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Girl Meets Awkward Moment

A Joshaya Fanfic

Story by: @hoffkk

Requested by: Anonymous

Prompt: Could you plz plz plz write a one shot where Maya is wearing Josh’s shirt or something and it’s completely innocent but The adults see it and they think that Maya and Josh slept together and coz of this they both are embarrassed and blushing.


Maya Hart walked into the Intro to Art classroom, feeling both nervous and excited.  When  her art teacher, Mr. Jackson, mentioned that some local universities were reserving spots in some of their entry level classes for high school juniors as part of a special program to promote post-secondary education, she jumped at the opportunity.  A couple different schools offered art classes, but of course Maya picked New York University.  Not just because a certain someone was a junior there, but because NYU was a great school for studying art and where she planned on applying next year.  Luckily, the art teacher at the university liked the piece she submitted and picked her right back.  It was like it was meant to be.

Maya glanced around the room that smelled like paint and clay and watched other students file in. They seemed to be picking seats at random and sitting down, so Maya shrugged and sat down in front of  the nearest wooden easel in the middle of the room. She smiled as she traced her hand along the oak edges of the easel and smoothed out the large white canvas staring back at her, then Maya began to reorganize the paints that sat along the easel’s ledge, undoing the ROYGBIV color palate it was preset in.  She was moving the yellow to the far end when a voice interrupted her.

“Maya?” Questioned an all too familiar voice.

Despite the familiarity of the voice, Maya was still shocked to hear it. Obviously, she knew he went to this university, but she never thought she’d actually see him, especially in Intro to Art.  So, turning her head in surprise, she simply and automatically repeated his sentiment.

“Josh?”  She queried then added, “What are you doing here?”

He gave her one of his boyish grins then replied, “It’s my university.  What are you doing here?”

“I asked you first.” Maya retorted cheekily as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“I have to take a certain number of art credits to graduate.  I’m not much of an artist, but I already took Intro to Music, and this sounded less painful than Intro to Theatre.” Josh explained, half-serious, half-joking.

“So, basically, you picked the lesser of two evils.”  Maya responded.

“Pretty much.” Josh nodded, putting his hands inside his jean pockets.  "Your turn. How did you wind up in this class?“

Maya quickly told him all about the program that her art teacher recommended and how she was accepted. Josh couldn’t help but smile at how she beamed with pride and talked with such enthusiasm.

"Well, congratulations. I’m really happy for you.” Josh answered truthfully.

Maya smiled back, but before she could respond, the teacher burst through the door.  She was a tall, skinny woman with short, gray hair that poofed out from her purple headband.  The professor, who had to at least be in her sixties, called out to the class, “Sorry, I’m late! Please, take your seats, take your seats.”

Maya noticed the professor was wearing jeans and combat boots with her purple blouse.  She smirked, immediately liking the woman. Maya couldn’t wait to learn from her. Unfortunately, her smile didn’t last long after hearing the chirp of another female voice.

“Hey, Josh, over here!” Called a pretty brunette from two rows up.  Her hair was long, straight and absolutely perfect just like her outfit, which consisted of a sweater and mini-skirt.  Maya thought the skirt was a weird choice for January, but it looked cute nonetheless, and the pale pink of her sweater looked great against her mocha colored skin tone.  "I saved you a seat.“  She finished, patting the stool beside her.

Maya suddenly felt deflated. She was officially jealous of mystery girl’s style, beauty, and access to Joshua Matthews.  By the way she was talking to him, they clearly knew each other. Who knew how many classes they had had together before or even had together now or maybe… maybe they knew each other outside of class.  Ugh… that was something Maya really didn’t want to think about.  She wasn’t stupid, Maya new that he probably hung out with college girls, that there were tons of them that paid him lots of attention. She just hated being reminded of that fact, and now Maya got to be reminded of it every Thursday for two whole hours.

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there-is-humor-in-sarcasm  asked:

Yay~ ask box is open! Can I request Rikkaidai getting a love letter from their crush in their shoe locker? But the boys catch them and their crush tries to hide the note but the boys takes it and reads it? Thank you very much!

Aww, that’s such a cute idea. I hope you like it, love. <3


Yukimura smiled when he watched you trying to put a letter in his locker. He calmly walked up to you and gently tapped you on your shoulder. With a little shriek you whirled around, your cheeks slowly flushing when you saw him stand in front of you. You quickly tried to hide the letter behind your back, acting as casual as possible “H-Hey, Yukimura-san!” Yukimura chuckled, crossing his arms in front of his chest “Hello… What were you trying to do with my locker?” He already had a pretty good idea what you were hiding, but it was just too adorable to see you blushing and squirming in front of him. Your eyes widened and you backed away a bit “N-Nothing… I better go now.” Yukimura had a gentle smile on his face and you thought you managed to hide the note from him, but with a quick move Yukimura stole the letter out of your hands. You watched in shock how he opened the letter, eyes quickly scanning over the words you wrote. You clenched your fists, inwardly dying out of embarrassment. Yukimura glanced from the letter to you, his face expressionless. You wanted to turn around and walk away, already feeling humiliated enough. Yukimura started to feel a bit bad for teasing you so much and gently grabbed your hand to stop you, his eyes shining with happiness “No need to be embarrassed (Name). I shouldn’t have teased you so much. I’m really happy about the message and I would love to ask you out on a date.”…


Sanada wondered what you were doing when he saw you standing in front of his locker, obviously trying to put something inside. He walked up to you, but you were too busy to even notice him. He awkwardly cleared his throat, trying to catch your attention. When you turned around and looked up at him, your cheeks slowly turned red. You quickly pushed the letter back in your bag when Sanada spoke up, “Are you not feeling well (Name)-san? Your cheeks look red maybe you should go to the nurse.” You quickly shook your head, not realizing the letter slipping out of your bag “I’m fine… completely fine… haha… I-I have to go to do… s-something.” You walked a few steps away when Sanada saw the letter on the floor, he bent down to pick it up “(Name)-san wait… you lost something.” Sanada turned the letter in his hands, seeing his Name written on it. You had turned around when you heard Sanada call your Name, but you were too slow to stop him. You shouted out a loud “NO!” but Sanada had already opened the letter. You watched, frozen in shock how Sanada read the letter, his cheeks getting redder with every word he read. You both looked at each other with wide eyes until Sanada slowly walked up to you. He opened and closed his mouth for a few times before stuttering out “I-I apologize f-for reading your letter without your consent b-but I… I feel the same. I’m going to walk you home after school!” He didn’t give you the chance to answer and quickly walked away, leaving you behind grinning like an idiot. Thank god he read the letter.


Yanagi stood behind you, watching you fumble with the letter in front of his locker. Somehow you sensed a presence and turned around, freezing when you saw Yanagi standing behind you. Damn, you were sure that he still had practice and wouldn’t catch you put the letter in his locker. In your panic you tried to hide the letter behind your back, to be honest rather suspiciously. Yanagi tilted his head a bit before speaking in a calm voice “It’s nice to see you (Name)-san. What were you doing with a letter in front of my locker?” Ugh, you were bad at telling lies, but you couldn’t just tell him that you were trying to put a love letter into it “Nothing… It’s just a coincidence! It’s a letter from a friend. I didn’t even know this is your locker… haha, such a coincidence, right?” Yanagi raised an eyebrow “My Name is written on my locker (Name)-san and the probability is 86% that you are hiding a love letter behind your back.” You blushed but didn’t fight back when Yanagi pulled the letter out of your hands. He read the letter, a small smile playing on his face before he neatly folded it again. “Thank you (Name)-san. I reciprocate your feelings. To be honest, I wanted to confess to you today, so I hope you don’t mind me keeping the letter?”


It took you a long time to finally gather the courage to write a love letter. You actually wanted to confess in person, but you just were too shy. You were taking out the letter out of your bag when you saw out of the corner of your eyes how Yagyuu walked towards you. Oh god? What should you do? Should you run away? No, that would be too suspicious. While you were freaking out about what to do Yagyuu already closed the distance between you. You quickly rumpled the letter in your hand, trying to fight a blush. Yagyuu didn’t want to embarrass you, but he saw the letter hidden in your fist and he hoped this was actually what he expected it to be. With a soft smile he greeted you “Hello (Name)-san. I hope I’m not bothering you.” You quickly shook your head, stuttering out a “No.” Yagyuu gently opened your fist and took the crumpled letter out of your hand “D-Don’t read it!” Yagyuu’s eyes softened “But the letter is for me, why shouldn’t I read it?” You tried to think of a good reason, but Yagyuu already had opened the letter. You watched nervously how his eyes quickly scanned over the letter. Once he finished, he looked up at you “I planned to confess to you first, but seems like you beat me to it. I love you (Name)-san and I hope you will allow me to take you out.”


Kirihara ran up to you when he saw you standing in front of his locker. He loudly yelled your Name, making you jump. You quickly tried to compose yourself, why did he have to show up now?! “H-Hello, Kirihara-kun!” Kirihara grinned at you “Do you want to come and watch me practice today? Please? I promise I’m going to work extra hard if you come to watch me!” Usually you would be happy about him asking you to come but now you just wanted him to disappear. You shifted a bit, trying to hide the letter better behind your back “Uhmm… sure!” Kirihara looked a bit surprised, noticing you hiding something behind your back “What are you hiding (Name)? Show me! Show me!” You tried to decline it, but Kirihara already had snatched the letter from your hands. He turned it in his hands “Why are you hiding a letter?.. Oh, my name is written on the letter?!” You almost wanted to roll your eyes, he still didn’t get it. Kirihara ripped the letter open without waiting for your answer. His eyes went wide while he read the letter. Kirihara slowly looked up at you, his cheeks red. “D-Do you really mean that (Name)?! You like me? For real?!” His questions made you even more embarrassed but there was no point denying it now “Yeah… Would I write a letter if I didn’t mean it?” A wide grin spread across Kirihara’s face and he suddenly pulled you into a tight hug “I’m sooo happy! I really love you, too! Let’s go to the arcade after training, okay? I’m going to buy you ice cream if you want!”


You dug through your bag, desperately trying to find the letter. Damn, you spent hours writing it and you were sure you put it in your bag so where did it go! You almost screamed when you heard someone called your name behind you. You quickly turned around coming face to face with Jackal “Are you looking for something (Name)-san? Did you forget a book? I could lend you mine if you want.” You nervously smiled at Jackal and shook your head “No, no… I’m just looking for something but I already found it.” You pulled your hand out of your bag, somehow making the letter fall out of your bag. You almost wanted to cry. Really?! You couldn’t find the damn things and now it falls out of your bag?! Jackal being kind as usual immediately picked up the letter for you. He wanted to hand it back to you and you almost managed to snatch it back when he suddenly pulled the letter away “Is the letter for me (Name)-san?” Damn, he saw his name on it. Jackal quickly opened the letter and a small blush spread across his cheeks when he looked up from the letter. You actually felt kind of relieved once he read the letter, at least your feelings were out. Jackal’s eyes watered as if he was going to cry, but he had such a big smile on his face “T-Thank you so much (Name)-san. I’m in l-love with you, too. If you w-want I would like to invite you to dinner… I could cook b-but just if you want!” You had to smile about how adorable he was and gently grabbed his hand “I would love that!”


Marui leaned against a wall, watching with a grin how you pulled out a letter of your bag. Just before you could slip it into his locker, he went up to you and snatched it out of your hand.. You face went the same color as his hair when your eyes landed on him. You immediately tried to snatch it back but Marui held the letter out of your reach with a cocky smile on his face “Slow down (Name). Why would you take away my letter?” Oh god, that was just too embarrassing “Give it back!” Marui popped his bubble and wagged it in front of your face, quickly pulling it back when you tried to reach for it “You wanted to put it in my locker so what is the harm in giving it to me directly? Want to tell me what you wrote?” You looked down at your feet, giving up to get the letter back. He knew exactly what the letter was about and it was just mean to tease you so much. If he doesn’t feel the same he could just say it. You watched how Marui read the letter, would he tease you even more? When Marui looked up from the letter his eyes were a lot softer “Hey, don’t look so sad… Sorry for teasing you, but I was just really happy about the letter and you look adorable when you pout.” Marui gently tilted your head upwards “You are really cute and I like you for a long time. If you are okay with it, I would love to go out with you!” You wanted to answer, but before you could get out a word Marui’s lips softly brushed over yours…


You took deep breaths while walking up to Niou’s locker. You clutched the letter tighter to your chest, you can do this! You wanted to confess to Niou since forever. You even tried to confess to him in person, but you chickened out every time. After failing you confession so often you decided on an easier solution, a love letter. You couldn’t really mess up a love letter, right? You just wanted to slip the letter in his locker when suddenly Niou appeared next to you, whispering in your ear “Hello there (Name).” You jumped a bit and quickly stuffed the letter in your bag. Niou chuckled “Ara Ara… did I catch you doing something, (Name)” You blushed, feeling your nerves kick in again. You wanted to leave a love letter in his locker to avoid exactly that! Why did he have to show up now! You could feel your cheeks burn “N-No. I was j-just walking by!”  Niou grinned, waving the letter in front of your face, “It’s not nice to hide things, (Name)” How did he get it out of your bag without you even noticing?! “Give it back! It has nothing to do with you…” Before you even finished speaking Niou already had opened the letter. Niou read the letter with a mysterious grin “Aww, a love letter. That’s really adorable (Name).” With that words he turned around, leaving you standing by your locker. You heart fell, you should have known that he didn’t feel the same. Your head jerked up when you heard Niou call your name. He looked back over his shoulder, winking at you with the letter “I’m going to pick you up at 6 o'clock tomorrow for our first date!”

This is our home now || Derek Hale

Prompt:  hi, could you write an imagine where the reader and derek have been going out for a while and she moves in with him and even though she loves the loft, she asks him if she can make it more homey and he says yes and leaves her to it so she gets things like curtains, lamps, rug etc and later he’s surprised by how nice it is and the pack come over and are surprised at the place being so different too and end up spending the most time there bc it’s so comfy and homey and lots of fluff please xoxo

Pairing: Derek x reader 

words: 1,252

A/n: I am extremely sorry it took me so long to write this ugh. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted it, i’m sorry, it must be the lack of sleep i’m having u_u but i hope you like it, and again I’m so sorry. and it’s so late ugh 

Originally posted by tylersposey

Relationships were never your thing until you met Derek, he made you see the world in a different perspective and helped you understand why being alone it wasn’t always good; the two of you complemented each other, he was serious and headstrong, you were easy going and reasonable. Derek had fallen for you so much that he had told you about the supernatural, at first it was something hard to process but once you did it, your first instinct was to do a massive research trying to learn and understand as much as possible. 

That was two years ago and now you were moving in with him, a huge step for both of you; his loft was extremely large and spacious, there was a really tall window across the front door, the building in general was painted with a shade of gray that killed the vibe of such an amazing place. At first, you didn’t want to say anything because it was his place, but if you two were going to live under the same roof, it had to be comfortable for both, so one morning you decided to tell him.

“Hey, Derek” you said while cooking breakfast

“Hhmm,” he mumbled typing something on his computer

“I was thinking that maybe we could make a few changes” you bit your bottom lip

He lifted his head to see you “What do you mean?”

You turned off the stove and turned around “I mean… the loft always looks so empty and dead”

He raised his eye brow “I thought you liked the loft”

“I do! I really do, but I was thinking maybe we could redecorate, just a little?” You closed your eyes, you didn’t mean to offend him or the loft “I totally understand if you don’t want to, it’s your place after all”

“No,” he said firmly, you nodded and turned around “it’s our place” Derek knew how empty and simple the loft was, but he never had the time to think about it until now

You turned around and looked at him confused “what do you mean?”

“I mean you live here too, right? So that makes it your place too and if you feel like the loft needs a makeover, go ahead! Give it your special touch” he said looking at you

You couldn’t help but smile and run to him, wrapping your arms around his neck saying ‘thank you’ over and over again.

You kissed his cheek “did you know you’re the best?” you were sitting on his lap with your arms resting on his shoulders “I already pictured it in my mind, we could go to Home Depot and maybe IKEA together and choose a color palette and the new furniture, it’s gonna be amazing!” You were out of breath and 

Derek smiled"You look so excited about all this"  he placed a hair tress behind your ear “but shopping stresses me out and I’m sure you have better taste than me when it comes to things like this”

“I know but I thought it would be nice if we did it together” you gave him a sad smile

“How about this? I’ll be in Mexico for a week and when I come back we could go to Home Depot and buy all the new furniture”

You pretended to think about it for a second “yes, I’ll take it. When are you leaving?”

“in a few hours”

You had breakfast and Derek left after that, you were definitely not waiting a week to redecorate the loft. You had magazines scattered all over the living room floor, your laptop was on the coffee table with the home pages of Home Depot, Target and IKEA; you couldn’t do this all by yourself so you called for backup. Lydia was there in less than fifteen  minutes, you liked her style and taste, obviously she had been your first option; you spent two days deciding the color palette and ended up choosing a neutral one, the basic colors being different shades of gray, black and brown. You went shopping for the furniture and paint; Lydia was three years younger than you, but she knew what she was talking about when it came to combinations and stuff like that, you got to know her a lot better and her story as a banshee. After 5 cups of coffee and eight hours, the loft was completely painted and ready to be redecorated, the stores sent you the furniture and you and Lydia started planning where to put them. 

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This was a prompt that @nemesis729 sent me ages ago and kindly reminded me about last week. It was, “Caroline loses some bet and has to dress up as Leia in a slave bikini. She is not amused.”

Perfect Fits

“You have got to be kidding me.”

“’Fraid not, love. What’s that saying? Oh, yes. Read ‘em and weep.”

Caroline was honestly close to tears, of the angry variety, staring down at the cards laid out on the table. She’d been so sure her three aces would win. But no. Somehow Klaus had pulled a flush of clubs out of his ass.

She really, really regrets agreeing to ‘sweeten’ the final pot, with a favor of the winners choosing. Leaning back in her chair, Caroline crosses her arms, pinning Klaus with a hard look that does nothing to dampen the smugness he’s exuding. “Okay, guidelines.”

He has the nerve to throw his head back and laugh, “I’m quite certain those would have needed to be specified before you lost.”

“Sexual favors are off the table,” Caroline continues, as if he hadn’t spoken. “As is nudity of any kind. And I am not massaging any part of your body.”

Klaus appears insulted, “You and I both know I don’t need to coerce you into have sex with me, Caroline.”

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anonymous asked:

scenario where u and V are bffs and u both like marvel then he confessed to u using the line "i dont want to be superman batman or ironman i want to be your man" but u seem oblivious at first then u realize and shit. tnx love you 💕💜

So far, it hadn’t been a very good Valentine’s Day. You hadn’t been expecting much, truthfully, but this had kind of gone above and beyond, into holy shit why territory.

First, you’d woken up late, because your alarm clock was dead, because the power had gone out in your dorm. It was back on when you woke up with a start, but the damage had been done.

Second, your roommate had used the last of the hot water on one of her famous two hour “power showers”, which she claimed were necessary to motivate her for the rest of the day.

Third, when you hurriedly poured yourself a bowl of cereal before running out the door, you realized too late that you were out of milk, because said roommate had forgotten to buy it six days in a row.

Fourth…it was Valentine’s Day. It was Valentine’s Day, you were single, and kind of hopelessly in love with your best friend, Taehyung. Not that he knew, or would ever feel the same.

You’d met Taehyung on your very first day of college almost two years ago, and he’d instantly decided you were going to be best friends. You did everything together, even scheduling your classes together (although that was mostly so Taehyung could skip when he felt like it and copy your notes later, which you were definitely going to stop letting him do. Probably.)

Taehyung was handsome and fun, popular on campus even though he never tried to fit in. Everyone just loved him for exactly who he was. And no one understood why the two of you were so close. If you were being honest, you barely understood it yourself. But you weren’t about to question it, when he showed up at midnight sometimes with cookies for you to share while you watched movies. Not when he planned adventures for the two of you to go on, and smiled at you so happily when you agreed.

Not when you were totally, crazy in love with him.

He was probably waiting for you right now, you thought to yourself as you ran across the quad. The building your first class was in was clear across campus, and you cursed Taehyung under your breath, not for the first time, for convincing you that was a good idea because “morning walks are so invigorating, don’t you think?”

No, Tae. NOTHING about mornings is invigorating.

You made it to your classroom eleven minutes late, one minute after the strictly enforced “this door locks after ten minutes” rule your teacher had implemented. You were out of luck until the next day. Sighing, you tossed your bag onto the ground. You wondered if Taehyung was even in there, and decided to chance a look. To your surprise, he was actually in class, more on time than you were.

He sat in the middle of the room, instead of in the back like you usually did together, and you had trouble catching his attention at first, because he was looking everywhere, from side to side and behind him and all around. Probably for you, you realized with a blush.

Finally, he turned back to the front and his eyes slid toward the door, meeting yours. You gave him an apologetic wave, mouthing I’ll see you after. You didn’t wait for his reaction before you picked up your bag again and scanned the hallway, trying to decide where you would spend the next hour and a half, give or take.

You had made it about halfway down the hall in the direction of the library when the classroom door burst open behind you, and you whirled around. Taehyung stumbled out of the room clumsily, breathing hard and shutting the door. You rolled your eyes. “Tae, what are you doing? You know you can’t go back in now!” you protested, giving him a light shove when he ambled over to you.

He shrugged. “Whatever. I’d rather hang out with you.” You snorted. “How have you even made it this far in school?” Taehyung flashed you one of his trademark brilliant, boxy grins. “Charisma, mostly.” You were inclined to believe that, at least. You shook your head with a laugh, and you began walking back towards the library in silence, Taehyung trailing after you, checking his phone absentmindedly.

When you reached the library, it was almost completely empty. Taehyung chose a table in the back corner, of course, and you sat down. You began pulling books out of your bag, intent on actually doing some studying. Taehyung didn’t even have his books with him. You wondered if he even knew where they were in the tornado of clutter that was his dorm room.

For a few minutes, he just watched you study in silence, looking up every once in awhile from his phone. Then, he set it down and scooted his chair forward enough to have to move his legs from where they’d been propped up on the table. “So. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Ugh.” you replied automatically, barely pausing in taking notes.

Taehyung chuckled. “Here.” he said, before he tossed a colorful piece of paper onto the table between you. You looked up curiously, picking it up and examining it closer.

It was a handmade, hand-drawn card. Superman, Batman and Iron Man decorated the front, in a style that looked suspiciously like Jungkook’s, one of Taehyung’s many friends you’d been introduced to at some time or another. You knew for a fact Taehyung couldn’t really draw for shit, so it had to have been an outsourced job. You read the words above the superheroes’ heads to yourself.

I don’t want to be Superman, Batman, or Iron Man…

You flipped the card open with a sigh.

…I want to be your man.

Love, Tae

You barely suppressed an eyeroll. “Cute, Tae. Happy Valentine’s.” You said the words carelessly, setting his card to the side before you looked up.

Taehyung almost looked hurt, something you’d never seen from him. He looked like he didn’t know what to say. That was also new. He licked his lips before he replied.

“Jungkook helped me make it for you.” Knew it. “Tell him thanks. It is really cute. But Valentine’s Day sucks.” you said, shrugging.

“No, I mean…he helped me make it for you…because…I mean what it says.” Taehyung emphasized, holding your gaze.

Something fluttered in your heart, and you ignored it, choosing instead to bring that suppressed eyeroll back out. “Come on, Tae. Don’t joke about that kind of stuff.” you said, aware of how squeaky your voice was, suddenly.

“It’s not a joke.”

You sighed, tapping your pencil on the desk between you. “Look, I know you love Marvel and all, which I think is awesome because I do too, but you really shouldn’t besmirch the good names of these fine superheroes trying to get a rise out of me.”

Taehyung laughed a little. “I’m not besmirching anything. I like you.”

Your heart skipped several beats, but you were still unwilling to give in to whatever game he was playing. “I like you too. I’m glad we’re friends.”

Finally, Taehyung rolled his own eyes and scooted his chair around the table next to yours, huffing out a breath of annoyance. “I know you don’t believe me, because you don’t understand why I like you at all, even as a friend. But, the truth is, I’ve wanted to kiss you since I met you. I’ve spent two years feeling this way, and I got tired of you not knowing. It’s okay if you don’t like me back, if you don’t feel that way. We can keep being friends. But I just wanted you to know.”

He said it all so simply, like it made complete sense. Like it wasn’t the strangest thing you’d heard…well, basically, in your whole life. You checked him up and down for the telltale signs that he was lying. He wasn’t staring at the ceiling. He wasn’t shaking his leg nervously. He wasn’t even deflecting attention by pretending to text someone.

He was telling the truth.

And now you were the one looking away, down at the ground so he wouldn’t see you blush. “I’ve had a crush on you since the day we met.” you murmured after a while, your hands shaking as they gripped the sides of your chair. You felt Taehyung’s finger slide under your chin, lifting your face so he could look into your eyes. You swallowed, fidgeting, but you made yourself look back.

His expression was one you’d seen many times when he looked at you. A little bemused, a little perplexed, and on top of it, something you’d always interpreted as platonic affection. But, looking at him now, you couldn’t believe you’d never noticed the way his eyes only sparkled when he looked at you, the way a faint blush sat on the bridge of his nose the closer he leaned to you.

When Taehyung’s lips met yours, the few remaining doubts you had left disappeared. He kissed you gently, uncertainly. You knew he had plenty of experience with kissing, but here he was, kissing you like he wasn’t sure he was doing it right. It was so adorable that you giggled into the kiss, reaching up to cup his face in your hands and kiss him deeper until he was giggling too, both of you pulling back at the same time to catch your breath.

Neither of you knew what to say for a moment. Everything was different now.

“So…” Taehyung started, at the same time as you said “Well…” You both cut off your sentences, giggling some more. You motioned for him to go first.

“Do you want to, like…go on a date later? With me?” Taehyung asked, eyes wide with hopefulness.

You smirked a bit, gathering your things. “Nah. Not really.” you said casually, standing up. Taehyung stood too, his jaw dropped in shock. “Wait, but…we were just kissing…” he trailed off, looking confused.

You grinned, unable to keep him in turmoil much longer. “Tae, I think we’re a little past awkward first dates. Come over later. We’ll watch movies. At least half of one. Maybe fifteen minutes. Oh, and bring cookies, or no deal.” you said, giving him one more kiss on the cheek before you began to walk away.

“Okay! Netflix and cookies it is! I’ll be there! For making out, too!” You cringed as Taehyung’s voice carried across the library, but the cringe turned to a genuine smile before too long.

“HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!” Taehyung yelled just before you were out the door, waving to him without turning back around.

Happy Valentine’s Day, indeed.