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Worth The Wait- Stuart Twombly

Author- @maddie110201

Pairing- Stuart x Reader

Words- 6,249 (uhhhhh)

Warnings- mentions of sexual assault (PLEASE DO NOT READ IF EASILY TRIGGERED), smut, fluff, swearing, idk of anything else

AN: I stated this months ago but decided to finish it and post it for Stu week! I really hope y’all enjoy this because i’m super proud of it!

Also, thanks to @dylan-trash-tbh for proofreading this for me. I love you, Bee!!!! <3 And also a big thanks to @thelittlestkitsune for keeping me motivated and believing me!!!!! ;P

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It was a Thursday night in the middle of August. The weather outside was rainy and cold and I could hear the sound of the wind rustling against the windows. I was sat alone in the library of my university, the only other person here being the little old librarian. She reminded me of my grandma: sweet and funny, and she always smelled like cinnamon. She also told the best stories, her stories.

I got up to put the book that I had just finished in the drop box.

“Finished already sweetheart? Didn’t you just start reading that about two hours ago?” I heard her sweet voice speak up.

I chuckled lightly, “I am. But you know me, I love to read.” I spoke softly. It was true though, the minute I open a book, I get lost in the beautiful words that litter the tattered pages.

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Saudade: Ch1

Dating Josh was honestly everything you could ever want it to be. Two years of the greatest moments of your entire life. You couldn’t even imagine being with anyone else. All your other boyfriends and girlfriends, small flings, stupid one night stands, it meant nothing. Josh was like your modern day Prince Charming. While he might not be the typical fancy haired, twinkling eyed, sharp dressed, perfectly postured gentleman, he was just as special. He had hair that changed color almost as frequently as the weather, mocha eyes that squinted and widened in just the right ways, a rather edgy and modern punk fashion sense, a cheesy humor, and a kind heart. You still remembered the moment you met as if it was just yesterday.

“What the fuck?” you cursed, tripping over your own feet and spilling the coffee cup in your hand to the floor, toppling onto the sidewalk, your palms skidding with the pavement.

“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry!” a voice cried behind you. Before you knew it, two hands were helping you to your feet, sputtering out apologies. “I didn’t look where I was going, oh my goodness, I am so sorry.”

“It’s fine,” you muttered, brushing yourself off before looking up, staring into the most beautiful eyes you had ever seen. You were face to face with a guy who looked about your age, blue semi-curly hair, nose ring, gages, a snapback, NASA t-shirt, ripped jeans, and sneakers. He stared at you for a moment before reaching down to grab his cellphone, which you assumed had fallen out of his hand when he had bumped into you, as well as his skateboard.

“Texting and skateboarding,” he explained, turning red with embarrassment and letting out a nervous laugh. “Probably not the best decision.”

“Yeah,” you nodded slowly.

“I’m super sorry about that coffee,” he cringed. “You okay? You took quite the fall.”

“I’m fine,” you reassured. “Don’t worry about me.” You glanced at the spilled coffee on the ground.

“You sure?” he inquired.

“I’m good, I don’t know about my coffee,” you chuckled.

“I’m really sorry about that,” he sighed. “Um, how about I make it up to you? There’s a coffee shop down the street. If you’re not in a rush to get anywhere, maybe we could get you another one? It’s on me.”

“Sounds great,” you gave a light smile. “I was just heading to my apartment anyways.”

“I’m super sorry,” he repeated.

“It’s fine, stop apologizing,” you rolled your eyes. “It was just an accident. I’m quite the klutz myself, so I can relate.”

“Got it,” he relaxed his shoulders. “I’m Josh by the way.”

“Y/n,” you introduced, shaking his hand. You both exchanged a grin before walking towards the coffee shop, spilling out your life stories piece by piece, not knowing what great future destiny had planned for the two of you.

A small accident on the sidewalk transformed into an exchange of numbers in a coffee shop, which transitioned into regularly grabbing breakfast together each week, eventually evolving into attending a couple of his shows, and after a bunch of teasing from Tyler and several of your own friends, an official first date.

“A carnival,” you smirked when he led you towards the Ferris Wheel. “Leave it to someone like Josh Dun to take me someplace strange for a first date.”

“Why? You don’t like cotton candy and popcorn?” he raised an eyebrow teasingly, squeezing your hand he had been holding as you traveled down the boardwalk.

“I don’t know, it’s just unusual,” you shrugged. “I was expecting the whole fancy restaurant dinner or adorable little park picnic or something like that.”

“That’s so cliché,” he rolled his eyes. “Come on, we already exchanged numbers in a café. Isn’t that textbook enough for you?”

“Don’t get me wrong,” you giggled. “I love unusual.” You kissed him on the cheek and watched as he blushed, glancing at you and giving a small smile before you stepped in line to ride the wheel.

Josh spent the entire evening with you, winning you small plush animals, buying you funnel cake, traveling with you through a mirror maze, taking pictures of you riding the carousel, painting your faces, and even getting some animal balloons from a clown. You both ended up straying away from the boardwalk and sitting down by the beach, taking off your shoes and going for a late night walk by the shoreline, holding hands and talking about your favorite things in the world.

“I really like sunsets,” you explained. “The streaks of color and how they settle in the sky, the way the sunlight filters through the clouds, the entire peacefulness of it, it’s beautiful.”

“I like cats,” Josh added. “They’re so fluffy and they make adorable purring sounds and I think they have super cool eyes. They’re neat.”

“Finding money in the pockets of your jeans,” you laughed. “Like when you’re doing laundry or putting on an old pair of pants and you reach into your pockets and find money you forgot was there. That’s a great feeling.”

“You know what else is a great feeling?” Josh asked. “Spending an evening with a lovely lady like you, being able to hold her hand and look into her eyes, walk with her alongside the ocean, and know that you truly love her.”

“Yeah?” you wondered, pausing your walking and looking at him for a moment.

“Definitely,” he nodded. There was a pause. “I love you, y/n.”

“Well that’s lucky for you,” you grinned. “Because I’m pretty sure I love you too, Josh. And that’s one of my favorite things in the entire world.”

“What?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Loving you,” you rolled your eyes. You stared at each other, as if searching for something, before he cupped your face with his hands, studying your face for a second before kissing you, placing his lips to yours and letting the rest of the world fade away.

Since then, your small bud of feelings for Josh blossomed into a passionate flower of love. You started to spend all your time together, going to almost all of his shows, watching entire television series together, falling asleep cuddling on the couch, accompanying him to interviews and award shows, and even dying his hair red and pink. You spent hours drinking iced coffee, singing Blink-182, shopping for beanies and snapbacks, watching Stranger Things episodes, going to the pet store just to play with the cats, making occasional trips to the tattoo parlor, and eating countless amounts of burritos. It was the smell of bubblegum and having sweet sex and wearing his sweatshirts and silly texts and late night city walks and open mouthed kisses and trying to learn to skateboard and penny fountain wishes. Loving Josh was everything you had hoped it to be and more.

“Good morning,” he greeted in a sing song voice, kissing your forehead that morning. “Wake up sleepy head.”

“Ugh,” you groaned, fluttering open your eyelids. “It’s way too early. It’s like seven in the morning.”

“You know it’s our two year anniversary,” he smiled. “Big day.”

“I know,” you chuckled, pressing your lips to his. “How could I forget?”

“I was thinking, I don’t know, maybe we could go to Disney World?” he raised an eyebrow.

“What?” you widened your eyes.

“I sort of already got tickets,” he grinned. “Our flight leaves at ten.”

“You’re crazy,” you rolled your eyes, pulling him in for a kiss. “Wait. Are you serious?”

“Definitely,” he nodded. “I scheduled everything. We can stay for three days, go on all the rides, pose with the characters, watch the fireworks, the whole experience. It’s going to be great.”

“I fucking love you,” you beamed. “I also can’t believe you.”

“Surprise,” he laughed.

“You’re the best,” you kissed him again.

“I just wanted to take my very own princess to the magical castle,” he shrugged. “Special occasion.”

It was days like these that reminded you just how much you loved Josh. The adorable plans and surprises, his childlike awe and innocence, his contagious laughter and smile, everything about him. He even bought you matching Mickey Mouse ears to wear and took you to see your favorite Disney princess. A couple weeks after, you were sitting on the couch when the topic came up.

“I think you’re hiding something,” you murmured as you were cuddling on the couch, just having finished a season of X Files. “You’ve been quiet lately.”

“I’m fine,” Josh dismissed, but you turned around to face him, looking him in the eyes.

“You’re not telling me something,” you insisted. “Josh.” There was a moment of silence.

“I didn’t want to tell you until it was official,” he sighed. “I still don’t really know for sure.”

“You’re leaving for tour,” you stated flatly. “Aren’t you?”

“Maybe,” he shrugged. “I mean, Tyler and Mark are still working out dates, but yeah.”

“When are you leaving?” you asked.

“Next month,” he explained. His voice went soft. “Or next week.”

“Next week?” your eyes went wide. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner,” he sighed. “We wanted to surprise the fans with a tour and we’ve been practicing and stuff and we’re releasing dates tomorrow but-”

“But you just didn’t think it was important to tell me,” you muttered, obviously agitated with him.

“Y/n, it’s not like I was keeping a secret or anything,” he argued. “I just didn’t know. Okay? Please don’t be angry at me. I just, well, I was afraid to tell you. I didn’t want you to be mad, but I guess you already are, so, I don’t know. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine,” you took a deep breath. “I overreacted. I’m just sad to see you go. I’m going to miss you.”

“You know I’d take you along if I could,” he mumbled, pressing a kiss to your lips. “If Ty would let me, I’d wrap you in my arms and carry you everywhere I go. Even on stage. I’d let you sit on my lap as I play the drums, be up there on stage with me, right next to my heart.”

“You’re silly,” you rolled your eyes. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he gave a small smile.  “You know what else I’m going to miss, though?”

“What?” you raised an eyebrow.

“This body,” he smirked, grazing his hand against your side. “The way your lips feel against mine, how sweet they taste, what miracles they perform when they’re all over my skin…”

“Yeah?” you flickered your eyes up to meet him.

“Yeah,” he nodded. Josh slipped a hand underneath your shirt and up your back slowly, sliding his fingers underneath your bra and beginning to unhook it. “I think we better do a little something special before I leave, right?”

“Definitely,” you whispered.

Everything with Josh was sweet. Being with Josh was a warm cup of café coffee or a sugary tuft of carnival cotton candy. Each touch of his hand was a brushstroke of a painter, every kiss a spoonful of honey, all of his movements as if the light breeze that blows on a sunny spring day. So of course, sex with Josh was always just as sweet. “Lift your arms for me, baby,” he mumbled, slowly inching the fabric of your shirt up your arms, then taking the time to kiss you on the lips again. He trailed his mouth down your jaw, your neck, and towards your breasts, swiftly unclasping your bra and delicately sliding it from your arms as well. Undressing each other was as if performing a graceful waltz, each move just a part of the dance, every thrust of the hips a simple sashay, each roll over a graceful twirl, all movements combined in a beautiful choreography, intertwined with the symphony of your heartbeats and breathing. It was slow and simple and so raw and pure, the most amazing feeling in the world simply compacted into one human being, and he was in your arms, against your body, within you, overwhelming you and taking over, and you savored every second of it.

“I want you,” you mumbled against his neck as you bunched up his shirt and slowly slid it upwards, over his head, tossing it to the side before traveling your lips down his chest. You tugged down his shorts and he lifted you up for a moment to kiss you again, his hands finding your hips and gently sliding his thumbs underneath the waistband of your leggings, hooking his fingers around your panties and inching them both down your thighs, his hand traveling towards your core and making you hum with delight. He brushed past your folds for a second to slide his fingers through your wetness before tugging down your leggings and panties to your ankles, helping you kick them off and then climbing on top of you, slowly grinding down on you through the fabric of his boxers. Both of you let out a slight moan and you reached for the fabric, tugging it down and letting his erection spring free, sliding them down his legs.

“Condom,” he reminded and you sighed, chewing on your lower lip as he reached towards the drawer of the nightstand and pulled one out, your eyes fixed on his movements and the pool of wetness between your legs growing as he ripped the foil open with his teeth and rolled it on over his length, repositioning himself above you and kissing you softly. “So. Fucking. Beautiful.”

“Please,” you murmured and he nodded, lining up with your entrance and slowly sinking in, making you inhale sharply, wrapping your arms around him as he went deeper inch by inch, finally filling you up to the hilt and letting out a soft moan.

Both of you began to rock back and forth, small slow thrusts making you close your eyes and tilt back your head, giving Josh access to your neck, his lips carefully placing kisses on your skin and down to your breasts, each movement so sweet and graceful. He held you in his arms as if you were fragile glass, a porcelain doll meant to be treated with upmost care, a precious jewel uncovered from the depths of the ocean. It made you feel warm and special and safe and so happy, the way his skin brushed against yours making your body relax against his, both of your movements combining into pure bliss. “Baby, I’m close,” he whispered.

“Me too,” you bit down on your lower lip and nodded, both of you starting to shake and quiver in each other’s arms, each thrust of your hips gaining momentum until you both reached your climax, moaning loudly and riding out the waves of orgasm, your bodies pressed so close together until finally it settled. You were wrapped in each other’s arms for a moment before he pulled out, untangling your sweaty exhausted limbs from each other and letting Josh slide off and tie the condom, tossing it into the trash as you reached for the blankets that had fallen off the bed, covering yourself in them. Josh smirked and wrapped you in his arms, sighing.

He stared at you for a moment before closing his eyes tight. “God I’m going to miss you,” he sighed. You kissed again, pressing your lips to his for a moment before pulling away. “I wish I didn’t have to go.”

“Don’t say that,” you frowned. “I want you to have fun. I want you to play your heart out on stage every single night. I want you to smile. And if not for you, then for me. Promise?”

“Promise,” he agreed, kissing the top of your head. He sighed. “I’m going to miss you so much.”

“I am too,” you mumbled. “I don’t know what I’m going to do without you.”

SHINee scenarios: Saying first “I love you”

Extra fluff below! EXO version

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Lee Jinki/Onew

“It’s a nice day.” you told him quietly.

 Your voice drowned in the sound of waves flooding the sand just a few centimeters from you, but he somehow heard it. His eyes move from the peachy sky above you to your eyes. Jinki smiles a little and puts more pressure on your hand.

“Yeah, it indeed is.”

 The combination of his soft smile and intense gaze makes you turn away to stare at the traces of many others that traveled the same way as you. Everything about that moment filled you with calmness. The ocean, sand under your feet, clear sky, the weight of your shoes in one hand and the feeling of JInki’s in the other. It was hard not to smile.

“I haven’t seen you this happy in a long time.” His beautiful voice makes you turn to look at it’s owner again.

“Even the best dreams can’t make me feel that way. Everything is so perfect. I think I need to pinch myself.”

 You didn’t know how it took him so fast, but in a moment you were walking side by side and in the next one he was standing in front of you. Jinki let go of your hand to actually pinch your cheeks. It was one of those light ones that are actually nice to experience. Meanwhile you heard his trainers hit the ground. Pleased snort escaped your nostrils. Your eyes closed for a moment only to open to the sight of two dark half-moons. Beautiful, gorgeous, breath-taking. That’s what you thought at least.

 Jinki leaned closer to you to rest his forehead on yours and his hands on your hips. The action was so intimate you forgot how to breathe properly for a few seconds.

“Is it real enough for you?”

“I love you.” you told him without thinking.

 His face turned blank for a very short moment until his smile widened so much you were sure his lips were hurting.

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anonymous asked:

hc's for the paladins most memorable/passionate kiss with their s/o? when did it happen? why did it happen? how was it? how did it feel??? i must know!!! (i super love love LOVE your writing btw)

Ugh this question is an attempt on my life I swear. But thank you none the less! I am but your guys humble servant~


-It happened at night, out on a balcony with a million stars shining over head

-He had bought tickets to a swanky gala, wanting to take s/o on a romantic night out complete with dancing and getting all gussied up

-They were the best looking couple there, they had a real cinderella moment with all eyes on them as they practically floated along the dance floor

-They step outside for a breather and they are standing so close and he can count all of their eyelashes and see the moon reflected in their eyes and hes breathless and the only thing he can say is “I love you”

-Its the first time he has said it and s/o is glowing and Shiro is tingling all over and he just goes in for the kiss without another thought and its all perfect


-He didn’t even know it was going to happen, it was a spontaneous wonderful moment fueled by adrenaline 

-Keith had been training with s/o, they had been begging him for the longest time but he was hesitant cause he didn’t want them to throw themselves into battle but well maybe it was better if they were able to protect themselves

-It was a long road to getting them to his standards, a lot of sweat, tears and bruises. The ultimate goal for s/o was to be able to take him down just once

-Then one day, ONE DAY, all those hours of frustration come to a boiling point and its like the heavens opened up and they saw an opening in his stance. They didn’t think twice as they took the chance and Keith suddenly found himself flat on his back

-At first s/o thinks that he is going to be angry or at the very least come back twice at hard but instead they find him laughing. Hes grinning and before they can begin to question his sanity he pulls them in for a kiss. Its short but sweet and filled with this admiration that can’t be described in any words


-She isn’t one for casual pda so her most memorable kiss was definetly her first kiss

-She had been trying to avoid thinking about it the entire night, she had been the one to suggest going out on a real proper date and she knew that a kiss was almost inevitable but it still made her nervous

-To try and combat these nerves she tried to plan a night full of activities, a whole tour of interesting sights on a nearby planet. They actually had a lot of fun acting like completely unapologetic tourists and for awhile Pidge was able to relax

-It was so much different spending time with s/o one on one that Pidge finally actually felt like this was a real relationship and it made her chest feel tight but in a good way and she couldn’t stop smiling

-Just as the last of the suns were going down and they were enjoying food they could actually stomach on the roof of the tallest building watching all the colors melt into each other she finally did it. She leaned in and kissed s/o

-It was soft and not super involved, nothing more than a crashing of lips against each other for a few seconds but it was what really stands out in each of their minds as the moment they became a real couple


-He can probably remember each and every kiss hes had with s/o cause this boy is secretly a huge sweetheart. He is also very cheesey and has an anniversary for every small accomplishment in their relationship

-Except being a doofus he forgets his biggest anniversary, the one where they actually started dating. So he thinks that s/o is just being cute and romantic with the blanket fort and movie night. Completely oblivious to what significance this date has

-Then as s/o is stroking his hair and feeding him popcorn, making him feel pampered and loved, they ask him if this has been a good one year anniversary date and he is FREAKING OUT because how could he FORGET hes a terrible BOYFRIEND 

-He starts to promise them the entire god damn world in order to apologize. He offers to arrange the stars to spell out their names in the sky together and shut up he has a magic mechanical lion he totally can s/o just give him a chance

-S/o is just laughing so hard and its contagious and Lance realizes just how ridiculous he is actually sounding. He laughs with them and they are both in tears and cuddling and then he doesn’t realize it but they are suddenly kissing and s/o is just so warm and happy with him that it amazes him. He wants to make sure to make them this happy forever


-He totally planned the perfect night, he wanted to do something special for s/o and wanted to make it super rememorable for both of them. Not for any special occasion but just because he thought that they deserved to be swept off their feet

-And it certainly was a night to remember but mostly because everything he tried to do just ended up in total disaster. A real infamous day for the history books of their relationship
-He burned the dinner, the fancy jewelry he meant to place on the dessert plate actually got baked into the cake which ended up on his plate and made him break a tooth, he grabbed the wrong candles meaning the nice vanilla scented ones were instead Pidge’s prank candles that acted as screaming sparklers that couldnt be put out and his nice clothes got shrunk in the washer so he was left trying to squeeze in a shirt two sizes too small

-Hes so embarrassed and sulking, he just wanted this one night to be perfect and he thought he was romantic but it turns out hes nothing but a screw up. He is hiding in the kitchen, spread out on the floor and looking up at the ceiling wondering how he ever thought he could pull this off

-S/o joins him on the floor with a pint of ice cream, massaging his head and trying to talk him out of this because they still managed to have fun and the thought it what counts ect ect but Hunk is being stubborn and while he accepts the ice cream still wishes he had managed to make things special

-It is then that s/o informs him that any moment that they get to spend with him is so much more special that he could ever know. The sunshine boy is flustered and hearts are floating around his head and he can’t stop himself from pulling s/o on top of him and kissing them cause those words meant more to him than they would ever know  

Sterek AU: Stiles and David weren’t always friends. Sure, they knew about each other, they were the same age and mostly in the same classes, but friendship came on the end of their junior year. And it became epic. Since Scott was all about Allison, Stiles started to spend more time with David, often at the Hale house, where’s been something happening almost all the time. By the end of their senior year they were inseparable. And they had big plans for their last summer before college. 

It was one night after bowling with their friends, when they barged into Hale’s kitchen laughing and hungry, trying to not wake up all household. They didn’t expected David’s big brother standing there, smirking at them with his eyebrows doing something complicated, what probably meant he’s internally laughing at them. 

“Der! When did you get home?!” David was excited every time Derek showed his face home, he’s been studying in New York for three years now, and David misses him. He saw his big brother like a demigod or something, it was actually quite funny from where Stiles was standing. 

“Who’s that?” Derek asked, and David laughed. 

“Stiles. You don’t remember him?" 

Derek gave Stiles lingering look and his left eyebrow climbed a little higher. "Seems different.”

Stiles shrugged. “Probably the hair, man. Sorry to confuse you.” Derek smirked again. 

“Probably.” And then Laura was barging in with wide grin on her face, yelling about Big D being home, which made Derek cringe and David moan, because that meant Laura is going to call him Mini D again, every time she’ll see the two of them together. And he hated that nickname. Stiles gets that. 

The thing was, in a few days, their big summer plans started to include Derek as well, because David was just too happy him being home to not make him tag along with them, whenever they went.

And Derek never actually protested that much. Partially because he couldn’t take his eyes from his little brother’s best friend, which should probably feel wrong, but Stiles’s been an adult, now, and he looked like it, too. Yeah, he was still goofy and ridiculous, but his shoulders were broader, and his face was all sharp jaw and pretty eyelashes, full lips and big doe eyes. And Jesus Christ, Derek had more than a fair share of dreams about that face, now.  But Stiles is also smart and funny, and it’s so easy to spend hours just talking to him. And in less than two weeks Derek has it so bad, it freaks the crap out of him, when he thinks about it. But he also knows, Stiles doesn’t see him the same way. Actually, Stiles is affectionate with only one person, and that’s David. And he feels like the shittiest shit that ever shit for even think about taking him from his little brother, because David is amazing person and he deserves someone amazing as well. So he walks it out, and if he spends more time than usual under cold shower, no one has to know. 

Then the recital happens and almost everyone goes there. Whole Hale family, and Stiles with his dad, so does Scott with his mom and Allison. And it’s really nice, some of the students are pretty gifted. It’s after that, when Derek excuses himself and goes to the bathroom, when we walks is on David kissing the young cellist, who was exceptionally good during her performance. But that doesn’t change the fact that David is kissing girl, who definitely isn’t Stiles, and Derek doesn’t know what to think, or what to do. 

It goes like that for more than a week, filled with grumbling, confused Stiles, dreamy David, and Derek trying to avoid both of them. Which is kind of a problem, when David lives with him, and Stiles tries to spend all the free time with him now, when David constantly disappears nobody knows where (as if). 

Finally Derek can’t stand it anymore and corners his little brother. Inside he’s so damn angry about David throwing something so precious away, but he also knows, David doesn’t seem to realize Stiles’s feelings for him, so maybe that’s all they need to figure out. So he tells him. As calmly as he can, he tells David about how Stiles feels about him, and how long it’s been going on, how he shouldn’t break Stiles’ heart because of some summer fling. And David listens to all of it with broken expression on his face, because he didn’t know. How he could miss that? Is Stiles angry at him? And what should he do now, when he doesn’t feel the same? He isn’t like Stiles or Derek, he can’t see himself with a guy. But Stiles is his best friend and he loves him and he doesn’t want to loose him. 

The next time Stiles spends diner time at Hale’s, the atmosphere is different, awkward and stiff, and Stiles is confused, because David is giving him these sad-puppy looks, and Derek’s avoiding his gaze like he could catch something from him while sitting across the table. And it just gets worse during the next two days. Stiles kind of feels like Alice in the Wonderland because suddenly nothing whatsoever make sense. 

The following Tuesday Stiles’s sitting at the dinning table, eating pineapple pie, when David slumps on the chair next to him, already in his sad puppy mode. 

“Okay, what’s happening? Just tell me,” Stiles sighs without even glancing at his friend. 

“I’m sorry, Stiles.”

Okay, now he’s looking at him, because what? “For what?" 

"I swear I had no idea, I would say something. And I know I’m making things weird, and that’s probably why you never said anything, but it’s just hard to wrap my mind around it, that’s all." 

"Uhh, okay?” Stiles says uncertain and confused. “Good for you, buddy. Mind telling me what are you talking about?”

David blushes, and, oh my god, David blushes, that’s kind of hilarious. Stiles bits down a smile. “Did you jerk off over my porn stash again?" 

"No!” David’s eyes go wide and his face has now very similar color to a boiled lobster. It’s freakin’ adorable, that’s what it is. Sometimes David tops even Scott’s level of puppy-ish adorableness and it brings Stiles unholy glee make David this flustered, because he’s evil. “No, for fuck’s sake, I meant that… you know… feelings." 

"Feelings?” And Stiles is lost again. Or, more like,he’s still lost. 

“Yeah. Those one you have… For me…” David helpfully confuses Stiles even further. And then it hits him. 

“Wait,” he says with his hands turned palms to his friend. “Hold it right there. You think I have feelings for you?”

David blinks. Stiles mirrors it, while there is dozen thousands of thoughts flying through his head, blizzard fast. How did he manage to convince David he has feelings for him? Did he said something? Or did he do something? Touched him in a bad way? Jeez, how the hell this happened? And is it bad thing or good thing in David’s eyes? Because Stiles definitely doesn’t have any kind of romantic feeling towards his friend. Duh, he loves him, but it totally friendly kind of way, not in ‘I want you to shove your dick up my ass’ kind of way. Which, ugh, not that David isn’t good looking, but this never even crossed Stiles’ mind. Also David is straight, isn’t he? 

They sit there, both kind of panicking, not sure what they should do, because neither wants to hurt the other one. Until Derek walks in on them like that, and David looks at him all lost and flushed in absolutely obvious way, and Derek grits his teeth because it doesn’t hurt, okay? It doesn’t. So Derek mutters quiet 'finally’ and tries to retreat, but then Stiles looks at him over his shoulder, and that is not a face of a relived man. That’s very much face of a man only a hair from a panic attack. And he can’t help himself, he growls at David, because Stiles is not okay. Why isn’t he okay? “What did you said to him?" 

And David chokes out something nobody understands, and Stiles is trying to understand those pieces of words floating around, because nothing is making any sense. Derek knows what is this with David all about? And then David blurts out, "what you said I should!” and everything goes still.

Stiles glances from Derek to David and back, confused and lost in all those things no one bothers to tell him. “You told him something?” He turns back to David. “What did he tell you?”

And then Derek is turning and walking away as fast as he can without actually running, and David gives up, and straightforward says: “I’m sorry, but I’m not in love with you.” And Stiles breaths out with relief and retorts: “Well, good, I’m not in love with you either. Now, would you mind to tell me what was all that about?" 

David is relieved. And surprised, but mostly relieved, because he had nightmares about this last few nights, okay, and he sucks at talking about feelings. Paige knows, how much he sucks at it, because he still wasn’t able to ask her out properly. Or even compliment her, without simultaneously offend three generations of her family. Good she has exceptional sense of humor and big tolerance for doofusness. 

But even if Stiles isn’t Paige, he is still his best friend and he gets it, when David tries to explain things. And now he understands, Derek somehow manage to convince David Stiles loves him and trying to date Paige could brake his heart. Which, freaking unbelievable, what is he? God dammed unstable ex-wife or something? So he just pats David on the back and tells him to call Paige and ask her out for sake of all, because she might be patient with him, but she 'ain’t saint. And then he goes search for Derek, because he sooo needs to have a word with him.

He finds Derek at the gym (yes, Hales do have their own, Stiles just learned to accept and ignore it). He sits on the bench, watching his clasped hands, so stiles can’t really see his face, but he can guess he doesn’t have particularly happy expression. "Sooo, wanna tell what all that was about?” Stiles starts, because why not. Ha had more than his fair share of mortifying moments today, this probably can’t be any worse than the last hour of his life. 

“You love my brother,” Derek sighs, without looking up. 

“Duh,” Stiles’ eyebrows climb up a little. Derek frowns, Stiles can see that even from his angle, so he elaborates. “But I’m not in love with him. Where did you even got that idea?" 

Derek frowns even more and looks up at him. "I saw it. It’s how you act around him, you are happy with him. You made him happy. He shouldn’t throw that away.”

“First of all, there isn’t anything he could throw away,” Stiles mimics Derek’s words. “Second of all, Dave is probably my soulmate, but he is straight as an arrow, I thought you knew that.”

Derek snorts. “Of course I knew that, but it’s not like everyone has their sexuality sorted when they are eighteen." 

"Fair enough,” Stiles nods, and folds his arms on his chest. “Still doesn’t mean he has to fall for me, or I for him. I love him, but in very brotherly way, and you shouldn’t assume, man. And I’m not even talking about that whole telling him things that you shouldn’t, even if they were true. Not cool." 

"Sorry,” Derek murmurs.

“Is that why you couldn’t look at me last few days? Did you change your mind and thought I’m not good enough for him or something?" 

Derek’s eyes go all wide and sincere while laced with pure panic. "NO! I mean, no, I didn’t… That’s not it, okay? You would be perfect for him.”

Stiles is a little surprised to hear it, but shrugs it off, and sits next to Derek. “So what’s it, man? Are you mad at me? Did I do something? Because from where I’m standing, or sitting, or whatever, it seems like you are the one who messed up." 

Derek smirks, "thanks for not rubbing it in my face or anything.”

Stiles shrugs. “You deserve it.”

Derek nods with a small smile. “True.”

“Now tell me, what is it that bothers you?” he asks, turning his head so he could see Derek’s face. And what he sees kinds of takes his breath away, because Derek seems so earnest while roaming over his face with those strangely colored beautiful eyes. He’s flushed, and his pupils are huge, lips slightly parted, and Stiles suddenly realizes how close they are, but he still doesn’t expect it, when Derek leans forward.

He doesn’t aim for Stiles’ mouth, no, he kisses him right under his right ear, banishing all his thoughts away from his brain. And he definitely doesn’t expect the whispered “maybe I was jealous” while there is dark scruff rubbing against his cheek and hot breath caressing soft skin of his neck. But hey, he’s so on board with this turn of events, he can’t even tell! He liked Derek, really, but that idiot tried to make his brother dump the girl he liked, because he thought Stiles is in love with him. That’s pretty amazing evidence Derek is goddamn special, right there. 

They still need to talk, a lot, but it can wait. There is no rush, anyway. David is definitely trying to woo Paige, since Stiles told him to do that, and other Hales shouldn’t be at home this time of day, so no rush at all. And Stiles knows for sure, there is shower they can totally make out in. Yup. This summer holidays turns up to be just as epic as Stiles planed. Even more so.

a Study in Red {ch2}

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Look at the art collabed with this story!

Author: Ladelle
Comments: Holy bananas, I was not expecting to have so many people enjoy this story. Thank you so much for the notes and feedback on Chapter 1, and for all of the amazing comments left on Ao3. 
I still haven’t decided on a posting schedule; I’m working on the last chapters now and I need to make sure I can come back and add a few details here and there if I need to, for flow.
Tumblr Chapters: One | Two

Chapter 2:

The next two days were indistinct blurs.

Tim half-remembered the corporate brunch, from which Bruce had made him promise to take leftovers home. He’d nearly missed the subway stop for college and had stumbled in late to an afternoon lab; he hadn’t trusted himself to do anything that took too much precision, and his partners had gladly agreed to mix chemicals in his stead.

Dinner consisted of coffee and the college café’s last bagel, and Dick had dropped by to give Tim a lift to Wayne Manor, where a Family Meeting™ told them to stop running into each other on patrol; and, in a direct attack to the dark circles under Tim’s eyes and his very loud and grousing stomach, Damian had dropped a box of protein bars into his lap.

“Charitable giving,” he’d said with a scoff.

Tim had countered with, “One day you’ll be old enough to file it on a tax return.”

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Originally posted by hugtae

(Maybe late night studying at the library isn’t so bad anymore.)

slightly inspired by the prompt: “since there’s only one can of energy drink left in the store, which we both need to survive the disgustingly boring lecture we just discovered we both have, how about we share it”

word count: 3,050
note: hi, this is kristen’s first attempt at a scenario aka please excuse this mess. I just love the idea of college!jungkook and I finished this at 3:31am and I’m extremely saddened that this is not real life. shoutout to heungtanbts for unknowingly contributing to this by writing lovely scenarios, which gave me the final push of motivation & confidence to write/post my own!! (check her out)

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When they find out their s/o is great at baking

Originally posted by iyeolie


Finding out you can bake is such a pleasant surprise for him.  He already thinks you’re amazing, but now he has one more reason to adore you.  I see Junmyeon being the type to not have a crazy sweet tooth, but at the same time knows how to appreciate a well crafted baked good.  Maybe you were just in the mood to bake that day and made entirely too much (which is always my problem tbh).  You didn’t know what to do with all the extra brownies so you took them over to the dorm for the guys to (hopefully) share.  He’d probably be somewhere in the back rooms, but the second he hears Chanyeol screaming ‘OMG I LOVE YOU’ he’s going to come investigate just what the hell the giant is up to.  When he the children with the brownies, two thing are going to go through his mind: 1. Oh shit the sugar rush these kids are going to have and 2. Just where the hell did these even come from?  Of course, then there’s you offering him a brownie, too, and he’ll take a bite and FALL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN.   “You made these, jagiyah?” “Yup!” “Ugh, these are so gooood~!” (cue happy groaning)

Originally posted by xiundeer


He’s someone who probably would enjoy a good pastry.  He’s definitely health conscious but we all know he likes his treats.  He would have called you one day to see what you were up to, wanting to take you out and spend time together, when you tell him you can’t go out.  Your mother’s birthday is the following day and you are busy in the kitchen making her cake.  I think he would pause for a second, the little dots popping up over his head (…) and then he’d break out into a grin! He’d ask if he could help you and most likely the two of you would spend the majority of the day baking away (and making a mess just so you can see him go into super cleaning mode).  By the time you both are done you’ve managed to make a three tier cake with fondant icing, little hearts and flowers decorated haphazardly all over it.  Honestly, you two giggle about how cheesy it looks, but secretly you know your mother will love it.  There was even enough batter left over for cupcakes!  He wouldn’t really question that you’re a baker, he would just enjoy the benefits of such a talent.   However, now that he knows you like to bake expect a lot of baking dates.  Why buy pastries when you can have them freshly baked with your own ingredients?  “We have to do this more often, jagi.  This was really fun!  Plus, look at all the goodies we have left over!”

Originally posted by wonhae-manhi-manhi


Cheeky bub.  You wouldn’t expect it from him, but he’s going to take full advantage of your baking skills.  He strikes me as someone who has a sweet tooth.  He’ll be the one who begs for your baking when he’s sad or upset or stressed or frustrated or had a shit week or he misses you or generally just anything.  Also beware of allowing him in the kitchen with you while you’re baking.  The cookies will slowly start to disappear one by one, but he’ll give you one of those dimpled smiles and tell you he doesn’t know what you’re talking about.  Cheeky, cheeky, I’m telling you.  It all started rather innocently, too.  You sent him cookies while he was away in China as a ‘keep your spirits up’ sort of thing, but that turned into an hour long facetime/skype/etc where he grilled you about why your cookies are so delicious!  He’ll be adamant that there’s magic in there cuz ‘there’s no way these cookies can be this soft and moist and yummy after being mailed’.  Nope no way.  He’ll buy you cute little aprons, probably any appliance you want (or didn’t ask for but he bought it anyway).  Yixing is a dotting guy in general, so just expect a lot of him supporting you in this hobby.  It’s not just because he wants more delicious treats, but because he realizes how much you really like to bake.  He just wants you to be happy.  “Baobei, this cobbler is the best!  Can you make me one for my birthday?” “Of course!” “That I don’t have to share?” “…” (cue cheeky, dimpled grin)  

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Liar Liar

Summary:  Alexander Hamilton is an Omega, but no one else knows this. No one else can know this. Even in this day and age, Omegas are still treated as little more than slaves. No rights, no protections, nothing. Alex has to hide his rank from the world for this reason. John Laurens is an Alpha, but like Alexander, he is hiding his rank, ashamed of the Alpha he was born as. Lies stack upon lies upon more lies. How long before they all come crashing down?

Chapter 12

“I don’t understand what his fucking problem is Laf. Like what the fucking fuck. I tell him I’m rooming with an Alpha now so I don’t have to lose my goddamn apartment and what the hell does he do? He hangs up on me!” Alex ranted over the phone as he was pulling his hair into a ponytail. He was still pissed. Being upset had passed two days ago and he was just pissed

“What fucking right does he have? And get this? He sounded jealous. Fucking. Jealous. He isn’t my goddamn Alpha. He isnt my goddamn anything he has no fucking right to sound jealous. If his bitch ass wasn’t acting like  piece of shit I might not be as pissed as I am right now, but- Ugh fuck” Alex groaned and put the phone on speaker to at least try and brush the tangles from his hair. He wouldn’t normally give a rats ass about his hair, but he needed to keep his hands occupied and the violent brushing of his hair probably wasn’t healthy…, it was keeping him occupied.

“I’m not sure why he’s acting this way. If you would like, I to him” Laf’s voice questioned over the phone and Alex sighed.

“I don’t even fucking care anymore dude. I don’t even fucking care.” Alex shook his head, frowning.

“On another topic. This Alpha? Is he..?” Laf asked and Alex paused.

“An asshole? I don’t know. He seemed cocky when I first met him at this bar but then later on when he ended up coming over to look at the apartment he seemed..nicer? I don’t know. Maybe he’s nice? I’m still on the fence about it for obvious reasons..” Alex shrugged, though he knew Laf couldn’t see.

“He’s like..your doppelganger Laf. Its kinda freaky how much he looks like you. His hair is just a bit shorter and the eye color is just slightly off” Alex said and pulled his ponytail tight enough that it stung a bit.

“Really? You’ll have to send me a picture I wanna see.” Laf chuckled and Alex moved to the living room to watch tv and talk to Laf, taking the phone off speaker.

“I’ll sneak one when he comes over to move in. I gave him the other key so he could just come by whenever and move in. It gives me a higher chance of not being here” Alex hummed, laying out on the couch in just a tank top and sweats, content to spend his weekend brooding and binge watching Law and Order. Laf used to tease him about wanting to be a lawyer being influenced by the show. While it was false, the theory was very plausible. Alex loved that fucking show and he would fight anyone who tried to say anything against his non obsession(it wasn’t an obsession, Laf will never be able to convince him otherwise either). He could watch reruns for hours and be happy.

“Good. You have me curious now.” Laf laughed and Alex smiled some.

“Well- Uh, someones at the door, I’ll call you back later” Alex said, getting up and moving to the door, not thinking anything about his current outfit as he moved to open it, getting off the phone with Laf. Opening the door, he again had to look up before meeting eyes with a certain Alpha.

“Thomas? What- Ah. Moving. Gotcha. You coulda used the key” Alex said with a raised eyebrow, opening the door more and looking at the boxes the other man had sat down. He was good at putting up a face when he was nervous, but even he had his slip ups. This was when he slipped.

“I know. Felt weird about it though” Thomas hummed as he walked past, Alex flinching when their arms slightly brushed against each other. If Thomas noticed he thankfully didn’t mention it, carrying the box inside while Alex grabbed one as well to take it to the room. Not much was said between them as they carried the boxes to the room. Only one really conversation was held and that had been within 5 minutes of Thomas showing up.

“I didn’t know you had an Alpha” Thomas had said casually and Alex had again flinched, tensing up.

“I don’t” He said tensely and moved to grab another box from outside the door, Thomas saying the rest were down in his car.

“Oh uh..I just assumed because..” he trailed off and Alex glanced at him, seeing Thomas glancing at his neck. Shit. Alex’s hand shot to his neck and he remembered he wasn’t wearing anything to cover his mark.

“Fuck..” He muttered and rushed to his room, throwing on his scarf and returning. He ignored the look Thomas was giving him and he stopped him before the Alpha could speak.

“Don’t. Look, I don’t like talking about it so I’ll say this one time and one time only. I don’t have an Alpha. I will never have an Alpha. I didn’t take this mark willingly, I was forced. Don’t ask about it again” Alex huffed, trying to hide the anxiety bubbling in his stomach that made him want to puke. They didn’t say anything else after that, just heading down to Thomas’ car.

The moment in the apartment had been forgotten when they got to the car. Alex knew Thomas had a pet, he had said so after all…but honestly the bird cage secured in the backseat with a large cockatoo in it was the last thing he was expecting. Even more surprising was the cat carrier.

“Didn’t pick you as a bird person” Alex hummed as he took the cat carrier when it was handed to him. The cat inside seemed content to lay in it.

“Can’t judge someone by looking at them” Thomas said simply, though there was a hint of sarcasm behind it. Alex rolled his eyes and was about to ask if he needed help when Thomas moved to get the large cage out of the back. He shut his mouth immediately as he watched the taller man lift it from the car with ease.

‘Jesus he’s strong’ Alex thought to himself, shutting the car doors for him and walking back inside with him. The bird didn’t seem loud like Alex thought it might be, the white bird just whistling a bit and speaking a bit while they were walking.. Mostly something like ‘Where you going’ over and over. It was, admittedly, cute. Alex wasn’t going to say that, though

Girl Meets Awkward Moment

A Joshaya Fanfic

Story by: @hoffkk

Requested by: Anonymous

Prompt: Could you plz plz plz write a one shot where Maya is wearing Josh’s shirt or something and it’s completely innocent but The adults see it and they think that Maya and Josh slept together and coz of this they both are embarrassed and blushing.


Maya Hart walked into the Intro to Art classroom, feeling both nervous and excited.  When  her art teacher, Mr. Jackson, mentioned that some local universities were reserving spots in some of their entry level classes for high school juniors as part of a special program to promote post-secondary education, she jumped at the opportunity.  A couple different schools offered art classes, but of course Maya picked New York University.  Not just because a certain someone was a junior there, but because NYU was a great school for studying art and where she planned on applying next year.  Luckily, the art teacher at the university liked the piece she submitted and picked her right back.  It was like it was meant to be.

Maya glanced around the room that smelled like paint and clay and watched other students file in. They seemed to be picking seats at random and sitting down, so Maya shrugged and sat down in front of  the nearest wooden easel in the middle of the room. She smiled as she traced her hand along the oak edges of the easel and smoothed out the large white canvas staring back at her, then Maya began to reorganize the paints that sat along the easel’s ledge, undoing the ROYGBIV color palate it was preset in.  She was moving the yellow to the far end when a voice interrupted her.

“Maya?” Questioned an all too familiar voice.

Despite the familiarity of the voice, Maya was still shocked to hear it. Obviously, she knew he went to this university, but she never thought she’d actually see him, especially in Intro to Art.  So, turning her head in surprise, she simply and automatically repeated his sentiment.

“Josh?”  She queried then added, “What are you doing here?”

He gave her one of his boyish grins then replied, “It’s my university.  What are you doing here?”

“I asked you first.” Maya retorted cheekily as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“I have to take a certain number of art credits to graduate.  I’m not much of an artist, but I already took Intro to Music, and this sounded less painful than Intro to Theatre.” Josh explained, half-serious, half-joking.

“So, basically, you picked the lesser of two evils.”  Maya responded.

“Pretty much.” Josh nodded, putting his hands inside his jean pockets.  "Your turn. How did you wind up in this class?“

Maya quickly told him all about the program that her art teacher recommended and how she was accepted. Josh couldn’t help but smile at how she beamed with pride and talked with such enthusiasm.

"Well, congratulations. I’m really happy for you.” Josh answered truthfully.

Maya smiled back, but before she could respond, the teacher burst through the door.  She was a tall, skinny woman with short, gray hair that poofed out from her purple headband.  The professor, who had to at least be in her sixties, called out to the class, “Sorry, I’m late! Please, take your seats, take your seats.”

Maya noticed the professor was wearing jeans and combat boots with her purple blouse.  She smirked, immediately liking the woman. Maya couldn’t wait to learn from her. Unfortunately, her smile didn’t last long after hearing the chirp of another female voice.

“Hey, Josh, over here!” Called a pretty brunette from two rows up.  Her hair was long, straight and absolutely perfect just like her outfit, which consisted of a sweater and mini-skirt.  Maya thought the skirt was a weird choice for January, but it looked cute nonetheless, and the pale pink of her sweater looked great against her mocha colored skin tone.  "I saved you a seat.“  She finished, patting the stool beside her.

Maya suddenly felt deflated. She was officially jealous of mystery girl’s style, beauty, and access to Joshua Matthews.  By the way she was talking to him, they clearly knew each other. Who knew how many classes they had had together before or even had together now or maybe… maybe they knew each other outside of class.  Ugh… that was something Maya really didn’t want to think about.  She wasn’t stupid, Maya new that he probably hung out with college girls, that there were tons of them that paid him lots of attention. She just hated being reminded of that fact, and now Maya got to be reminded of it every Thursday for two whole hours.

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As the Radio Plays

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader


Summary: Today is the biggest day of your life. You walk towards your forever and always, the love of your life waiting for you to take his hand.

Warnings: Just cursing, really.

Word Count: 3,879(For fuck’s sake, Cass. Get a grip.)

A/N: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I’M SORRY. No one asked for this shit, idk. I also love you all so, so much. Especially Becca (but y'all already knew that, right?) because she is my favorite and she helps me and lets me ramble at her anD IF YOU’RE NOT FOLLOWING HER, WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?? SHE IS A LEGEND. HER WRITING HAS MURDERED ME. I AM POSTING THIS FROM THE GRAVE.

Something old.

Kenny Lattimore’s “For You” played softly in the background as your fingertips traced over the silver chain of the locket that was clasped around your neck, the pendant hanging midway down your chest.

It was an old family heirloom, something you’d inherited from your grandmother when you sat with her moments prior to her last breath. Despite the severity of her dementia, she had never once forgotten your existence, always asking for you in the middle of the night, talking about you to anyone that’d listen, buying you random things (she once bought you a winter coat in the middle of July because you’d mentioned that you were chilly while eating ice cream in a fully air conditioned room a couple days before) to keep you happy. It was only right to wear this keepsake, especially on this day. Inside the locket was a picture of her and your grandfather, both of whom had left this realm not too long ago.

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hunger - chapter 18

Hunger master post. 

Six years ago

Everything burns. Peter Hale has no idea how he got out of the house. He was running on panic and instinct, and it pushed him far enough to make it to the creek that winds through the Preserve a little way from the house. The water is ice cold, but Peter still burns.

He lies there and waits to die.

It is night, and then day, and then night again.

Rescue doesn’t come. Neither does death.

He lies there, clothes and hair and skin burned from him. The cold water laps around him, and still he burns.

Maybe that’s why he doesn’t feel it at first: the alpha spark. It burns too, in a different way. It burns like a flame deep inside his core.

Laura, he thinks, because he saw Talia die, and the spark should have gone to Laura then. And now? Is there anyone left at all if it’s come to Peter? He can’t feel his pack, but how much of that is because he is in agony, unable to reach beyond his own pain?

He’s burning.

It’s the hunters who find him. The Argents. When Kate raises her gun to shoot him, Peter can’t even flinch.

His eyes flash red.


A mistake.

“Wait,” Gerard says, and puts his hand out to push Kate’s firearm down. His mouth twists into a grotesque smile. “An alpha.”

Peter very much wishes he died in that creek.


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Anon: HC OF RIARKLE TRYING TO GO ALL OUT FOR MAYA’S SURPRISE 16TH BIRTHDAY PARTY (and everything just ends up going disastrous because they’re 15 y/o dorks) It’s like an OT3/ Riarkle HC. PLEASE I NEED THIS
(Okay so I know in the show Riley is a year younger than Maya, but if we bump them to the same age then Maya’s birthday would be happening around the time of Riley and Farkle’s *secret* one month anniversary and that has potential so that’s what we’re doing lmao)

• Okay, so as we know, everyone forgot Riley’s 16th birthday
• And of course they all freaked out when they realized but the damage was already done and even though she convinced everyone that it’s fine, she’s still pretty pissed off/upset about it
• Like lowkey 30% of her motivation for keeping her new relationship with Farkle a secret is sheer pettiness lmao
• Farkle is pretty vocally still judging everyone on her behalf tho lol
• So anyway it’s New Years Eve right, party is a lot smaller than usual it’s just the friends and fam
• And Maya’s the only person running late so Topanga is just like “Guys omg Maya’s 16th birthday is in 2 weeks we need to plan a surprise party!”
• And Riley’s just like lol okay sweeties first of all,
“Clearly you people have demonstrated that you can’t be trusted with this kind of stuff at all-“
• Farkle’s standing behind her with his arms crossed nodding enthusiastically along to her every word what a loser
“Secondly, I know Maya better than literally everyone in this room. I’m planning the party!”
• And everyone is just kinda like ‘shit she right’ and agrees and then Maya’s walking in so the subject is dropped for the night
• The party was great and after it ended everyone went home except Farkle bc both his parents were out of town for different reasons and Cory and Topanga were h o r  r i f i e d omfg they were not letting this kid spend the holiday season alone and it’s not like he hasn’t been having sleepovers with Riley on the regular since 5th grade anyway
• Of course they don’t know he’s now dating Riley and therefore probably is getting something from sharing a bed and cuddling with her like always lmao
• So anyway Farkle’s like yeah this is gonna be sweet I can sleep in late tomorrow and then spend all day excessively cuddling with my girlfriend and drinking hot chocolate this is the lyfe
• But then at literally 4:30 in the morning, no sun in the sky
• Farkle is forcibly awakened by this extremely heavy weight being thrown on top of his chest. He literally can’t move and it’s heavy enough to mess with his breathing he’s freaking out
• He opens his eyes and it’s this giant book that’s literally the length of his arm and as thick as 3 bricks stacked together
• Standing over him is Riley looking completely unimpressed and she’s like “Wake up we have to get to work”
• And since he’s known Riley for 10 years now he’s not even fucking surprised he’s just like…can this not wait till later,
• And she launches into this speech about how they absolutely have to start now because it’s the upmost important thing in the world and Farkle is barely catching the gist of this because shit this book is really heavy why is he always brought to the brink of death around the Matthews family
• And at some point she realizes he’s really struggling and pulls the book off him like it weighs absolutely nothing which is not something his ego appreciates but now he’s sitting up and living again
• And now he’s getting a little concerned because he sees that Riley is already showered and dressed and there’s a pot of coffee and two cans of monster energy drink on her nightstand what is he about to get into
• And now she’s snapping her fingers in his face because apparently she was still delivering her monologue and he had tuned her out so not a good start to the day
• Okay so she shoves him in the bathroom and forces him to get dressed because they both got very little sleep and she has this theory that it’s harder to fall asleep when you’re wearing day clothing
• And like Farkle knows damn well that that literally isn’t a thing but he’s mildly scared of her right now so he listens lol
• And he comes out and moving around a bit had woken him up a little but she’s giving another speech on their agenda for the day and he still can’t bring himself to focus on her words because it’s still 4:30 in the morning and he’s also getting distracted by how pretty she looks what the hell
• Seriously he’s pretty sure despite getting dressed (see: throwing on jeans and a beanie. Does not bother to change out of the ancient Phillies sweatshirt Cory gave him to sleep in. Does not bother to shower. Does not bother with his contacts. Does not bother to care.) he looks like he just crawled through Death Valley or something
• Meanwhile Riley’s got her hair tied up in a little knot on the top of her head and she’s wearing her glasses today which he always loves and she looks as pretty as she does when she gets a full night’s sleep rather than only 3 hours and she’s wearing a dark blue and white Christmas sweater over a white button up both of which she stole from him but it looks a million times more flattering on her and she’s pacing around her room and is flipping through a couple loose papers as she talks and is obsessively clicking her pen which should annoy him but it’s so cute holy shit how is this his girlfriend
• Except now she’s frowning at him because she realized he wasn’t listening again and she’s like “Farkle seriously I know it’s early but you need to focus” and he’s like “I’m sorry I just really wanna make out with you right now!” which made her blush but she was not shifting gears she’s a woman on a mission
• The mission, he finally determines, is planning Maya’s Sweet Sixteen
• He still doesn’t understand why he had to wake up before sunrise for this
• So anyway now that he’s onboard he’s trying to figure out what the Giant Book of Death is supposed to be
• And Riley’s just like “Oh okay so back in like 6th grade I decided I was planning all 3 of our 16th birthday parties so I made a huge planning scrapbook and I’ve been filling it with more ideas as they come all these years.”
• And Farkle doesn’t even know what to do with this information like that is such a Riley thing to do but it’s also a little overwhelming that she cares so much about him and Maya she spent four years planning big birthday parties for them omfg
• So he just tells her that that’s adorable which makes her giggle and she opens the book to Maya’s section
• Holy shit she literally sectioned this book off for all three of them. That’s why it’s the size of three bricks. A brick each. Holy shit.
• And she literally color coded everything Farkle is so impressed but also confused on how she hid this all these years and he’s also so sad that THE PARTY SHE HAD WANTED FOR HERSELF NEVER EVEN GOT TO HAPPEN UGH
• He’s still extremely angry at everyone for that omfg Riley had begged him to calm down but he was waiting for a moment alone with anyone so he could yell at them
• Anyway so Riley makes them dive right in
• She hadn’t planned everything to the T she had hundreds of ideas and they needed to sort through them all and veto and agree and assign jobs to all the party goers and figure out where they were gonna host this party
• They were talking and writing and debating for hours without realizing it suddenly it’s 1:00 in the afternoon and Cory’s coming in to tell them it’s lunch and he’s surprised they’re even awake
• Farkle’s like “I too am also surprised to be awake” which made Riley smack his arm lmao
• Okay so they’re eating lunch with the fam and now Cory and Topanga want all the details they have so far and they’re loving what they’re hearing
• Except Riley’s like ‘Yeah Maya’s birthday is on a Thursday tho so we’re gonna have to throw the party on the 15th’ and Cory’s like “Oh no, Shawn’s got a job in London that weekend and he’s taking Maya with him as a surprise. The party is gonna have to be on the 8th”
• And Riley is FREAKING OUT because that is 7 days away she thought she had more time here
• Like she can totally make this work but her stress levels just shot the fuck up
• He’s not saying that out loud obviously but he’s just like “UM OR Saturday the 9th is also a viable party planning option woohoo!!!!” but Cory is like “Oh Farkle didn’t Riley tell you?? We’ll be in Philly on Saturday and Sunday because it’s my dad’s birthday.” And Farkle just quietly died inside but sells it with a smile lmao
• Cory’s just like “Sweetie rethink that sentence”
• But she’s already pulling her coat on and throwing Farkle his
• Topanga agrees to let them use her credit card but whatever they spend is going to eventually come out of Riley’s paycheck at the bakery which she’s chill with
• And we’re off!
• They still hadn’t finished going through everything in the Maya Section of the party planning book but what they had agreed on/narrowed down they had written down and put in a much smaller and easier to travel with folder that Riley held onto for dear life
• Their plan is almost immediately foiled when they walk out of the apartment building and run straight into Maya lmao
• Riley’s trying to hide the folder (that, naturally, reads “PLANS FOR MAYA’S SURPRISE SWEET SIXTEEN” in huge, bright red font) behind her back and she’s like “Peaches! Oh my God how funny it is to run into you here!!!”
• And Maya’s like ‘Riley I’m at your house everyday literally what are you talking about” and she starts to try to look behind her back cause it definitely looks like she’s holding something so Farkle’s just like “WOW I’M SO FUCKING COLD” and wraps his arms around Riley’s waist and presses into her back so her can rest his chin on top of her head and she drops her arms and they are literally now trying to hide this folder sandwiched between their bodies omfg
• So Maya’s like “Where were you guys going anyway?” and they’re like
• “Um…school” and the same time Farkle says “Mars.” Omfg
• Maya’s just staring at them and Farkle goes “I mean school” as Riley starts to say “Mars?” omfg
• Maya’s just like “Okay ignoring the fact we’re on winter break for another week and a half, what the hell are you talking about?”
• And Farkle starts babbling a little more to the point where Riley is literally just like “Stop talking you’re a disgrace” and he listens lmao
• So she turns back to Maya and she’s like “Well, Peaches, we know it’s winter break but you know how Farkle and I have that astrology class??? When we get back to school after break, it’s the teacher’s birthday! And poor Mr. Whatshisnameinson used to work for NASA and traveled to Mars in his youth and it’s all he ever talks about and so since he’s hitting the big 80 the whole class decided to get together and decorate the classroom to look like Mars. That is exactly where we are going. And it’s going to take literally all week to finish so we probably can’t hang out with you until Friday night I’m sorry dear.”
• Riley’s hoping against all hope that Maya dedicated enough time over these past 10 years to tuning her and Farkle’s space-talk out that she wouldn’t know nobody had ever been on the mars and their school doesn’t offer astrology to 10th graders
• Maya still looks suspicious as hell but she’s like “Alright then…see you?”
• But she like doesn’t walk away she’s still staring at them
• And she’s like “are you gonna go?”
• So Farkle’s just like “I’m still so fucking cold I hate the winter” and pulls Riley tighter and they both try to walk away while awkwardly connected like this so they won’t drop the folder and they keep stumbling and tripping and they just hear Maya mumble “They’re so much to put up with” before she heads into the bakery lmao
• They don’t feel fully safe from view yet though so they manage to stumble four blocks like that they got a few looks
• Okay so anyway first on the agenda: Find a damn location for this party
• Riley’s really worried that they’re going to have a hard time getting a place to rent out to them with only a week’s notice
• She’s right to be worried they piled up 2 days’ worth of rejections omfg
• All the banquet halls are turning them away. No restaurant will listen to their plea. Even the tiniest little places that are barely scrapping by and need money and people don’t want to try to rent their place on such late notice.
• And Riley really has her heart set on this being like a rager party she’s inviting basically everyone in school she can
• It’s literally now dinner time on the second day and they’re sitting in a tiny little dinner sadly eating soup and they’ve accomplished nothing omfg her spirits are slowly but surely dying
• Finally Farkle’s just like “Can I just rich asshole our way out of this one” because the girls are usually very aggressively against ever letting him spend money on either one of them but Riley’s really desperate so she’s like “I’ll hate myself for saying yes in exactly 2 weeks but go for it”
• He pulls out his phone and steps outside and comes back ten minutes later like “Kay I got Planet Hollywood to rent to us the whole night” and Riley’s just like ‘FARKLE WHAT THE FUCK I THOUGHT WE WERE AIMING FOR AFFORDABLE BANQUET HALLS” and he’s just like “What I like Maya too and it’s one of her favorite restaurants”
• Riley is torn between excitement and horror because she spent 2 hours writing out a budget for this thing and she knows Farkle just ignored it all to get this place
• But at least now that they have a location (and food, thank God) they can get everything else together
• So now they’re flipping through their notes and Riley’s like “Okay so I guess that means we’re going with the red carpet theme instead of Under the Sea…”
• Farkle’s just like “See babe, I just knocked out 3 birds with one stone! Relax” but she’s still frowning at him and he just mumbles “Diamonds are stones let me have this Riley”
• That at least got her to laugh and lighten up a little bit lol
• So now they’re trying to split what else they need to do between them. Even though the place is decked out, Riley still thinks they should provide some extra decorations themselves. They also need to provide their own music so she’s looking for a DJ. Farkle was very insistent that Riley let him handle the cake and the flower arrangements for some reason, but she wasn’t questioning it.
• She probably should have questioned it because Farkle’s got a p l a n
• Riley also is trying to figure out how they can invite so many people with the short time they have and Farkle’s like “Oooh you know what my uncle just started up one of those weird design-your-own-e-vite companies so I’ll handle that too
• Basically she keeps listing off jobs for her to do and Farkle’s like “I’ll handle that” this goes on for a while but finally she’s like “Farkle wtf I’m not letting you plan Maya’s party by yourself this is my thing”
• And he was just like “I just wanna make this as easy and not stressful at all for you” and she smiles really sweetly and takes his hand over the table and says in a loving tone, “Well back the fuck off loser this is my party planning book and she’s my Peaches”
• And he laughs and says okay but in the back of his mind he’s running some logistics problem because his p l a n just got a little more complicated
• They head back to her place for the night (his parents don’t get back until the 11th yikes) and Cory and Topanga are pretty impressed by what they’ve worked out so far
• Riley wants to stay up to keep working out details and Farkle’s like “We’ve been running on 3 hours of sleep for the past 48 hours BED NOW” and basically shoves her in lol
• And she would have fought back but she’s been running off coffee and Monster for two whole days while trying to find a location and a MAJOR caffeine crash hit this poor girl omfg she was not alright she passed out mid-sentence
• Farkle takes advantage of that and sneaks out to go get Cory and Topanga in on his p l a n
• Riley wakes up from her coma the next day at 12:45 noon and she immediately starts screaming and is rushing across the hall to jump in the shower and rushes through that, gets back in her room by 12:50, and is hopping around trying to towel dry her hair and put clothes on at the same time and she’s got her phone pressed between her ear and shoulder but it’s anyone’s guess who she’s trying to call
• Farkle walks in on this scene, still in his pajamas and eating a sandwich, and just watches her hop around for a minute before saying between bites “You do know we don’t have school or anything today, right?”
• She’s glaring at him and she’s like “We only have FIVE DAYS to plan this party how are you calm STOP GETTING CRUMBS ON MY FLOOR”
• Farkle’s rolling his eyes at her and he’s like “I already sent out the invitations while you were asleep. Your parents and Auggie are out ordering the cake right now.”
• That calmed her down a little bit but she still had so much else to accomplish omfg
• But then, “Also…4 days, Riley. You slept all day yesterday from that crash.” And she’s LOOSING IT AGAIN
• So she’s now fully dressed and grabs him by his hoodie and starts dragging him out of the house and he’s like “babe stop I’m in my pajamas” and Riley’s all “You had all morning to do something about that” so now the boy is roaming the streets of New York in a Phillies sweatshirt, Star Wars pajama pants, and bunny slippers that he swears are Riley’s (they aren’t Riley’s).
• So she’s dragging him in the general direction of a flower shop when she suddenly gasps and turns to Farkle in horror and she’s like “My parents are getting the cake???? They don’t know any of the details! We had barely worked out details on that yet!”
• And he’s like “Well I told them you wanted it tiered right?”
• “How many layers though???”
• “Um…a lot?”
• And now she’s freaking out over what flavor they got and what color icing and “Have you met my father, he’s probably gonna order a carrot cake!” and whether or not there will be enough to feed everyone invited
• And she’s really in the zone during this rant omg her eyes are really wide but Farkle’s pretty sure she has no idea what’s going on around her so he just grabs her hand and gently starts pulling her towards the flower store while she’s still panicking over this cake situation
• Once she smells all the flowers she snaps out of it lmao
• But omfg this ends up stressing her even more
• Maya’s favorite flowers are Blue Orchids so she tries to order a lot of those and the dude working in the shop is like “Sorry we don’t have any blue orchids
• And Riley’s like “…Sir you’re literally standing in front of a couple blue Orchids. I can see them right behind you.” And he’s like “No sorry no orchids whatsoever.”
• “Do you mean you just don’t have enough blue orchids to fit my order? Like I can afford to get more than one type of flower sir.” And he’s just like “Little girl we have no Blue Orchids. Blue Orchids don’t even exist, I think? You must be confused. No Orchids. Aren’t orchids spiders? Why are you trying to order blue spiders in a flower store?”
• And Riley’s just standing there with her mouth hanging open like r u fcking kiddin me
• “Sir trust me I’m obsessed with flowers and I know flowers and those are Blue Orchids right there!”
“You claim to know flowers, yet you ask for spiders, and I’m the one working in the flower shop.”
• Riley just. Doesn’t even know what to do here she’s so confused.
• Farkle is trying SO HARD not to laugh omfg he’s just like “Uh, Riles, why don’t you just try to order another kind of flower?”
• So she’s just like ugh fine okay can I order some violets then?
• “Sorry we have no violins, this is a flower store.”
• “Little girl we do not sell spiders or violins I’m sorry.”
• “THERE IS A FRIDGE WITH VIOLETS IN IT RIGHT THERE” and she’s angrily pointing at this walk in fridge right next to her and this guy is just like “Sorry no we don’t have any.” And Farkle’s about to lose his no-laughing battle
• Riley plucks a single red rose out of a display on the counter and is like “Can I buy this?” and this guy is just like “Little girl there is nothing in your hand I think you may need some help.” And Riley’s about to scream in frustration but Farkle’s already dragging her out of the store lmao
• And they’re now just walking down the street and she’s sputtering out random noises phrased like questions she’s so confused about what just happened and she’s not appreciating Farkle’s quiet laughter
• She just gives him a look and it’s meant to be threatening but he just fucking doubles over and loses it laughing omfg
• She’s so worked up like what can she even do now
• Farkle’s just like “Riley okay listen I’ll handle the flowers on another day I promise but you don’t look like you can deal with people right now.”
• As if on cue, her parents and Auggie walk out of a nearby store and she’s immediately back in ‘panic-about-the-cake’ mode and is asking them a million questions
• And Cory’s just like “Sweetie, Sweetie don’t worry. We went with our guts and got half butter recipe and half carrot with bright green frosting!!!!”
• And Topanga and Auggie are like lol Riley he’s not joking that was the best and most obvious option
• And she’s just. Screaming.
• She literally just goes ‘Farkle fix this’ and starts banging her head on the side of the nearest building
• And she can hear Farkle going ‘Guys Maya is allergic to butter recipe cake remember??” and they’re just like “Well that’s why we got half carrot too!!! Options!” and Farkle just goes “Wow you’re right Mr. Matthews that is some sound logic I’ll see you at dinner.” And literally just waves them off lmao
• Riley just looks at Farkle and she looks SO SAD OMG and goes “Maya hates green,” and Farkle says “Yeah I remember” and now she’s groaning into his chest in defeat and Farkle’s hugging her trying to calm her down and says “Riley okay I get it we’re having problems but aren’t you possibly being a little too emotional about this right now?”
• And he hears her mutter into his chest “I just wanna give my best friend an amazing birthday party.”
• “Well yeah, so do I.”
• “No, she’s my best friend, go find someone else.”
• “…Can you be my best friend?”
• “I’m your girlfriend, dumbass.”
• “Well nobody else knows that!”
• “That’s not my problem!”
• “I…It was- it was literally your idea-“
• “Shut up, please?”
• But he’s succeeded in calming her down and cheering her up a little so she’s got a tiny smile back at least
• So now they’re off to try to get some extra decorations. Like, Planet Hollywood is already decked out with a bunch of movie memorabilia and famous costumes and stuff, but Riley thinks it could help to get some balloons and streamers and stuff that match their color scheme that she BARELY HAS
• She was hoping for blue and gold because the Orchids and then she felt the gold complemented them nicely and the aesthetic felt very Maya
• But of course apparently blue orchids were out of the question for some crazy reason so now she’s guessing they’re gonna have to go red and gold for the overall Hollywood theme
• Which lowkey feels like a copout to her especially since there’s already a red carpet there why should we bother with more red
• But apparently the universe wants this party to go a certain way whether she likes it or not. Ugh.
• Farkle knows she’s upset but he’s not saying anything because tbh her pouty huffy face is too cute he doesn’t know how to handle it
• Okay so they hit up just a regular Party City right
• And they waste hours in there
• Because they keep bickering over specifics of what they need and Farkle keeps trying on ridiculous wigs while Riley’s yelling “This is no time to be cute!” and they keep getting distracted by a bunch of random knickknacks and the other people in the store keep laughing at them lmao
• They come across an isle filled with silly string and Farkle whispers “the Promised Land” and Riley’s whisper shouting at him in an effort strained voice “NO, Farkle, we need to exercise self-control!” and Farkle’s like “We could buy it for the party!” and Riley’s like “We both know it wouldn’t last that long!” omfg this goes on for 10 minutes they’re so dramatic
• Farkle keeps trying to get balloons that aren’t red and gold and he doesn’t understand why it’s annoying Riley and she’s shoving the folder in his face slowly annunciating “Color Scheme.”
• “Why are the sticky eyeballs even out, Halloween was months ago?”
• “Who cares we both know Maya would fucking love them.”
• Omfg the stumbled into the little Sweet Sixteen specific area and Farkle’s like “We are absolutely getting Maya Hart a sparkly Sweet Sixteen Princess Tiara and sash to embarrass her” and Riley’s like “Oh yeah totally no doubt.”
• So they’ve been here for too long it’s like almost 7:00 o’clock omfg but Riley has officially triple checked the list and is feeling safe enough to go pay
• And they get to the front of the line and the cashier is ringing all this shit up and he looks at Farkle and is like “Weren’t you here yesterday?”
• And Farkle’s like “no wtf I’ve never even been inside this store before.”
• And the cashier was like “No you were totally here with a blonde girl yesterday!”
• And Farkle’s like “I don’t know any blonde girls. I’ve literally never even seen a blonde person before in my life!”
• And this cashier looks so confused omfg he’s like “Aren’t…Aren’t you blond?”
• And Farkle is wide eyed and looks like he’s about to reveal a deep dark secret and just whispers “I’ve never seen my own reflection before…”
• And Riley’s just looking at him like wtf but the cashier apparently bought this???? And just goes ‘dude’ and hands over a mini mirror for Farkle to look in omfg
• Farkle gasps loudly when he looks in the mirror and whispers “You’ve changed my life,” and he looks like he’s on the brink of tears and the cashier (who Riley has determined is high as a kite) was so moved by this whole experience he only charged them for half omg
• So they get out of the store and Farkle is acting like none of that even happened and Riley’s just looking at him like????? Wtf was that???? And he’s like listen who knows
• And she’s just like “Why were you there with Maya yesterday?” because no matter how unreliable that guy was Farkle wouldn’t have acted so ridiculously if he wasn’t afraid of getting caught
• And he’s like “I wasn’t there with Maya who said Maya???”
• “How many other blondes do we know?”
• “It could have been Lucas!”
• “Lucas…is not a girl, babe.”
• “Can you prove that indefinitely?”
• “I mean…yes, yes I can?”
• And finally Farkle’s just like “fine while you were asleep yesterday I hung out with Maya but I didn’t want you to know that she doesn’t believe our “turning a classroom into Mars all week” story because I was worried it would stress you out”
• And she’s like “Okay that’s fine but why were you guys in Party City???” and Farkle says Maya’s doing some new art project and she needed wigs for some reason or another
• Which is reasonable enough for Riley so she drops it but she still thinks he’s acting weird
• So they head home for dinner because it’s getting late and Riley’s still pissed they couldn’t get anything done about flowers today and the cakes a disaster and now they’re only gonna have 3 days left she’s really stressing
• So she wakes up early the next morning ready to go and Topanga is just like “literally no you need to take a break for a few minutes lets go to the nail salon” and Riley’s like “A MANI-PEDI WOULD BE MARVELOUS RIGHT NOW BUT I HAVE THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT” but Topanga is literally dragging her out the door lmao
• And she’s like “okay this is an hour at most I can relax and then handle the rest of the day” but noooooooo Topanga then wanted them to go get haircuts and Starbucks and other really random things and Riley’s just like “Mom you’re only stressing me out more can you please try to bond with me when I’m not trying to plan a very important thing in 3 days u g h”
• So eventually Topanga compromises and her and Riley go shopping for birthday presents for Maya together so that calmed her down a bit
• So they shop around for a bit- Topanga finds some cute clothes she thinks Maya would like, Riley gets her some new paints, a purse and finds this super cute golden necklace that had the sun and the moon on it lol
• By the time they finish up for the day it’s like 3:30 omfg
• Topanga heads back up to the apartment with their bags but Riley decides she wants to grab a smoothie first so she heads into the bakery
• And is immediately surprised to see Maya and Farkle heads pressed together, whispering about something. They jump in surprise when they see her and Maya not-so-secretly stuffs something into her backpack
• Riley just looks at them for a moment and goes “Are you cheating on me?”
• Lol Maya’s just like “Which…Which one of us was that directed at?”
• “I honestly have no idea.”
• So now they’re laughing and Riley gets her smoothie and sits down with them and the three of them just chill for a bit, talking about school and their other friends and whatnot
• Riley’s actually feeling relaxed for the first time all week because she’s just hanging out with her two favorite people
• Suddenly Maya gets a text and she’s like “Oh shoot, gotta go, dinner” and they’re like wait what
• It’s now 7 holy shit
• They wasted 3 and half hours having fun but now the second Maya’s out the door Riley’s in PANIC MODE
• Farkle can hear the Kill Bill sirens going off this girl is about to blow
• And they’re heading back up to the apartment and Riley’s gone from listing everything they still need to do to now listing all the ways she’s an utter failure and Farkle’s just like omfg please take a deep breath
• “We haven’t even figured out how to get her to the party yet! ‘Hey Maya, don’t ask questions, just put on a nice dress and come to Planet Hollywood!’ she’s not gonna go for that, she’ll figure it out!”
• And Farkle’s like “I’ll just tell her I got extra tickets to a show and she should dress nice Riley please calm down”
• Like he also adores Maya to the moon and back but he’s really not getting why Riley is stressing herself to death over this party. If anything, he’s got more to lose than her considering he’s orchestrating an evil p l a n behind her back and doing what he can to get this party set up right. He’s not stressed, should he be? He’s stressing out more about Riley’s stress than anything else. Why does everything about existing in high school have to be stressful omfg
• So now he’s realizing there’s gotta be something more to this that has Riley stressing but she’s clearly not offering up specifics ugh
• So now they’re up in her room and she’s going through the huge book she made while he looks over her shoulder right
• And he can’t help but grin because it is also a scrapbook so she’s got some really cute pictures of the three of them in there from when they were younger, along with ideas hastily added and scribbled out, stickers for bullet points, everything organized with colored tabs. She really did go all out for this
• So he’s flipping through some pages now but she’s yelling at him for getting too close to the Farkle Section because “your birthday isn’t until March, that remains top secret!”
• And so Farkle finally asks her “back in 6th grade, what made you decide to plan our birthdays this obsessively?”
• And she’s like “Don’t you remember anything? Maya’s mom could never really afford to throw her any big parties until her 12th birthday, and it ended up being a total disaster because everyone got food poisoning and her grandmothers cat somehow managed to die inside the piñata and we all discovered that much too late?” and Farkle’s like shit because yeah how could anyone forget that day
• So Riley’s like “And Maya slept over my house and cried for like 3 days after that and she’s never tried to have a real party since then and since Sweet Sixteen’s always get built up to be this huge moment in your life- like, I just knew if I spent so much time planning it, it could be the one thing I could control perfectly and Maya wouldn’t be let down and she’d have an amazing birthday memory.”
• Okay so now this makes some sense to him omfg
• And then Riley says “And, um, I added you to it because, well, Maya and I were always the only people to turn up to your parties when we were younger and you always insisted it was fine but I could tell it really upset you. So, I thought that even though special sixteenth birthday parties tend to be looked at as more of a girls thing, that if any guy deserved a day to feel awesome and special and have a huge amazing rager party, it was you.”
• And he’s like f u c k I love you omfg
• “And then I kinda just added in my section as an afterthought, I guess. I don’t know. I just got really into the whole thing, it doesn’t matter now. But anyway, that’s why I’m so worried about none of this coming together!”
• And Farkle doesn’t really know how to reassure her of anything without exposing what he’s doing behind her back, so he just promises it’ll all be fine and they fall asleep
• The next couple days are just Riley running around trying to fix the problems, but nothings coming together
• Farkle assured her that he took care of flowers but she doesn’t see when he could have done that
• She begged and pleaded with the bakery hired to make the cake but the head baker insisted on no refunds and no changing the order omfg
• Farkle is just like “babe it’s okay they serve dessert at the restaurant” but she’s like “yeah and none of it is birthday cake????”
• Farkle thinks he’s spent more time reassuringly rubbing her arms this past week than he’s spent actually getting stuff done for this party
• Riley wakes up the morning of the 8th to Farkle giving her a box of chocolates whispering “Happy one month!” so her parents won’t hear and she’s hugging him but also groaning and going “It didn’t even occur to me to get you anything oh my God-“ and he’s trying to convince her that it’s fine because she’s obviously been a little preoccupied omfg
• But no now she’s officially mad at herself so he’s like ‘share the chocolate and we’ll call it even, okay?”
• And okay so the whole day is spent rushing around the house, trying to wrap presents and gather up all the decorations and Farkle and Cory and Topanga are all making calls to make sure everything is still in place
• Lucas and Zay actually come over at one point to take the decorations so they can go help the staff set up themselves, and that way Riley doesn’t have to get there early and then leave to get Maya and come back again
• And she feels a little nervous putting the fate of the decorations in their hands specifically but they made a good point about her have to go back and forth so she gives in
• It’s about 6:30 when everyone starts getting dressed
• It’s a semi-formal dress code for the party since the theme is Hollywood and whatnot
• Riley ends up looking like a goddess in this deep purple knee length dress, with dark red lipstick and her hair curled omg
• Farkle’s just like “You are making it so hard to act like I’m not dating you holy shit”
• She thinks he looks amazing in his suit and his tie was covered in blue in purple swirls
• So it’s time to get a move on! Her family (and everyone else obviously) are gonna meet them there, Farkle calls his family driver to come pick them up so they can go get Maya
• In the car Farkle is like “Remember I told her I got tickets for Fun Home so that’s what you should talk about in the car. She only thinks we’re going to the restaurant for a normal dinner before the show!” and Riley’s like “Aye-Aye!” but her stomach is all in knots she’s so fucking worried this is going to go wrong somehow and the party will be awful
• Maya’s in a shiny blue dress and they have their usual cutesy greeting and are gushing over how great the other looks as Farkle is texting nonstop
• And Maya’s like “Yeah can’t wait to see Chicago woohoo!” and Riley’s like “I thought it was Fun Home?” and inside she’s like ‘Farkle ya done fucked up now she’s gonna be suspicious’
• Farkle’s looking at Maya like he’s going to murder her for some reason omfg he mumbles something like ‘why would I take you to see Chicago?’ but before anyone can do anything to save this awkward moment they arrive at the restaurant
• So they’re climbing up the steps right everything is chill and normal except everyone who is hiding a surprise party is fucking nervous now
• So they get up to the floor and are suddenly hearing ‘Surprise!’ and cameras are flashing and there’s cheering and both girls are just screaming
• Because there’s a big blowup poster hanging on a far wall and it’s a black and white picture of the girls hugging when they were like six and there’s a huge banner that reads “HAPPY BIRTHDAY RILEY AND MAYA” omg
• There’s BLUE ORCHIDS AND VIOLETS EVERYWHERE and purple and silver balloon had been added to the blue and gold mix (the red Riley had bought had been veto-d out by Zay) and way too many cans of silly string and this huge tiered cake that could definitely feed everyone there that had blue and purple icing and read on top “Honey&Peaches Sweet Sixteen!”
• Everyone’s still talking at once and Riley’s like ‘WHAT THE FUCK’ and Maya’s looking at Farkle going ‘You played me!’ and Riley’s like ‘Maya what do you mean???’
• And Maya’s like “he called me like 5 days ago and said he was still pissed everyone missed your birthday so we were planning a surprise party for you! I didn’t think he’d throw my birthday in!”
• And they’re both just screaming back and forth at each other as everyone laughs and Farkle is feeling so fucking accomplished finally one of his plans didn’t fail miserably!
• Now Maya’s yanking Farkle over by his tie demanding to know how tf he pulled this off
• After Riley had passed into a caffeine coma, Farkle had dragged her huge party planning book out to show Cory and Topanga. They agreed tricking the girls into a joint surprise party wouldn’t be a bad idea at all, and called Maya to tell her they were only planning one for Riley. Maya and Farkle got most of the decoration and flower shopping done the day Riley was asleep. Farkle knew Riley would wanna do flowers the moment she woke up, so he waited until Maya was out of ear shot and payed the guy off to refuse to sell any flowers when he eventually comes in here again with a brown haired girl (it didn’t occur to him he’d need to do that at Party City), but then to actually put her order in once she left. He and the Matthews then came up with the best cake idea they could (marbled with the blue and purple frosting), but Cory had apparently decided to convince her it was awful just to mess with her and Farkle couldn’t exactly expose him and the Secret Genius Plan in the middle of the street like that. Then, Topanga kept Riley for most of the day so Maya and Farkle could go hunting for DJ’s. They ended up not being able to find any on such short notice, but Maya decided to call Josh and ask (see: demand) that him and his “lame-ass band” come play the party “unless, of course, you hate your niece or something.” (Farkle later filled him in that it was also a surprise for Maya too so they built up a list of songs to cover that both girls would die for). He had sent out the e-vites to the school specifying that it was a party for both the girls and lucked out that neither of them had thought to ask to see them. He had nabbed the cute picture of the girls out of Riley’s scrapbook the night she told him why she was so invested/stressed out about the party, and while Riley was arguing with the bakery, he snuck out, gave the picture to Isadora, and she had it blown up to the big banner it now was. He had Lucas and Zay pick up decorations from both Maya and Riley’s house so neither girl would feel obligated to be at the restaurant early to decorate, because that obviously would’ve ruined the surprise. He found out what color dresses both girls were wearing (which miraculously worked out perfectly with the improvised color scheme, he has no idea how that happened) and got a tie so he could match both of them. Then obviously, he told each girl to act like they were going to see a show, got his driver to take them there, and voila!
• Riley and Maya are just staring at him with their mouths gaping open like h o l y s h i t and he’s trying not to laugh at their expressions. By the time he finishes his big monologue, even though he hasn’t done it in literally three years, his joy and pride and actually pulling this off makes him end the speech with a huge “THANK YOU, I AM FARKLE!” which sends everyone into hysterics omfg
• The girls start squealing and freaking the fuck out and hugging him and everyone there with a camera caught some fucking adorable shots of the three of them
• They make the girls do the fake red carpet walk and get some cute shots of the two of them in front of the green screen
• Maya’s so ecstatic at all of this and Riley’s more than a little overwhelmed omfg
• The night goes on and they have the Best Party Ever and the girls are more or less joined at the hip all night and are super distracted by everything going on but they aren’t letting Farkle get too far from them with the huge crowd
• Josh knew the story of drunk Farkle singing ‘She Will Be Loved’ at the girls so his band decided to play it at one point and they had to figure out how to three-way slow dance it was great
• Riley and Farkle managed to sneak away for a few minutes under the guise of ‘getting air’ and ‘using the bathroom’ separately but they met up outside and Farkle tried to say something but then Riley kissed him hard enough he literally got dizzy and forgot whatever it was he snuck out to tell her
• So she just says “Happy anniversary!” before she heads back inside and he yells “Happy birthday!” at her retreating figure and he could hear her giggle in response
• The party goes all night and everyone agrees it was amazing
• Maya opened the presents Riley got for her and she loved the paints and the bag but when she saw the necklace she shrieked and Riley was like “what???” and Maya’s like “OPEN YOUR PRESENT” and obviously it was the same necklace omfg
• So that had them squealing even more
• A world record for amounts of squealing in one night was probably shattered tbh
• Lucas and Zay were going too hard on the dance floor and Lucas got a concussion do you think anyone will ever let him live that down
• But anyway yeah Riley loves her friends way too much and they love her way too much in return and Farkle is always going to go completely out of his way to make sure the ‘Ladies’ are happy

ace-baby-jail-deactivated201711  asked:

seijoh and how they study? (ur headcanons are so fun oh my gosh)


  • takes absolutely gorgeous and color coded notes
  • owns a studyblr
  • memorizes entire passages from textbooks like it’s nothing
  • usually listens to music while working
  • candles and food are items of necessity
  • straight A’s are the only thing straight about him
  • “it’s okay, Iwa-chan! not everyone can be as perfect as I am. if you ask kindly, i might consider tutoring you!”


  • like everything he does, manages to get his work done with pure willpower
  • forces Hanamaki and Matsukawa to study
  • tutors kindaichi out of the kindness of his heart, but sometimes has trouble understanding topics himself
  • blood pressure rises every time Oikawa gets 100% and he gets a 99%
  • reads the textbook over and over again before dictating keynotes
  • 2 days before exams start, you’ll see him jogging 10 miles on the treadmill with a textbook propped open in front of him


  • crams for tests the night before they start
  • forgets to do homework often
  • “there are so many better things to do with my goddamn time than study, jesus christ”
  • has 3 mental breakdowns on a weekly basis
  • has considered giving his teacher a blowjob to get out of tests
  • absolutely hates physics.
  • “it’s like the alphabet fucked the number line and spawned this shit”
  • Hanamaki + Matsukawa = no work getting done
  • he prefers working with people around him rather than by himself, which is why he likes to be in net cafés or libraries
  • “what the fuck is this fucking shit, I won’t ever use this in my life, fuck” —Hanamaki Takahiro, at 3 AM before his finals started


  • lol what is studying even
  • “you ready for that test, Matsun?” “what test” “the test that’s beginning in 30 minutes” “well shit”
  • plays video games every night, you think he has time for this science bullshit?
  • just gave up caring when he was seven years old
  • “F is for fabulous”
  • “maybe if i convince myself there isn’t a test, i just won’t have to take it”


  • tries too hard like all the time, please save this boy
  • surprisingly, Kyoutani is the one who sends him texts to go to sleep
  • “go to fucking sleep, you cream-puffed haired idiot. die.”
  • is actually very intelligent
  • has shoved an entire venti iced americano up his ass during hell week
  • “God, hey, yeah, I know you and I don’t talk very often but I’ve got a huge favor to ask you—”
  • has bags under his eyes that go down to his chin


  • ugh… studying
  • tends to chew on the end of his pencil while working, needs at least 3 pencils every day
  • when frustrated, has a tendency to break windows with his textbook so tutors beware
  • works hard with just his willpower like iwaizumi
  • can’t focus because he’s too busy thinking about food and sticks and Yahaba god damn


  • genuinely works very hard
  • gets 8 hours of sleep every night
  • begins studying for a test two weeks in advance and properly divides up his studying time
  • signs up to help tutor underprivileged children
  • very intelligent
  • his notes have prettily drawn inspirational quotes in the margins
  • (how is this boy so perfect Hanamaki might actually kill him in his sleep)


  • passes, thanks to Iwaizumi
  • works hard but has trouble getting to/understanding the point
  • (sorry fam i have very few head canons for studying!kindaichi on my computer)


  • does not study
  • does not stay awake in class
  • has perfect grades???? the best grades on the team???
  • he spends too much time eating candy, playing video games, and making memes, do you think he has time for something as trivial as studying? god
  • “i wonder what i could do if i applied myself, maybe… whatever”
Cute-ass coffee shop AU

Luke half-listens to what Calum is rambling about as they make their way towards Starbucks. Don’t get him wrong, he absolutely loves his best friend to death, it’s just that he isn’t exactly a morning person and for him, being a fully functioning human being before getting his large cup of coffee is just not a thing. 

Which is why every morning, Cal and him stop by Starbucks before going to uni. Luke personally thinks it’s a blessing that the coffee shop is on their way, because if it wasn’t then he’d probably have to settle for the campus coffee and just the prospect makes him shudder. Of course, it would be way less expensive, but Luke actually finds he doesn’t mind Starbucks being so overpriced, because the quaint, peaceful atmosphere of it in the morning more than makes up for it. 

Calum pushes the heavy door and mock-bows for Luke as the blonde enters, finally managing to elicit a smile. It’s a rare feat in these dreaded morning hours. 

The usual curly-haired, dimple-smiled ray of sunshine grins at them from his post behind the counter, but this time Ashton - as his name-tag says - isn’t with the dirty-blonde girl who usually takes their orders. 

Instead there’s another barista, with dyed hair, arcade piercing and tattoos, who all in all puts Luke and Calum’s attempts at being punk rock to shame. He doesn’t smile at the boys as they approach him. In fact he only gives them a disinterested glance, as if he was way too important to gratify them with an actual acknowledgement. Or maybe he’s just not into early mornings. 

In any case, Luke doesn’t make too much of it, and simply requests his tall black coffee, two sugars no milk please. The boy, whose name-tag says Michael, nods and scribbles something on an empty cup before turning to Calum, who orders his usual mocha. 

The two friends head towards the back of the shop, the way they’ve done every morning for almost a year now. By this time the coffe shop is starting to fill in, both with students trying to make the most of their precious last hour before classes start, and busy adults stopping by for their respective energy juice to be able to take on the day. 

Soon enough Ashton is calling Calum’s name, and they head over to the counter. “A mocha for Calum? Tall black coffee for…pretty blue eyes?“ 

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You taste so bitter and so sweet.

I needed some chering up over the weekend because of all the terrible thigs that took place in our world. Writing this gave me a little bit of help, and I hope it gives you too.  All my love to @supernim for the beta work.

This fic was inspired by this post. You can also read it here on Ao3

“Fuck this!” Stiles pressed the pillow in his face again and screamed “It’s the fucking fifth time just this week, I can’t take anymore barking from those damn hellhounds.” It didn’t matter what he did, he couldn’t get more sleep with all that noise .

See, Stiles loves dogs, he really, really does. But there is a big difference between liking a fluffy ball of happiness and having to put up  with two demon dogs barking at four in the morning when Stiles would love to get some shut eye. He had never laid eyes on the guy, but he heard his damn dogs barking all night, and every time he dropped by to ask the guy to do something about it, the guy was never home.

His apartment had a one bedroom suite, a kitchen, living room and a little balcony with a firescape. In all the honesty for the price they were asking, he would be actually living in pretty good conditions. Stiles loved his new home, it was small, looked like a hurricane had gone down on it  seventy percent of the time but it also had the impossible Stilinski charm.

The first few months were amazing, until his next door neighbour adopted two dogs and Stiles hero’s journey got his first villain.

Ugh, I might as well go earlier to work, he thought while taking a shower, and resigned himself to another day feeling unsettled and restless due to lack of sleep.

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anonymous asked:

This is most likely a stupid question but.. why were humans effected by Wolfsbane hallucinations in season two and not later in Motel California? If it was because Coach was blowing that stuff in the bus then Stiles and the other humans should have breathed it in, but only the werewolves were effected, in fact, Wolfsbane seems to almost constantly effect people differently, is it because of the type of Wolfsbane or is it ingesting vs inhaling or..?

It’s funny you should ask that, because I was thinking about that very same thing just two days ago as I was writing up my 2x09 rewatch post. That is the episode where all the guests at Lydia’s party is tripping because of her wolfsbane punch. I actually have a half written post about it in my drafts, but this gives me the perfect excuse to look more into it, so thank you. (chances are it would just be sitting collecting dust in drafts if not. believe me i have a lot of dust-covered drafts on various subjects. I need a spring cleaning!)

Let’s see if we can’t list all the different “states” we’ve encountered wolfsbane in, and what the effects were. Perhaps we can spot a pattern?

1x02 - Laura is buried under a wolfsbane (revenge) spiral outside the Hale house

Stiles: You see that flower? 
Scott: What about it? 
Stiles: I think it’s wolfsbane.

It seems to hold her body in wolf’s form - when Stiles and Scott rip it out of the earth and destroys the spiral, she turns to human. 

Was it the wolfsbane or the spiral that did that?

Also, Stiles keeps the flower in his backpack and Scott reacts badly to it and starts to shift in the car.

1x04 Derek is shot with a wolfsbane laced bullet

Stiles: Does Northern blue monkshood mean anything to you? 
Derek: It’s a rare form of wolfsbane. He has to bring me the bullet. 
Stiles: Why? 
Derek: ‘Cause I’m gonna die without it.

The rare wolfsbane is poisoning Derek and according to him it will kill him if it reaches his heart. It is also referenced by Kate that he will die within 48 hours. 

Derek: When the infection reaches my heart, it’ll kill me.

In the end Derek gets so bad, he starts vomiting black blood. Is that a sign of wolfsbane poisoning? Or simply just a sign of werewolves being too hurt to heal and the body is trying the best it can to rid itself of toxins?

This seems like a fitting place to include a read more. 

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disaster date

Plot: Nat has been setting you up with people for ages and nothing quite clicks. This time she promises to be different. Boy was she right.

First half inspired 100% by this song 

Warnings: Language, extreme fluff, innuendo

A/N: It’s not Shakespeare but here’s the first part of my song series.

  Have a song suggestion or request?

“Come on Y/N, Just go out with him!” Natasha pleaded. “If it’s bad I’ll come get you. Promise.”

You stared at her like she had grown a second head. “Nat, the last three dates you have set me up on have been disasters. And not like regular bad dates. One of them was literally evil.”

“Hey! That  wasn’t entirely my fault. We still hadn’t flushed HYDRA out of S.H.I.E.L.D. How was I supposed to know he was a double agent?”

Again your look was less than courteous.

“Maybe because you’re the best spy in the world? You know, with the ability to hack files to check up on the random people you are setting your best friend up with.”

“Alright. I’m sorry, but this guy is actually pretty normal. Plus, it’s just coffee. Please?” She turned on her best puppy eyes.

“Ugh. Fine.” You said, throwing your hands in the air. “What am I wearing?”

After an hour of trying on clothes you ended up in jeans and a sweater to combat the chill in the air. Nat french braided your hair and you left your make up light and natural.

You made your way in to the shop and waited for your date to show up.  Natasha had given you a pretty detailed description of Adam and you scanned the faces in the shop. Not here yet. You ordered a french vanilla cappuccino and sat at a table near the window.  As the time ticked by you pulled out your phone and started typing out a message to Natasha.

This guy isn’t here yet?

You phone chimed a moment later.


Yeah. He’s got three minutes before I leave. >:(

Two minutes later a tall, dark haired man entered and started looking around. His green eyes locked with yours and you stood up to properly introduce yourself.

“Hi, I’m Y/N. You must be Adam.”

“Yeah, Hi.” He scratched the back of his neck nervously. “Natasha told you this was a date, right?”

“Um, yeah…” You trailed off, confusion coloring your tone.

“You just don’t look like you’re on a date. Shouldn’t you be dressed nicer?”

Oh Natasha was going to get it. This guy shows up 20 minutes late and has the nerve to comment on what you’re wearing. What a tool. You rolled your eyes and sat down at the table.

“Well, that’s not very lady like” He said.

This was not going well. You sent another text to Nat hoping for help, an emergency phone call, an important team meeting, a giant alien army invading, literally any excuse to get out of this.

She texted you back quickly.

No problem your help will be there in about five minutes. ;)

Adam continued to chatter as you gazed out the window, looking for your escape.

“You know, I thought going out with an Avenger would be more intimidating. I mean, a female superhero? That’s absolutely insane! At least Black Widow had the sense to do something normal for a while. What do you think she did as Tony Stark’s ‘assistant'” The intent of his words were clear. Natasha would have killed him on the spot if she would have heard him.

You stood up quickly, coffee cup swaying in your haste.

“ What?” He asked, clearly seeing how offended you were.

“Thank you for your time but-” You started.

“Oh your just going to leave? You don’t even know if you like me yet.” He said.

A motorcycle squealed into the parking space in front of the coffee shop. You saw Bucky put down the kickstand and swing his leg over the seat. Thank God.

“Look, I was going to try to be nice about this but I’m already tired of wasting my time. Say what you want about me, but Natasha is my best friend and if you ever so much as mention her name again I won’t hesitate to black your eye.” Bucky walked through the door and scanned the room for you. When you locked eyes you turned back to the man cowering in his seat. “Now, as it turns out, my ride is here. I’ll give you a pass this once. And maybe the next time you take a girl out you’ll be more of a gentleman.” Bucky’s hand landed softly on your shoulder.

“Everything okay here?” He asked.

“Yeah. I’m ready to go.”

You turned to leave when the man whispered “stuck up bitch” under his breath, You decided to ignore him and just leave. That was until you made it to the bike and Bucky wasn’t behind you. You looked around for him and spotted him through the window of the shop. He had his metal arm holding Adam to his seat and an intense look on his face as he spoke words you couldn’t hear. Adam was pale, his eyes wide. Bucky leaned in for a fraction of a second and then turned and walked out.

“What was that about?” You asked as he straddled the bike.

“Oh that, it was nothing. Just explaining how to treat a lady.” He said casually as he kicked the bike to life.

“Oh”  You smiled and you situated yourself behind him.

“You know, I don’t understand why you go out with these losers.”

“Nat keeps setting me up” You rolled your eyes.

Bucky just nodded.

After a few minutes on the bike you realized you weren’t heading back to the tower.

“Where are we going?”

“To get lunch. My treat, that guy was a creep. You look like you could use a pick-me-up. How’s pizza sound?”

“Yes!” You said, genuinely excited for the first time all day.

The trip was just long enough for you to settle into the dip between Bucky’s shoulders. He smelled like leather and oil and you wished that you could bottle the way it mixed with his natural scent.

When he pulled up to the little pizza shop Bucky helped you off the bike and walked with you to a table near the window. A waitress came up smiling as she asked for your orders. You both ordered a slice of pizza and a drink and talked through most of your meal.

“I don’t know why I keep letting Nat set me up. I’d rather spend my time like this anyways.”

Bucky smiled at you and it was like the sun peaked out from behind the clouds.

“She just wants you to be happy.”

“I am happy, I don’t know why 'Miss Love-Is-For-Children’ is so worried about it. I’m tired of trying to fit into this mold they expect from me. Yes, I work with the Avengers. Yes, I showed up to our date in something other than my stealth suit. No, I’m not going to sit around while you bad mouth my best friend.” You put your head in your hands.

“Fuck them.”

“Excuse me?”

“Fuck them, you’re great. Beyond wonderful. If they can’t see it, they aren’t worth your time.”

You smiled at Bucky, how did he know exactly what you needed to hear?

“Thank you, Buck.”

Bucky grabbed your hand from across the table.

When dinner was finished you snuggled in to Bucky’s back and he sped off towards the tower. He held your hand as you walked into the living room. You flopped on to the sofa and started pulling off your boots.

Bucky crashed on to the couch next to you, you couldn’t help but notice the way he rested his arm on the cushions behind your back.

“So, do you want to watch a movie or something?” Bucky asked.

“Sure. You pick and I’ll make popcorn!”

You popped off the couch and bounded into the kitchen. You tossed a bag into the microwave and hunted down a bowl. “Do you want anything from the kitchen?” You yelled as as you poured the bag in to the bowl.

“A beer from the fridge would be nice.” he called back.

“You made your way in to the living room. “Already two steps ahead of you, Barnes.” You said as you laid out the snacks from the kitchen. “What are we watching?”

“Some scary movie about dolls or something.” He said absently.

You lightly smacked his arm. “James Barnes! You know I think dolls are creepy!”

“Want me to change it?”

“No, it’s fine. You’re just going to have to walk me to my room tonight.” You half joked.

Bucky pressed play on the remote and smiled as you pulled your hands up to your face. You watched the first 20 minutes of the movie through your fingers. Bucky’s arm settled comfortably around your shoulders and you found yourself snuggling in to his side. He took a sip of his beer and a drop of cold condensation rand down the bottle and fell on your face. You jumped and squeaked, Bucky’s hand reached around and wiped the drop off of your face.

“Sorry.” He said looking away from the screen long enough to smile at you.

Butterflies erupted in your stomach. Oh no.

You could barely pay attention to the movie pressed against Bucky’s side. His breathing was soft and relaxed and you felt yourself dozing off before the climax of the movie. Bucky paused the movie and softly shook your shoulder.

“Hey, Doll, wake up.” Your eyes fluttered. “Come on, honey. It’s time for bed.”

You stood up and Bucky walked you to your room. “Thank you. For tonight. For everything.”

“Anytime doll.” He leaned down and kissed your hair.

“Why did you do all this for me today?”

“I just wanted to show you how a lady should be treated. And I really Like you, Y/N.”

You leaned up in your toes and left a soft kiss on his lips. Bucky went stiff before placing his hand on your cheek. When you finally pulled away his face lit up in a breath taking smile.

You turned and walked in to your room.