t be stained by the darkness in Camelot and will still be himself when they get back to SB (my theory from yesterday?)

Because I may just die.